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Explore all post offices or pincodes of GANJAM, ODISHA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adapada BOBranch Office761144
Adipur BOBranch Office761118
Agastinuagam BOBranch Office761026
Aitipur BOBranch Office761029
AKDeuli BOBranch Office761111
Aladi BOBranch Office761120
Alasuguma BOBranch Office761121
Alipur BOBranch Office761111
Alladigam BOBranch Office761019
Ambagaon BOBranch Office761012
Ambapua BOBranch Office761119
AMBAPUA SOPost Office760011
Ambapur BOBranch Office761005
Amrutulu BOBranch Office761108
Andanda BOBranch Office761005
Angaragam BOBranch Office761035
Ankorada BOBranch Office761012
Ankuli BOBranch Office760010
Ankushpur BOBranch Office761100
Antarapada BOBranch Office761117
Antarigam BOBranch Office761043
Arakhapur BOBranch Office761041
Aska College Square SOPost Office761111
Aska HOHead Office761110
Aska Junction SOPost Office761110
Asura Bandha SOPost Office761151
Athagadapatna BOBranch Office761105
B D Sahi Bellagunhta SOPost Office761119
Baaruda BOBranch Office761131
Babanpur BOBranch Office761111
Bada Aryapalli BOBranch Office761045
Badabadangi BOBranch Office761108
Badabaraba BOBranch Office761151
Badabaragam BOBranch Office761018
Badabaranga BOBranch Office761004
Badaborasingi BOBranch Office761124
Badachakada BOBranch Office761019
Badadumbala BOBranch Office761042
Badagada SOPost Office761109
Badagochha BOBranch Office761151
Badakhairakhama BOBranch Office761035
Badakhajahari BOBranch Office761011
Badakhandi BOBranch Office761101
Badakharida SOPost Office761041
Badakhemundi Street SOPost Office760001
Badakholi BOBranch Office761116
Badakodanda SOPost Office761125
Badakusasthali BOBranch Office760007
Badamadhapur BOBranch Office761026
Badamahuri BOBranch Office761041
Badangi BOBranch Office761141
Badapada BOBranch Office761124
Badapalanka BOBranch Office761010
Badapalli BOBranch Office761029
Badapur BOBranch Office760007
Badaputi BOBranch Office761002
Badarampalli BOBranch Office761019
Badhinuapalli BOBranch Office761030
Badiosta BOBranch Office761054
Badula BOBranch Office761114
Baghala BOBranch Office761003
Bahadapadar BOBranch Office761125
Bahadurpeta BOBranch Office760007
Baharpur BOBranch Office761107
Baidyanathpur SOPost Office760004
Balarampur BOBranch Office761109
Baliapata BOBranch Office761131
Baliasara BOBranch Office761104
Balichhai BOBranch Office761111
Balisahi BOBranch Office761131
Balisira BOBranch Office761115
Ballijodi BOBranch Office761042
Ballipada SOPost Office761054
Ballipadar SOPost Office761117
Balunkeswarapur BOBranch Office761030
Banabulapalli BOBranch Office761045
Banadevi Patna SOPost Office761104
Banamali BOBranch Office761011
Bandhaguda BOBranch Office761106
Bangarada BOBranch Office761123
Bania BOBranch Office761030
Bansola BOBranch Office761006
Banthapalli BOBranch Office760002
Baradabilli BOBranch Office761107
Baragam BOBranch Office761111
Baragam SOPost Office761120
Baramundalli BOBranch Office761106
Barango BOBranch Office761006
Barasara BOBranch Office761030
Barida BOBranch Office761104
Baritola BOBranch Office761055
Baulagam BOBranch Office761026
Baulojholi BOBranch Office761100
Baunsalundi BOBranch Office761133
BDPur BOBranch Office761120
Beguniapada SOPost Office761031
Bellagam BOBranch Office761003
Bellaguntha SOPost Office761119
Benapata BOBranch Office761122
Bendalia BOBranch Office760002
Benipalli BOBranch Office761124
Berhampur City SOPost Office760002
Berhampur University SOPost Office760007
BerhampurGM HOHead Office760001
Beruanbadi BOBranch Office761032
