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Explore all post offices or pincodes of BHARATPUR, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhorra BOBranch Office321202
Adda BOBranch Office321411
Aghapur BOBranch Office321001
Ajan BOBranch Office321025
Ajau BOBranch Office321303
Akata BOBranch Office321022
Akhaigarh SOPost Office321614
Alamshah BOBranch Office321024
Alghani BOBranch Office321024
Alipur BOBranch Office321615
Anahgatebharatpur SOPost Office321001
Anand Dadri BOBranch Office321022
Anchera BOBranch Office321602
Andhiyari BOBranch Office321302
Aroda BOBranch Office321411
Astawan BOBranch Office321201
Atari BOBranch Office321028
Au BOBranch Office321203
Awar BOBranch Office321202
Babekhar BOBranch Office321615
Baben BOBranch Office321026
Bachhamdi BOBranch Office321302
Bachhamdi Noh BOBranch Office321001
Bachhren BOBranch Office321407
Badangarh BOBranch Office321201
Badipur BOBranch Office321023
Bagren BOBranch Office321411
Bahaj BOBranch Office321203
Bahtana BOBranch Office321203
Bajhera Kalan BOBranch Office321408
Ballabhgarh SOPost Office321409
Bamanwari BOBranch Office321023
Band Baretha SOPost Office321405
Banshi Paharpur SOPost Office321403
Bansi BOBranch Office321301
Bansi Khurd BOBranch Office321303
Barakhur BOBranch Office321021
Barauli Chhar BOBranch Office321614
Barauli Dhau BOBranch Office321022
Bareh Mafi BOBranch Office321301
Bargha BOBranch Office321301
Barkheda BOBranch Office321028
Baroda BOBranch Office321402
Baroli BOBranch Office321406
Baroli Chuth BOBranch Office321203
Baroli Ran BOBranch Office321614
Barso BOBranch Office321001
Bayana SOPost Office321401
Bazariya Bayana SOPost Office321401
Bedham BOBranch Office321206
Behnera BOBranch Office321001
Belara BOBranch Office321602
Berru BOBranch Office321024
Bhadira BOBranch Office321602
Bhainsa BOBranch Office321301
Bhaiseena BOBranch Office321615
Bhandara BOBranch Office321022
Bhandore BOBranch Office321026
Bharatpur Agency SOPost Office321001
Bharatpur City SOPost Office321001
Bharatpur HOHead Office321001
Bhatawali BOBranch Office321602
Bhatpura BOBranch Office321205
Bhawanpura BOBranch Office321405
Bhonri BOBranch Office321204
Bhont BOBranch Office321303
Bhusawar SOPost Office321406
Bhutoli BOBranch Office321642
Bidiyari BOBranch Office321401
Bijwari BOBranch Office321407
Bilond BOBranch Office321022
Bilong BOBranch Office321022
Bilothi BOBranch Office321025
Birheru BOBranch Office321201
Bodoli Dahar BOBranch Office321204
Bolkhera BOBranch Office321022
Boodli BOBranch Office321024
Borai BOBranch Office321026
Brahmbad SOPost Office321410
Chak Samri BOBranch Office321404
Chenkora BOBranch Office321404
Chentoli BOBranch Office321407
Chhichhalwari BOBranch Office321022
Chhonkarwara Kalan SOPost Office321407
Chichana BOBranch Office321001
Chiksana BOBranch Office321001
Chulhera BOBranch Office321203
Collectorate BTP SOPost Office321001
Dahgaon BOBranch Office321401
Dahina Gaon BOBranch Office321402
Damdama BOBranch Office321401
Dana Khedli BOBranch Office321403
Dandera BOBranch Office321023
Dantlothi BOBranch Office321206
Daulat Garh BOBranch Office321404
Dawak BOBranch Office321024
Deeg HOHead Office321203
Dehra BOBranch Office321026
Dhadhren BOBranch Office321411
Dhamari BOBranch Office321022
Dhanota BOBranch Office321303
Dhanwara BOBranch Office321201
Dharsoni BOBranch Office321028
Dhilawati BOBranch Office321022
Dhoolet BOBranch Office321204
Dhormui BOBranch Office321025
Didawali BOBranch Office321203
Diwali BOBranch Office321406
Dorda BOBranch Office321404
Dumaria BOBranch Office321405
Dundawal BOBranch Office321205
Ekta BOBranch Office321302
Farso BOBranch Office321401
Forest Lodge BOBranch Office321001
Gadauli BOBranch Office321602
Gagwana BOBranch Office321303
Gajipur BOBranch Office321411
Gangora BOBranch Office321204
Gangrauli BOBranch Office321602
Gaomdi BOBranch Office321021
Gaomri BOBranch Office321023
Garh Ajan BOBranch Office321022
Garhi Bajna BOBranch Office321405
Ghatmika BOBranch Office321204
Ghatri BOBranch Office321409
Ghosinga BOBranch Office321023
Ghusiyari BOBranch Office321001
Gobra BOBranch Office321401
Gogera BOBranch Office321409
