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Explore all post offices or pincodes of GUNTUR, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A F Station BOBranch Office522102
ABBARAJUPALEM BOBranch Office522436
Abbineniguntapalem SOPost Office522015
Abburu BOBranch Office522402
Adavuladivi BOBranch Office522262
Adigoppula BOBranch Office522612
Agnigundala BOBranch Office522647
Ainavole SOPost Office522659
Ainavolu BOBranch Office522237
Alapadu BOBranch Office522312
Alavala BOBranch Office522617
Allamudi BOBranch Office522256
Allaparru BOBranch Office522262
Allavaripalem BOBranch Office522259
Alluru BOBranch Office522314
Aluru BOBranch Office522124
Amaravathi RoadGuntur SOPost Office522007
Amaravathi SOPost Office522020
Amartaluru SOPost Office522325
Ambapuram BOBranch Office522415
Ameenabad BOBranch Office522529
Amudalapalli BOBranch Office522314
Amudarlanka BOBranch Office522257
Anamarlapudi BOBranch Office522213
Anantavaram BOBranch Office522236
Anantavaram SOPost Office522301
Ananthavaram BOBranch Office522410
Ananthavarappadu BOBranch Office522017
Anaparru BOBranch Office522235
Andugula Kothapalem BOBranch Office522647
Andukuru BOBranch Office522410
Angalakudur SOPost Office522211
Angaluru BOBranch Office522658
Ankireddypalem BOBranch Office522005
Annavaram BOBranch Office522616
Annavarappadu BOBranch Office522617
Annavarapulanka BOBranch Office522301
APHigh Court SOPost Office522239
Appapuram BOBranch Office522112
Appikatla SOPost Office522310
APSecretariat SOPost Office522238
Apsp ColonyMangalagiri SOPost Office522503
Aremanda BOBranch Office522316
Arepalle Agraharam BOBranch Office522309
Arumbaka BOBranch Office522309
Arundalpet NSV SOPost Office522601
Arvapalli BOBranch Office522603
ATAgraharamGuntur SOPost Office522004
ATCHAIAHPALEM BOBranch Office522617
Atchampet SOPost Office522409
Athota BOBranch Office522306
Atmakuru BOBranch Office522302
Attaluru BOBranch Office522436
Ayyannapalem BOBranch Office522614
Balemarru BOBranch Office522410
Balijepalle BOBranch Office522412
Balijepalli BOBranch Office522261
Ballukanudivari Palem BOBranch Office522112
Balusulapalem BOBranch Office522309
Balusupadu BOBranch Office522436
Bandarupalle BOBranch Office522018
Bandlamottu SOPost Office522663
Bapatla Engg College SOPost Office522102
Bapatla HOHead Office522101
BATRUPALEM BOBranch Office522414
Bavajipalem BOBranch Office522314
Bayyavaram BOBranch Office522402
BEERAVALLIPAYA BOBranch Office522413
Bejathpuram BOBranch Office522018
Bellamkonda SOPost Office522411
Bellamvaripalem BOBranch Office522268
Bethapudi BOBranch Office522502
Bhatluru BOBranch Office522402
Bhattiprolu SOPost Office522256
Bhavanamvaripalem BOBranch Office522311
Bhimavaram BOBranch Office522402
Bhoolayapalem BOBranch Office522311
Bhrugubanda BOBranch Office522412
Bodanam BOBranch Office522411
Bodapadu BOBranch Office522341
Boddulurupadu BOBranch Office522324
Bodilaveedu BOBranch Office522613
Bodipalem BOBranch Office522315
Bollavaram BOBranch Office522408
Bommarajupalle BOBranch Office522658
Boppudi BOBranch Office522626
Borupalem BOBranch Office522237
Brahmanakoduru BOBranch Office522212
BRAHMANAPALLE BOBranch Office522412
Brahmanapalle SOPost Office522437
BrodipetGuntur SOPost Office522002
Budampadu BOBranch Office522017
Buddam BOBranch Office522111
Bukkapuram BOBranch Office522549
Burripalem BOBranch Office522301
Bus StandGuntur SOPost Office522001
Butchipapannapalem BOBranch Office522661
Butumalli BOBranch Office522261
Chadalavada BOBranch Office522301
Chagallu BOBranch Office522603
Chalapathi Nagar SOPost Office522034
