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Explore all post offices or pincodes of CHITTOOR, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adaram BOBranch Office517643
Adavaram BOBranch Office517643
Adavibudugur BOBranch Office517425
Adavikothuru BOBranch Office517592
Adilakshmambapuram BOBranch Office517403
Adivikodiyambedu BOBranch Office517589
Agaram BOBranch Office517591
Agraharam BOBranch Office517214
Akanambattu BOBranch Office517124
Akkarampalli BOBranch Office517507
Akkurthi SOPost Office517536
Alapakam BOBranch Office517591
Alappalle BOBranch Office517415
Alathur BOBranch Office517645
Alimelumangapuram BOBranch Office517571
Allamadugu BOBranch Office517582
Ambakam BOBranch Office517588
Amilepalle BOBranch Office517291
Ammapalem BOBranch Office517641
Amudala BOBranch Office517421
Angallu BOBranch Office517326
Anjimedu BOBranch Office517619
Anjuru BOBranch Office517643
Annagaripalle BOBranch Office517390
Annur BOBranch Office517582
APHBColony BOBranch Office517507
Appa Rao Street BOBranch Office517326
Appinapalle BOBranch Office517432
Applayagunta BOBranch Office517551
Aradigunta BOBranch Office517247
Arai BOBranch Office517587
Aramadakalavandlapalle BOBranch Office517236
Aranyam Kandriga BOBranch Office517581
Aravakothur BOBranch Office517640
Ardhamalaputheri BOBranch Office517642
Arikela BOBranch Office517247
Arimakulapalle BOBranch Office517167
Arimanipenta BOBranch Office517401
Arogyavaram BOBranch Office517326
Aroor BOBranch Office517591
Arugonda SOPost Office517129
Athur BOBranch Office517520
Avalkonda BOBranch Office517421
Avilalal BOBranch Office517507
Ayithepalle BOBranch Office517102
Ayyavaripalle BOBranch Office517277
Badikayalapalle BOBranch Office517370
Baireddipalle SOPost Office517415
Bairupalle BOBranch Office517424
Baitapalle BOBranch Office517124
Balaganganapalle BOBranch Office517421
Balijapalli BOBranch Office517561
Balireddigaripalle BOBranch Office517351
Balla BOBranch Office517425
Bandakindapalle BOBranch Office517214
Bandapalle BOBranch Office517127
Bandarlapalle BOBranch Office517401
Bandarupalle BOBranch Office517641
Bandrevu BOBranch Office517418
Bangarupalem SOPost Office517416
Basinikonda BOBranch Office517326
Batagundrevaripalle BOBranch Office517213
Bayappagaripalle BOBranch Office517326
Beerakuppam BOBranch Office517589
Beerangi BOBranch Office517370
Beerangi Kothakota SOPost Office517370
Belupalle BOBranch Office517432
Bhakarapet SOPost Office517194
Bhavani Nagar SOPost Office517501
Bhavanisankarapuram BOBranch Office517642
Bheemunicheruvu BOBranch Office517581
Bhimaganipalle BOBranch Office517247
Bhimavaram BOBranch Office517102
Bisanatham BOBranch Office517426
Bodaguttapalle BOBranch Office517422
Bodevandlapalle BOBranch Office517194
Bodumallulavaripalle BOBranch Office517214
Bokkasampalem BOBranch Office517641
Bommasamudram BOBranch Office517132
Boochipalle BOBranch Office517370
Booragamanda BOBranch Office517123
Boorlapalle BOBranch Office517370
Bopparajupalle BOBranch Office517102
Boyanapalle BOBranch Office517423
Brahmanapalle BOBranch Office517569
Brahmanapattu BOBranch Office517551
Buchinaidu Kandriga SOPost Office517645
Buchinaidupalle BOBranch Office517102
Budithavedu BOBranch Office517237
Budithireddipalle BOBranch Office517422
Bugga Agraharam BOBranch Office517590
Burakayalakota SOPost Office517351
Bytikodiyambedu BOBranch Office517589
CGollapalle BOBranch Office517505
Chalamangalam BOBranch Office517408
Challapalem BOBranch Office517641
Challavaripalle BOBranch Office517192
Chandragiri Fort SOPost Office517101
Chandragiri HOHead Office517101
Chandramakulapalle BOBranch Office517326
Chappidipalle BOBranch Office517432
Charala BOBranch Office517257
Chavarambakam BOBranch Office517591
Chedalla BOBranch Office517247
Cheekalabailu BOBranch Office517326
Cheekunatham BOBranch Office517425
