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Explore all post offices or pincodes of HASSAN, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abbana BOBranch Office573214
Abburmachagowdanahalli BOBranch Office573102
Adagur BOBranch Office573116
Aggunda BOBranch Office573103
Agile BOBranch Office573128
Agrahara BOBranch Office573116
Agraharabelaguli BOBranch Office573131
Agriculture College Campus Dly SOPost Office573225
Ajjur BOBranch Office573102
Akkanahalli BOBranch Office573131
Aldahalli BOBranch Office573102
Alur SO HassanPost Office573213
Amaragiri Tirupathi BOBranch Office573103
Ambuga BOBranch Office573212
Anandur BOBranch Office573136
Anathi BOBranch Office573131
Andale BOBranch Office573216
Anekannambadi BOBranch Office573210
Anekere BOBranch Office573116
Anemahal BOBranch Office573134
Ankanayakanahalli BOBranch Office573120
Ankapura BOBranch Office573120
Ankihalli BOBranch Office573215
Annaikanahalli BOBranch Office573122
Antharikshanagar BOBranch Office573202
Anughatta BOBranch Office573101
Appihalli BOBranch Office573125
Arakere BOBranch Office573112
Arehalli SOPost Office573101
Arekere BOBranch Office573134
Arkalgud SOPost Office573102
Arsikere East SOPost Office573103
Arsikere HOHead Office573103
Attavara BOBranch Office573118
Atthihalli BOBranch Office573131
Attihalli BOBranch Office573123
Baddikere BOBranch Office573131
Bage BOBranch Office573214
Bageshpura SOPost Office573162
Bagivalu BOBranch Office573164
Bagur SO HassanPost Office573111
Balaganchi BOBranch Office573124
Balaghatta BOBranch Office573111
Baldare BOBranch Office573225
Ballupet SOPost Office573214
Ballur BOBranch Office573115
Banavara R S BOBranch Office573112
Banavara SOPost Office573112
Bandur BOBranch Office573125
Bannur BOBranch Office573130
Bantenahalli BOBranch Office573115
Baragur BOBranch Office573225
Baralu BOBranch Office573135
Basavaghatta BOBranch Office573162
Basavanahalli BOBranch Office573112
Basavapatna SO HassanPost Office573113
Beechanahalli BOBranch Office573211
Bekka BOBranch Office573135
Belagihalli BOBranch Office573124
Belagodu BOBranch Office573214
Belagumba BOBranch Office573103
Belavadi BOBranch Office573113
Bellame BOBranch Office573130
Belluru BOBranch Office573213
Belur Hassan SOPost Office573115
Bendekere BOBranch Office573103
Bennur BOBranch Office573115
Bharathur BOBranch Office573129
Bhoovanahalli BOBranch Office573211
Bhuvanahalli BOBranch Office573131
Bidarakka BOBranch Office573136
Bikkodu SOPost Office573215
Bindenahalli BOBranch Office573116
Boovanahalli SOPost Office573226
Byadarahalli BOBranch Office573111
Byakaravalli BOBranch Office573134
Bychanahalli BOBranch Office573102
Bykere SOPost Office573127
Bylahalli BOBranch Office573217
Byrapura BOBranch Office573218
Chagachagere BOBranch Office573164
Chaluvanahalli BOBranch Office573112
Chalya BOBranch Office573135
Changadihalli BOBranch Office573137
Channangihalli BOBranch Office573120
Channapatna Extn SOPost Office573201
Channarayapatna SOPost Office573116
Chatchatahalli BOBranch Office573121
Cheekanahalli BOBranch Office573115
Cheelanayakanahalli BOBranch Office573121
Chigalli BOBranch Office573212
Chikarkalgud BOBranch Office573102
Chikkahalli BOBranch Office573130
chikkur BOBranch Office573103
Chikmedur BOBranch Office573115
Chilkur BOBranch Office573216
Chowlagala BOBranch Office573111
