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Explore all post offices or pincodes of DAKSHINA KANNADA, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Addoor BOBranch Office574145
Adyanadka SOPost Office574260
Adyapady BOBranch Office574142
Adyar BOBranch Office575007
Agrar BOBranch Office574211
Aikala SOPost Office574141
Aivernad BOBranch Office574239
Ajilamogru BOBranch Office574211
Ajjavara BOBranch Office574239
Ajjibettu BOBranch Office574324
Alangar BOBranch Office574227
Alankar SOPost Office574285
Aldangady BOBranch Office574217
Aletty BOBranch Office574239
Alike BOBranch Office574235
Allipade BOBranch Office574211
Amblamogaru BOBranch Office575017
Ammunje BOBranch Office574219
Amtady BOBranch Office574211
Ananthady BOBranch Office574253
Andinje BOBranch Office574242
Arambody BOBranch Office574237
Aramboor BOBranch Office574314
Aranthodu SOPost Office574314
Arasinamakki BOBranch Office574198
Ariadka BOBranch Office574223
Arla BOBranch Office574211
Aryapu SOPost Office574210
AshoknagarMR SOPost Office575006
Ashwathapura BOBranch Office574227
Assaigoli BOBranch Office574199
Athikaribettu BOBranch Office574154
Badagabellur BOBranch Office574219
Badagakajekar BOBranch Office574233
Badagannur BOBranch Office574223
Badagayedapadavu SOPost Office574267
Baikampady SOPost Office575011
Bajal BOBranch Office575007
Bajal SOPost Office575009
Bajathur BOBranch Office574241
Bajpe Airport SOPost Office574142
Bajpe SOPost Office574142
Bajre BOBranch Office574242
Bala BOBranch Office575030
Balanja BOBranch Office574217
Balepuni BOBranch Office574153
Balila BOBranch Office574212
Balkunje BOBranch Office574154
Ballya BOBranch Office574221
Balmatta SOPost Office575002
Balpa BOBranch Office574232
Balthila BOBranch Office574253
Balugodu BOBranch Office574218
Banangady BOBranch Office574274
Bandar BOBranch Office574326
Bangady BOBranch Office574214
Bannur BOBranch Office574203
Bantval SOPost Office574211
Barebettu BOBranch Office574323
Barya BOBranch Office574326
Belal BOBranch Office574240
Bellare SOPost Office574212
Belloor BOBranch Office574219
Belthangady SOPost Office574214
Belvai SOPost Office574213
Benjanapadavu BOBranch Office574219
Bettampady BOBranch Office574259
Bijai SOPost Office575004
Bikkarnakatte BOBranch Office575008
Bilinele BOBranch Office574238
Biliyoor BOBranch Office574325
Biliyoorkatte BOBranch Office574243
Bobbekri BOBranch Office574328
Bolanthuru BOBranch Office574222
Boliyar BOBranch Office574153
Bollaje BOBranch Office574248
Boloor SOPost Office575003
Bolwar BOBranch Office574201
Bondanthila BOBranch Office575029
Bondel BOBranch Office575008
Borimar BOBranch Office574253
Budoli BOBranch Office574253
Charmadi BOBranch Office574228
Charvaka BOBranch Office574328
Chelairu BOBranch Office574146
Chelur BOBranch Office574153
Chickmudnoor BOBranch Office574203
Chitrapu BOBranch Office574154
Chokkadi BOBranch Office574212
Court HillPuttur SOPost Office574201
Dandegoli BOBranch Office574324
DarbePuttur SOPost Office574202
Darbethadka BOBranch Office574210
Daregudde BOBranch Office574213
Delanthabettu BOBranch Office575030
Derlakatte SOPost Office575018
Devachalla BOBranch Office574218
Devarahalli BOBranch Office574238
Dharmasthala SOPost Office574216
District Courts SO Dakshina KannadaPost Office575003
Doddathota SOPost Office574248
Dolpady BOBranch Office574328
Duggaladka BOBranch Office574239
Elathur BOBranch Office574150
Elinje BOBranch Office574141
Falnir SOPost Office575001
Farangipet SOPost Office574143
Fisheries College SOPost Office575002
Gandhinagar SO Dakshina KannadaPost Office575003
Gandibagilu BOBranch Office574228
Ganjimat SOPost Office574144
Gardady BOBranch Office574217
Gerukatte BOBranch Office574217
Golithattu BOBranch Office574229