Betarasingi BOBranch Office761118
Bethuara BOBranch Office761107
Bhabandha BOBranch Office761003
Bhabarada BOBranch Office761105
Bhabinipur BOBranch Office761001
Bhagabanpur BOBranch Office761151
Bhamsyali BOBranch Office761118
Bhanjamargo SOPost Office761126
Bhanjanagar College SOPost Office761126
Bhanjanagar Bazar SOPost Office761126
Bhanjanagar HOHead Office761126
Bhapur Bazar SOPost Office760001
Bharampur BOBranch Office761209
Bhatakhali BOBranch Office761117
Bhatakumarada SOPost Office761003
Bhejiput BOBranch Office761029
Bhejiput SOPost Office761126
Bhetonoi SOPost Office761116
Bhikapada BOBranch Office761029
Bhikaripalli BOBranch Office761045
Bhimpur BOBranch Office761004
Bhutsarasingi BOBranch Office761041
Bijipur SOPost Office760001
Bikrampur BOBranch Office761029
Biranchipur BOBranch Office761143
Biribatia BOBranch Office761031
Birikote BOBranch Office761132
Biruligada BOBranch Office761028
Bishnuchakra BOBranch Office761117
Bissmagiri SOPost Office761055
Biswanathpur BOBranch Office761008
BKaradabadi BOBranch Office761143
BKotibadi BOBranch Office761108
BLNPur BOBranch Office761011
BLSPur BOBranch Office761119
BNuagam BOBranch Office761006
BNuapalli BOBranch Office761104
Bolosara BOBranch Office761104
Bomokei SOPost Office761042
Bonka BOBranch Office761119
Borada BOBranch Office761109
Bori BOBranch Office761123
Borida BOBranch Office761031
Borigam BOBranch Office761001
Boripadar BOBranch Office761007
Boxipalli BOBranch Office761002
BPankalbadi BOBranch Office761118
Brahmanchhai BOBranch Office761103
BrajanagarPost Office760001
Brhamanapadar BOBranch Office761132
BTurubudi BOBranch Office761007
Budhamba BOBranch Office761105
Buduli BOBranch Office761132
Buguda SOPost Office761118
Bupilingi BOBranch Office761026
Burujhuri Nuagam BOBranch Office761035
Burupada SOPost Office761146
Burutal BOBranch Office761005
Chaitanyapur BOBranch Office761007
Chamakhandi BOBranch Office761045
Chamunda BOBranch Office761121
Chanamari BOBranch Office761014
Chandipadar BOBranch Office761003
Chandulli BOBranch Office761102
Chatamundali BOBranch Office761043
Chatrapur Bazar SOPost Office761020
Chatrapur HOHead Office761020
Chikalakhandi BOBranch Office761026
Chikarada BOBranch Office761008
Chikati Badapur BOBranch Office761005
Chikili BOBranch Office761030
Chikiti SOPost Office761010
Chikitipentho BOBranch Office761010
Chingudighai BOBranch Office761018
Chingudikhola BOBranch Office761032
Chirakipadasasan BOBranch Office761105
ChTikarapada BOBranch Office761209
Chudangapur BOBranch Office761012
Courtpeta SOPost Office760004
Dabarsingi BOBranch Office761011
Dadarlunda BOBranch Office761132
Dakhinpur BOBranch Office760002
Danapur BOBranch Office761032
Dasamundali BOBranch Office761106
Daspur BOBranch Office760003
Dauni BOBranch Office761011
Dayapalli BOBranch Office761100
Debabhumi BOBranch Office761115
Dekahli BOBranch Office761042
Dengadi BOBranch Office761144
Dengapadar BOBranch Office761054
Dhabalpur BOBranch Office761106
Dhanantara BOBranch Office761106
Dhaninja BOBranch Office761116
Dharakote SOPost Office761107
Dhaugam BOBranch Office761111
Dhobadipatapur BOBranch Office761003
Dholapita BOBranch Office761131
Dhumchai BOBranch Office761140
Dhunkapada BOBranch Office761118
Digapada BOBranch Office761032
Digapahandi SOPost Office761012
Digapahandi Tahasil Colony SOPost Office761012
Dihapadhala BOBranch Office761140
Dimiria BOBranch Office761028
Domuhani BOBranch Office761141
DSingipur BOBranch Office761107
Dubuduba BOBranch Office761133
Dumakumpa BOBranch Office761125
Dura BOBranch Office760010