D Kodihalli BOBranch Office573125
Dabbe BOBranch Office573115
Dadighatta BOBranch Office573135
Dammaningala BOBranch Office573135
Dandiganahalli BOBranch Office573225
Deshani BOBranch Office573122
Devaladakere BOBranch Office573165
Didaga SOPost Office573141
Dindagur BOBranch Office573116
District Office SOPost Office573201
Doddabemmathi BOBranch Office573130
Doddabyagathavalli BOBranch Office573211
Doddagaddavalli BOBranch Office573216
Doddagenigere BOBranch Office573226
Doddahalli BOBranch Office573133
Doddakadanur BOBranch Office573211
Doddakunche BOBranch Office573211
Doddakundur BOBranch Office573137
Doddamagge SOPost Office573142
Doddamettikurke SOPost Office573117
Doddapura BOBranch Office573118
Doddenahalli BOBranch Office573122
Donanakatte BOBranch Office573117
Donigal BOBranch Office573134
Dudda BOBranch Office573118
Dudda R S SOPost Office573118
Dummenahalli BOBranch Office573103
Dundanayakanahalli BOBranch Office573128
Dyavalapura BOBranch Office573226
Eachalabeedu BOBranch Office573137
Eastern Extn SOPost Office573201
Gadenahalli BOBranch Office573226
Gandasi SOPost Office573119
Gandhibazar SO HassanPost Office573201
Gangur BOBranch Office573133
Ganjalgud BOBranch Office573102
Ganjigere BOBranch Office573128
Gendehalli BOBranch Office573115
Ghattadahalli BOBranch Office573121
Goddu BOBranch Office573123
Gollarahosahalli BOBranch Office573116
Gonisomanahalli BOBranch Office573121
Gorur SOPost Office573120
Gowdagere BOBranch Office573116
Gulsinda BOBranch Office573116
Hadige BOBranch Office573165
Hadlahalli BOBranch Office573123
Hagare SOPost Office573216
Halasulige BOBranch Office573127
Halebeedu SOPost Office573121
Halebelagola BOBranch Office573116
Halebelur BOBranch Office573134
Halekoppalu BOBranch Office573219
Hallymysore SOPost Office573210
Hanbalu SOPost Office573165
Hanchur BOBranch Office573218
Handarangi BOBranch Office573130
Handralu BOBranch Office573122
Hangal BOBranch Office573113
Hanike BOBranch Office573115
Hanumanthapura BOBranch Office573128
Haradanahalli BOBranch Office573211
Haralakatte BOBranch Office573117
Haranahalli SOPost Office573122
Harihalli BOBranch Office573129
Hariharapura BOBranch Office573211
Hassan HOHead Office573201
Hebbale BOBranch Office573102
Hebbalu BOBranch Office573121
Hebbasale BOBranch Office573134
Heggadde BOBranch Office573134
Heggadihalli BOBranch Office573142
Heggatta BOBranch Office573119
Hemavathinagar SOPost Office573202
Hemmige BOBranch Office573129
Heragu BOBranch Office573118
Hethagodanahalli BOBranch Office573102
Hethur SOPost Office573123
Hirihalli BOBranch Office573225
Hirisadarahalli BOBranch Office573144
Hirisave SOPost Office573124
Hiriyur BOBranch Office573103
Holalkere BOBranch Office573126
Holenarsipur SOPost Office573211
Hongadahalla BOBranch Office573123
Hongere BOBranch Office573220
Honnavalli BOBranch Office573102
Honnavara BOBranch Office573118
Honnenahalli BOBranch Office573124
Hosahalli BOBranch Office573141
Hosakoppalu BOBranch Office573201
HosurSWP BOBranch Office573137
Hulikallu BOBranch Office573142
Hullangala BOBranch Office573102
Hullekere BOBranch Office573119
Hullugundi BOBranch Office573216
Hunsavalli BOBranch Office573213
Hurudi BOBranch Office573165
Ibbeedu BOBranch Office573216
Igoor BOBranch Office573137
Iravalli BOBranch Office573115
Jajur BOBranch Office573103
Jambur BOBranch Office573131