Cheelapalle BOBranch Office517419
Cheldiganipalle BOBranch Office517424
Chellur BOBranch Office517526
Chembakur SOPost Office517417
Chennamagudipalle BOBranch Office517002
Cherlopalle BOBranch Office517004
Cherlopalle SOPost Office517305
Cherukuvaipalle BOBranch Office517123
Cherukuvaripalle BOBranch Office517113
Cheruvumundarapalle BOBranch Office517193
Chiguruvada BOBranch Office517507
Chilamathur BOBranch Office517541
Chindepalle BOBranch Office517619
Chinnadoravarikandriga BOBranch Office517582
Chinnagottigallu SOPost Office517193
Chinnaickenpalle BOBranch Office517127
Chinnakalikiri BOBranch Office517124
Chinnamreddikandriga BOBranch Office517126
Chinnarajukuppam BOBranch Office517583
Chinnatippasamudram SOPost Office517319
Chintalavaripalli BOBranch Office517234
Chintamakulapalle BOBranch Office517424
Chintaparthi SOPost Office517277
Chinthagunta BOBranch Office517194
Chittapara BOBranch Office517132
Chittathur BOBranch Office517643
Chitticherla BOBranch Office517194
Chittipiralla BOBranch Office517112
Chittoor Bazar SOPost Office517001
Chittoor HOHead Office517001
Chittoor North SOPost Office517004
Chittoor Sugarfactory BOBranch Office517127
Chiyyavaram BOBranch Office517536
Chodavaram BOBranch Office517536
Chokkandlapalle BOBranch Office517417
Chowdepalle SOPost Office517257
Chuttuguntaramapuram BOBranch Office517561
Cotton Mills BOBranch Office517520
Ctr Collectorate SOPost Office517002
Ctr Court Buildings SOPost Office517001
Ctr Market SOPost Office517001
Dadepallerajulur BOBranch Office517257
Damalacheruvu SOPost Office517152
Damarapakam BOBranch Office517591
Daminadu BOBranch Office517503
Damodaramaharajapuram BOBranch Office517582
Danamaiahgarivuru BOBranch Office517424
Dandapalle BOBranch Office517408
Dandikuppam BOBranch Office517425
Dasarlapalle BOBranch Office517415
Dasegowniyur BOBranch Office517425
Dasukuppam BOBranch Office517588
Deenabandupuram BOBranch Office517599
Desireddigaripalle BOBranch Office517172
Devalacheruvu BOBranch Office517351
Devalampet BOBranch Office517167
Devalapalle BOBranch Office517236
Devaragudipalle BOBranch Office517167
Diguvamagham BOBranch Office517129
Diguvamasapalle BOBranch Office517419
Diguvapalem BOBranch Office517291
Diguvatadakara BOBranch Office517131
DNChoultry BOBranch Office517501
Doddipalle BOBranch Office517214
Dornakambala BOBranch Office517102
Dravidian University SOPost Office517426
Dudhevaripalle BOBranch Office517194
Durga Samudram BOBranch Office517561
Durgaperi BOBranch Office517619
Eachaneri BOBranch Office517129
Edigapalle BOBranch Office517326
Ekambarakuppam SOPost Office517592
Elakatur BOBranch Office517591
Ellamanda BOBranch Office517214
Ellampalle Kothuru BOBranch Office517130
Ellamrajupalle BOBranch Office517125
Empedu BOBranch Office517620
Erlampalle BOBranch Office517130
Erraballe BOBranch Office517352
Erracheruvupalle BOBranch Office517124
Errakotapalle BOBranch Office517235
Erramaraju Palle BOBranch Office517569
Errandlapalle BOBranch Office517416
Gadanki BOBranch Office517112
Gaddamvaripalle BOBranch Office517257
Gadi BOBranch Office517237
Gajulamandyam BOBranch Office517520
Gajulapalle BOBranch Office517129
Gajulapellur BOBranch Office517645
Gajulavaripalle BOBranch Office517319
Galivaripalle BOBranch Office517236
Gandaboyanapalle BOBranch Office517277
Gandlapalle BOBranch Office517123
Gandrajupalle BOBranch Office517432
Gangadhara Nellore SOPost Office517125
Gangavaram BOBranch Office517408
Gangireddipalli BOBranch Office517561
Ganugachinta BOBranch Office517214
Garnimitta BOBranch Office517213
Gattuvaripalle BOBranch Office517257
Ghattu BOBranch Office517326
Gollapalle BOBranch Office517129
Gollapalle BRK BOBranch Office517351
Gollapalle YDM BOBranch Office517422
Gonamakulapalle BOBranch Office517424
Gongivaripalle BOBranch Office517123
Gopidinne BOBranch Office517418
Gorantlapalle BOBranch Office517213
