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Explore all post offices or pincodes of ERNAKULAM, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
AIMS Ponekkara SOPost Office682041
Aimurikara BOBranch Office683544
Airapuram BOBranch Office683541
Airoopadam BOBranch Office686692
Airoor BOBranch Office683579
Alangad SOPost Office683511
Alattuchira BOBranch Office683544
Allapra BOBranch Office683556
Aluva Bazar SOPost Office683101
Aluva HOHead Office683101
Aluva Town Bus Stand SOPost Office683101
Aluvaasokapuram BOBranch Office683101
Ambalamedu SOPost Office682303
Ambalamugal SOPost Office682302
Amballur BOBranch Office682315
Anapparakalady BOBranch Office683581
Anchelpetty BOBranch Office686667
Andikkadavu BOBranch Office682008
Angamally SOPost Office683572
Angamally South SOPost Office683573
Arakunnam SOPost Office682313
Arakuzha SOPost Office686672
Aruvappara BOBranch Office683545
Asamannoor SOPost Office683549
Athani SO ErnakulamPost Office683585
Avoly BOBranch Office686670
Ayavana BOBranch Office686668
Ayyampilly SOPost Office682501
Ayyampuzha BOBranch Office683581
Azhakam BOBranch Office683577
Azheekal BOBranch Office682508
Bhaktanandapuram BOBranch Office682308
Bhoothathankettu BOBranch Office686681
Binanipuram SOPost Office683502
Brahmapuram BOBranch Office682303
Changampuzha Nagar SOPost Office682033
Chathamattam BOBranch Office686671
Chelad Junction SOPost Office686681
Chellanam BOBranch Office682008
Chendamangalam SOPost Office683512
Chengamanad SOPost Office683578
Cherai SOPost Office683514
CheranalloorPBR BOBranch Office683544
Cheranallur SOPost Office682034
Cheruvattoor BOBranch Office686691
Chethicode BOBranch Office682315
ChittoorEkm SOPost Office682027
Choondakuzhy BOBranch Office683546
Chottanikkara SOPost Office682312
Chowara SOPost Office683571
Chully BOBranch Office683581
Cochin Special Economic Zone SOPost Office682037
Desom BOBranch Office683102
Edakkattuvayal BOBranch Office682313
Edakochi SOPost Office682010
Edapally North BOBranch Office682024
Edapally SOPost Office682024
Edathala North BOBranch Office683561
Edathala SOPost Office683561
Edavanakad SOPost Office682502
Edavoor BOBranch Office683544
Edayar BOBranch Office686662
Elamakkara SOPost Office682026
Elamkunnapuzha SOPost Office682503
Elanji SOPost Office686665
Elanthikara BOBranch Office683594
Elavoor BOBranch Office683572
Enanalloor BOBranch Office686673
Ernakulam College SOPost Office682035
Ernakulam High Court SOPost Office682031
Ernakulam HOHead Office682011
Ernakulam North SOPost Office682018
Eroor SO ErnakulamPost Office682306
Eroor South BOBranch Office682306
Eroor West BOBranch Office682306
Erumathala SOPost Office683112
Ezhakkaranad BOBranch Office682308
Ezhakkaranadu South BOBranch Office682308
Ezhattumugham BOBranch Office683577
Ezhikkara BOBranch Office683513
Gothuruthy BOBranch Office683516
Hmt Colony SOPost Office683503
Idamalayar BOBranch Office686681
Illambakapalli BOBranch Office683544
Inchathotty BOBranch Office686681
InfoparkKochi SOPost Office682042
International Business Centre IBCPost Office682050
Iramalloor BOBranch Office686691
Irimbanam SOPost Office682309
Iringole SOPost Office683548
Kadakkanad BOBranch Office682311
Kadalikkad BOBranch Office686670
Kadamakudi BOBranch Office682027
Kadamattam BOBranch Office682311
Kadavanthara SOPost Office682020
