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Explore all post offices or pincodes of EAST GODAVARI, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A Kothapalli BOBranch Office533408
A Mallavaram BOBranch Office533449
A V Nagaram BOBranch Office533449
ABHICHERLA BOBranch Office533350
Addalapalem BOBranch Office533252
Addampalli BOBranch Office533262
Addaripeta BOBranch Office533401
Addatigala SOPost Office533428
Adikavi Nannayya University Campus SOPost Office533296
Adurru BOBranch Office533247
Ainapuram BOBranch Office533216
Ainavalli BOBranch Office533211
Ainavillilanka BOBranch Office533211
Akuru BOBranch Office533288
Alamuru SO East GodavariPost Office533233
Alcot Gardens SOPost Office533101
Allavaram SOPost Office533217
Allipudi BOBranch Office533407
Amalapuram Bus Complex SOPost Office533201
Amalapuram HOHead Office533201
Amaravalli BOBranch Office533448
Ambajipeta SOPost Office533214
Aminabad BOBranch Office533436
Amjuru BOBranch Office533305
Ammajipeta SOPost Office533401
Ammirekula BOBranch Office533436
Amudalabanda BOBranch Office533284
Ananthagiri BOBranch Office533436
Anaparthy SOPost Office533342
Anatavaram SOPost Office533222
Angara SOPost Office533307
Ankampalem BOBranch Office533236
Annampalli BOBranch Office533216
Annavaram Devasthanam BOBranch Office533406
Annavaram SOPost Office533406
Antarvedi BOBranch Office533252
Antarvedi Devastanam BOBranch Office533252
Antarvedipalem SOPost Office533252
Anuru BOBranch Office533437
APHB Colony BOBranch Office533106
Apiic SOPost Office533005
Appanapalli BOBranch Office533247
Appanaramunilanka BOBranch Office533252
APSP Camp SO East GodavariPost Office533005
Aratlakatta BOBranch Office533016
Aravapalem BOBranch Office533248
Arikarevula BOBranch Office533256
Arthamuru BOBranch Office533340
Aryapuram SOPost Office533104
Aryavatam BOBranch Office533468
Atchampeta BOBranch Office533005
Atchutapuram BOBranch Office533307
Atchutapuratriam BOBranch Office533006
Atreyapuram SOPost Office533235
AVemavaram BOBranch Office533577
Avidi BOBranch Office533229
B Kothuru BOBranch Office533431
Badadanampalli BOBranch Office533436
Badava BOBranch Office533247
Baduguvanilanka BOBranch Office533126
Balabhadrapuram BOBranch Office533343
Balantram BOBranch Office533263
Balusutippa BOBranch Office533212
Bandanapudi BOBranch Office533468
Bandapalli BOBranch Office533288
Bandarlanka SOPost Office533221
Battucheruvu BOBranch Office533212
Bayyanapalli BOBranch Office533285
BDoddavaram BOBranch Office533247
Beerampalli BOBranch Office533288
Bendamurlanka SOPost Office533210
Bendapudi BOBranch Office533406
Bhadravaram BOBranch Office533429
Bhaskarnagar SOPost Office533003
Bhatlapalika BOBranch Office533263
Bhatnavilli BOBranch Office533222
Bheemanapalli BOBranch Office533222
Bhimavaram BOBranch Office533428
Bhimavarapukota BOBranch Office533407
Bhogapuram BOBranch Office533445
Bhupatipalem BOBranch Office533285
Bikkavolu SOPost Office533343
Billakurru BOBranch Office533228
Billananduru BOBranch Office533407
Bobbarlanka BOBranch Office533235
Bodasakurru SOPost Office533215
Boddavaram BOBranch Office533401
Bodlanka BOBranch Office533428
Bojjavaripeta BOBranch Office533212
Bolagonda BOBranch Office533288
Bolleddupalem BOBranch Office533290
Bommuru BOBranch Office533124
Burrilanka BOBranch Office533126
Burugupudi BOBranch Office533292
Busigudem BOBranch Office533288
Butchampeta BOBranch Office533292
BVelamakota BOBranch Office533284
Chadalada BOBranch Office533433
CHADALAVADA BOBranch Office533352
Chakradwarabandham BOBranch Office533296
Challapalli BOBranch Office533213
Chamagadda BOBranch Office533483
Chamavaram BOBranch Office533401
Chandanampalem BOBranch Office533450
Chatlawada BOBranch Office533295
Chatti BOBranch Office533352
Chavadikota BOBranch Office533295
Chavitidibbalu BOBranch Office533483
