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Explore all post offices or pincodes of BHILWARA, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adsipura BOBranch Office311402
Agucha BOBranch Office311022
Akarsada BOBranch Office311204
Akola BOBranch Office311603
Almas BOBranch Office311026
Ama BOBranch Office311025
Amalda BOBranch Office311605
Amalda CO BOBranch Office311804
Amargarh BOBranch Office311605
Amarwasi BOBranch Office311201
Amesar BOBranch Office311204
Amli BOBranch Office311801
Amli Kalan BOBranch Office311404
Antali BOBranch Office311204
Arjiya BOBranch Office311011
Arnia BOBranch Office311801
Arnia Ghoda BOBranch Office311404
Arnia Rasa BOBranch Office311404
Aroli BOBranch Office311602
Arwar BOBranch Office311023
Ashaholi BOBranch Office311801
Asind SOPost Office311301
Atun BOBranch Office311802
Azad Nagar SO BhilwaraPost Office311001
Babrana BOBranch Office311401
Bachkhera BOBranch Office311404
Badla BOBranch Office311011
Badnore SOPost Office311302
Bagolia BOBranch Office311804
Bagore SOPost Office311402
Bagudar BOBranch Office311202
Bai BOBranch Office311203
Bajunda BOBranch Office311301
Baldarkha BOBranch Office311604
Baldarkha CO BOBranch Office311408
Balesaria BOBranch Office311024
Bamnia BOBranch Office311408
Ban Ka Kheda BOBranch Office311011
Banera SOPost Office311401
Bankda BOBranch Office311203
Baori BOBranch Office311403
Bapunagar Bhilwara SOPost Office311001
Bara Mahuwa BOBranch Office311401
Baran BOBranch Office311401
Barana BOBranch Office311301
Barantia BOBranch Office311030
Bardod BOBranch Office311025
Barliyas BOBranch Office311603
Baroda BOBranch Office311203
Barsani BOBranch Office311204
Barundani BOBranch Office311604
Basera BOBranch Office311404
Bavlas BOBranch Office311402
Bavri BOBranch Office311202
Bemali BOBranch Office311804
Bera BOBranch Office311024
Bhabhana BOBranch Office311804
Bhadsi BOBranch Office311302
Bhadu BOBranch Office311403
Bhagunagar BOBranch Office311605
Bhagwanpura BOBranch Office311026
Bharak BOBranch Office311801
Bharni Kalan BOBranch Office311202
Bheemdiyas BOBranch Office311026
Bheeta BOBranch Office311803
Bhilwara City SOPost Office311001
Bhilwara Court SOPost Office311001
Bhilwara HOHead Office311001
Bhilwara Rly Station SOPost Office311001
Bhojpur BOBranch Office311404
Bhojpura BOBranch Office311302
Bhojras BOBranch Office311030
Bholi BOBranch Office311011
Bhopalgarh BOBranch Office311802
Bhopatpura BOBranch Office311602
Bhunas BOBranch Office311802
Bigod SOPost Office311601
Bihada BOBranch Office311202
Bijolia Khurd BOBranch Office311602
Bijolian SOPost Office311602
Bikampura BOBranch Office311602
Bikaran BOBranch Office311606
Biletha BOBranch Office311203
Biliya BOBranch Office311404
Birdhol BOBranch Office311603
Bishniya BOBranch Office311202
Borana CO BOBranch Office311803
Borani BOBranch Office311201
Borda BOBranch Office311404
Borela BOBranch Office311301
Boriapura BOBranch Office311402
Brahmano Ki Sareri BOBranch Office311026
Chainpura BOBranch Office311301
Chamanpura BOBranch Office311401
Chand Ji Ki Kheri BOBranch Office311602
Chandras BOBranch Office311402
Chankhed BOBranch Office311403
Chatarpur BOBranch Office311302
Chawandia BOBranch Office311805
Cheerkheda BOBranch Office311801
Chhaprel BOBranch Office311603
Chileshwar BOBranch Office311804
Chitamba BOBranch Office311804
Dabla BOBranch Office311030
Dabla Chanda BOBranch Office311404
Dabla Kachra BOBranch Office311404
Dahimatha BOBranch Office311804
Danthal BOBranch Office311011
Dantra BOBranch Office311204
Darawat CO BOBranch Office311301
Dariba BOBranch Office311802
Daulatgarh BOBranch Office311301
Delana BOBranch Office311801
Deoli BOBranch Office311802
Deoria BOBranch Office311805
Deoriya BOBranch Office311407
Dhakarkhedi BOBranch Office311601
Dhamnia BOBranch Office311605
Dhanop BOBranch Office311023
Dhikola BOBranch Office311404
Dholi BOBranch Office311024
Dhor BOBranch Office311203
Dhosar BOBranch Office311802
Dhuwala BOBranch Office311804
Dohriya BOBranch Office311407
Dudiya BOBranch Office311802
Gadoli BOBranch Office311201