Kadavoor BOBranch Office686671
Kadayirippu BOBranch Office682311
Kadungamangalam BOBranch Office682305
Kaipatoor BOBranch Office682313
Kaitharam SOPost Office683519
Kakkad BOBranch Office686664
Kakkanad NDCPost Office682052
Kakkanad SOPost Office682030
Kakkanad West BOBranch Office682030
Kakkoor BOBranch Office686662
Kalady Plantation BOBranch Office683581
Kalady SOPost Office683574
Kalamassery Development Plot BOBranch Office683104
Kalamassery SOPost Office683104
Kalampoor BOBranch Office686664
Kalloorkkad SOPost Office686668
Kaloor BOBranch Office686668
Kaloor SOPost Office682017
Kanayannoor BOBranch Office682312
Kandanad BOBranch Office682305
Kaninad BOBranch Office682310
Kanjiramattom SOPost Office682315
Kanjoor SOPost Office683575
Kannamali SOPost Office682008
Karamala BOBranch Office686662
Karimpana BOBranch Office686662
Karimugal BOBranch Office682303
Karukadom BOBranch Office686691
Karukappilli BOBranch Office682311
Karukutty SOPost Office683576
Karumalloor BOBranch Office683511
Kavakkad BOBranch Office686668
Keerampara BOBranch Office686681
Keezhillam SOPost Office683541
Kidangoor BOBranch Office683572
Kinginimattom BOBranch Office682311
Kizhakkambalam SOPost Office683562
Kizhakompu BOBranch Office686662
Kizhmuri BOBranch Office686663
Kochi Airport SOPost Office683111
Kochi HOHead Office682001
Kochi MGRoad SOPost Office682016
Kochi Naval Base SOPost Office682004
Kochi Palace BOBranch Office682301
Kochi Parcel Centre POPost Office682051
Kochi University SOPost Office682022
Kodanad BOBranch Office683544
Kokkappilly BOBranch Office682305
Kolenchery SOPost Office682311
Kombanad BOBranch Office683546
Kongorpilly BOBranch Office683518
Koonammavu SOPost Office683518
Koothattukulam SOPost Office686662
Koovalloor BOBranch Office686671
Koovappady SOPost Office683544
Koovappara BOBranch Office686681
Kothad BOBranch Office682027
Kothamangalam Bazar BOBranch Office686691
Kothamangalam College SOPost Office686666
Kothamangalam SO ErnakulamPost Office686691
Kottappady BOBranch Office686692
Kottuvally BOBranch Office683519
Kozhipilly BOBranch Office686691
Kumarapuram SO ErnakulamPost Office683565
Kumbalam BOBranch Office682506
Kumbalangi SOPost Office682007
Kumbalangi South BOBranch Office682007
Kunjithai BOBranch Office683522
Kunnackal SOPost Office682316
Kunnukara BOBranch Office683578
Kureekad BOBranch Office682305
Kurumassery SOPost Office683579
Kuruppampady SOPost Office683545
Kusumagiri BOBranch Office682030
KuthiathodeEKM BOBranch Office683594
Kuthukuzhy BOBranch Office686691
Kuttampuzha BOBranch Office686681
Kuttikkattukara BOBranch Office683501
Kuzhiyara BOBranch Office682312
Madakkathanam BOBranch Office686670
Malayattoor SOPost Office683587
Malayidumthuruth BOBranch Office683561
Maliankara BOBranch Office683516
Malipara BOBranch Office686681
Malipuram SOPost Office682511
Mamala BOBranch Office682305
Mamalakandom BOBranch Office686681
Mamalassery BOBranch Office686663
Manary BOBranch Office686673
Manickamangalam BOBranch Office683574
Manidu BOBranch Office686664
Manikinar BOBranch Office686693
Manjaly BOBranch Office683520
Manjapra SOPost Office683581
Manjummel BOBranch Office683501
Mannam Paravur SOPost Office683520
Mannathur BOBranch Office686667
Maradu SOPost Office682304
Marady East BOBranch Office686673
Marampally BOBranch Office683105
Marika BOBranch Office686662