Chebrolu SOPost Office533449
Cheedipalem BOBranch Office533428
Chelluru SOPost Office533261
Chendurti BOBranch Office533444
Cherukumpalem BOBranch Office533436
Cheyyuru BOBranch Office533222
Chidumuru BOBranch Office533352
Chikilintha BOBranch Office533436
Chillangi BOBranch Office533431
Chinabhimpalli BOBranch Office533286
Chinakondepudi BOBranch Office533287
Chinakothalanka BOBranch Office533216
Chinaramanayyapeta BOBranch Office533339
Chinasankaralapudi BOBranch Office533432
Chintalagudem BOBranch Office533352
Chintalamori BOBranch Office533250
Chintalapalli BOBranch Office533244
Chintalapudi BOBranch Office533295
Chintaluru BOBranch Office533446
Chintaluru SOPost Office533232
Chintaplli BOBranch Office533344
Chintaregupalli BOBranch Office533349
Chintur BOBranch Office533347
Chirata Pudi BOBranch Office533229
Chitrada BOBranch Office533450
Chodavaram BOBranch Office533352
Chollangipeta BOBranch Office533461
Choppakonda BOBranch Office533339
Choppalli BOBranch Office533352
Choppella BOBranch Office533234
Church Square SOPost Office533002
Coringa SOPost Office533461
D Polavaram BOBranch Office533401
D Ramavaram BOBranch Office533483
Dairy Farm Center SOPost Office533007
Dakodu BOBranch Office533483
Dalipadu BOBranch Office533483
Danavaipeta SOPost Office533103
Dangeru SOPost Office533263
Devaguptam BOBranch Office533217
Devaram BOBranch Office533286
Devarapalli BOBranch Office533223
Devipatnam SOPost Office533339
Dewancheruvu BOBranch Office533296
DEWANCHERUVU SOPost Office533353
DGannavaram SOPost Office533240
Dhanyampalem BOBranch Office533428
Dharamavaram SOPost Office533430
Divili BOBranch Office533433
Doddigunta BOBranch Office533291
Donelapalem BOBranch Office533436
Donkarayi SOPost Office533348
Dontikurru BOBranch Office533212
Dorachintalapalem BOBranch Office533288
Doramamidi BOBranch Office533284
Dosakayapalli SOPost Office533292
Dowlaiswaram SOPost Office533125
Draksharamam SOPost Office533262
Duggudurru BOBranch Office533263
Dulla BOBranch Office533234
Duppalapudi BOBranch Office533342
Durcherthi BOBranch Office533483
Durgada BOBranch Office533449
DVelamakota BOBranch Office533288
Dwarapudi SOPost Office533341
East Gonagudem BOBranch Office533294
Eastpalem BOBranch Office533244
Edurallapalli BOBranch Office533352
EnggCollege SOPost Office533003
F K Palem BOBranch Office533450
Forebey Dam Camp BOBranch Office533348
Fort Gate SOPost Office533101
Foulkspeta BOBranch Office533285
G Kothapalli BOBranch Office533446
G Ragampeta BOBranch Office533437
Gadala BOBranch Office533102
Gadarada BOBranch Office533289
Gadelapalem BOBranch Office533286
Gadilanka BOBranch Office533216
Gadimoga BOBranch Office533463
Gandepalli SOPost Office533297
Gandhi Bazar SO East GodavariPost Office533201
GandhinagarKKD SOPost Office533004
Gandredu BOBranch Office533344
Gangalakurru Agraharam BOBranch Office533221
Gangalakurru BOBranch Office533221
Gangampalem BOBranch Office533286
Ganganapalli BOBranch Office533006
Gangavaram BOBranch Office533305
GANGAVARAM SOPost Office533355
Gannavaram BOBranch Office533351
Gannerugoyyapadu BOBranch Office533351
Ganti BOBranch Office533274
GDonthamuru BOBranch Office533294
Geddada BOBranch Office533288
Geddanapalli BOBranch Office533431
Gedillanka BOBranch Office533216
Georgepeta BOBranch Office533464
Ginnepalli BOBranch Office533288
GKOTHAGUDEM BOBranch Office533352
GMamidada SOPost Office533344
GMoolapalem BOBranch Office533464
Godi BOBranch Office533217
Godi O Kurthi BOBranch Office533436
Godilanka BOBranch Office533217
Goditippa BOBranch Office533217
Godlagudem BOBranch Office533352
Gogannamatham BOBranch Office533248
Gogubaka BOBranch Office533352
Gogullanka BOBranch Office533464
Gokaram SOPost Office533286
Gokavaram BOBranch Office533430
Gokivada BOBranch Office533450
Gollapalem SOPost Office533468