Challagariga BOBranch Office522409
Chamallamudi BOBranch Office522017
Chamarru BOBranch Office522409
Champadu BOBranch Office522261
Chandavaram BOBranch Office522549
Chandole SOPost Office522311
Chandrajupalem BOBranch Office522411
Chandramoulinagar SOPost Office522007
Chatragadda BOBranch Office522265
Chatragaddapadu BOBranch Office522647
Chavali BOBranch Office522261
Chebrole SO GunturPost Office522212
Cheekateegalapalem BOBranch Office522647
Cheemalamarri BOBranch Office522615
Chejerla BOBranch Office522615
Chennayapalem BOBranch Office522435
Cherlagudipadu BOBranch Office522415
CHERUKUMPALEM BOBranch Office522409
Cherukupalle SOPost Office522309
Cheruvu SOPost Office522113
Cheruvukommupalem BOBranch Office522659
Chilakaluripet Bazar SOPost Office522616
Chilakaluripet SOPost Office522616
Chilumuru BOBranch Office522301
Chiluvuru BOBranch Office522330
China Garlapadu BOBranch Office522437
China Ravuru Tenali SOPost Office522201
Chinaagraharam BOBranch Office522437
Chinagadelavarru BOBranch Office522313
Chinakakani BOBranch Office522508
Chinakancherla BOBranch Office522649
Chinakodamagundla BOBranch Office522614
Chinalingayapalem BOBranch Office522124
Chinapalem BOBranch Office522305
Chinaparimi BOBranch Office522313
Chinapulivarru BOBranch Office522257
Chinkapalem BOBranch Office522262
Chintalacheruvu BOBranch Office522659
Chintalapudi BOBranch Office522124
Chintallanka BOBranch Office522324
Chintapalle BOBranch Office522614
Chintapallipadu BOBranch Office522017
Chintayapalem BOBranch Office522111
Chirravuru BOBranch Office522303
Chirumamilla BOBranch Office522234
Chittapuram BOBranch Office522658
Chityala BOBranch Office522411
Chityala Thanda BOBranch Office522411
Chivaluru BOBranch Office522304
Chodayapalem SOPost Office522264
ChoutraGuntur SOPost Office522003
ChowdaripetaGuntur SOPost Office522006
Chowdavaram BOBranch Office522019
Chowtapapayapalem BOBranch Office522411
College RoadGuntur SOPost Office522001
Dachpalle SOPost Office522414
Daida BOBranch Office522415
Damarapalle BOBranch Office522018
Dammalapadu BOBranch Office522408
Dandamudi BOBranch Office522316
Dantaluru BOBranch Office522306
Davuluru BOBranch Office522304
Dechavaram BOBranch Office522603
DEVARAMPADU BOBranch Office522413
Dharanikota BOBranch Office522020
Dharmavaram BOBranch Office522612
Dhulipalla BOBranch Office522412
Dhulipudi SOPost Office522258
Didugu BOBranch Office522020
Dindi BOBranch Office522262
Dodleru BOBranch Office522410
Domalagundam BOBranch Office522663
Dondapadu BOBranch Office522237
Donepudi BOBranch Office522324
Doppalapudi BOBranch Office522316
Duggirala SOPost Office522330
Durgi SOPost Office522612
ECONAMPET BOBranch Office522426
Edavalli BOBranch Office522616
Edlapadu SOPost Office522233
Edlapalli BOBranch Office522211
EDWARDPET BOBranch Office522615
Elavarru BOBranch Office522341
Ellamanda BOBranch Office522549
Emani SOPost Office522308
Emmajigudem BOBranch Office522411
Enamadala BOBranch Office522019
Endroy BOBranch Office522016
Endugumpalem BOBranch Office522549
Enugupalem BOBranch Office522649
Etukuru RoadGuntur SOPost Office522003
Etukuru SOPost Office522017
Factories Ward SOPost Office522003
Gadevaripalle BOBranch Office522614
Gajullanka BOBranch Office522324
Gamalapadu BOBranch Office522414
Ganapavaram BOBranch Office522412
Ganapavaram SO GunturPost Office522619
Gandhi Chowk SO GunturPost Office522403
Gandhinagar SO GunturPost Office522201
Gandiganumala BOBranch Office522663
GANDLURU BOBranch Office522410
Gangadipalem BOBranch Office522264
Gangannapalem BOBranch Office522611
Gangavaram BOBranch Office522415