Gottipudi BOBranch Office517536
Govardhanagiri BOBranch Office517589
Govindapalem BOBranch Office517583
Govindareddipalle BOBranch Office517130
GSTCentre BOBranch Office517644
Gudarevupalle BOBranch Office517214
Gudimallam BOBranch Office517526
Gudipala BOBranch Office517132
Gudipalle BOBranch Office517426
Gudlanayanipalle BOBranch Office517425
Gudupalle BOBranch Office517390
Gudyanampalle BOBranch Office517126
Gundagallu BOBranch Office517432
Gundlaguttapalle BOBranch Office517152
Gundlapalle BOBranch Office517152
Gundluru BOBranch Office517235
Gundrajukuppam BOBranch Office517592
Gurramkonda SOPost Office517297
Gurramkonda Vandlavuru BOBranch Office517429
Guttapalem BOBranch Office517234
Gyarampalle kothapalle SOPost Office517213
Horsely Hills BOBranch Office517326
Ilavaripalle BOBranch Office517130
Inagalur BOBranch Office517620
Iral SOPost Office517130
Irikipenta BOBranch Office517257
Irugulam BOBranch Office517588
Iruguvoi BOBranch Office517590
Iruvaram SOPost Office517128
Itikanellore BOBranch Office517414
Jagannathapuram BOBranch Office517586
Jagannathapuram SOPost Office517501
Jakkidona BOBranch Office517126
Jambada BOBranch Office517586
Jambuvaripalle BOBranch Office517416
Jandla BOBranch Office517214
Jangampalle BOBranch Office517213
Jangavandlapalle BOBranch Office517192
Jarravaripalle BOBranch Office517299
Javvanapalle BOBranch Office517424
Kaamireddivaripalle BOBranch Office517234
Kadapanatham BOBranch Office517415
Kadirinathunikota BOBranch Office517390
Kadirirayacheruvu BOBranch Office517297
Kadur BOBranch Office517541
Kagathi BOBranch Office517257
Kajoor BOBranch Office517002
Kakavedu BOBranch Office517590
Kalagatur BOBranch Office517408
Kalakada Doddipalle BOBranch Office517236
Kalakada SOPost Office517236
Kalathur BOBranch Office517643
Kalavagunta BOBranch Office517620
Kalavapalle BOBranch Office517390
Kalicherla BOBranch Office517297
Kalikiri Kothapalle BOBranch Office517234
Kalikiri SOPost Office517234
Kaliyambakam BOBranch Office517586
Kallupalle BOBranch Office517408
Kallur SO ChittoorPost Office517113
Kalroadpalle BOBranch Office517112
Kalyani Dam BOBranch Office517102
Kamachinnayapalle BOBranch Office517126
Kamathamur BOBranch Office517425
Kamavaram Kothapet BOBranch Office517172
Kambhamvaripalle BOBranch Office517213
Kammapalle BOBranch Office517561
Kammguttapalle BOBranch Office517124
Kanamanapalle BOBranch Office517426
Kanchanapalle BOBranch Office517643
Kancharapalem BOBranch Office517541
Kandadu BOBranch Office517619
Kandriga BOBranch Office517422
Kandukuru BOBranch Office517391
Kanduru BOBranch Office517234
Kangundi BOBranch Office517425
Kanipakam SOPost Office517131
Kannavaram BOBranch Office517589
Kannemadugu BOBranch Office517418
Kannikapuram BOBranch Office517561
Kanumalopalle BOBranch Office517297
Kapilateertham Road SOPost Office517501
Kapugunneri BOBranch Office517641
Karakambadi BOBranch Office517520
Karakollu BOBranch Office517645
Karani BOBranch Office517589
Karasanapalle BOBranch Office517247
Karidirivaripalle BOBranch Office517416
Karipakam BOBranch Office517541
Karlagatta BOBranch Office517423
Karvetinagar SOPost Office517582
Kasaram BOBranch Office517536
Kasipentla BOBranch Office517112
Kasiralla BOBranch Office517422
Katappagaripalle BOBranch Office517416
Kathirapalle BOBranch Office517582
Katiperi BOBranch Office517247
Katnagallu BOBranch Office517391
Kattakindapalle BOBranch Office517129
Kattakindavenkatapuram SOPost Office517561
Kattmanchi BOBranch Office517127
Katur BOBranch Office517645
Kavetigaripalle BOBranch Office517172
Kavetipuram BOBranch Office517590
Keelapatla BOBranch Office517408
Keenatipalle BOBranch Office517422
Keeramanda BOBranch Office517429
Kemparapalem BOBranch Office517581
KG Satram BOBranch Office517416
KMAgraharam BOBranch Office517571
Kolamasanapalle SOPost Office517432
Kollagunta BOBranch Office517582