Durabandha BOBranch Office761101
Ekalpur BOBranch Office761109
Engineering School SOPost Office760010
Erendra BOBranch Office761013
Gadasamantarapur BOBranch Office761055
Gahangu BOBranch Office761117
Gallery SOPost Office761141
Gamundi BOBranch Office761133
Gandadhara BOBranch Office761121
Gandhinagar SO GanjamPost Office760001
Gangapur BOBranch Office761013
Gangapur Ganjam SOPost Office761123
Ganjam SOPost Office761026
Ganju BOBranch Office761002
Gatebazar SOPost Office760001
Gaudagotha BOBranch Office761109
Gaudiabarada BOBranch Office761118
Gayaganda BOBranch Office761131
Gazalbadi BOBranch Office761151
GDengapadar BOBranch Office761124
GDPalli BOBranch Office761107
Genja BOBranch Office761108
Gerada BOBranch Office761131
Ghodapolan BOBranch Office761104
Girisola SOPost Office761009
Gnagadahani BOBranch Office761018
GNuagam BOBranch Office761140
Gobara SOPost Office761124
Gobindapur BOBranch Office761146
Gochabadi BOBranch Office761105
Godagovindapur BOBranch Office761011
Godavarishanagar SOPost Office760001
Goilundi SOPost Office760004
Gokarnapur BOBranch Office761012
Golabandha BOBranch Office761118
Golabandha SOPost Office761052
Golagandapalli BOBranch Office761028
Golamundala BOBranch Office761118
Golanda BOBranch Office761007
Golanthara SOPost Office761008
Golapada BOBranch Office761131
Golia BOBranch Office761118
Gondala BOBranch Office761003
Gopalpur SO GanjamPost Office761002
Gopalpursasan BOBranch Office761108
Gopinath Patna SOPost Office761104
Gopinathpur BOBranch Office761100
Gosaninuagam SOPost Office760003
Gothagam BOBranch Office761037
Goudagam BOBranch Office761011
Gouradeipur BOBranch Office761032
Goutami BOBranch Office761054
Govindanagar BOBranch Office761008
GRambha BOBranch Office761132
Gudiali BOBranch Office761104
Gudipadar BOBranch Office761006
Guhalpur BOBranch Office761007
Guma Dalaba BOBranch Office761209
Gundra BOBranch Office761005
Gundribadi BOBranch Office761132
Gunthapada SOPost Office761115
Gurunthi BOBranch Office761001
Guzurali BOBranch Office761131
Haladiapadar BOBranch Office760003
Haridapadar BOBranch Office761111
Harigada BOBranch Office761141
Haripur BOBranch Office761009
Haripur Burudi BOBranch Office761027
Hatiota BOBranch Office761117
Hillpatna SOPost Office760005
Hindola BOBranch Office761104
Hinjilicut SOPost Office761102
Hinjlicut College Road SOPost Office761102
Hottapur BOBranch Office761018
Hugulapata BOBranch Office761001
Hukuma BOBranch Office761209
Humma SOPost Office761027
Humuki BOBranch Office761111
Humuri BOBranch Office761026
Indrakhi BOBranch Office761008
Industrial Estates SOPost Office760008
Inginathi BOBranch Office761140
Jaccaro BOBranch Office761042
Jagadalapur BOBranch Office761001
Jagamohan BOBranch Office761114
Jagamohanapur BOBranch Office761010
Jagannath Prasad SOPost Office761121
Jagannathpur BOBranch Office761003
Jagilipadar BOBranch Office761032
Jahada BOBranch Office761107
Jakara BOBranch Office761105
Jamuni BOBranch Office761018
Janibilli BOBranch Office761107
Jarada Ankuli BOBranch Office761005
Jarada BOBranch Office761104
Jaradagada SOPost Office761005
Jayantipur SOPost Office761006
Jayapur BOBranch Office761111
Jayashree SOPost Office761025
JBalabhadrapur BOBranch Office761013
Jhadabai BOBranch Office761104
Jhadabandha BOBranch Office761114
Jhadabhumi BOBranch Office761120
Jhadankuli BOBranch Office761001
Jharapari BOBranch Office761114
Jharipadar BOBranch Office761007
Jhatipadar BOBranch Office761009
Jillundi SOPost Office761133
Kabisuryanagar SOPost Office761104
Kachakhandi BOBranch Office761106
