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Explore all post offices or pincodes of CHATRA, JHARKHAND

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Amjhar BOBranch Office825408
Ara BOBranch Office825401
Aurugerua BOBranch Office825414
Bachra North BOBranch Office829201
Bachra SOPost Office829201
Bagra BOBranch Office825103
Bahera BOBranch Office825321
Bakchuma BOBranch Office825401
Baluri BOBranch Office825401
Banasandi BOBranch Office825103
Baraini BOBranch Office825401
Bargaon BOBranch Office825408
Barhi BOBranch Office825404
Barhmana BOBranch Office825401
Bariatu BOBranch Office825408
Barisakhi BOBranch Office825408
Barura BOBranch Office825404
Baudhadih BOBranch Office825404
Bengokala BOBranch Office825401
Benti BOBranch Office825321
Berhna BOBranch Office825408
Bichkila BOBranch Office825404
Bihiasarhachiya BOBranch Office825403
Bundu BOBranch Office829201
Chandrikala BOBranch Office825404
Charu BOBranch Office825408
Chatra Bazar BOBranch Office825401
Chatra SO ChatraPost Office825401
Chatti Anatpur BOBranch Office825404
Chattibariatu BOBranch Office825321
Chopey BOBranch Office825103
Dadi BOBranch Office825103
Daha BOBranch Office825403
Daihar BOBranch Office825408
Damodoia BOBranch Office825401
Dantar BOBranch Office825403
Darha BOBranch Office825401
Dariatu BOBranch Office825401
Delho BOBranch Office825103
Dewaria BOBranch Office825401
Dhangada BOBranch Office825321
Dhauthawa BOBranch Office825408
Dhuna BOBranch Office825408
Dumrikala BOBranch Office825403
Dunduwa BOBranch Office825103
Dwaritelaiya BOBranch Office825408
Edla BOBranch Office825103
Gajwa BOBranch Office825404
Gandharia BOBranch Office825401
Gangpur BOBranch Office825408
Gerua BOBranch Office825404
Ghanghari BOBranch Office825401
Ghourdaud BOBranch Office825404
Gidhour BOBranch Office825408
Gorhai BOBranch Office825401
Gosaidih BOBranch Office825414
Haphuwa BOBranch Office825401
Hedum BOBranch Office825103
Hiring BOBranch Office825403
Humajam BOBranch Office825404
Hunterganj SOPost Office825414
Hurnali BOBranch Office825103
Ichak BOBranch Office825103
Itkhori SOPost Office825408
Jabra BOBranch Office825103
Jajlo BOBranch Office825401
Jangi BOBranch Office825401
Jogiara BOBranch Office825404
Joldiha BOBranch Office825408
Jori SOPost Office825403
Kabra BOBranch Office825321
Kamta BOBranch Office825401
Kanhachatti BOBranch Office825401
Karailibar BOBranch Office825403
Karma BOBranch Office825408
Karni BOBranch Office825408
Kasiadih BOBranch Office825321
Kataiya BOBranch Office825401
KATIA BOBranch Office825103
Kaura BOBranch Office825404
Kedlikala BOBranch Office825403
Kendinagar BOBranch Office825401
Khadaiya BOBranch Office825321
Khuntikewal BOBranch Office825414
Kobna BOBranch Office825403
Kolhaiya BOBranch Office825401
Kolkole BOBranch Office825103
Koyed BOBranch Office825321
Kuba BOBranch Office825401
Kunda BOBranch Office825404
Kurkheta BOBranch Office825403
Laralutudag BOBranch Office825401
Lawalong BOBranch Office825103
Lem BOBranch Office825401
Lengwa BOBranch Office825401
Loram BOBranch Office825408
Madagada BOBranch Office825408
Malakpur BOBranch Office825408
Manatu BOBranch Office825321
Mandhania BOBranch Office825408
Manjhgawan BOBranch Office825411
Margarah BOBranch Office825404
Mayapur BOBranch Office825408
Mayurhand BOBranch Office825408
Meral BOBranch Office825408
Mktama BOBranch Office825401
Monya BOBranch Office825404
Narayanpur BOBranch Office825404
Navadih Damol BOBranch Office825408
Nawada BOBranch Office825103
Nawadih Panari BOBranch Office825401
Nongaon BOBranch Office825408
NTPC North Karanpura SOPost Office825415
Pachra BOBranch Office825321
Padumpur BOBranch Office825321
Pagar BOBranch Office825103
Pahra BOBranch Office825408
Pandeypura BOBranch Office825401
Pandni BOBranch Office825408
Paradih BOBranch Office825401
Parsauni BOBranch Office825408
Pathalgada BOBranch Office825408
Pathra BOBranch Office825408
Peltol BOBranch Office825408
Petadari BOBranch Office825408
Peto BOBranch Office825321
Pindra BOBranch Office825403
Piri BOBranch Office825103
Pitiz BOBranch Office825408
Pratappur SO ChatraPost Office825404
Pundra BOBranch Office825103
Raham BOBranch Office825321
Rimi BOBranch Office825103
Sabano BOBranch Office825103
Sahi BOBranch Office825403
Salaiya BOBranch Office825403
Salga BOBranch Office825321
Saradhu BOBranch Office825321
Serendag BOBranch Office825103
Shila BOBranch Office825103
Shivrajpur BOBranch Office825103
Sidki BOBranch Office825403
Sikid BOBranch Office825403
Sikidag BOBranch Office825404
Sildag BOBranch Office825103
Simaria SOPost Office825103
Sonki BOBranch Office825408
Tandwa SO ChatraPost Office825321
Tapej BOBranch Office825401
Tatra BOBranch Office825401
Tikar BOBranch Office825401
Tilhet BOBranch Office825401
Tulbul BOBranch Office825401
Tutilawa BOBranch Office825103
Uaraili BOBranch Office825414
Unta BOBranch Office825401
Yadavnagar BOBranch Office825404

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service