Marithazham BOBranch Office682315
Matsyapuri SOPost Office682029
Mattancherry Jetty SOPost Office682002
Mattancherry SOPost Office682002
Mattancherry Town SOPost Office682002
Mattoor BOBranch Office683574
Mazhuvannoor BOBranch Office686669
Mazhuvannoor South BOBranch Office686669
Meempara BOBranch Office682308
Meenkunnam BOBranch Office686672
Mekkad SOPost Office683589
Mekkadambu BOBranch Office682316
Memadangu BOBranch Office686672
Methala BOBranch Office683545
Mookkannur SOPost Office683577
Moothakunnam SOPost Office683516
Mudakuzha BOBranch Office683546
Mudavoor SOPost Office686669
Mudikkal SOPost Office683547
Mulakulam BOBranch Office686664
Mulanthuruthy SOPost Office682314
Mulavoor BOBranch Office686673
Mulavukad SOPost Office682504
Mullapuzhachal BOBranch Office686670
Mundamveli SOPost Office682507
Muppathadam SOPost Office683110
Mutholapuram BOBranch Office686665
Muvattupuzha Bazar BOBranch Office686673
Muvattupuzha HOHead Office686661
Muvattupuzha Market SOPost Office686673
Nadakkavu BOBranch Office682307
Nadukani BOBranch Office686691
Naduvattam BOBranch Office683574
Nagapuzha BOBranch Office686668
Nanthiattukunnam BOBranch Office683513
Narakkal SOPost Office682505
Naval Armament Depot Aluva SOPost Office683563
Nayarambalam SOPost Office682509
Nayathode BOBranch Office683572
Nazreth BOBranch Office682507
Nechoor BOBranch Office686664
Nedumbassery BOBranch Office683585
Nedungad BOBranch Office682509
Nedungapra BOBranch Office683545
Neeleeswaram BOBranch Office683574
Neendapara BOBranch Office686693
Neericode BOBranch Office683511
Nellad BOBranch Office686669
Nellikuzhy BOBranch Office686691
Nellimattam SOPost Office686693
Neriamangalam BOBranch Office686693
Nettoor SOPost Office682040
Nirmala BOBranch Office686673
Njayapalli BOBranch Office686681
North End SOPost Office682009
North Piramadom BOBranch Office686667
Ochanthuruth SOPost Office682508
Okkal SOPost Office683550
Oliyapuram BOBranch Office686662
Onakkoor BOBranch Office686667
Oonnukal BOBranch Office686693
Ooramana BOBranch Office686663
Pachalam SOPost Office682012
Paduvapuram BOBranch Office683576
Paingarapilly BOBranch Office682314
Paingattoor BOBranch Office686671
Palakuzha BOBranch Office686662
Palarivattom SOPost Office682025
Pallarimangalam BOBranch Office686671
Palliport SOPost Office683515
Palluruthy SOPost Office682006
Palluruthy South BOBranch Office682006
Pampakuda SOPost Office686667
Panaikulam BOBranch Office683511
Panampilly Nagar SOPost Office682036
Panangad SO ErnakulamPost Office682506
Pancode BOBranch Office682310
Pandappily BOBranch Office686672
Paniely BOBranch Office683546
Panipra BOBranch Office686692
Parakkadavu BOBranch Office683579
Parappuram BOBranch Office683575
Paravur Market SOPost Office683513
Paravur SO ErnakulamPost Office683513
Paravur Town SOPost Office683513
Pareekanni BOBranch Office686693
Pattimattam BOBranch Office683562
Pazhamthottam BOBranch Office683565
Pazhoor BOBranch Office686664
Periapuram BOBranch Office686667
Peringala BOBranch Office683565
PerumannoorKGM BOBranch Office686693
Perumanur SOPost Office682015
Perumbadavam BOBranch Office686665
Perumballoor BOBranch Office686673
Perumbavoor HOHead Office683542
Perumpilly BOBranch Office682314
Pezhakkappilly BOBranch Office686673
Pindimana BOBranch Office686692
Piraroor BOBranch Office683574