Jammanahalli BOBranch Office573214
Janivara BOBranch Office573116
Javagal SOPost Office573125
Jaya Chamaraja Pura SOPost Office573126
Jinnenahalli BOBranch Office573124
Jodigubbi BOBranch Office573102
Jodihandankere BOBranch Office573217
Jodithattekere BOBranch Office573217
Juttanahalli BOBranch Office573124
K Kittankere BOBranch Office573117
K R Puram ExtHassan SOPost Office573201
Kabbali BOBranch Office573141
Kabbaligere BOBranch Office573130
Kadabagala BOBranch Office573218
Kadaga BOBranch Office573219
Kadalu BOBranch Office573213
Kadamane BOBranch Office573134
Kadanur BOBranch Office573130
Kadavina Hosahalli BOBranch Office573130
Kalale BOBranch Office573137
Kalenahalli BOBranch Office573113
Kalkere BOBranch Office573116
Kallanagere BOBranch Office573103
Kallugundi BOBranch Office573144
Kallusadarahalli BOBranch Office573144
Kalyadi BOBranch Office573122
Kamasamudra BOBranch Office573126
Kanagal BOBranch Office573217
Kanakatte SOPost Office573144
Kanathur BOBranch Office573213
Kandali SOPost Office573217
Kanive Byadarahalli BOBranch Office573225
Kantharajapura BOBranch Office573135
Karagada BOBranch Office573115
Karehalli BOBranch Office573131
Kargunda BOBranch Office573122
Karjuvalli BOBranch Office573213
Karle BOBranch Office573120
Kattaya SOPost Office573128
Kattepura BOBranch Office573130
Kattimallenahalli BOBranch Office573102
Kembalu BOBranch Office573111
Kenchammanahosakote SOPost Office573129
Kenkere BOBranch Office573119
Keragodu BOBranch Office573211
Keralapura SOPost Office573136
Kesagodu BOBranch Office573215
Kiragadalu BOBranch Office573213
Kirisave BOBranch Office573124
Kittane BOBranch Office573212
Kittankere BOBranch Office573162
Kolagunda BOBranch Office573125
Komaraghatta BOBranch Office573162
Konanur SOPost Office573130
Kondavagilu BOBranch Office573103
Koratikere BOBranch Office573142
Koravangala BOBranch Office573118
Kothanghatta BOBranch Office573135
Kowshika BOBranch Office573212
Kudrugundi BOBranch Office573219
Kumbaradi BOBranch Office573134
Kumbarahalli BOBranch Office573137
Kumbenahalli BOBranch Office573135
Kunduru BOBranch Office573111
Kuniganahalli BOBranch Office573214
Kuppalli BOBranch Office573217
Kuruvanka BOBranch Office573103
Kushavara BOBranch Office573215
Kyamanahalli BOBranch Office573165
Kyanahalli BOBranch Office573134
Lakkur BOBranch Office573136
Lalanakere SOPost Office573164
Madabalu BOBranch Office573218
Madaghatta BOBranch Office573213
Madalu BOBranch Office573117
Madanahalli BOBranch Office573125
Madenur BOBranch Office573225
Madihalli BOBranch Office573216
Maduranahalli BOBranch Office573136
Mageri BOBranch Office573123
Magge BOBranch Office573129
Malagalale BOBranch Office573129
Malali BOBranch Office573134
Malalikere BOBranch Office573102
Malasavara BOBranch Office573101
Malegere BOBranch Office573215
Malladevarapura BOBranch Office573120
Mallipatna BOBranch Office573102
Mandalamane BOBranch Office573115
Maraghushivara BOBranch Office573111
Maranahalli BOBranch Office573134
Maratagere BOBranch Office573103
Marithammanahalli BOBranch Office573102
Markuli BOBranch Office573212
Marur BOBranch Office573102
Masakanahalli BOBranch Office573141
Masarangala BOBranch Office573102
Matasagara BOBranch Office573134
Mathighatta BOBranch Office573121
Mattanavile BOBranch Office573116
Mavanur BOBranch Office573220
Mavinakere BOBranch Office573211