Ganikapudi BOBranch Office522019
Gannavaram BOBranch Office522426
Garapadu BOBranch Office522017
Garikapadu BOBranch Office522614
Garlapadu BOBranch Office522235
GARNEPUDI BOBranch Office522401
Godavarru Agraharam BOBranch Office522305
Godavarru BOBranch Office522212
Gogulamudi BOBranch Office522015
GOGULAPADU BOBranch Office522410
Gokanakonda BOBranch Office522649
Goli BOBranch Office522421
Gollamudi BOBranch Office522509
Gollamudipadu BOBranch Office522212
Gonepudi BOBranch Office522611
Gopalamvaripalem BOBranch Office522626
Gopapuram BOBranch Office522310
Gorantla BOBranch Office522034
Gorizavole BOBranch Office522549
Gorlavaripalem BOBranch Office522018
Gottimukkala BOBranch Office522415
Gottipadu BOBranch Office522019
Gottipalla BOBranch Office522613
Govada BOBranch Office522325
GOVINDAPURAM BOBranch Office522413
Govt General Hospital SOPost Office522001
Grandhasiri BOBranch Office522410
Gudavalli BOBranch Office522259
Guddikayalanka BOBranch Office522265
Gudibandivaripalem BOBranch Office522304
Gudipadu BOBranch Office522410
Gudipudi BOBranch Office522402
Gudipudiagraharam BOBranch Office522310
Gudivada BOBranch Office522307
Gullapalli BOBranch Office522309
Gummanampadu BOBranch Office522614
Gundalapadu BOBranch Office522613
Gundavaram BOBranch Office522212
Gundepalle BOBranch Office522658
Gundimeda BOBranch Office522303
Gundlapalem BOBranch Office522438
Gundlapalle BOBranch Office522615
Guntupalem BOBranch Office522646
Guntur Bazar SOPost Office522003
Guntur Collectorate SOPost Office522004
Guntur HOHead Office522002
Guravayapalem BOBranch Office522549
Gurazalla SOPost Office522415
Gurunadhanagar BOBranch Office522262
Gutlapalle BOBranch Office522657
Guttikonda BOBranch Office522413
Hanumanpalem BOBranch Office522301
Harischandrapuram BOBranch Office522020
Hassannabad BOBranch Office522411
Hassannayunipalem BOBranch Office522649
Hussainnagaram BOBranch Office522402
Idupalli BOBranch Office522268
Ikkurru BOBranch Office522603
Ilavaram BOBranch Office522259
Industrial Estate SO GunturPost Office522034
Intur SOPost Office522341
Inumella BOBranch Office522661
Inumetla BOBranch Office522615
Ippatam BOBranch Office522302
Ipuru BOBranch Office522301
Ipuru SOPost Office522658
IRLAPADU BOBranch Office522646
Isukapalle SOPost Office522265
Iteru BOBranch Office522310
Ithanagar SOPost Office522201
Itikampadu BOBranch Office522315
Jaggapuram BOBranch Office522233
Jaladi BOBranch Office522233
Jalalapalem BOBranch Office522647
Jalalapuram BOBranch Office522436
Jampani BOBranch Office522261
Janapadu BOBranch Office522413
Jangalapalle BOBranch Office522234
Jangamaheswarapuram BOBranch Office522415
Jayanthi Ramapuram BOBranch Office522614
Jettipalem BOBranch Office522421
Jillellamudi BOBranch Office522113
Jonnalagadda BOBranch Office522034
Jupudi BOBranch Office522436
KACHAVARAM BOBranch Office522614
Kaithepalle BOBranch Office522264
Kakani BOBranch Office522603
Kakirala BOBranch Office522612
Kakumanu SOPost Office522112
Kallipalem BOBranch Office522262
Kambhampadu BOBranch Office522426
Kammavaripalem BOBranch Office522611
Kanagala SO GunturPost Office522259
Kanaparru BOBranch Office522549
Kancherlapalem BOBranch Office522202
Kandlagunta BOBranch Office522613
Kandrika BOBranch Office522657
Kandulavaripalem BOBranch Office522412
Kankanalapalle BOBranch Office522412
Kankatapalem BOBranch Office522317
Kannegantivaripalem BOBranch Office522265
Kantamrajukonduru BOBranch Office522330
Kanteru BOBranch Office522508
Kanumalacheruvu BOBranch Office522657
Kanumarlapudi BOBranch Office522646