Goonadka BOBranch Office574234
Gundia BOBranch Office574229
Gurpur SOPost Office574145
Guruvayanakere SOPost Office574217
Guthigar SOPost Office574218
Haleangady SOPost Office574146
Haleneranky BOBranch Office574241
Hampankatta SOPost Office575001
Harekala BOBranch Office574199
Hariharapallathadka BOBranch Office574218
Hirebandady BOBranch Office574241
Hosabettu BOBranch Office574227
Ichilampady BOBranch Office574229
Idkidu BOBranch Office574220
Ilanthila BOBranch Office574241
IRA BOBranch Office574323
Irde BOBranch Office574259
Iruvail BOBranch Office574144
Ishwaramangala SOPost Office574313
Jakribettu BOBranch Office574211
Jalsur BOBranch Office574239
Jeppinamogaru BOBranch Office575007
Jodumarga SOPost Office574219
Jokatte BOBranch Office575011
Kabaka SOPost Office574220
Kadaba SO Dakshina KannadaPost Office574221
Kadabettu BOBranch Office574265
Kadandale BOBranch Office574226
Kaddya BOBranch Office574230
Kadeshwalya BOBranch Office574325
Kadirudyavara BOBranch Office574228
Kagekana BOBranch Office574253
Kaikara BOBranch Office574210
Kaimana BOBranch Office574202
Kairangala BOBranch Office574153
Kakkinje BOBranch Office574228
Kakva BOBranch Office574154
Kalanja BOBranch Office574212
Kalavara BOBranch Office574142
Kallabettu BOBranch Office574197
Kalladka SOPost Office574222
Kallamundkur SOPost Office574274
Kalleri SOPost Office574326
Kallige BOBranch Office574219
Kalmadka BOBranch Office574212
Kalmakar BOBranch Office574218
Kalmanja BOBranch Office574228
Kamila BOBranch Office574218
Kanakamajal BOBranch Office574223
Kandavara BOBranch Office574151
KaniyurBeltangady BOBranch Office574217
KaniyurPuttur SOPost Office574328
Kankanady SOPost Office575002
Kannur BOBranch Office575007
Kanyadi BOBranch Office574240
Kanyana SOPost Office574279
Karaya BOBranch Office574326
Karikala BOBranch Office574232
Karimanel BOBranch Office574242
Karingana BOBranch Office574222
Karinje BOBranch Office574265
Karnad SOPost Office574154
Karnire BOBranch Office574154
Karnoor BOBranch Office574313
Karopady BOBranch Office574279
Karpe BOBranch Office574237
Kashipatna BOBranch Office574236
Kateel SOPost Office574148
Katipalla SOPost Office575030
Kav SOPost Office574223
Kavalkatte BOBranch Office574265
Kavathar BOBranch Office574154
Kavur SOPost Office575015
Kayarthadka BOBranch Office574216
Kedambady BOBranch Office574210
Kedila BOBranch Office574220
Kemminje BOBranch Office574202
Kemral Panchayat BOBranch Office574146
Kenchanakere BOBranch Office574154
Kenjar BOBranch Office574142
Kenya BOBranch Office574232
Killur BOBranch Office574214
Kinnigoli SOPost Office574150
Kinnikambla SOPost Office574151
Kinya BOBranch Office575023
Kodangai BOBranch Office574243
Kodangallu SOPost Office574197
Kodapadavu BOBranch Office574222
Kodimbady BOBranch Office574325
Kodimbala BOBranch Office574221
Kodiyala BOBranch Office574212
Kodiyalbail SOPost Office575003
Kodmannu BOBranch Office574143
Koikude BOBranch Office574146
Koila BOBranch Office574211
Koila Cattle FarmKC Farm BOBranch Office574241
Kokkada SOPost Office574198
Kokrady BOBranch Office574242
Kolambe BOBranch Office574142
Kolavoor BOBranch Office574144
Kolchar BOBranch Office574239
Kollamogru BOBranch Office574218
Kollur BOBranch Office574141
Kolnadu BOBranch Office574323
Kombar BOBranch Office574230
Kompadavu BOBranch Office574144
Konaje BOBranch Office574199
Konalu BOBranch Office574229
Konchady SOPost Office575008
Kotekar SOPost Office575022
Koyyur BOBranch Office574214
Krishnapura BOBranch Office575014
Kudambettu BOBranch Office574324
Kudippady BOBranch Office574220
Kudmar BOBranch Office574202
Kudripadavu BOBranch Office574274
Kudupallathadka BOBranch Office574279
Kudupu BOBranch Office575028
Kukkedy BOBranch Office574242
Kukkujadka BOBranch Office574212