Gollaprolu SOPost Office533445
Gollavilli BOBranch Office533222
Gondi BOBranch Office533251
Gondolu BOBranch Office533428
Goneda BOBranch Office533437
Gontuvanipalem BOBranch Office533429
Gopalapuram SO East GodavariPost Office533274
Gopavaram BOBranch Office533213
Goragummi BOBranch Office533284
Gorinta BOBranch Office533433
Gorripudi BOBranch Office533468
Gorsa BOBranch Office533450
Government College SO East GodavariPost Office533105
Govindapuram BOBranch Office533435
GovtGen Hospital SOPost Office533001
GPedapudi BOBranch Office533274
GSL Medical College SOPost Office533296
Gudala BOBranch Office533218
Gudapalli BOBranch Office533244
Gudimellanka BOBranch Office533253
Gudimula BOBranch Office533251
Gudivada BOBranch Office533437
Gujjumamidivalasa BOBranch Office533295
Gummalladoddi BOBranch Office533289
Gummileru BOBranch Office533232
Gundala BOBranch Office533352
Gunnepalli BOBranch Office533222
Gurazanapalli BOBranch Office533016
Gurrampalem BOBranch Office533435
Gurthedu BOBranch Office533483
Guthenadeevi BOBranch Office533464
Guthulavaripalem BOBranch Office533217
GYerrampalem BOBranch Office533341
Hamsavaram BOBranch Office533401
Hasanbada BOBranch Office533262
Hukumpeta BOBranch Office533107
Hukumpeta SOPost Office533107
Hussain Puram BOBranch Office533434
Idarada BOBranch Office533247
Ilakolanu BOBranch Office533294
Immidivarappadu BOBranch Office533218
Indrapalem SOPost Office533006
Indugupalli BOBranch Office533407
Indukuru BOBranch Office533286
Indukurupeta BOBranch Office533286
INDUKURUPETA SOPost Office533354
Indupalli BOBranch Office533221
Industrial Estate SO East GodavariPost Office533124
Injaram BOBranch Office533464
IPolavaram BOBranch Office533220
Ippanapadu BOBranch Office533340
Irripaka BOBranch Office533435
Irusumanda BOBranch Office533254
Isukapalli BOBranch Office533450
Isukapudi BOBranch Office533214
Ithakota BOBranch Office533238
Ithapudi BOBranch Office533262
Itikayalapalli BOBranch Office533290
J Annavaram BOBranch Office533429
J Burugupudi BOBranch Office533435
Jaddangi BOBranch Office533436
Jaderu BOBranch Office533428
Jagannadhagiri BOBranch Office533262
Jagannaickpur SOPost Office533002
Jagannaiyakulapalem BOBranch Office533262
Jagapathinagaram BOBranch Office533431
Jaggampalem BOBranch Office533285
Jaggampeta SOPost Office533435
Jaggannapeta BOBranch Office533249
JAGGAVARAM BOBranch Office533350
Jalluru BOBranch Office533433
Jambupatnam BOBranch Office533289
Janupalli BOBranch Office533577
Jeediguppa BOBranch Office533349
Jegurupadu BOBranch Office533126
Jonnada BOBranch Office533233
K E Chinnayyapalem BOBranch Office533407
K Mallavaram BOBranch Office533401
K Yerragonda BOBranch Office533428
Kachavaram BOBranch Office533351
Kadali BOBranch Office533248
Kadiyam SOPost Office533126
Kadiyapulanka BOBranch Office533126
Kaikavolu BOBranch Office533006
Kajuluru BOBranch Office533468
Kakinada Bazar SOPost Office533001
Kakinada HOHead Office533001
Kalavacherala BOBranch Office533297
Kamanagaruvu BOBranch Office533213
Kamarajupeta BOBranch Office533285
Kamatam Mallavaram BOBranch Office533407
Kamini BOBranch Office533216
Kamujuvarilanka BOBranch Office533241
Kanavaram BOBranch Office533296
Kandikuppa BOBranch Office533212
Kandrakota BOBranch Office533437
Kandregula BOBranch Office533462
KANNAIGUDEM BOBranch Office533352
Kantevaripadu BOBranch Office533253
Kanupuru BOBranch Office533289
Kapavaram BOBranch Office533262
Kapileswarapuram SO East GodavariPost Office533309
Kapulapalem BOBranch Office533464
KARAKAGUDEM BOBranch Office533351
Karakuduru BOBranch Office533006
Karapa SOPost Office533462
Karavaka BOBranch Office533248
Katavaram BOBranch Office533293
Kateru BOBranch Office533105
Kathimanda BOBranch Office533254
Kathipudi SOPost Office533444
Katravulapalli BOBranch Office533437
Katrenikona SOPost Office533212