Karalapadu BOBranch Office522437
Karankivaripalem BOBranch Office522268
Karempudi SOPost Office522614
Karlakunta BOBranch Office522615
Karlapalem SOPost Office522111
Karlapudi BOBranch Office522016
Karuchola BOBranch Office522233
Karumanchi BOBranch Office522646
Karumuru BOBranch Office522265
Kasipadu BOBranch Office522436
Kastala BOBranch Office522410
Katevaram BOBranch Office522202
Katrapadu BOBranch Office522017
Kattamuru BOBranch Office522402
Kattavaripalem BOBranch Office522438
Kattubadivaripalem BOBranch Office522611
Kavuru BOBranch Office522309
Kavuru SOPost Office522611
Kaza BOBranch Office522016
Kazipeta BOBranch Office522307
KCWorks SOPost Office522502
Kesanapalle BOBranch Office522414
Khajipalem BOBranch Office522329
Kiskindapalem BOBranch Office505325
KLUniversity BOBranch Office522302
Koduru komali BOBranch Office522311
Kogantivaripalem BOBranch Office522409
Kolaganivaripalem BOBranch Office522258
Kolagutla BOBranch Office522612
Kolakaluru SOPost Office522307
Kolanukonda BOBranch Office522302
Kollimarla BOBranch Office522316
Kollipara SOPost Office522304
Kolluru SOPost Office522324
Komali BOBranch Office522315
Komaravallipadu SOPost Office522616
Komerapudi BOBranch Office522438
Kommuru BOBranch Office522235
Konakanchivaripalem BOBranch Office522617
Konanki BOBranch Office522413
Kondabalavaripalem BOBranch Office522124
Kondamudi BOBranch Office522341
Kondapaturu BOBranch Office522112
Kondaveedu BOBranch Office522529
Kondayapalem BOBranch Office522658
Kondepadu BOBranch Office522019
Kondramutla BOBranch Office522647
Konduru BOBranch Office522410
Konetipuram BOBranch Office522256
Konuru BOBranch Office522410
Kopalle BOBranch Office522307
Kopparru BOBranch Office522015
Koppukonda BOBranch Office522647
Koppunuru BOBranch Office522426
Koppuravuru BOBranch Office522508
KoritepaduGuntur SOPost Office522007
Kornepadu BOBranch Office522017
Korrapadu BOBranch Office522438
Korutadiparru BOBranch Office522312
Kotanemalipuri BOBranch Office522413
Kotcherla BOBranch Office522647
Kothaganesunipadu BOBranch Office522413
Kothaluru BOBranch Office522646
Kothapalem BOBranch Office522435
Kothapalle BOBranch Office522426
Kothapalli narikellapalli BOBranch Office522212
Kothapeta SO GunturPost Office522201
KothapetaGuntur SOPost Office522001
KothapetVKD SOPost Office522647
Kothapullareddipuram BOBranch Office522613
Kothareddypalem BOBranch Office522212
Kotturu BOBranch Office522426
Kovelamudi BOBranch Office522212
Koyavaripalem BOBranch Office522019
Krapa BOBranch Office522324
Krishnayapalem BOBranch Office522502
Krosuru SOPost Office522410
Kubadpuram BOBranch Office522413
Kuchellapadu BOBranch Office522261
Kuchinapudi SOPost Office522262
Kuchipudi SOPost Office522313
Kunchanapalle BOBranch Office522501
Kunchavaram BOBranch Office522306
Kunduruvaripalem BOBranch Office522408
Kunkalagunta BOBranch Office522615
Kuragallu BOBranch Office522502
Kurnuthala BOBranch Office522017
Lagadapadu BOBranch Office522402
Lakkarajugarlapadu BOBranch Office522529
Lalpuram BOBranch Office522017
Lam Ars BOBranch Office522034
Lam BOBranch Office522034
Lankalakurapadu BOBranch Office522408
Latchambhavi BOBranch Office522613
Latchannagudipudi BOBranch Office522016
Lemalle SOPost Office522016
Lemellepadu BOBranch Office522212
Lingamguntla Agraharam BOBranch Office522603
Lingamguntla BOBranch Office522402
Lingamguntlapalem BOBranch Office522212
Lingamukkapalle BOBranch Office522659
Lingapuram BOBranch Office522436
Lingaraopalem BOBranch Office522234
LOYAPALLI BOBranch Office522613
LWWorksGuntur SOPost Office522007
Machavaram BOBranch Office522615