Komaragunta BOBranch Office517569
Kona BOBranch Office517236
Konathaneri BOBranch Office517642
Kondamarri BOBranch Office517257
Kondreddigaripalle BOBranch Office517214
Konerukuppam BOBranch Office517423
Konganapalle BOBranch Office517401
Kongattam BOBranch Office517424
Koppedu BOBranch Office517587
Korlagunta SOPost Office517501
Kosalanagaram BOBranch Office517586
Kosuvaripalle BOBranch Office517350
Kotabailu BOBranch Office517194
Kotagudibanda BOBranch Office517236
Kotakadapalle BOBranch Office517194
Kotakonda BOBranch Office517297
Kotala BOBranch Office517102
Kotalam BOBranch Office517422
Kotamangapuram BOBranch Office517587
Kotevaripalle BOBranch Office517326
Kotevuru BOBranch Office517326
Kothakota BOBranch Office517247
Kothamarikuppam BOBranch Office517588
Kothapalem BOBranch Office517520
Kothapalle BOBranch Office517132
Kothapalle KNP BOBranch Office517131
Kothapalle SOPost Office517167
Kothapet Srikalahasti SOPost Office517644
Kothapeta Madanapalle SOPost Office517325
Kothavaripalle BOBranch Office517319
Kothavenkatapuram BOBranch Office517421
Kothur Venkatapuram BOBranch Office517590
Kotrakona BOBranch Office517127
Kovanur SOPost Office517643
Krishnadasanapalle BOBranch Office517425
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office517619
Ksheerasamudram BOBranch Office517167
Kshurikapuram BOBranch Office517586
Kudurucheemanapalle BOBranch Office517247
Kukkalapalle BOBranch Office517128
Kukkambakam BOBranch Office517645
Kukkarajupalle BOBranch Office517297
Kumara Venkata Bhupala Puram BOBranch Office517643
Kumarabommarajapuram BOBranch Office517584
Kummarapalle BOBranch Office517520
Kuntrapakam BOBranch Office517561
Kuppam Badur BOBranch Office517561
Kuppam SOPost Office517425
Kuppamvandlapalle BOBranch Office517213
Kurabalakota SOPost Office517350
Kuraparthi BOBranch Office517299
Kurizala BOBranch Office517417
Kurmai BOBranch Office517408
Lakkanapalle BOBranch Office517415
Lakshmipuram BOBranch Office517425
Lalugardens SOPost Office517002
Lingamanaidupalle BOBranch Office517541
LSFarm BOBranch Office517408
Madanambedu BOBranch Office517588
Madanapalle Bazar SOPost Office517326
Madanapalle HOHead Office517325
Madanapalle Society Colony SOPost Office517325
Madanapalle Spinning Mills Gds BOBranch Office517319
Maddiledu BOBranch Office517641
Maddinayanipalle BOBranch Office517112
Maddipatlavandlapalle BOBranch Office517213
Maddulacheruvupalem BOBranch Office517213
Madhavamala BOBranch Office517520
Madhavaram BOBranch Office517129
Madhavaram IRM BOBranch Office517128
Madibaka BOBranch Office517526
Madireddipalle BOBranch Office517422
Madumuru BOBranch Office517370
Magandlapalle BOBranch Office517247
Mahadevamangalam BOBranch Office517125
Mahal SO ChittoorPost Office517235
Mahasamudram BOBranch Office517128
Malenatham BOBranch Office517247
Malepadu BOBranch Office517326
Mallakunta BOBranch Office517129
Mallan RS BOBranch Office517425
Mallarapuvandlapalle BOBranch Office517213
Mallela BOBranch Office517370
Mamadugu BOBranch Office517432
Mamanduru BOBranch Office517520
Mambedu BOBranch Office517569
Manchuru BOBranch Office517277
Mandipetkotur BOBranch Office517408
Mangadu Kothur BOBranch Office517590
Mangalam BOBranch Office517507
Mangalampet SOPost Office517172
Mangalapalle BOBranch Office517416
Mangapuram BOBranch Office517102
Mangunta BOBranch Office517167
Mannavaram BOBranch Office517620
Mapakshi BOBranch Office517002
MARajulakandriga BOBranch Office517643
Marakalakuppam BOBranch Office517132
Maredupalle BOBranch Office517408
Marella BOBranch Office517213
Marrikuntapalle BOBranch Office517237
Marrimakulapalle BOBranch Office517291
Marripadu BOBranch Office517299
Marripalle BOBranch Office517167
Matampalle Agraharam BOBranch Office517213
Matavalam BOBranch Office517599
Mathyam BOBranch Office517129
Matluvaripalle BOBranch Office517350