Gopalgarh BOBranch Office321204
Gopalgarh BTP SOPost Office321001
Gudawali BOBranch Office321642
Guhana BOBranch Office321203
Gulpada BOBranch Office321024
Gunsara BOBranch Office321202
Halena SOPost Office321601
Hantra BOBranch Office321601
Hatheni BOBranch Office321021
Hathodi BOBranch Office321409
Hatizar BOBranch Office321028
Helak BOBranch Office321303
Hingota BOBranch Office321206
Hishamada BOBranch Office321408
Ibrahimpur BOBranch Office321404
Iklera BOBranch Office321203
Ikran BOBranch Office321001
Indrauli BOBranch Office321022
Ishapur Katara BOBranch Office321602
Jaghina SOPost Office321021
Jagjiwanpur BOBranch Office321408
Jahaj BOBranch Office321409
Jahangirpur BOBranch Office321028
Jai Sri BOBranch Office321024
Jalalpur BOBranch Office321024
Jaluki BOBranch Office321205
Janoothar SOPost Office321206
Jasupura BOBranch Office321409
Jateri BOBranch Office321203
Jatmasi BOBranch Office321403
Jatoli Rathbhan BOBranch Office321025
Jatoli Thoon BOBranch Office321206
Jeewad BOBranch Office321408
Jhanjhar BOBranch Office321024
Jharauti BOBranch Office321615
Jharkai BOBranch Office321642
Jharoli BOBranch Office321303
Jotri Peepal BOBranch Office321204
Jotroli BOBranch Office321403
Jotruhalla BOBranch Office321204
Jurhera SOPost Office321023
Kachahri Bayana SOPost Office321401
Kaithwara BOBranch Office321024
Kakrala BOBranch Office321024
Kakraua BOBranch Office321402
Kalsada BOBranch Office321409
Kamalpura BOBranch Office321407
Kamanlsg SOPost Office321022
Kanavar BOBranch Office321401
Kanjoli Line SOPost Office321026
Kapoora Malooka BOBranch Office321411
Karai BOBranch Office321602
Karawali BOBranch Office321409
Karili BOBranch Office321602
Karwari BOBranch Office321411
Kasoda BOBranch Office321026
Kasot BOBranch Office321202
Kathol BOBranch Office321204
Kawai BOBranch Office321602
Keir BOBranch Office321411
Khakhawali BOBranch Office321205
Khan Kheda BOBranch Office321411
Khan Surjapur BOBranch Office321404
Khandeola BOBranch Office321204
Khangri BOBranch Office321642
Khanwa BOBranch Office321404
Khareri SOPost Office321411
Khatoti BOBranch Office321602
Khemra BOBranch Office321001
Khera Thakur BOBranch Office321402
Kherli Gadasia SOPost Office321028
Kherli Gujar BOBranch Office321601
Khesti BOBranch Office321024
Khoh BOBranch Office321203
Khohra BOBranch Office321401
Khohri BOBranch Office321024
Khunt Kheda BOBranch Office321411
Konrer BOBranch Office321202
Kot BOBranch Office321405
Kotwalibharatpur SOPost Office321001
Krishna Colony BTP SOPost Office321001
Kumha BOBranch Office321303
KUMHAREDI BOBranch Office321205
Kumher SOPost Office321201
Kumhergate BTP SOPost Office321001
Kurka BOBranch Office321301
Ladamka BOBranch Office321204
Lakhanpur BOBranch Office321028
Lehchora Kalan BOBranch Office321401
Ludhawai BOBranch Office321303
Luhasa BOBranch Office321602
Luhesor BOBranch Office321022
Madanpur BOBranch Office321411
Madha Pura BOBranch Office321402
Madhoni BOBranch Office321026
Mahaloni BOBranch Office321401
Mahalpur Choora BOBranch Office321403
Mahmadpura BOBranch Office321405
Mahua BOBranch Office321303
Mai BOBranch Office321028
Mainapura BOBranch Office321409
Majajpur BOBranch Office321409
Malah BOBranch Office321001
Maloni BOBranch Office321404
Mandoli BOBranch Office321402
Manjhi BOBranch Office321602
Manota Kalan BOBranch Office321205
Mathura Gate BTP SOPost Office321001
Matuki BOBranch Office321022
Mehrawar BOBranch Office321201
Mertha BOBranch Office321404
Milakpur BOBranch Office321302
Milsama BOBranch Office321404
Moloni BOBranch Office321601
Moondoti BOBranch Office321205
Moroli BOBranch Office321206
Moroli Dang BOBranch Office321402
Moroli Kalan BOBranch Office321025
Mudhera BOBranch Office321302
Mudia Sadh BOBranch Office321407
Mudiya Lalita BOBranch Office321601
Mudota BOBranch Office321303
Muhari BOBranch Office321408
Mundiya BOBranch Office321205
Murwara BOBranch Office321026
Musepur BOBranch Office321022
MVPeeth Bhusawar BOBranch Office321406
Nadbai SOPost Office321602
Nadbai Town SOPost Office321602
Nagar SO BharatpurPost Office321205
Nagla Satwari BOBranch Office321204
Nagla Tehriyan BOBranch Office321302