Gageda BOBranch Office311021
Gahuli BOBranch Office311603
Galwa BOBranch Office311805
Gandher BOBranch Office311202
Ganeshpura BOBranch Office311801
Gangapur Bhilwara SOPost Office311801
Gangithala BOBranch Office311201
Ganglas BOBranch Office311026
Gega Ka Khera BOBranch Office311603
Gendliya B OBranch Office311025
Genoli BOBranch Office311604
Ghadwala Ka Kheda BOBranch Office311024
Gharta BOBranch Office311030
Ghodas BOBranch Office311402
Gopalpura BOBranch Office311602
Gorkhiya BOBranch Office311804
Goverdhanpura BOBranch Office311804
Gudha BOBranch Office311203
Gulabpura SOPost Office311021
Gundli BOBranch Office311802
Gurlan BOBranch Office311802
Gyangarh BOBranch Office311804
Haled BOBranch Office311011
Hamirgarh SOPost Office311025
Hukumpura BOBranch Office311407
Hurda SOPost Office311022
Indra Market SOPost Office311001
Iras BOBranch Office311024
Itdiya BOBranch Office311023
Itmaria BOBranch Office311408
Itunda BOBranch Office311201
Jagpura BOBranch Office311204
Jahazpur SOPost Office311201
Jaitgarh BOBranch Office311302
Jalampura BOBranch Office311021
Jalia BOBranch Office311601
Jalindri BOBranch Office311606
Jamoli BOBranch Office311202
Jassu Ji Ka Khera BOBranch Office311605
Jawal BOBranch Office311601
Jeeva Ka Khera BOBranch Office311603
Jhadol BOBranch Office311805
Jhalriya BOBranch Office311301
Jhanjhola BOBranch Office311605
Jitya BOBranch Office311025
Jojwa BOBranch Office311601
Joravarpura BOBranch Office311402
Kabradia BOBranch Office311026
Kachola SOPost Office311605
Kadisahna BOBranch Office311404
Kaliyas BOBranch Office311024
Kalsans BOBranch Office311401
Kalyanpura BOBranch Office311604
Kanda BOBranch Office311011
Kanechan Kalan BOBranch Office311407
Kanechan Khurd BOBranch Office311407
Kangani BOBranch Office311806
Kaniya BOBranch Office305625
Kankolia BOBranch Office311401
Kankrolia BOBranch Office311601
Kanvlias BOBranch Office311030
Karjaliya BOBranch Office311026
Karoi CO BOBranch Office311802
Kashipuri Bhilwara SOPost Office311001
Kasuriya BOBranch Office311030
Kasya Kala BOBranch Office311602
Katar BOBranch Office311301
Kavlas BOBranch Office311301
Keriya BOBranch Office311026
Khachrol BOBranch Office311604
Khajuri BOBranch Office311203
Khamore BOBranch Office311023
Khankhala BOBranch Office311806
Khankhermala BOBranch Office311803
Khatwara BOBranch Office311601
Khedela BOBranch Office311302
Khedliya BOBranch Office311011
Khejri BOBranch Office311204
Khemana BOBranch Office311805
Kherabad BOBranch Office311025
Kheruna BOBranch Office311605
Kidimal BOBranch Office311301
Kishangarh BOBranch Office311601
Kochoria BOBranch Office311802
Kodu Kota BOBranch Office311011
Koshithal SOPost Office311805
Kot BOBranch Office311803
Kothaj BOBranch Office311603
Kothian SOPost Office311023
Kotri Bhado Ki BOBranch Office311023
Kotri SO BhilwaraPost Office311603
Krisi Upaj Mandi Bwa SOPost Office311001
Kundgate Shahpura SOPost Office311404
Kundia Kalan BOBranch Office311024
Kunwar BOBranch Office311401
Kuradia BOBranch Office311201
Labour Colony SO BhilwaraPost Office311001
Lachura BOBranch Office311301
Ladpura BOBranch Office311604
Laduwas BOBranch Office311403
Lakhola BOBranch Office311801
Lamba Khari Ka BOBranch Office311021
Lambia Kalan BOBranch Office311024
Lambia Khurd BOBranch Office311024
Lambia Station BOBranch Office311024
Lasadia BOBranch Office311202
Lasadiya BOBranch Office311011
Leswa BOBranch Office311402
Luharikala BOBranch Office311201
Luhariya BOBranch Office311403
Lulas BOBranch Office311404
Mahendragarh BOBranch Office311802
Mahula BOBranch Office311404
Mahuwa BOBranch Office311604
Mahuwakhurd BOBranch Office311011
Majhawas BOBranch Office311806
Makredi BOBranch Office311602
Malka Khera BOBranch Office311606
Malola BOBranch Office311802
Mandal SO BhilwaraPost Office311403
Mandalgarh SOPost Office311604
Mangrop BOBranch Office311025
Mangthala BOBranch Office311606
Manoharpura BOBranch Office311605
Manpura BOBranch Office311604
Mansha BOBranch Office311603
Marewada BOBranch Office311804
Mata Ji Ka Khera BOBranch Office311404