Medikurthi SOPost Office517237
Mekalachinnepalle BOBranch Office517257
Melamdoddi BOBranch Office517247
Mellacheruvu BOBranch Office517214
Melmai BOBranch Office517408
Merlapaka BOBranch Office517619
Miniki BOBranch Office517417
Mittachintavaripalle BOBranch Office517247
Mittakandriga BOBranch Office517561
Mittapalle BOBranch Office517319
Mittapalle KPM BOBranch Office517425
Mittoor BOBranch Office517429
Modugulapalem BOBranch Office517619
Mogarala BOBranch Office517152
Mogili Venkatagiri SOPost Office517429
Moorevandlapalle BOBranch Office517213
Moram BOBranch Office517432
Motumallela BOBranch Office517192
Muchivolu BOBranch Office517536
Mudaramdoddi BOBranch Office517424
Muddanapalle BOBranch Office517401
Mudigolam BOBranch Office517124
Mudipalle BOBranch Office517592
Mudivedu BOBranch Office517350
Mudiyamvaripalle BOBranch Office517235
Mudupulavemula BOBranch Office517214
Mugalamarrikothapalle BOBranch Office517277
Mukkalathur BOBranch Office517125
Mulakalacheruvu BOBranch Office517390
Mulakalacheruvu RS SOPost Office517390
Munagalapalem BOBranch Office517526
Mungilipattu BOBranch Office517102
Murukambattu SOPost Office517127
Musalikunta BOBranch Office517418
Mushtoor BOBranch Office517280
Muthireval BOBranch Office517127
Muthukur BOBranch Office517247
Muthukur NRP BOBranch Office517419
Muthukuru BOBranch Office517416
Muthukuvaripalle BOBranch Office517113
Nadavalur BOBranch Office517561
Nadigadda BOBranch Office517123
Nadimcherla BOBranch Office517305
Nadimkandriga BOBranch Office517305
Nadimpalle BOBranch Office517417
Nadimpalle RBDR BOBranch Office517423
Nagalapuram SO ChittoorPost Office517589
Nagari SOPost Office517590
Nagarimadugu BOBranch Office517277
Nagaripalle BOBranch Office517234
Nalagampalle BOBranch Office517416
Nallappareddiyuru BOBranch Office517423
Nallavenganapalli BOBranch Office517569
Nampalle BOBranch Office517130
Nanasahebpet BOBranch Office517247
Nandanuru BOBranch Office517125
Nandimangalam BOBranch Office517583
Nangamangalam SOPost Office517132
Naniyala BOBranch Office517401
Nanjampet BOBranch Office517257
Naragallu BOBranch Office517403
Naraharipet BOBranch Office517132
Narasimhapuram BOBranch Office517419
Narasimharajapuram BOBranch Office517421
Narasingapuram SO ChittoorPost Office517102
Narasingarayanipettah SOPost Office517419
Narayanapuram BOBranch Office517571
Narayanavaram SOPost Office517581
Nariganipalle BOBranch Office517417
Narigapalle BOBranch Office517002
Nawabkota BOBranch Office517391
Nawabpet BOBranch Office517235
Nayanicheruvupalle BOBranch Office517237
Neerugattuvaripalle BOBranch Office517326
Nehru Bazar Piler SOPost Office517214
Nekkondi BOBranch Office517247
Nelavoy BOBranch Office517167
Nellaipalle BOBranch Office517167
Nellapalle BOBranch Office517414
Nellimanda BOBranch Office517257
Nellipatla BOBranch Office517432
Nendragunta BOBranch Office517112
Nennur BOBranch Office517561
Nerabailu BOBranch Office517194
Nernipalle BOBranch Office517424
Nesanur BOBranch Office517583
Nethakuppam BOBranch Office517561
Nidigunta BOBranch Office517432
Nimmanapalle SOPost Office517280
Nindra SOPost Office517591
Nochilirajukandriga BOBranch Office517582
Noolakunta BOBranch Office517425
Nuthanakalava BOBranch Office517213
Obireddipalle BOBranch Office517370
Obulampalle BOBranch Office517299
Obularajukandriga BOBranch Office517551
Obulayapalle BOBranch Office517536
Oddepalle BOBranch Office517126
Ollur BOBranch Office517643
Pachalamarri BOBranch Office517418
Pachanapalle BOBranch Office517419
Pachigunta BOBranch Office517421
Pachikapallam SOPost Office517569
Padi BOBranch Office517503
Padiredu BOBranch Office517551
Padiri BOBranch Office517591
Paipalle BOBranch Office517131
Pakala Kothakota BOBranch Office517112
Pakala SOPost Office517112
Palakur BOBranch Office517124
Palamakulapalle BOBranch Office517429
Palamanda BOBranch Office517234