Katrenipadu BOBranch Office533248
Kattamuru BOBranch Office533437
Kattunga BOBranch Office533235
KD collectorate SOPost Office533001
Kedarlanka BOBranch Office533223
Kesanakurru BOBranch Office533220
Kesanakurrupalem SOPost Office533220
Kesanapalli BOBranch Office533244
Kesavadasupalem BOBranch Office533252
Kesavapuram BOBranch Office533463
Kesavaram BOBranch Office533341
Ketharajuupalli BOBranch Office533238
KGopalapuram BOBranch Office533297
Kimmuru BOBranch Office533429
Kinaparthi BOBranch Office533428
Kindra BOBranch Office533436
Kirlampudi SOPost Office533431
Kirrabu BOBranch Office533436
KJagannadhapuram BOBranch Office533577
Kodada BOBranch Office533408
Kodavali BOBranch Office533444
Koduru BOBranch Office533406
Kodurupadu BOBranch Office533218
Kolamuru BOBranch Office533102
Kolanka BOBranch Office533464
Kolturu BOBranch Office533352
Komanapalli BOBranch Office533216
Komaragiri BOBranch Office533220
Komaragiripatnam BOBranch Office533210
Komarajulanka BOBranch Office533238
Komaripalem BOBranch Office533346
Kommanapalli BOBranch Office533449
Kommuru BOBranch Office533352
Konalova BOBranch Office533428
Kondagunturu BOBranch Office533124
Kondamodalu BOBranch Office534315
Kondapalli BOBranch Office533436
Kondevaram BOBranch Office533450
KONDRAJUPETA BOBranch Office533350
Kondukuduru BOBranch Office533211
Konkuduru BOBranch Office533345
Konthamuru SOPost Office533102
Konthangi BOBranch Office533446
Koppavaram BOBranch Office533346
Koppigunta BOBranch Office533212
Korukonda SOPost Office533289
Korumilli BOBranch Office533309
Kota BOBranch Office533428
Kotananduru SOPost Office533407
Kothada BOBranch Office533284
Kothakottam BOBranch Office533407
Kothalanka BOBranch Office533216
Kothapalli SO East GodavariPost Office533285
Kothapalli U SOPost Office533447
Kothaperumallapuram BOBranch Office533449
Kothapeta PTP SOPost Office533450
Kothapeta SO East GodavariPost Office533223
KOTHURU BOBranch Office533256
Koti BOBranch Office533290
Kotikesavaram SOPost Office533290
Kotipalli SOPost Office533306
Koturu BOBranch Office533435
Kovvuru BOBranch Office533016
KPedapudi BOBranch Office533239
Krapa BOBranch Office533216
Krapa Chintalapudi BOBranch Office533216
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office533408
Krishunipalem BOBranch Office533286
Kudupuru BOBranch Office533263
Kulla BOBranch Office533305
Kumarapriyam BOBranch Office533344
Kummarilova BOBranch Office533401
Kunavaram BOBranch Office533244
KUNAVARAM SOPost Office533350
Kundada BOBranch Office533295
Kunduru BOBranch Office533262
Kurada BOBranch Office533260
Kurmapuram BOBranch Office533256
Kutrawada BOBranch Office533295
Kutukuluru SOPost Office533264
KUTURU BOBranch Office533350
Kuyyeru BOBranch Office533263
Labbarthi BOBranch Office533436
Lagarayi BOBranch Office533436
Lakkavaram SO East GodavariPost Office533254
Lakkonda BOBranch Office533284
Lakshminarasapuram BOBranch Office533450
Lampakalova BOBranch Office533430
Latchireddipalem BOBranch Office533406
Laxmi Polavaram BOBranch Office533236
Laxminarasapuram BOBranch Office533342
Laxmipuram BOBranch Office533352
LGannavaram BOBranch Office533240
Lingamparthi BOBranch Office533429
LINGAPURAM BOBranch Office533350
Lododdi BOBranch Office533436
Lolla BOBranch Office533237
Lutukurru BOBranch Office533247
M S N Charties SOPost Office533002
Machara BOBranch Office533309
Machavaram BOBranch Office533214
Madhavapatnam BOBranch Office533005
Madhavarayudupalem BOBranch Office533126
Madhurapudi BOBranch Office533102
Madicherla BOBranch Office533288
Madiki BOBranch Office533126
Madupalli BOBranch Office533228
Magam BOBranch Office533577
Magatapalli BOBranch Office533248
Mahendrawada BOBranch Office533342
Malikipuram SOPost Office533253
Mallam SO East GodavariPost Office533433
Mallampudi BOBranch Office533296
Mallavaram BOBranch Office533285