Kula BOBranch Office574243
Kulai SOPost Office575019
Kulalu BOBranch Office574323
Kulshekar HOHead Office575005
Kulur SOPost Office575013
Kumbra BOBranch Office574210
Kumpala BOBranch Office575022
Kunjathbail BOBranch Office575015
Kuppepadavu BOBranch Office574144
Kuriya BOBranch Office574210
Kuriyala BOBranch Office574211
Kurnad SOPost Office574153
Kurunjibag SOPost Office574327
Kuthethur Bajav BOBranch Office575030
Kuthethur BOBranch Office575030
Kuthkunja BOBranch Office574232
Kutlur BOBranch Office574109
Kutrupady BOBranch Office574221
Kuvettu BOBranch Office574224
Laila BOBranch Office574214
Leewell SOPost Office575001
Loretto BOBranch Office574211
Machina BOBranch Office574224
Madanthyar SOPost Office574224
Madappady BOBranch Office574218
Madav BOBranch Office574210
Madhya BOBranch Office575030
Malady BOBranch Office574224
Malalipanchayath BOBranch Office574151
Malavanthige BOBranch Office574214
Mallur BOBranch Office575029
Manchi SOPost Office574323
Mandekole BOBranch Office574239
Mangalagangothri SOPost Office574199
Mangalanthi BOBranch Office575018
Mangalapadavu BOBranch Office574243
Mangaluru Collectorate SOPost Office575001
Mangaluru HOHead Office575001
Mani SOPost Office574253
Manikar BOBranch Office574212
Maninalkur BOBranch Office574265
Mantrady BOBranch Office574236
Mardala BOBranch Office574230
Markanja BOBranch Office574248
Marody BOBranch Office574236
Maroor BOBranch Office574197
Mavinakatte BOBranch Office574324
Meenakaliya BOBranch Office575010
Melanthabettu BOBranch Office574214
Mercara Hill SOPost Office575002
Mermajal BOBranch Office574143
Mijar SOPost Office574225
Mithabail SOPost Office574226
Modankap BOBranch Office574219
Mogaru BOBranch Office574144
Mogru BOBranch Office574241
Montepadavu BOBranch Office574153
Moodambail BOBranch Office574260
Moodbidri SOPost Office574227
Moodumarnad BOBranch Office574213
Moodushedde BOBranch Office575028
Mottethadka BOBranch Office574202
MSEZ Colony BOBranch Office575019
Muchur BOBranch Office574144
Mudukodi BOBranch Office574242
Mudupadukodi BOBranch Office574265
Muduperar BOBranch Office574151
Mukka BOBranch Office574146
Mukkur BOBranch Office574212
Mulki Bazar SOPost Office574154
Mulki East BOBranch Office574154
Mulki SOPost Office574154
Mundaje SOPost Office574228
Mundur BOBranch Office574202
Munnur BOBranch Office575017
Mupperia BOBranch Office574212
Murulya BOBranch Office574328
Murva BOBranch Office574243
Nadugallu BOBranch Office574218
Nadugodu BOBranch Office574150
Nagori BOBranch Office575007
Nainad BOBranch Office574233
Nala BOBranch Office574217
Naravi SOPost Office574109
Narikombu BOBranch Office574231
Narimogru BOBranch Office574202
Naringana BOBranch Office575018
NavoorBantval BOBranch Office574211
NavoorBelt BOBranch Office574214
Nayarmoole BOBranch Office574243
Neerkaje BOBranch Office574243
Neermarga BOBranch Office575029
Neerude BOBranch Office574144
NehrunagarPuttur DK SOPost Office574203
Nekkilady34 SOPost Office574325
Nellikar BOBranch Office574107
Nellur Kemraje BOBranch Office574248
Nellyadi SOPost Office574229
Neralakatte BOBranch Office574253
Neria BOBranch Office574228
Nettana SOPost Office574230
Niddodi BOBranch Office574274
Nidle BOBranch Office574216
Nidpalli BOBranch Office574259
Nittade BOBranch Office574242
Noojibalthila BOBranch Office574221
Odiyoor BOBranch Office574243
Old Town Ujire BOBranch Office574240
PACE Campus BOBranch Office574199
Padangady BOBranch Office574217
Padil SOPost Office575007
Padnur BOBranch Office574220
Padu BOBranch Office575029
Padukonaje BOBranch Office574236
Padumarnad BOBranch Office574213
Padupanambur BOBranch Office574146
Paduperar BOBranch Office574142
Pailar BOBranch Office574248
Paladka BOBranch Office574226
Palthady BOBranch Office574210