Machavaram SO NarasaraopetPost Office522435
Machavaram SO TenaliPost Office522315
Machayapalem BOBranch Office522411
Macherla SO GunturPost Office522426
Madala BOBranch Office522408
Maddirala BOBranch Office522616
Madinapadu BOBranch Office522414
Madipadu BOBranch Office522409
Madugula BOBranch Office522415
Malladi BOBranch Office522020
MALLAVARAM BOBranch Office522421
Mallayapalem BOBranch Office522019
Mamillapalli BOBranch Office522318
Manchala BOBranch Office522212
Manchikalapudi BOBranch Office522330
Manchikallu BOBranch Office522421
Mandadam BOBranch Office522237
Mandadi BOBranch Office522426
Mandapadu BOBranch Office522401
Mandepudi BOBranch Office522018
Manduru BOBranch Office522313
Mangalagiri Busstand SOPost Office522503
Mangalagiri HOHead Office522503
Mannava BOBranch Office522316
Manthenavaripalem BOBranch Office522329
Mantripalem BOBranch Office522262
Manukondavaripalem BOBranch Office522616
Marripalem BOBranch Office522614
Marripudi BOBranch Office522310
Maruproluvaripalem BOBranch Office522102
Mathukumalli BOBranch Office522646
Medikonduru SOPost Office522438
Mellavagu BOBranch Office522614
Mellempudi BOBranch Office522303
Merikapudi BOBranch Office522549
Miriyala BOBranch Office522415
Mittagudipadu BOBranch Office522421
Modukur BOBranch Office522318
Mokkapadu BOBranch Office522412
Moparru BOBranch Office522312
Morampudi BOBranch Office522330
Morjampadu BOBranch Office522413
Morrispeta SOPost Office522202
Mothadaka BOBranch Office522016
Mrutyumjayapalem BOBranch Office522264
Mugachintalapalem BOBranch Office522663
Mukkamala BOBranch Office522016
Mukkellapadu BOBranch Office522659
Mulakaluru BOBranch Office522660
Mulapalem BOBranch Office522113
Mulpuru BOBranch Office522313
Mulukuduru BOBranch Office522315
Munagapadu BOBranch Office522549
Munipalli BOBranch Office522316
Munnangi BOBranch Office522304
Munugodu BOBranch Office522402
Muppalla SO GunturPost Office522408
MuppallaVKD SOPost Office522661
Mupparajuvaripalem BOBranch Office522660
Murikipudi SOPost Office522626
Murthota BOBranch Office522265
Murthuzapuram BOBranch Office522659
Murukondapadu BOBranch Office522317
Muthayapalem BOBranch Office522020
Mutluru BOBranch Office522212
Muttupalli Agraharam BOBranch Office522268
Mutukuru BOBranch Office522612
Mutyalampadu BOBranch Office522414
Nadendla SOPost Office522234
Nadigadda BOBranch Office522647
Nadigaddapalem BOBranch Office522318
Nadikudi BOBranch Office522414
Nadimpalem BOBranch Office522019
Nadimpalli BOBranch Office522259
Nagaram SO GunturPost Office522268
Nagarjuna Nagar SOPost Office522510
Nagavaram BOBranch Office522412
Nagireddipalle BOBranch Office522659
Nagualapadu BOBranch Office522235
Nagulavaram BOBranch Office522426
Naidupalem BOBranch Office522657
Nalamothuvaripalem BOBranch Office522111
Nallapadu SOPost Office522005
Nalluru BOBranch Office522265
Nallurupalem BOBranch Office522265
Namburu SOPost Office522508
Nandigama BOBranch Office522402
Nandirajuthota BOBranch Office522102
Nandivelugu SOPost Office522306
Nanduru BOBranch Office522315
Narakoduru BOBranch Office522212
Narasaraopet Bazar SOPost Office522601
Narasaraopet HOHead Office522601
Narasayapalem BOBranch Office522113
Narasimhapuri BOBranch Office522614
Narasingapadu BOBranch Office522615
Narmalapadu BOBranch Office522612
Narnepadu BOBranch Office522408
Narukullapadu BOBranch Office522016
Navuluru BOBranch Office522502
Neelagangavaram BOBranch Office522647
Neerukonda BOBranch Office522502
Nehru NagarGuntur SOPost Office522001
Nekarikallu SOPost Office522615
Nekkallu BOBranch Office522236
Nelapadu BOBranch Office522237