Megras BOBranch Office311408
Meja BOBranch Office311403
Mindolia BOBranch Office311404
Mod Ka Nimbahera SOPost Office311026
Mogar BOBranch Office311302
Mohanpura BOBranch Office311604
Mokhunda BOBranch Office311805
Motipur BOBranch Office311024
Motras BOBranch Office311204
Munshi BOBranch Office311408
Nahari BOBranch Office311803
Nandrai BOBranch Office311601
Nandsha BOBranch Office311801
Nandsha J BOBranch Office311805
Narayan Khera BOBranch Office311803
Nathdiyas BOBranch Office311803
Naya Nagar BOBranch Office311602
Negdia BOBranch Office311301
Negdia Ka Khera BOBranch Office311806
Nimbahera Jatan BOBranch Office311804
Nimbahera Kalan BOBranch Office311408
Ojayada BOBranch Office311025
Ojhiyana BOBranch Office311302
Palran BOBranch Office311803
Palri BOBranch Office311026
Pander SOPost Office311202
Pansal BOBranch Office311802
Parasoli BOBranch Office311301
Paroli BOBranch Office311202
Patan BOBranch Office311302
Phalamada BOBranch Office311204
Phulia Kalan SOPost Office311407
Phulia Khurd BOBranch Office311408
Pipli BOBranch Office311025
Piplund SOPost Office311203
Pitha Ka Khera BOBranch Office311803
Pithas BOBranch Office311802
Potlan BOBranch Office311806
Pratappura BOBranch Office311404
Pur SO BhilwaraPost Office311802
Pura BOBranch Office311302
Ragunathpura BOBranch Office311301
Ragurajpura BOBranch Office311404
Rahad BOBranch Office311404
Railagaon SOPost Office311024
Raipur SO BhilwaraPost Office311803
Raja Ji Ka Kareda SOPost Office311804
Rajgarh BOBranch Office311605
Rakshi BOBranch Office311401
Ralayata BOBranch Office311604
Rampura BOBranch Office311302
Rampuria BOBranch Office311802
Rased BOBranch Office311603
Ratanpura BOBranch Office311301
Rawatkhera BOBranch Office311201
Redwas BOBranch Office311603
Reeth BOBranch Office311603
Richda BOBranch Office311401
Rooppura BOBranch Office311301
Ropan BOBranch Office311202
Rupaheli BOBranch Office311011
Rupaheli Khurd BOBranch Office311026
Rupaheli SOPost Office311030
Sagreo BOBranch Office311803
Sahada SOPost Office311806
Salawatia BOBranch Office311602
Salera BOBranch Office311806
Salriya Kalan BOBranch Office311401
Sanganer BOBranch Office311011
Sangari BOBranch Office311407
Sangramgarh BOBranch Office311204
Sangria BOBranch Office311023
Sangwa BOBranch Office311402
Sankda BOBranch Office311603
Santokpura BOBranch Office311403
Sarana BOBranch Office311604
Sardarnagar BOBranch Office311401
Sareri CO BOBranch Office311024
Sarewadi BOBranch Office311803
Sargaon BOBranch Office311806
Sarsiya BOBranch Office311201
Sarthala BOBranch Office311605
Satliyas BOBranch Office311806
Satola Ka Khera BOBranch Office311011
Seedriyas BOBranch Office311011
Sethuria BOBranch Office311802
Shahpura Raj SOPost Office311404
Shakkargarh BOBranch Office311203
Shambhugarh SOPost Office311204
Shastri Nagar Gangapur SOPost Office311801
Shivpur BOBranch Office311804
Shivrati BOBranch Office311801
Shyam Garh BOBranch Office311604
Shyampura S OPost Office311606
Singoli BOBranch Office311604
Sirdiyas BOBranch Office311026
Sodar BOBranch Office311024
Soniyana BOBranch Office311801
Srinagar BOBranch Office311604
Subhash Nagar Bhilwara SOPost Office311001
Suras BOBranch Office311601
Surawas BOBranch Office311806
Suthepa BOBranch Office311025
Suwana SOPost Office311011
Swaipur BOBranch Office311603
Swaroopganj BOBranch Office311025
Taswaria Basa BOBranch Office311407
Taswaria Khurd BOBranch Office311408
Taswariya BOBranch Office311021
Tehnal BOBranch Office311404
Thala BOBranch Office311403
Thana BOBranch Office311804
Tharoda BOBranch Office311602
Tikar BOBranch Office311201
Tiliswa BOBranch Office311602
Tiloli BOBranch Office311301
Titoda BOBranch Office311202
Titoda Tehla BOBranch Office311605
Titodi BOBranch Office311202
Tumkarwar BOBranch Office311030
Tunka BOBranch Office311402
Udliyas BOBranch Office311011
Ullai BOBranch Office311805
Ullela BOBranch Office311203
Uma Ji Ka Kheda BOBranch Office311602
Umari BOBranch Office311803
Uncha BOBranch Office311201
Upreda SOPost Office311408

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service