Mallepalli BOBranch Office533435
Mallisala BOBranch Office533435
Mamidikuduru BOBranch Office533247
Mandapam BOBranch Office533406
Mandapeta Bazar SOPost Office533308
Mandapeta SOPost Office533308
Manepalli BOBranch Office533249
Mangampadu BOBranch Office533348
Manjeru BOBranch Office533468
Manturu BOBranch Office533339
Maredubaka BOBranch Office533308
Maredumilli SOPost Office533295
Marlova BOBranch Office533437
MARRIGUDEM BOBranch Office533350
Marripalem BOBranch Office533428
Marripudi BOBranch Office533437
Marriveedu BOBranch Office533428
Marriwada BOBranch Office533288
Masakapalli BOBranch Office533263
Matlapadu BOBranch Office533428
Matsavaram BOBranch Office533261
Mattaparru BOBranch Office533244
Medapadu BOBranch Office533434
Medicherlapalem BOBranch Office533244
Mehernagar SOPost Office533003
Meraka Chamavaram BOBranch Office533446
Mirthipadu BOBranch Office533293
Moberlypeta SOPost Office533201
Modekurru BOBranch Office533229
Modukuru BOBranch Office533232
Mogalikuduru BOBranch Office533249
Mogallamori BOBranch Office533210
Mohanapuram BOBranch Office533428
Mokkalitippa BOBranch Office533212
Molleru BOBranch Office533285
Mondepulanka BOBranch Office533240
Moolapolam BOBranch Office533211
Mori SO East GodavariPost Office533250
Mosalapalli BOBranch Office533239
Mothugudem SOPost Office533347
Muchimilli BOBranch Office533256
Muggulla BOBranch Office533287
Mukkamala SOPost Office533241
Mukkinada BOBranch Office533342
Mukkullu BOBranch Office533431
Mukteswaram SOPost Office533211
Mukundavaram BOBranch Office533291
Mukunuru BOBranch Office533352
Mulagapudi BOBranch Office533446
Mulakallanka BOBranch Office533293
Mulapeta BOBranch Office533448
Mulastanam BOBranch Office533233
Mulikipalli BOBranch Office533248
Mummidivaram SOPost Office533216
Mummidivarappadu BOBranch Office533274
Munagala BOBranch Office533289
Munganda BOBranch Office533214
Munikodali BOBranch Office533293
Munjavarapukottu BOBranch Office533214
Muramalla BOBranch Office533220
Muramanda BOBranch Office533126
Murari BOBranch Office533297
Murumuru BOBranch Office533351
Musurumilli BOBranch Office533288
N Narendrapatnam BOBranch Office533406
Nadakuduru BOBranch Office533016
Nadavapalli BOBranch Office533212
Nadigatla Vari Savaram BOBranch Office533401
Nadipudi BOBranch Office533221
NAGAMPALLI BOBranch Office533290
Nagaram SO East GodavariPost Office533247
Nagulapalli BOBranch Office533447
Nagullanka BOBranch Office533249
Nallacheruvu BOBranch Office533241
NALLAKUNTA BOBranch Office533351
Nalluru BOBranch Office533307
Nandampudi BOBranch Office533214
Nandarada BOBranch Office533292
Nandigama BOBranch Office533351
Nandivampu BOBranch Office533401
Narasapuram BOBranch Office533285
Narasapurapupeta BOBranch Office533256
Narasimhapuram BOBranch Office533289
Narendrapatnam BOBranch Office533435
Narendrapuram BOBranch Office533229
Narkedmilli BOBranch Office533236
Narsipudi BOBranch Office533232
Navara BOBranch Office533450
Nayakampalli BOBranch Office533437
Nedunuru BOBranch Office533241
Neelapalli BOBranch Office533464
Nelaparthipadu BOBranch Office533262
Nelaturu BOBranch Office533308
Nellipaka SOPost Office533352
Nellipudi BOBranch Office533446
Nemam BOBranch Office533005
New Colony SO East GodavariPost Office533201
Nidigatla BOBranch Office533102
NKothapalli BOBranch Office533222
North Gopalapuram BOBranch Office533274
NTRajapuram BOBranch Office533297
P Vemavaram BOBranch Office533434
P Yerragonda BOBranch Office533483
Padamatipalem BOBranch Office533250
Palacherla BOBranch Office533102
Palagummi BOBranch Office533249
Palathodu BOBranch Office533340
Palem BOBranch Office533288
Palivela SOPost Office533229
Pallakadiyam BOBranch Office533294
Pallam BOBranch Office533212
Pallamkurru BOBranch Office533212
Pallipalem BOBranch Office533464
Pamarru SO East GodavariPost Office533305