Nemalipuri BOBranch Office522413
Nevalikallu BOBranch Office522016
Nidamarru BOBranch Office522502
Nidubrole SOPost Office522124
Nidumukkala BOBranch Office522016
Nimmagaddavaripalem BOBranch Office522019
Nirmalanagar BOBranch Office522647
Nizampatnam SOPost Office522314
NSCColony SOPost Office522601
NSP Colony SOPost Office522647
Nudurupadu BOBranch Office522529
Nutakki SOPost Office522303
Nuzendla SOPost Office522660
Obulanaidupalem BOBranch Office522005
Obulesunipalle BOBranch Office522612
Old Guntur SOPost Office522001
Old Mangalagiri SOPost Office522503
Pakalapadu BOBranch Office522410
Paladugu BOBranch Office522401
Palapadu BOBranch Office522603
Palaparru BOBranch Office522235
Pallapadu BOBranch Office522017
Pallapatla BOBranch Office522262
Pallegunta BOBranch Office522415
Pallekona BOBranch Office522256
Paludevarlapadu BOBranch Office522408
Paluvai BOBranch Office522421
PALUVAI GATE BOBranch Office522421
Pamidimarru BOBranch Office522258
Pamidipadu Agraharam BOBranch Office522603
PAMIDIPADU BOBranch Office522614
Pamulapadu BOBranch Office522018
Panchalavaram BOBranch Office522325
Panditivaripalem BOBranch Office522413
Pandrapadu BOBranch Office522124
Panidem BOBranch Office522402
Papayapalem BOBranch Office522411
Parastyalluru SOPost Office522436
Pasarlapadu BOBranch Office522421
Pasivemula BOBranch Office522426
Pasumarru BOBranch Office522616
Pathakothapalem BOBranch Office522660
Pathareddypalem BOBranch Office522212
Patibandla BOBranch Office522402
Patlaveedu BOBranch Office522612
Patsalatadiparru SOPost Office522316
PattabhipuramGuntur SOPost Office522006
Pedagadelavarru BOBranch Office522318
Pedagarlapadu BOBranch Office522437
Pedagollapalem BOBranch Office522111
Pedakakani SOPost Office522509
Pedakancherla SOPost Office522649
Pedakodamagundla BOBranch Office522614
Pedakonduru BOBranch Office522305
Pedakurapadu SOPost Office522402
Pedamadduru BOBranch Office522020
Pedamakkena BOBranch Office522402
Pedamatlapudi BOBranch Office522314
Pedanandipadu SOPost Office522235
Pedapalakaluru BOBranch Office522009
Pedapalem BOBranch Office522112
Pedapalem SOPost Office522305
Pedaparimi BOBranch Office522236
Pedapudi BOBranch Office522325
Pedapulivarru BOBranch Office522257
Pedapuluguvaripalem BOBranch Office522111
Pedaravuru BOBranch Office522202
Pedavadlapudi SOPost Office522302
Peddapalle BOBranch Office522329
PEDDAVARAM BOBranch Office522659
Peesapadu BOBranch Office522410
Penugudurupadu BOBranch Office522211
Penumaka BOBranch Office522501
Penumarru BOBranch Office522256
Penumudi BOBranch Office522265
Penumuli BOBranch Office522330
Perali BOBranch Office522111
Peravali BOBranch Office522261
Peravalipalem BOBranch Office522261
Perecherla BOBranch Office522009
Perecherla Junction SOPost Office522009
Perikalapudi BOBranch Office522305
Perikapadu Thanda BOBranch Office522411
Perumallapalli BOBranch Office522649
Perurupadu BOBranch Office522657
Pesarlanka BOBranch Office522257
Petasannegandla BOBranch Office522614
Peteru BOBranch Office522265
Petlurivaripalem BOBranch Office522603
Phirangipuram SOPost Office522529
Pidaparru BOBranch Office522304
Piduguralla SOPost Office522413
Pillutla BOBranch Office522413
Pinapad Tenali SOPost Office522202
Pinnelli BOBranch Office522435
Piratlanka BOBranch Office522264
Pitchikalapalem BOBranch Office522649
Pittalavanipalem SOPost Office522329
Pittambanda BOBranch Office522649
PODAPADU BOBranch Office522401
Polakampadu Ind Area SOPost Office522501
Polepalle BOBranch Office522612
Pondugula BOBranch Office522414
Ponnapalli Agraharam BOBranch Office522259