Kadapada BOBranch Office761121
Kadua BOBranch Office761121
Kaithkhandi BOBranch Office761007
Kalabada BOBranch Office761010
Kalambo BOBranch Office761105
Kalasandhapur BOBranch Office761111
Kaliaguda BOBranch Office761124
Kalidaspur BOBranch Office761043
Kalingapadar BOBranch Office761131
Kallipalli BOBranch Office761002
Kalyanapur BOBranch Office761026
Kamagada BOBranch Office761122
Kampa Khumbajhari BOBranch Office761209
Kanabhaga BOBranch Office761140
Kanachhai BOBranch Office761118
Kanaka BOBranch Office761028
Kanamana BOBranch Office761045
Kanasukha BOBranch Office761118
Kanchana BOBranch Office761031
Kanchuru SOPost Office761101
Kaniary BOBranch Office761111
Kanisi Hat SOPost Office761008
Kansamari BOBranch Office761014
Karachulli SOPost Office761143
Karadabadi A BOBranch Office761117
Karapada BOBranch Office761042
Karasinghi BOBranch Office761143
Karatoli BOBranch Office761026
Kaudia BOBranch Office761144
Kaviti Suvani BOBranch Office761009
KBerhampur BOBranch Office761140
Kelua BOBranch Office761004
Keluapalli BOBranch Office760003
Kendupadar BOBranch Office761122
Kendupata BOBranch Office761030
Kesaripada BOBranch Office761006
Khairaputi BOBranch Office761123
Khajapalli BOBranch Office761029
Khajipalli BOBranch Office761019
Khallikote College SOPost Office760001
Khallikote RS SOPost Office761029
Khallikote SOPost Office761030
Khallingi BOBranch Office761013
Khamaredi BOBranch Office761125
Khamarigam BOBranch Office761055
Khamarpalli BOBranch Office761120
Khambarigam BOBranch Office761004
Khambeswari Patna SOPost Office761110
Khandadeuli BOBranch Office761028
Khanduru BOBranch Office761105
Kharia BOBranch Office761111
Khariaguda SOPost Office761209
Kharida BOBranch Office761102
Kharnipada BOBranch Office761037
Khetamundali BOBranch Office761131
Khetribarapur BOBranch Office761123
Kholakhalli BOBranch Office761118
Kinigam BOBranch Office761018
Kirapalli BOBranch Office761119
KJatabadi BOBranch Office761108
KKaradakana BOBranch Office761106
KNuagada BOBranch Office761123
Kodala Bus Stand BOBranch Office761032
Kodala SOPost Office761032
Kodala Tahasil Colony SOPost Office761032
Koirasi BOBranch Office761029
Kokolamba BOBranch Office761131
Kolathia BOBranch Office761010
Komanda BOBranch Office761019
Konheipur BOBranch Office761029
Konika BOBranch Office761008
Konisi BOBranch Office761008
Konkarada SOPost Office761144
Kotharasingi BOBranch Office761008
Kotinada BOBranch Office761111
Kottilingi BOBranch Office761010
Koturu BOBranch Office761009
Krupasindhupur BOBranch Office761001
Krushanapur BOBranch Office761010
Kudutei BOBranch Office761119
Kukudakhandi SOPost Office761100
Kullada SOPost Office761131
Kullagada BOBranch Office761106
Kullangi BOBranch Office761124
Kumaripari BOBranch Office761035
Kumarpani BOBranch Office761106
Kumbhari BOBranch Office761111
Kumpapada BOBranch Office761121
Kumundi BOBranch Office761121
Kupati BOBranch Office761141
Kurla BOBranch Office761144
Kusapada BOBranch Office761012
Kushadhipa BOBranch Office761030
Kusuraba BOBranch Office761114
Ladigam BOBranch Office760003
Lalsingh BOBranch Office761125
Landajuali BOBranch Office761122
Langaleswar BOBranch Office761029
Lanjipalli SOPost Office760008
Lathi BOBranch Office760002
Lathipada BOBranch Office761108
Laxmipur BOBranch Office761003
Lembhai BOBranch Office761131
LNPur BOBranch Office761011
Lochapada BOBranch Office761001
Madhabandha BOBranch Office761010
Madhabarida BOBranch Office761124
Madhupalli BOBranch Office761105
Madhuruchua BOBranch Office761028
Mahachhai BOBranch Office761103
Mahanadapur BOBranch Office761026