Pamugandi BOBranch Office533288
Panangipalli BOBranch Office533305
Panasalapalem BOBranch Office533483
Panasapadu BOBranch Office533005
Pandalapaka SOPost Office533345
Pandraprolu BOBranch Office533428
Panduru BOBranch Office533005
Pasalapudi BOBranch Office533261
Pasarlapudi BOBranch Office533247
Pasarlapudilanka BOBranch Office533247
Pasupalli BOBranch Office533228
Pasuvullanka BOBranch Office533220
Patavala BOBranch Office533461
Pathatungapadu BOBranch Office533341
Pathigondi BOBranch Office533463
Pavara BOBranch Office533450
PDonthamuru BOBranch Office533445
PEChinayapalem BOBranch Office533406
Pedabrahmadevam BOBranch Office533434
Pedagadavilli BOBranch Office533222
Pedamallapuram BOBranch Office533446
Pedamittapalli BOBranch Office533349
Pedapalla BOBranch Office533232
Pedaparthi BOBranch Office533264
Pedapatnam BOBranch Office533249
Pedapatnam Lanka BOBranch Office533247
Pedapudi BOBranch Office533006
Pedarayavaram BOBranch Office533291
PEDARKUR BOBranch Office533350
Pedasankarlapudi BOBranch Office533432
Pedavadisakarra BOBranch Office533483
Peddada BOBranch Office533344
Peddanapalli BOBranch Office533431
Peddapuram SOPost Office533437
Peddapuram Town SOPost Office533437
Peddapurappadu BOBranch Office533468
Pekeru BOBranch Office533263
Peketipakalu BOBranch Office533340
Penikeru BOBranch Office533232
Penuguduru BOBranch Office533016
Penumalla BOBranch Office533222
Peraramachandrapuram BOBranch Office533342
Peravaram BOBranch Office533429
Peruru SOPost Office533218
Pidathamamidi BOBranch Office533285
Pidimgoyya BOBranch Office533107
Pillanka BOBranch Office533464
Pinapalla BOBranch Office533232
Pinjarakonda BOBranch Office533428
PITCHUKULAPADU BOBranch Office533352
Pithapuram SOPost Office533450
Pithapuram Town SOPost Office533450
PMallavaram BOBranch Office533463
Podagatapalli BOBranch Office533236
Podalada BOBranch Office533249
Polamuru BOBranch Office533342
Ponnada BOBranch Office533448
Ponnamanda SOPost Office533248
Pothavaram BOBranch Office533214
Pothukurru BOBranch Office533577
Pothuluru BOBranch Office533430
Pottilanka BOBranch Office533126
Prakasamnagar SOPost Office533106
Prathipadu SO East GodavariPost Office533432
Pudipalli BOBranch Office533339
Pulagurtha BOBranch Office533261
Pulidindi BOBranch Office533235
Puligogulapadu BOBranch Office533429
Pulimeru BOBranch Office533433
Pullangi BOBranch Office533295
Pulletikurru SOPost Office533239
Pulluru Phc BOBranch Office533347
Punyakshetram BOBranch Office533107
Purushottapatnam BOBranch Office533352
Pydi Konda BOBranch Office533401
Pyna BOBranch Office533344
Rachapalli BOBranch Office533430
Radheyapalem BOBranch Office533341
Raghavapatnam BOBranch Office533446
Raghavapuram BOBranch Office533290
Raghudevapuram BOBranch Office533287
Rajahmundry HOHead Office533101
Rajanagaram SOPost Office533294
Rajapudi BOBranch Office533435
Rajavaram BOBranch Office533407
Rajavolu BOBranch Office533124
Rajavommangi SOPost Office533436
Rajupalem BOBranch Office533431
Rakapalli BOBranch Office533349
Ramachandrapuram BOBranch Office533287
Ramachandrapuram HOHead Office533255
Ramachandrapuram Old Town SOPost Office533256
Ramadasupeta BOBranch Office533102
Ramakrishna Nagar SOPost Office533101
Ramanakkapeta BOBranch Office533447
Ramanayyapeta BOBranch Office533429
Ramarajulanka BOBranch Office533253
Ramaraopet SOPost Office533004
Ramaswamipeta BOBranch Office533294
RAMAVARAM BOBranch Office533352
Rambagh BOBranch Office533252
Ramesampeta BOBranch Office533437
Rameswaram BOBranch Office533251
Rampa BOBranch Office533288
Rampachodavaram SOPost Office533288
Rampayerrampalem BOBranch Office533286
Rangampeta SOPost Office533291
Rangapuram BOBranch Office533343
Raparthi BOBranch Office533445
Ravikampadu BOBranch Office533406
Ravulapadu BOBranch Office533238
Ravulapalem SOPost Office533238