Ponnekallu SOPost Office522018
Ponnur Bazar SOPost Office522124
Ponnur SOPost Office522124
Ponugupadu BOBranch Office522549
Poondla BOBranch Office522310
Potharlanka BOBranch Office522324
Pothavaram BOBranch Office522616
Pothumeraka BOBranch Office522264
Pothuru BOBranch Office522005
Potluru BOBranch Office522646
Pragnam BOBranch Office522262
Prakashnagar SOPost Office522601
Prathipadu SO GunturPost Office522019
Prathuru BOBranch Office522501
Pudivada BOBranch Office522268
Pulipadu BOBranch Office522415
Purushothapatnam BOBranch Office522616
Pushadapuvaripalem BOBranch Office522268
Pusuluru BOBranch Office522235
PUTLAGUDEM BOBranch Office522409
Puvvada BOBranch Office522660
PWD Colony SOPost Office522426
Pyaparru BOBranch Office522341
RACHAMALLAPADU BOBranch Office522426
Railpeta Repale SOPost Office522265
Railpeta Bapatla SOPost Office522101
RailpetGuntur SOPost Office522001
Rain Tree Park BOBranch Office522508
RAJANAGAR BOBranch Office522612
Rajapeta BOBranch Office522626
Rajavole BOBranch Office522259
Rajupalem BOBranch Office522235
Rajupalem SO GunturPost Office522412
Ramabhotlapalem BOBranch Office522309
RAMAPURAM BOBranch Office522436
Ramireddipalem BOBranch Office522617
Ramudipalem BOBranch Office522660
Rangaraothota SOPost Office522101
Ravela BOBranch Office522018
Ravikampadu BOBranch Office522324
Ravipadu BOBranch Office522015
Ravipadu SO GunturPost Office522603
Ravulapuram BOBranch Office522663
Ravvavaram BOBranch Office522660
Rayapudi BOBranch Office522237
Rayavaram BOBranch Office522426
Reddigudem BOBranch Office522412
Reddipalem BOBranch Office522660
Reddypalem BOBranch Office522509
Remidicherla BOBranch Office522663
Rentachintala SOPost Office522421
Rentala BOBranch Office522421
Rentapalla BOBranch Office522410
Repalle SOPost Office522265
Reteru BOBranch Office522113
Revendrapadu BOBranch Office522302
Rompicherla SO GunturPost Office522617
Rudravaram BOBranch Office522408
Rupenagunta BOBranch Office522603
Sajjavaripalem BOBranch Office522265
Sakhamuru BOBranch Office522237
Sanampudi BOBranch Office522646
Sandepudi BOBranch Office522619
Sangamjagarlamudi SOPost Office522213
Sangupalem BOBranch Office522311
Sankarapuram BOBranch Office522614
Sankurathripadu BOBranch Office522549
Santhagudipadu BOBranch Office522615
Sarangapalle BOBranch Office522414
Sattenapalle HOHead Office522403
Satuluru SOPost Office522549
Satyanarayanapuram SO GunturPost Office522202
Savalyapuram SOPost Office522646
Sekuru BOBranch Office522213
Selapadu BOBranch Office522213
Singhiskhanpet BOBranch Office522529
Singupalem BOBranch Office522264
Sirigiripadu BOBranch Office522613
Siripudi BOBranch Office522329
Siripuram SO GunturPost Office522401
Sitarampuram Mines BOBranch Office522413
Sivapuram BOBranch Office522647
SKPTempleGuntur SOPost Office522003
Snpagraharam SOPost Office522101
Solasa BOBranch Office522234
SRI RUKMINIPURAM BOBranch Office522413
Srinagar BOBranch Office522414
Srirangapuram BOBranch Office522212
SRM University SOPost Office522240
Srungarapuram BOBranch Office522305
Stuvartpuram Colony BOBranch Office522317
Stuvartpuram SOPost Office522317
Subbaiah Thota SOPost Office522616
Suddapalli BOBranch Office522213
Surepalli BOBranch Office522256
SVNColonyGuntur SOPost Office522006
Syamarajapuram BOBranch Office522612
Tadepalle SOPost Office522501
Tadikonda SOPost Office522236
Taduvai BOBranch Office522409
Takkellapadu BOBranch Office522509
Talarlapalle BOBranch Office522660
Tallacheruvu BOBranch Office522409
Tallapalem BOBranch Office522124
Tallapalle BOBranch Office522426
Talluru BOBranch Office522410
