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Explore all post offices or pincodes of BHAVNAGAR, GUJARAT

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adhewada BOBranch Office364002
Agiyali BOBranch Office364260
Akwada BOBranch Office364002
Alampar BOBranch Office364320
Alang SBY SOPost Office364081
Amargadh SOPost Office364210
Ambla BOBranch Office364210
Anandpur BOBranch Office364310
Anida BOBranch Office364270
ANKOLALI BOBranch Office364270
Awaniya BOBranch Office364002
Ayavej BOBranch Office364510
Bagdana BOBranch Office364145
Bahadurpur BOBranch Office364270
Bajud BOBranch Office364210
Bambhania BOBranch Office364280
Bapada BOBranch Office364150
Bela BOBranch Office364150
Belampur BOBranch Office364290
Bhadavav BOBranch Office364270
Bhadbhid BOBranch Office364313
Bhadli BOBranch Office364240
Bhadra BOBranch Office364290
Bhadraval BOBranch Office364150
Bhadrod SOPost Office364295
Bhandariya BOBranch Office364505
Bhandariya SOPost Office364050
Bhankhal BOBranch Office364120
Bharoli BOBranch Office364120
Bhavnagar Anandnagar SOPost Office364005
Bhavnagar Bharatnagar SOPost Office364002
Bhavnagar BPTI SOPost Office364002
Bhavnagar Chitra SOPost Office364004
Bhavnagar Gogha Circle SOPost Office364001
Bhavnagar HOHead Office364001
Bhavnagar K Nagar SOPost Office364001
Bhavnagar Khargate SOPost Office364001
Bhavnagar Kumbharwada SOPost Office364006
Bhavnagar Nirmalnagar SOPost Office364001
Bhavnagar Para SOPost Office364003
Bhavnagar Shivaji Circle Area SOPost Office364001
Bhavnagar Station Road SOPost Office364006
Bhavnagar Takhteshwar SOPost Office364002
Bhavnagar Wadva SOPost Office364001
Bhikda BOBranch Office364060
Bhojavadar BOBranch Office364320
Bhojpara BOBranch Office364060
Bhumbhli BOBranch Office364110
Bhutiya BOBranch Office364270
Bila BOBranch Office364280
Boda BOBranch Office364295
Borda BOBranch Office364130
Bordi BOBranch Office364280
Budhana BOBranch Office364240
Budhel BOBranch Office364002
Chamardi BOBranch Office364310
Chhapariyali BOBranch Office364510
Chhapri Juni BOBranch Office364145
Chogath BOBranch Office364330
Chok BOBranch Office364510
Concret Jetty BOBranch Office364005
Dadva BOBranch Office364320
Dakana BOBranch Office364140
Damrala BOBranch Office364265
Dared BOBranch Office364760
Datha SOPost Office364130
Dayal BOBranch Office364130
Dedarda BOBranch Office364265
Degvada BOBranch Office364295
Depla BOBranch Office364510
Devaliya BOBranch Office364140
Devgana BOBranch Office364260
Devli BOBranch Office364140
Dhankankunda BOBranch Office364230
Dharai BOBranch Office364145
Dharuka BOBranch Office364330
Dharwala BOBranch Office364740
Dhola SOPost Office364320
Dhundsar BOBranch Office364260
Dihor BOBranch Office364150
Dudhala BOBranch Office364265
Dudhala No 2 BOBranch Office364280
Dudheri BOBranch Office364290
Dundas BOBranch Office364290
Fariyadka BOBranch Office364060
Fulsar BOBranch Office364140
Gadhesar BOBranch Office364130
Galthar BOBranch Office364295
Ganeshgadh BOBranch Office364275
Gariyadhar SOPost Office364505
Ghanghli BOBranch Office364240
Gheti SOPost Office364265
Gogha SOPost Office364110
Goras BOBranch Office364280
Gorkhi BOBranch Office364140
Gujarda BOBranch Office364505
Gundala BOBranch Office364260
Gundarna BOBranch Office364295
Gundarni BOBranch Office364290
Habukvad BOBranch Office364150