Rayabhupalapatnam BOBranch Office533437
RAYANIPETA BOBranch Office533352
Rayapalli BOBranch Office533483
Rayavaram BOBranch Office533445
Rayavaram SO East GodavariPost Office533346
Razole HOHead Office533242
Rdo's Office Road SOPost Office533201
REGULAPADU BOBranch Office533352
Rekhavanipalem BOBranch Office533401
Repuru BOBranch Office533006
Rollapalem BOBranch Office533218
Routhulapudi BOBranch Office533446
Rtc Bus Complex Centre SOPost Office533103
Ryali SOPost Office533236
S Annavaram BOBranch Office533401
S Thimmapuram BOBranch Office533431
Sahapuram BOBranch Office533462
Sakhinetipalli Lanka BOBranch Office533251
Sakhinetipalli SOPost Office533251
Sakhinetipallipalem BOBranch Office533251
Sakurru BOBranch Office533221
Samalkot Agrl Farm BBranch Office533440
Samalkot HOHead Office533440
Samalkot Pen Lines SOPost Office533440
Samalkot R S SOPost Office533440
Samanasa SOPost Office533213
Samanthakurru BOBranch Office533217
Sampara BOBranch Office533344
Sanapallilanka BOBranch Office533211
Sandhipudi BOBranch Office533232
Sankaraguptam BOBranch Office533250
Sankhavaram SOPost Office533446
Sannavilli BOBranch Office533222
Santhapydipala BOBranch Office533446
Santhiashram BOBranch Office533446
Sarabhavaram BOBranch Office533436
Sarangadarametta SOPost Office533105
Saripalli BOBranch Office533213
Sarpavaram BOBranch Office533005
Satellite City BOBranch Office533107
Satellite City SOPost Office533107
Satyanarayanapuram BOBranch Office533440
Satyavada BOBranch Office533305
Seela BOBranch Office533468
Seethanagaram BOBranch Office533234
Seethapalli BOBranch Office533288
SEETHARAMPURAM BOBranch Office533297
Selapaka BOBranch Office533468
Serilanka BOBranch Office533220
Silalanka BOBranch Office533463
Singampalli BOBranch Office533343
Singarampalem BOBranch Office533297
Siripuram BOBranch Office533260
Sithanagaram SOPost Office533287
Sivakodu SOPost Office533244
Sivala BOBranch Office533262
Somannapalem BOBranch Office533428
Somavaram BOBranch Office533435
Someswaram BOBranch Office533261
Somidevarapalem BOBranch Office533216
Soorampalem BOBranch Office533285
Spinning Mills Centre SOPost Office533106
Srikrishnapatnam BOBranch Office533296
Sriramgiri BOBranch Office533349
Sriramnagar SO KakinadaPost Office533003
Sriramnagar SORajahmundryPost Office533105
Srirampuram BOBranch Office533251
Srirangapatnam BOBranch Office533289
Srungadhara Agraharam BOBranch Office533406
Srungavarappadu BOBranch Office533250
Srungavruksham BOBranch Office533408
Subhadrampeta BOBranch Office533291
Sundarapalli BOBranch Office533306
Sunnampadu BOBranch Office533288
Surampalem BOBranch Office533437
Surapurajupeta BOBranch Office533407
Surasani Yanam BOBranch Office533213
SURYARAOPETA BOBranch Office533232
Suryaraopeta SOPost Office533001
Syamalamba Temple SOPost Office533101
Syamalanagar SOPost Office533103
Tadepalle BOBranch Office533288
Tadikona BOBranch Office533218
Tallapolam BOBranch Office533256
Tallarevu SOPost Office533463
Talluru BOBranch Office533435
Tamarada BOBranch Office533437
Tamarapalli BOBranch Office533305
Tandavapalli BOBranch Office533213
Tantikonda BOBranch Office533286
Tapeswaram SOPost Office533340
Tarlampudi BOBranch Office533468
Tatapudi BOBranch Office533309
Tatipaka Bazar SOPost Office533249
Tatipaka SOPost Office533249
Tatiparthi BOBranch Office533445
Tatiparthi SOPost Office533451
Tatiwada BOBranch Office533288
Teki BOBranch Office533307
Tekubaka BOBranch Office533351
Tetagunta BOBranch Office533406
Thammavaram BOBranch Office533005
Thanelanka BOBranch Office533216
Thantikonda BOBranch Office533436
Thimmaparam BOBranch Office533005
Thimmapuram BOBranch Office533428
Thondangi SOPost Office533408
Thotapalli SO KhammamPost Office533351
Thungamadugula BOBranch Office533428
Tillakuppa BOBranch Office533220
Tirumalayapalem BOBranch Office533286