Palamaner SOPost Office517408
Palamangalam BOBranch Office517581
Palamgadda BOBranch Office517214
Palasamudram BOBranch Office517599
Palem BOBranch Office517234
Pallam SOPost Office517620
Pallamala BOBranch Office517645
Pallavolu BOBranch Office517237
Pallicheruvu BOBranch Office517129
Pallikuppam BOBranch Office517401
Pallur BOBranch Office517132
Pamuganipalle BOBranch Office517424
Panagal SOPost Office517640
Panakam BOBranch Office517503
Panapakam BOBranch Office517112
Pandillapalle BOBranch Office517257
Pandur BOBranch Office517541
Panguru BOBranch Office517619
Panjani BOBranch Office517408
Pannur SO ChittoorPost Office517586
Pantramanapalle BOBranch Office517004
Papanaidupet SOPost Office517526
Papepalle BOBranch Office517297
Papisettipalle BOBranch Office517132
Parameswaramangalam BOBranch Office517584
Parikidona BOBranch Office517257
Pasalavandlapalle BOBranch Office517305
Pathagunta BOBranch Office517569
Pathapeta palamaner SOPost Office517408
Pathapolu BOBranch Office517319
Pathikonda BOBranch Office517432
Pathiputtur BOBranch Office517551
Patnam BOBranch Office517131
Patoor BOBranch Office517124
Patrapalle BOBranch Office517257
Pattamvandlapalle BOBranch Office517391
Peddabangarunatham BOBranch Office517425
Peddachellaragunta BOBranch Office517415
Peddagorpadu BOBranch Office517112
Peddagottigallu BOBranch Office517192
Peddakalva BOBranch Office517125
Peddakannali SOPost Office517642
Peddakanuparthi BOBranch Office517642
Peddamallela BOBranch Office517192
Peddamandyam BOBranch Office517297
Peddapalavedu BOBranch Office517645
Peddapalem BOBranch Office517390
Peddaramapuram BOBranch Office517112
Peddatippasamudram SOPost Office517391
Peddaupparapalle BOBranch Office517257
Peddavelagathur BOBranch Office517247
Peddayellakunta BOBranch Office517257
Peddur BOBranch Office517423
Peddur Reservoir BOBranch Office517418
Peddur RKPM BOBranch Office517401
Penchupadu BOBranch Office517417
Pengaragunta BOBranch Office517408
Penumur SOPost Office517126
Periyambadi BOBranch Office517128
Perumallapalle BOBranch Office517569
Perumallapalle SOPost Office517505
Perur BOBranch Office517505
Piler SOPost Office517214
Pillamadu BOBranch Office517536
Pillapalem BOBranch Office517520
Pissatur SOPost Office517587
Pitchalvandlapalle BOBranch Office517350
Pogurupalle BOBranch Office517426
Polakala BOBranch Office517130
Polavaram BOBranch Office517124
Poli BOBranch Office517620
Ponnutipalem BOBranch Office517326
Poonepallekandriga BOBranch Office517127
Pothukanuma BOBranch Office517112
Poyya BOBranch Office517642
Prasanth Nagar SO ChittoorPost Office517128
Pravalvanneswarapuram BOBranch Office517588
Pudi BOBranch Office517642
Pudi RS BOBranch Office517551
Pudichennakesavapuram BOBranch Office517643
Pudipatla BOBranch Office517505
Pudupet BOBranch Office517590
Pulicherla BOBranch Office517172
Pulikallu BOBranch Office517126
Pulikallu PTM BOBranch Office517391
Pulikundram BOBranch Office517589
Pullareddikandriga BOBranch Office517641
Pullleticheruvupalle BOBranch Office517277
Pullur BOBranch Office517130
Pullur KTP BOBranch Office517167
Punganur Bus Stand BOBranch Office517247
Punganur SOPost Office517247
Puthalapattu SOPost Office517124
Puthur BOBranch Office517131
Putramaddi BOBranch Office517129
Puttur SOPost Office517583
Puttur South SOPost Office517583
Rachapalem BOBranch Office517583
Rachavetivaripalle BOBranch Office517326
Ragigunta BOBranch Office517643
Ragimanipenta BOBranch Office517429
Rajagopalapuram BOBranch Office517588
Rajanagaram BOBranch Office517589
Rajupeta BOBranch Office517401
Rallabudugur SOPost Office517423
Ramakrishnapuram BOBranch Office517571
Ramakuppam SOPost Office517401
Ramanaidupalle BOBranch Office517125
Ramapuram BOBranch Office517641
Ramapuram SO ChittoorPost Office517403
Ramasamudram BOBranch Office517417
Rangampet BOBranch Office517102