Nagla Tula BOBranch Office321405
Nahroli BOBranch Office321401
Naom BOBranch Office321642
Narharpur BOBranch Office321406
Naroli BOBranch Office321615
Navali BOBranch Office321401
Nayabas BOBranch Office321614
Nayagaom Khalsa BOBranch Office321406
Nayagaon BOBranch Office321404
Nehra Chauth BOBranch Office321203
Nekpur BOBranch Office321302
New Mandi BTP SOPost Office321001
Newada BOBranch Office321407
Nibhera BOBranch Office321402
Nigoi BOBranch Office321203
Nithar BOBranch Office321409
Niyotha BOBranch Office321642
Nogaom BOBranch Office321023
Noharda BOBranch Office321404
Nonera BOBranch Office321023
Olanda BOBranch Office321024
Ondelgaddi BOBranch Office321404
Padalwas BOBranch Office321205
Pahari SO BharatpurPost Office321204
Paharsar BOBranch Office321602
Pai BOBranch Office321023
Pala BOBranch Office321201
Pali BOBranch Office321601
Pali Dang BOBranch Office321405
Palka BOBranch Office321024
Panhori BOBranch Office321206
Papra BOBranch Office321204
Paprera BOBranch Office321602
Par BOBranch Office321303
Paraswara BOBranch Office321028
Paraua BOBranch Office321405
Parmadra BOBranch Office321203
Pasopa BOBranch Office321022
Pasta BOBranch Office321203
Pathena SOPost Office321615
Pathroli BOBranch Office321204
Pendka BOBranch Office321205
Penghore SOPost Office321202
Phulwara BOBranch Office321021
Pichumar BOBranch Office321201
Pichuna SOPost Office321301
Pili BOBranch Office321642
Pingora BOBranch Office321028
Pipalkheda BOBranch Office321024
Pipla BOBranch Office321021
Piprau BOBranch Office321614
Poonchhari BOBranch Office321205
PUNJABI NAGLABranch Office321001
Purabai Kheda BOBranch Office321410
Rahimgarh BOBranch Office321408
Raisis BOBranch Office321602
Randhirgarh BOBranch Office321406
Ranf BOBranch Office321024
Ranjeet Nagar BTP SOPost Office321001
Rareh SOPost Office321025
Raroda BOBranch Office321411
Rasilpur BOBranch Office321402
Ronija BOBranch Office321602
Roopbas SOPost Office321404
Rudawal SOPost Office321402
Rundh BOBranch Office321404
Sablana BOBranch Office321022
Sabora BOBranch Office321206
Sadpura BOBranch Office321410
Sadpuri BOBranch Office321205
Saheda BOBranch Office321023
Saindhli BOBranch Office321406
Saint BOBranch Office321201
Salabad BOBranch Office321401
Salempur Kalan BOBranch Office321409
Salempur Khurd BOBranch Office321407
Samai Kheda BOBranch Office321203
Samler BOBranch Office321204
Samogar BOBranch Office321411
Samraya BOBranch Office321408
Samri BOBranch Office321405
Santruk BOBranch Office321025
Sarsena SOPost Office321642
Satwas BOBranch Office321023
Saumka BOBranch Office321204
Sehna BOBranch Office321302
Sehson BOBranch Office321023
Semla Kalan BOBranch Office321205
Semli BOBranch Office321205
Sewar SOPost Office321303
Shahpur Dang BOBranch Office321401
Shekhpur BOBranch Office321028
Shergarh BOBranch Office321401
Shiswara BOBranch Office321206
Sihi BOBranch Office321602
Sikandara BOBranch Office321401
Sikri SOPost Office321024
Sikrori BOBranch Office321201
Singhada BOBranch Office321410
Singhania BOBranch Office321405
Sinsini BOBranch Office321201
Siras BOBranch Office321408
Sirrond BOBranch Office321403
Sirthala BOBranch Office321205
Sogar BOBranch Office321001
Soopa BOBranch Office321410
Suhans BOBranch Office321408
Suhari BOBranch Office321406
Sunari BOBranch Office321001
Sundrawali BOBranch Office321205
Sunhera BOBranch Office321022
Syorawali BOBranch Office321206
Takha BOBranch Office321025
Talchhera BOBranch Office321614
Talfara BOBranch Office321202
Tamrer BOBranch Office321202
Tarondar BOBranch Office321205
Tarsuma BOBranch Office321405
Teski BOBranch Office321024
ThairwaBranch Office321206
Thana Dang BOBranch Office321401
Thoon BOBranch Office321205
Tuhiya BOBranch Office321001
Turtipura BOBranch Office321405
Ubhaka BOBranch Office321204
Uchain SOPost Office321302
Umrend BOBranch Office321408
Unch BOBranch Office321602
Uncha Gaom BOBranch Office321303
Unchera BOBranch Office321023
Undra BOBranch Office321001
Usrani BOBranch Office321206
Utarda BOBranch Office321614
Veerampura BOBranch Office321302
Weir SOPost Office321408

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service