Tirumali BOBranch Office533429
TKothapalli BOBranch Office533220
Tokada BOBranch Office533296
Tondavaram BOBranch Office533221
Torredu SOPost Office533293
Tottaramudi BOBranch Office533211
Trunk Road Junction SOPost Office533105
Tummala BOBranch Office533352
Tummalapalli BOBranch Office533210
TUMMILERU BOBranch Office533349
Tuni Old Bazar SOPost Office533401
Tuni SOPost Office533401
Tunnuru BOBranch Office533288
Turangi SOPost Office533016
Turupulanka BOBranch Office533217
Ummadivaram BOBranch Office533349
Unduru BOBranch Office533434
Uppada SOPost Office533448
Uppalaguptam BOBranch Office533222
Uppangala BOBranch Office533464
Uppudi BOBranch Office533212
Urlakulapadu BOBranch Office533436
Utla BOBranch Office533284
Uttarakanchi BOBranch Office533430
V K Rayapuram BOBranch Office533434
Vadapalem BOBranch Office533223
Vadapalli BOBranch Office533237
Vaddigudem BOBranch Office533349
Vaddiparru BOBranch Office533235
Vadisaleru BOBranch Office533294
Vadlamuru BOBranch Office533437
Vadrevupalli BOBranch Office533249
Vakada BOBranch Office533462
Vakatippa BOBranch Office533305
Vakkalanka BOBranch Office533241
Valasapakala BOBranch Office533005
Valluru BOBranch Office533308
Vanapalli SOPost Office533228
Vanchangi BOBranch Office533429
Vangalapudi BOBranch Office533287
Vannechintalapudi BOBranch Office533213
Vasanthavada BOBranch Office533235
Vathangi BOBranch Office533436
Vattigadda BOBranch Office533436
Vazrakutam BOBranch Office533444
Vedureswaram BOBranch Office533238
Vedurumudi BOBranch Office533307
Vedurupaka BOBranch Office533289
Vedurupakasavaram BOBranch Office533346
Veerampalem BOBranch Office533294
Veeravallipelem BOBranch Office533211
Veeravaram BOBranch Office533126
Vegayampeta BOBranch Office533262
Vegithota BOBranch Office533352
Vegivaripalem BOBranch Office533248
Velagathodu BOBranch Office533340
Velamakothuru BOBranch Office533401
Velampalem SOPost Office533262
Velangi SOPost Office533260
Velavalapalli BOBranch Office533211
Velicheru BOBranch Office533235
Vella BOBranch Office533256
Velugubanda BOBranch Office533294
Vemagiri BOBranch Office533125
Vemavaram BOBranch Office533401
Vemulavada BOBranch Office533462
Vemulukonda BOBranch Office533288
Vendra BOBranch Office533344
Venkatanagaram BOBranch Office533105
Venkatareddipeta BOBranch Office533352
Venkatayapalem BOBranch Office533262
Venturu BOBranch Office533256
Vetamamidi BOBranch Office533428
Vetlapalem SOPost Office533434
Vetukuru BOBranch Office533295
Vidyanagaram BOBranch Office533201
Vijayarayudupalem BOBranch Office533468
Vilasa SOPost Office533577
Vilasavilli BOBranch Office533213
Virava BOBranch Office533450
Viravada BOBranch Office533450
Visranthipuram BOBranch Office533102
VISSAPURAM BOBranch Office533351
Visweswarayapuram BOBranch Office533254
Vodalarevu BOBranch Office533210
Vommangi BOBranch Office533430
Vontimamidi BOBranch Office533408
VR PURAM SOPost Office533349
VRamannapalem BOBranch Office533339
Vubalanka SOPost Office533237
Vudimudi BOBranch Office533274
Vulapalli BOBranch Office533343
Vullithota SOPost Office533101
Vutchili BOBranch Office533235
Weavers Colony SOPost Office533105
Y Ramavaram SOPost Office533483
Yanamadala BOBranch Office533260
Yandagandi BOBranch Office533305
Yandamuru BOBranch Office533468
Yatapaka BOBranch Office533352
Yeditha SOPost Office533234
Yedurulanka BOBranch Office533464
Yeleswaram SOPost Office533429
Yellavaram BOBranch Office533428
Yellayyapeta BOBranch Office533408
Yeluru BOBranch Office533432
Yendapalli BOBranch Office533428
Yenugulamahal BOBranch Office533223
Yenugupalli BOBranch Office533240
Yerramreddypalem BOBranch Office533428
Yerravaram BOBranch Office533435
Z Ragampeta BOBranch Office533435
ZBhavaram BOBranch Office533462
ZMedapadu BOBranch Office533341

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service