Piravom SOPost Office686664
Pizhala BOBranch Office682027
Plamudi BOBranch Office686692
Ponjassery BOBranch Office683547
Poonithura SOPost Office682038
Poothotta BOBranch Office682307
Poothrikka BOBranch Office682308
Pooyamkutty BOBranch Office686681
Pothanicaud SOPost Office686671
Pulickamaly BOBranch Office682314
Pulinthanam BOBranch Office686671
Puliyanam BOBranch Office683572
Pulluvazhi BOBranch Office683541
Puthencruz SOPost Office682308
Puthenvelikkara SOPost Office683594
Puthupadi BOBranch Office686673
Puthuvype BOBranch Office682508
Rajagiri BOBranch Office683104
Rajagiri Valley SOPost Office682039
Ramamangalam SOPost Office686663
Randar BOBranch Office686673
Rayamangalam BOBranch Office683545
Rayonpuram SOPost Office683543
SAduvassery BOBranch Office683578
SChellanam BOBranch Office682008
Shanmugham Road SOPost Office682031
South Paravoor BOBranch Office682307
South Vazhakulam BOBranch Office683105
Sreemoolanagaram SOPost Office683580
Thabore BOBranch Office683577
Thaikkattukara SOPost Office683106
Thalacode BOBranch Office682314
Thalakode BOBranch Office686693
Thammanam SOPost Office682032
Thathappilly BOBranch Office683520
Thattekkad BOBranch Office686681
Thazhvankunnam BOBranch Office686668
Thekkenmarady BOBranch Office686673
Thekkumbhagom BOBranch Office682301
Thengod BOBranch Office682030
Thevara SOPost Office682013
Thirumarady BOBranch Office686662
Thirumarayoor BOBranch Office682313
Thiruvamkulam SOPost Office682305
Thiruvaniyoor BOBranch Office682308
Thoppumpady SOPost Office682005
Thottakkattukara SOPost Office683108
Thottumughom SOPost Office683105
Thrikkakara SOPost Office682021
Thrikkalathoor BOBranch Office683541
Thrikkariyoor SOPost Office686692
Thuravoor BOBranch Office683572
Thuravumkara BOBranch Office683575
Thuruthippuram BOBranch Office680667
Thuruthy BOBranch Office683545
Tripunithura Fort SOPost Office682301
Tripunithura SOPost Office682301
Udayamperoor SOPost Office682307
Udyogamandal SOPost Office683501
Uliyannoor BOBranch Office683108
Union Christian College SOPost Office683102
Urulanthanni BOBranch Office686681
Vadacode BOBranch Office682021
Vadacode Kailas Colony BOBranch Office682021
Vadakkekara SOPost Office683522
Vadakkumpuram SOPost Office683521
Vadakodevazhakulam BOBranch Office686670
Vadattupara BOBranch Office686681
Vadavucode SOPost Office682310
Vadayampadi BOBranch Office682308
Vaduthala SOPost Office682023
Vaikkara BOBranch Office683549
Valayanchirangara SOPost Office683556
Vallarpadam BOBranch Office682504
Vappalassery BOBranch Office683572
Varapetty BOBranch Office686691
Varapuzha Landing BOBranch Office683517
Varapuzha SOPost Office683517
Varikoli BOBranch Office682308
Vattaparambu BOBranch Office683579
Vazhakulam SOPost Office686670
Vazhappilly East BOBranch Office686673
Veliyanad BOBranch Office682313
Vellarappilly South BOBranch Office683580
Vempilly BOBranch Office683565
Vengola BOBranch Office683556
Vengola West BOBranch Office683556
Vengoor SOPost Office683546
Vennala SOPost Office682028
Vettampara BOBranch Office686681
Vettickal BOBranch Office682314
Vilangu BOBranch Office683561
Vyttila SOPost Office682019
West Kadungalloor BOBranch Office683110
West Veliyathunad BOBranch Office683511
Willingdon Island SOPost Office682003
Yordhanapuram BOBranch Office683574

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service