Mahanala BOBranch Office761013
Mahupadar BOBranch Office761106
Makarjhola BOBranch Office761101
Malaspadar BOBranch Office761133
Mallada BOBranch Office761027
Mandar BOBranch Office761117
Mandarada BOBranch Office761209
Mangalpur BOBranch Office761117
Manikyapur BOBranch Office761042
Manitara BOBranch Office761118
Mantridi BOBranch Office761008
Mardakote BOBranch Office761032
Mardamekha BOBranch Office761032
Markandi BOBranch Office760003
Masabadi BOBranch Office761131
Mathasarasingi BOBranch Office761032
Mathura BOBranch Office761030
Matikhalo SOPost Office761045
Maulabhanja BOBranch Office761012
Medical College SO GanjamPost Office760004
Mendrajpur BOBranch Office761008
Merikote BOBranch Office761109
Military Lines SOPost Office760001
Minchinipatana SOPost Office761028
Mohaguda BOBranch Office761132
Mohuda BOBranch Office760002
Moisanpur BOBranch Office761004
Morabai BOBranch Office761043
Motabadi BOBranch Office761118
Mujjagada SOPost Office761132
Mundala BOBranch Office761032
Mundamarai SOPost Office761114
Mundapata BOBranch Office761042
Municipentho BOBranch Office761026
Munigadi BOBranch Office761122
Nabeen SOPost Office760009
Naikanipalli BOBranch Office761031
Nalabanta BOBranch Office761111
Nalihada BOBranch Office761054
Nandiko BOBranch Office761102
Narayanapur BOBranch Office761002
Narendrappur BOBranch Office761007
Narendrapur BOBranch Office760007
Nettanga BOBranch Office761124
Nimakhandi Pentho BOBranch Office761055
Nimakhandi SOPost Office761001
Nimapadar BOBranch Office761120
Nimina SOPost Office761122
Nuagada BOBranch Office761107
Nuagam SOPost Office761111
Nuagaon BOBranch Office761010
Nuapada SOPost Office761011
Nuapentho BOBranch Office761037
Nunipadasasan BOBranch Office761123
Odasingi BOBranch Office761007
Ollarigada BOBranch Office761100
Padadigi BOBranch Office761037
Padmanavapur SOPost Office761007
Padmapur BOBranch Office760003
Paikajamuna BOBranch Office761104
Pailipada BOBranch Office761123
Paladhuapalli BOBranch Office761028
Palakasandha BOBranch Office761123
Palakatu BOBranch Office761108
Palasi BOBranch Office761001
Pallibandha BOBranch Office761026
Palur BOBranch Office761027
Panada BOBranch Office761055
Panchabhuti BOBranch Office761121
Panchama BOBranch Office761008
Pandarakhalli BOBranch Office761043
Pandia SOPost Office761043
Pandiapathara BOBranch Office761116
Pandiripada BOBranch Office761105
Panditgam BOBranch Office761029
Pangidi BOBranch Office761118
Panigrahipentho SOPost Office760006
Pantikhari BOBranch Office761119
Park Street SOPost Office760002
Patadhar BOBranch Office761120
Pathara BOBranch Office761029
Patiguda BOBranch Office761014
Patrapalli BOBranch Office761119
Patrapur SOPost Office761004
Pattapur SOPost Office761013
Patulisahi BOBranch Office761140
PGovindapur BOBranch Office761014
Phasi BOBranch Office761032
Phasiguda BOBranch Office761055
Phulta BOBranch Office760003
Pitala SOPost Office761103
Pitatoli BOBranch Office761010
PJagannathpur BOBranch Office761013
Podapadar BOBranch Office761026
Podingi BOBranch Office761103
Poirasi BOBranch Office761019
Polango BOBranch Office761028
Polasara Nimina BOBranch Office761105
Polosara SOPost Office761105
Pottalmpur BOBranch Office761026
PPadmanabhapur BOBranch Office761101
PRamachandrapur BOBranch Office761013
Pratapur BOBranch Office761119
Pratapur SO GanjamPost Office761019
Premnagar SO GanjamPost Office760002
Pudamari SOPost Office761014
Puhundi BOBranch Office761209
Puruna Berhampur BOBranch Office760002
Purushottampur Nbs BOBranch Office761018
Purushottampur SOPost Office761018