Hadmatiya BOBranch Office364230
HAJIPUR BOBranch Office364140
Haliyad BOBranch Office364330
Hanol BOBranch Office364270
Hathab BOBranch Office364070
Hathasani BOBranch Office364270
Hipavadli BOBranch Office364525
Hoidad BOBranch Office364070
Ingorala BOBranch Office364320
Ishwariya BOBranch Office364230
Jaliya Amraji BOBranch Office364270
Jaliya BOBranch Office364740
JaliyaP BOBranch Office364275
Jamanvav BOBranch Office364270
Jambala BOBranch Office364260
Jaspara BOBranch Office364120
Jesar SOPost Office364510
Junarampar BOBranch Office364330
Kalsar BOBranch Office364130
Kalyanpur BOBranch Office364310
Kamlej BOBranch Office364060
Kamlol Nani BOBranch Office364140
Kanad BOBranch Office364240
Kanjarda BOBranch Office364265
Kanpar BOBranch Office364310
Kantasar BOBranch Office364295
Kanthariya BOBranch Office364310
Kardej BOBranch Office364060
Karla BOBranch Office364280
Karmadiya BOBranch Office364145
Katpar BOBranch Office364290
Katrodi BOBranch Office364525
Kerala BOBranch Office364135
Khadsaliya BOBranch Office364070
Khandhera BOBranch Office364140
Kharakadi BOBranch Office364260
Khared BOBranch Office364290
Kharedi BOBranch Office364275
Khari BOBranch Office364295
Kinkariya BOBranch Office364280
Koliyak SOPost Office364070
Konjli BOBranch Office364290
Kukad BOBranch Office364120
Kumbhan BOBranch Office364290
Kumbhariya BOBranch Office364145
Kundhada BOBranch Office364145
Kundheli BOBranch Office364140
Lakadiya BOBranch Office364150
Lakhanka BOBranch Office364070
Langala BOBranch Office364320
Limda H BOBranch Office364740
Loinga BOBranch Office364295
Lokshala BOBranch Office364150
Loliyana BOBranch Office364330
Longdi BOBranch Office364295
Lundhara BOBranch Office364310
Lusdi BOBranch Office364290
Luvara BOBranch Office364505
Luvarvav BOBranch Office364270
Madhada BOBranch Office364240
Madhiya BOBranch Office364290
Mahuva SO BhavnagarPost Office364290
Makhania BOBranch Office364140
Malanka BOBranch Office364002
Malpara BOBranch Office364002
Malvav BOBranch Office364130
Manar BOBranch Office364150
Mandvi BOBranch Office364275
Mangadh BOBranch Office364275
Melana BOBranch Office364760
Mendha BOBranch Office364140
Mevasa BOBranch Office364313
Mokhada BOBranch Office364270
Monpar BOBranch Office364145
Morba BOBranch Office364505
Morchand BOBranch Office364050
Morchupna BOBranch Office364510
Mota Asrana BOBranch Office364280
Mota Charodiya BOBranch Office364505
Mota Khokhra BOBranch Office364050
Mota Surka BOBranch Office364240
Mota Zadra BOBranch Office364290
Motakhuntavada SOPost Office364280
Moti Dharai BOBranch Office364313
Moti Jagdhar BOBranch Office364295
Moti Rajasthali BOBranch Office364270
Moti Vavdi BOBranch Office364275
Muldharai BOBranch Office364310
Nagdhaniba BOBranch Office364050
Naip BOBranch Office364290
Nana Asrana BOBranch Office364280
Nana Jadra BOBranch Office364290
Nana Khuntavada BOBranch Office364295
Nana Surka BOBranch Office364250
Nani Rajashtali BOBranch Office364270
Nani Vavdi BOBranch Office364505
Nanimal BOBranch Office364265
Nari BOBranch Office364004
Nava Ratanpar BOBranch Office364070
Nava Sangana BOBranch Office364140
Nava Sarod BOBranch Office364270
Navagam BOBranch Office364120
Navania BOBranch Office364310
Nesda BOBranch Office364240
Nesvad BOBranch Office364290
Nincha Kotda BOBranch Office364130
Nonghanvadar BOBranch Office364230