Pambethady BOBranch Office574232
Panaje SOPost Office574259
Panakaje BOBranch Office574224
Panambur SOPost Office575010
Panemangalore SOPost Office574231
Panja SOPost Office574232
Panjikal BOBranch Office574211
Panjimogaru BOBranch Office575013
Panjinadka BOBranch Office574154
Pavur BOBranch Office574199
Pedamale SOPost Office575029
Pejavara BOBranch Office574142
Perabe BOBranch Office574285
Perady BOBranch Office574236
Peral BOBranch Office574239
Peramogru BOBranch Office574325
Peranja BOBranch Office574197
Perlampady BOBranch Office574212
Permannur SOPost Office575017
Permanu BOBranch Office574214
Permude SOPost Office574509
Pernaje BOBranch Office574223
Perne BOBranch Office574325
Peruvai BOBranch Office574260
Peruvaje BOBranch Office574212
Petrame BOBranch Office574198
Phajiru BOBranch Office574199
Pilya BOBranch Office574217
Polali BOBranch Office574219
Puchamogru BOBranch Office574237
Pudu BOBranch Office574143
Puduvettu BOBranch Office574216
Punaroor BOBranch Office574150
Puncha BOBranch Office574243
Punchappady BOBranch Office574202
Punjalkatte SOPost Office574233
Puthila BOBranch Office574326
PutturDK HOHead Office574201
Ramakunja BOBranch Office574241
Rayee BOBranch Office574211
Rekya BOBranch Office574229
Renjilady BOBranch Office574221
Sadashivanagar BOBranch Office574154
Sajipamudu BOBranch Office574231
Sajipamunnur BOBranch Office574231
Sajipanadu BOBranch Office574231
Sajipapadu BOBranch Office574231
Salethur BOBranch Office574323
Samedakalapu BOBranch Office574216
Sampige BOBranch Office574227
Sandspit BOBranch Office575013
Sarapady BOBranch Office574211
Sarve BOBranch Office574202
Sasihithlu BOBranch Office574146
Sathya Sai Vihar SOPost Office574235
Savanal BOBranch Office574214
SavanurPuttur BOBranch Office574202
Savya BOBranch Office574242
SDMCUjire SOPost Office574240
Shakthinagar Dakshina Kannada SOPost Office575016
Shamboor BOBranch Office574231
Shanthigodu BOBranch Office574202
Sharavoor BOBranch Office574285
Shibaje BOBranch Office574198
Shimanthoor BOBranch Office574154
Shirady BOBranch Office574229
Shirthady SOPost Office574236
Shishila BOBranch Office574198
Sibrikere BOBranch Office574144
Siddakatte SOPost Office574237
Sirlalu BOBranch Office574217
Someshwar Uchil SOPost Office575023
Sonangeri BOBranch Office574239
Soole Padavu BOBranch Office574313
Sornad BOBranch Office574211
Srinivasnagar SOPost Office575025
Subramanya SOPost Office574238
Sulkeri BOBranch Office574109
Sullia Gandhi Nagar BOBranch Office574239
Sullia SOPost Office574239
Sunkadakatte BOBranch Office574230
Surathkal SOPost Office575014
Surinje BOBranch Office575030
Taccode BOBranch Office574197
Talapady BOBranch Office575023
Tannirpantha BOBranch Office574326
Tenkakajekar BOBranch Office574233
Tenkakarandur BOBranch Office574217
Thekkar BOBranch Office574241
Thodar BOBranch Office574227
Thodikana BOBranch Office574314
Thokur BOBranch Office574146
Thotathady BOBranch Office574228
Thumbe BOBranch Office574143
Ubbaradka Mithur BOBranch Office574248
Ujire SOPost Office574240
Ujirpade BOBranch Office574203
Ulaibettu BOBranch Office574145
Uli BOBranch Office574326
Ullal SOPost Office575020
Uppinangady SOPost Office574241
Uruvalu BOBranch Office574326
Valachil BOBranch Office574143
Valpady BOBranch Office574236
Vamadapadavu SOPost Office574324
Vamanjoor SOPost Office575028
Veerakamba BOBranch Office574222
Venur SOPost Office574242
Vidyagiri Moodbidri SOPost Office574227
Vittal Mudnoor BOBranch Office574243
Vittal SOPost Office574243
Vodilnala BOBranch Office574217
Vogga SOPost Office574265
Volalu BOBranch Office574241
Yedamangala BOBranch Office574221
Yekkar BOBranch Office574509
Yenekal BOBranch Office574238
Yenmur BOBranch Office574328

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service