Pustapur BOBranch Office761031
Putiapadar BOBranch Office761102
Raghunath Nagar SO GanjamPost Office761110
Rai Bandha BOBranch Office761109
Raijhola BOBranch Office761100
Rajpur BOBranch Office761026
Ralaba BOBranch Office761102
Rama Sanarayanpur BOBranch Office761041
Ramachandrapur BOBranch Office761103
Ramanabadi BOBranch Office761151
Rambha SOPost Office761028
Ramchandrapur BOBranch Office761010
Rampa BOBranch Office761010
Ranajhali BOBranch Office761018
Rangailunda BOBranch Office760007
Rangipur BOBranch Office760003
Ratnapur BOBranch Office761108
Rauti BOBranch Office761121
Rondha BOBranch Office761008
RSuvani BOBranch Office761009
Rudhapadar BOBranch Office761131
Rugumu BOBranch Office761107
Rukunigam BOBranch Office761026
Rumagada BOBranch Office761117
Saba BOBranch Office761107
Sabulia BOBranch Office761028
Sahadev Tikirapada BOBranch Office761055
Sahapur BOBranch Office761003
Sahaspur BOBranch Office761012
Samantiapalli BOBranch Office761004
Samarbandha BOBranch Office761121
Samarjhola BOBranch Office761101
SAmbagam BOBranch Office761101
Sanakodanda BOBranch Office761125
Sandhamula BOBranch Office761035
Sandhikendu BOBranch Office761109
Sankarapur SOPost Office760006
Sankuda BOBranch Office761035
Sankuru BOBranch Office761118
Santoshpur BOBranch Office761004
Sapuapalli BOBranch Office761101
Sarabadi BOBranch Office761108
Sarabhimpur BOBranch Office761026
Saru BOBranch Office761101
Sasanapadar BOBranch Office761008
Satapahandia BOBranch Office761100
Saurachachina BOBranch Office761031
SBJagadevpur BOBranch Office761209
SBPentho BOBranch Office761037
Seragada SOPost Office761106
SGopalpur BOBranch Office761106
Shiala BOBranch Office761008
Sialia BOBranch Office761104
Sidhanoi BOBranch Office761116
Sidhapur BOBranch Office761109
Sidheswara BOBranch Office761054
Sikiri BOBranch Office761102
Sikula BOBranch Office761018
Sindurapur BOBranch Office761045
Singipur BOBranch Office761014
Sitarampalli SOPost Office761020
Sodak BOBranch Office761118
Soma BOBranch Office761018
Sonepur BOBranch Office761009
Sorisbilli BOBranch Office761108
Sriram Nagar SOPost Office760002
Sriramchandrapur BOBranch Office761045
Suanakhala BOBranch Office761005
Subalaya BOBranch Office761111
Sumandala SOPost Office761035
Sunadei BOBranch Office761008
Sunambo Street SOPost Office761110
Sunapalli BOBranch Office761104
Sunareddy BOBranch Office761005
Sunarijhola BOBranch Office761104
Sunathara BOBranch Office761003
Surada Bazar BOBranch Office761108
Surada SOPost Office761108
Surala BOBranch Office761009
Suramani BOBranch Office761107
Surangi SOPost Office761037
Syamsundarpur BOBranch Office761030
Takarada BOBranch Office761106
Talapada BOBranch Office761209
Talasara BOBranch Office761035
Talasingi BOBranch Office761007
Tanarada SOPost Office761140
Tandipur BOBranch Office761037
Tanganapalli BOBranch Office761003
Tanhara BOBranch Office761103
Tankachhai BOBranch Office761103
Tarasinghi BOBranch Office761131
Taratrini Hills BOBranch Office761018
Tentulia BOBranch Office761105
Tentuliapalli BOBranch Office761029
Tholadi BOBranch Office761131
Thuruburai BOBranch Office761146
Tilisinghi BOBranch Office761131
Tinigharia BOBranch Office761209
Tirida BOBranch Office761031
TORoad SOPost Office761110
Totipuram BOBranch Office761006
Tumbagada BOBranch Office761005
Turubudi BOBranch Office761209
Turumu BOBranch Office761131
U Dantilingi BOBranch Office761151
Udhra BOBranch Office761119
Upalaputti BOBranch Office761002
Venkataraipur BOBranch Office761002

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service