Otha BOBranch Office364295
Pachhegam BOBranch Office364310
Padapan BOBranch Office364230
Padri G BOBranch Office364150
Padva BOBranch Office364050
Paldi BOBranch Office364250
Palitana SOPost Office364270
Palitana SR SOPost Office364270
Panchpipla BOBranch Office364265
Panchtobra BOBranch Office364505
Panchvada BOBranch Office364250
Panvi BOBranch Office364310
Parvadi SOPost Office364275
Parvala BOBranch Office364320
Pasvi BOBranch Office364140
Patna Bhal BOBranch Office364310
Pavthi BOBranch Office364140
Pingli BOBranch Office364260
Pipaliya BOBranch Office364240
Piparadi BOBranch Office364525
Pipardi BOBranch Office364230
Piprali BOBranch Office364320
Pithalpur SOPost Office364135
Pratappara BOBranch Office364135
Rajavadar BOBranch Office364290
Rajgadh BOBranch Office364313
Rajpara BOBranch Office364310
Rajpara No 2 BOBranch Office364120
Ralgon BOBranch Office364145
Ramanka BOBranch Office364320
Ramdhari BOBranch Office364210
Randola BOBranch Office364240
Ranghola BOBranch Office364230
Ranigam BOBranch Office364510
Raniwada BOBranch Office364130
Ranparda BOBranch Office364265
Ratanpar BOBranch Office364270
Ratanpur Bhal SOPost Office364313
Ratanvav BOBranch Office364310
Ratol BOBranch Office364290
Reliya BOBranch Office364135
Reva BOBranch Office364230
Rohishala BOBranch Office364270
Rojiya BOBranch Office364130
Royal BOBranch Office364150
Rupavati BOBranch Office364505
Sagwadi BOBranch Office364240
Sakhvadar BOBranch Office364140
Samadhiyala Mulani BOBranch Office364230
Samadhiyala BOBranch Office364320
Sanala BOBranch Office364510
Sandhkhakhara BOBranch Office364275
Sanesh BOBranch Office364313
Sankhadasar No1 BOBranch Office364140
Sankhdasar No2 BOBranch Office364120
Sanodar BOBranch Office364050
Sanosara SOPost Office364230
Sarera BOBranch Office364280
Sartanpar BOBranch Office364140
Sathra BOBranch Office364150
Satpada BOBranch Office364265
Sedarda BOBranch Office364280
Senjaliya BOBranch Office364270
Shantinagar BOBranch Office364280
Shetruji Dam BOBranch Office364270
Shivendra Nagar BOBranch Office364265
Shobhavad BOBranch Office364140
Sidsar BOBranch Office364060
Sihor SOPost Office364240
Songadh SOPost Office364250
Surnagar BOBranch Office364275
Surnivas BOBranch Office364505
Talaja SOPost Office364140
Talgajarda BOBranch Office364290
Tana SOPost Office364260
Tansa SOPost Office364120
Tared BOBranch Office364290
Tarsara BOBranch Office364140
Tatania BOBranch Office364280
Thadach BOBranch Office364140
Thaliya SOPost Office364145
Thansa BOBranch Office364505
Thordi BOBranch Office364110
Timana BOBranch Office364150
Timba BOBranch Office364275
Timbi BOBranch Office364320
Trapaj SOPost Office364150
Ugalvan BOBranch Office364280
Ujalvav BOBranch Office364320
Ukharla BOBranch Office364050
Umrala SOPost Office364330
Unchadi BOBranch Office364140
Usrad BOBranch Office364240
Vadalmoti BOBranch Office364530
Vadiya BOBranch Office364270
Vadod BOBranch Office364320
Vaghnagar BOBranch Office364290
Valar BOBranch Office364130
Vallabhipur SOPost Office364310
Valukad BOBranch Office364060
Varal BOBranch Office364260
Vartej SOPost Office364060
Vav BOBranch Office364210
Vavdi BOBranch Office364330
Vejodari BOBranch Office364130
Velavadar BOBranch Office364505
Zadakla BOBranch Office364510
Zanjmer BOBranch Office364135

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service