Ranganathapuram BOBranch Office517237
Rangannagarigadda BOBranch Office517193
Rangasamudram BOBranch Office517370
Rapurivaripalle BOBranch Office517370
Rasapalem BOBranch Office517588
Ravillavarikandriga BOBranch Office517526
Readspet SOPost Office517001
Reddigunta BOBranch Office517002
Reddivaripalle BOBranch Office517113
Reddivaripalle SDM BOBranch Office517123
Regallu BOBranch Office517234
Renigunta SOPost Office517520
Renumakulapalle BOBranch Office517418
Ripunjirajapuram BOBranch Office517167
Rishivalley SOPost Office517352
RKVBahadurpet BOBranch Office517582
Rompicherla SO ChittoorPost Office517192
Royalpet SOPost Office517414
RSGardens SOPost Office517507
RTCBus Stand BOBranch Office517501
Sadakuppam BOBranch Office517129
Sadasiva Sankarapuram BOBranch Office517589
Sadasivapuram BOBranch Office517643
Sakamvaripalle BOBranch Office517277
Samireddipalle BOBranch Office517126
Sampathikota BOBranch Office517370
Sanambhatla BOBranch Office517505
Sanganapalle BOBranch Office517426
Sangasamudram BOBranch Office517297
Sankampalle BOBranch Office517112
Santhabandapalle BOBranch Office517401
Santhavelur BOBranch Office517645
Santhipuram BOBranch Office517423
Sarakallu BOBranch Office517129
Sarimadugu BOBranch Office517297
Sathambakkam BOBranch Office517127
Satravada BOBranch Office517592
Satyanarayanapuram BOBranch Office517507
Satyavedu SOPost Office517588
Seetharamapuram BOBranch Office517571
Seshapuram BOBranch Office517102
Settipalli SOPost Office517506
Settivanatham BOBranch Office517167
Settivaripalle BOBranch Office517291
Siddarajurangarajukandiga BOBranch Office517599
Siddavaram BOBranch Office517297
Siddirajukandriga BOBranch Office517589
Simharajapuram BOBranch Office517599
Singasamudram BOBranch Office517425
Sirunambudur BOBranch Office517588
Sivadi BOBranch Office517432
Sivaramapuram BOBranch Office517425
Sodam SOPost Office517123
Sogadaballa BOBranch Office517423
Somala BOBranch Office517257
Sompalem BOBranch Office517390
Sompalle BOBranch Office517390
Sonnarasanapalle BOBranch Office517426
Sorakayalapeta BOBranch Office517213
SPMedical College for women SVIMSPost Office517507
Sri Bommarajapuram SOPost Office517571
Sri Sukabrahmasramam BOBranch Office517640
Sricity SEZ SOPost Office517646
Sriharipuram BOBranch Office517586
Srikalahasti HOHead Office517644
Srikalahasti North SOPost Office517644
Srikaverirajapuram BOBranch Office517599
Srinivasanagar BOBranch Office517507
Sriramapuram BOBranch Office517587
Srirangarajapuram BOBranch Office517167
SSKonda BOBranch Office517421
Sugalimitta BOBranch Office517247
Suraiahgaripalle BOBranch Office517257
Suramala BOBranch Office517643
Surendranagaram BOBranch Office517583
SVAgricultural College BOBranch Office517502
SVArts College BOBranch Office517502
SVMedical College SOPost Office517507
SVNagar SOPost Office517502
SVRPet BOBranch Office517551
SVUniversity SOPost Office517502
T Savatapalle BOBranch Office517004
Tadukupet BOBranch Office517590
Talarivettu BOBranch Office517541
Talupula BOBranch Office517214
Tarigonda SOPost Office517291
Tavalam BOBranch Office517280
Tekumanda BOBranch Office517429
Tenebanda BOBranch Office517004
Tenepalle BOBranch Office517124
Terani BOBranch Office517592
Thalambedu BOBranch Office517419
Thalupulapalle BOBranch Office517124
Thamballapalle SOPost Office517418
Thambuganipalle BOBranch Office517416
Thandlam BOBranch Office517503
Thatiguntapalem BOBranch Office517123
Thatimakulapalle BOBranch Office517194
Thavanampalle BOBranch Office517131
Theertham BOBranch Office517415
Thettu BOBranch Office517352
Thettupalle BOBranch Office517194
Thimmapuram BOBranch Office517235
Thimmarajukandriga BOBranch Office517571
Thimmarajupalle BOBranch Office517561
Thimminaidupalem BOBranch Office517507
Thippireddigarialle BOBranch Office517193
Thirumalayapalli BOBranch Office517569
Thirumanyam Rajula Kandriga BOBranch Office517551