Melagodu BOBranch Office573226
Mosale BOBranch Office573212
Mosale Hosahalli SOPost Office573212
Mudalahippe BOBranch Office573211
Mududi BOBranch Office573119
Mugali BOBranch Office573214
Murundi BOBranch Office573122
Muthigehirehalli BOBranch Office573212
Mylanahalli BOBranch Office573103
Nagarahalli BOBranch Office573211
Nagasamudra BOBranch Office573112
Nagavedi BOBranch Office573126
Nagenahalli BOBranch Office573115
Nallur BOBranch Office573116
Nandigondanahalli BOBranch Office573101
Navile BOBranch Office573131
Nelagahalli BOBranch Office573165
Nerlige BOBranch Office573125
Nidigere BOBranch Office573134
Niduvani BOBranch Office573210
Nittur BOBranch Office573219
Norway BOBranch Office573127
Nuggihalli SOPost Office573131
Obalapura BOBranch Office573111
Paduvalahippe BOBranch Office573211
Paduvalalu BOBranch Office573215
Palya SOPost Office573218
Pension Mohalla SOPost Office573201
Ponnasamudra BOBranch Office573103
Rajanasiriyur BOBranch Office573121
Ramanahalli BOBranch Office573126
Ramanathapura SOPost Office573133
Rampura BOBranch Office573126
Rayarakoppal BOBranch Office573129
Rudrapatna BOBranch Office573133
S Ankanahalli BOBranch Office573211
Sabbanahalli BOBranch Office573124
Sagathavalli BOBranch Office573116
Sakleshpur SOPost Office573134
Salagame SOPost Office573219
Sankihalli BOBranch Office573125
Sannenahalli BOBranch Office573121
Santhepet Hassan SOPost Office573201
Santheshivara BOBranch Office573131
Sanyasihalli BOBranch Office573115
Saragur BOBranch Office573130
Sathangere BOBranch Office573144
Sathenahalli BOBranch Office573212
Savasihalli BOBranch Office573216
Seege BOBranch Office573219
Settihalli BOBranch Office573128
Shanegere BOBranch Office573112
Shanka BOBranch Office573219
Shankaranahalli BOBranch Office573103
Shanthigrama SOPost Office573220
Shiragura BOBranch Office573115
Shravanabelagola SOPost Office573135
Shukravarasanthe BOBranch Office573134
Singapur BOBranch Office573218
Singodanahalli BOBranch Office573218
Somanahalli BOBranch Office573136
Sravanur R S BOBranch Office573211
Srinivaspura BOBranch Office573116
Sulekere BOBranch Office573103
Sundahalli BOBranch Office573135
Sundekere BOBranch Office573127
Tagare BOBranch Office573215
Talalur BOBranch Office573103
Talur BOBranch Office573213
Tatanahalli BOBranch Office573210
Tejur BOBranch Office573219
Teranya BOBranch Office573220
Thannirhalla BOBranch Office573201
Thondiganahalli BOBranch Office573112
TKodihalli BOBranch Office573103
Tolalu BOBranch Office573115
Tumakuru BOBranch Office573141
Tumbadevanahalli BOBranch Office573101
Uchangi BOBranch Office573137
Udevara BOBranch Office573127
Uduvare BOBranch Office573120
Ugane BOBranch Office573216
Undiganalu BOBranch Office573122
Vaddarahalli BOBranch Office573135
Valagerahalli BOBranch Office573118
Valalahalli BOBranch Office573123
Vanagur BOBranch Office573123
Venkatipete BOBranch Office573215
Vidyanagar Hassan SOPost Office573202
Votehole Project BOBranch Office573213
Watehalli BOBranch Office573101
Yadapura BOBranch Office573122
Yadavanahalli BOBranch Office573119
Yamasandhi BOBranch Office573115
Yelagunda BOBranch Office573219
Yelahanka BOBranch Office573216
Yelechaganahalli BOBranch Office573211
Yeliyur BOBranch Office573225
Yeraganalu BOBranch Office573164
Yeslur SOPost Office573137

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service