Tammavaram BOBranch Office522436
Tangeda BOBranch Office522414
Tatapudi BOBranch Office522626
Tellabadu BOBranch Office522647
Tenali Bazar SOPost Office522201
Tenali HOHead Office522201
TERALA BOBranch Office522612
Thimmapuram BOBranch Office522233
Thimmareddipuram BOBranch Office522439
Thimmayapalem BOBranch Office522647
Thotapalli BOBranch Office522259
Tikkireddyvaripalem BOBranch Office522019
Tondapi BOBranch Office522412
Tripurapuram BOBranch Office522615
Trunk RoadGuntur SOPost Office522004
Tsallagundla BOBranch Office522615
Tsunduru SOPost Office522318
Tubadu BOBranch Office522234
Tulluru SOPost Office522237
Tummala BOBranch Office522264
Tummalacheruvu BOBranch Office522437
Tummapudi BOBranch Office522330
Tummercode BOBranch Office522421
Tumuluru BOBranch Office522304
Tungapadu BOBranch Office522603
Turakapalem BOBranch Office522438
Turkapalem BOBranch Office522408
Turlapadu BOBranch Office522619
Turumella BOBranch Office522617
Turumella SOPost Office522312
Udjerla BOBranch Office522658
Undavalli BOBranch Office522501
Unnava BOBranch Office522233
Uppalapadu BOBranch Office522509
Vaddamanu BOBranch Office522236
Vaddemgunta BOBranch Office522657
Vaddemukkala BOBranch Office522124
Vaddeswaram BOBranch Office522302
Vaddevaripalem BOBranch Office522264
Vadlamudi BOBranch Office522213
Vadlamudivaripalem BOBranch Office522617
VAJRALAPADU BOBranch Office522613
Valiveru BOBranch Office522211
Vallabhapuram BOBranch Office522308
Vallabharaopalem BOBranch Office522124
Valluru BOBranch Office522124
Vangipuram BOBranch Office522015
Vanikunta BOBranch Office522658
Vankayalapadu BOBranch Office522233
Vannayapalem BOBranch Office522411
Varagani BOBranch Office522235
Varahapuram Agraharam BOBranch Office522261
Vatticheruku BOBranch Office522212
Vayyakallu BOBranch Office522646
Veerapuram BOBranch Office522437
Veerlapalem BOBranch Office522305
Vejendla BOBranch Office522213
Velagapudi BOBranch Office522237
Velampalle BOBranch Office522435
Velavarthipadu BOBranch Office522438
Veldurthy SOPost Office522613
Vellaluru BOBranch Office522212
Vellatur SOPost Office522657
Vellaturu SOPost Office522257
Velpuru BOBranch Office522410
Veluru BOBranch Office522619
Vemavaram BOBranch Office522435
Vemuru SOPost Office522261
Vengalayapalem BOBranch Office522005
Venigallavaripalem BOBranch Office522258
Venigandla BOBranch Office522509
Venkatakrishnapuram BOBranch Office522509
Venkatapalem BOBranch Office522237
Venkatayapalem BOBranch Office522411
Venugopalanagar Colony SOPost Office522004
Vetapalem BOBranch Office522212
Vetrayuni Appapuram BOBranch Office522660
Vijayapuri South SOPost Office522439
Vinayasramam BOBranch Office522309
Vinjanampadu BOBranch Office522017
Vinukonda SOPost Office522647
Vipparla BOBranch Office522410
Vipparlapalle BOBranch Office522603
Visadala BOBranch Office522438
Visweswaram BOBranch Office522264
Vittamrajupalle BOBranch Office522647
Voleru BOBranch Office522265
Voppicherla BOBranch Office522614
Voravakallu BOBranch Office522410
Vullipalem BOBranch Office522265
Vunguturu BOBranch Office522016
Vupparapalem BOBranch Office522124
Vuppudi BOBranch Office522265
Vutukuru BOBranch Office522410
Vykuntapuram BOBranch Office522020
Wahabchowk tenali SOPost Office522201
Yadavuru BOBranch Office522313
Yamarru BOBranch Office522017
Yazali BOBranch Office522111
Yeletipalem BOBranch Office522268
Yerrabalem BOBranch Office522502
Yerraguntlapadu BOBranch Office522529
Yerukalapudi BOBranch Office522306
Zammalamadaka BOBranch Office522426
Zulakallu BOBranch Office522413

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service