Thondamanadu SOPost Office517641
Thondavada BOBranch Office517505
Thorur BOBranch Office517583
Thotakanuma BOBranch Office517415
Thotambedu BOBranch Office517640
Thugundram SOPost Office517421
Thukivakam BOBranch Office517520
Thumba BOBranch Office517416
Thumbakuppam BOBranch Office517416
Thumbur BOBranch Office517581
Thummalagunta BOBranch Office517502
Thummanamgutta BOBranch Office517351
Thumminda BOBranch Office517132
Thurlapalle BOBranch Office517414
Thurupupalle BOBranch Office517126
Thuvvapalle BOBranch Office517236
Tiruchanoor Road SOPost Office517501
Tiruchanoor SOPost Office517503
Tirumala Kuppam BOBranch Office517584
Tirumala North BOBranch Office517504
Tirumala SO ChittoorPost Office517504
Tirupati Bazar SOPost Office517501
Tirupati East SOPost Office517501
Tirupati HOHead Office517501
Tirupati North SOPost Office517507
Tirupati South SOPost Office517501
Tirupati West SOPost Office517501
Todatara BOBranch Office517129
TRachapalle BOBranch Office517291
TSakirevupalle BOBranch Office517237
TSalimamidi BOBranch Office517370
TSandravaripalle BOBranch Office517213
TSattevaripalle BOBranch Office517193
TSodam BOBranch Office517391
TSowdasamudram BOBranch Office517390
TTDPress BOBranch Office517507
Udamalakudithi BOBranch Office517582
Udayamanikyam BOBranch Office517194
Ugranapalle BOBranch Office517126
Upanishadvihar BOBranch Office517640
Urandur BOBranch Office517640
Ustikayalapenta BOBranch Office517214
Uttarabrahmanapalle BOBranch Office517131
Vadamalpet SOPost Office517551
Vadlakunta BOBranch Office517214
Vagalla BOBranch Office517213
Vagavedu BOBranch Office517620
Vajjireddipalle BOBranch Office517124
Valasapalle BOBranch Office517326
Valligatla BOBranch Office517234
Vallivedu BOBranch Office517152
Vanadurgapuram BOBranch Office517599
Vanamaladinne BOBranch Office517247
Varadaiahpalem SOPost Office517541
Varathur BOBranch Office517421
Vasanadu BOBranch Office517425
Vathalur BOBranch Office517582
Vavilthota BOBranch Office517127
Vayalpad SOPost Office517299
Vedagirivaripalle BOBranch Office517152
Vedullacheruvu BOBranch Office517520
Vedurukuppam BOBranch Office517569
Veerakanellore BOBranch Office517167
Veerakaveri Rajapuram BOBranch Office517590
Veeranamala BOBranch Office517401
Velampadu BOBranch Office517620
Veligallu BOBranch Office517297
Velkur BOBranch Office517125
Velur BOBranch Office517587
Vemareddigaripalle BOBranch Office517418
Vempalle BOBranch Office517326
Vemur BOBranch Office517503
Vendugampalle BOBranch Office517425
Vengalathur BOBranch Office517587
Vengalrajukuppam SOPost Office517599
Vengampalle BOBranch Office517129
Vengamvaripale BOBranch Office517280
Venkatagirikota SOPost Office517424
Venkatakrishnapalem BOBranch Office517581
Venkatapathi Rajuvaripet BOBranch Office517590
Venkatapathy Nagar BOBranch Office517505
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office517125
Venuthanapalle BOBranch Office517112
Vepagunta SO ChittoorPost Office517584
Vepanapalle BOBranch Office517422
Vepanjeri BOBranch Office517125
Vepulabailu BOBranch Office517214
Vepurikota BOBranch Office517351
Veterinary Science College BOBranch Office517502
Vijayapuram BOBranch Office517586
Vittalam BOBranch Office517299
Vizalapuram BOBranch Office517425
Vootupalle BOBranch Office517234
VPVKothapalle BOBranch Office517113
Vyasasramam BOBranch Office517619
West Varathur BOBranch Office517541
Yadamari SOPost Office517422
Yeddulavaripalle BOBranch Office517418
Yegavuru BOBranch Office517194
Yelavedu BOBranch Office517620
Yellampalle Santhagate BOBranch Office517130
Yellutla BOBranch Office517305
Yenugondapalem BOBranch Office517291
Yerpedu SOPost Office517619
Yerravaripalem BOBranch Office517194
Yerrepalle BOBranch Office517130
Yetavakili BOBranch Office517247
Yetteri BOBranch Office517125

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service