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Explore all post offices or pincodes of BANKURA, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Agarda BOBranch Office722144
Ahanda BOBranch Office722173
Ajodhya BOBranch Office722122
Akhrasole BOBranch Office722206
Akhuapal BOBranch Office722134
Akkhuta BOBranch Office722148
Akui SOPost Office722201
Alijhara BOBranch Office722137
Amarkanan BOBranch Office722133
Ambikanagar BOBranch Office722135
Amchura BOBranch Office722134
Amdahi BOBranch Office722141
Amral BOBranch Office722122
Amritpara BOBranch Office722207
Amrul BOBranch Office722206
Anchuri Salboni BOBranch Office722102
Andharthole BOBranch Office722146
Anur BOBranch Office722161
Arabani BOBranch Office722144
Araldihi BOBranch Office722121
Ardhagram BOBranch Office722143
Arkama BOBranch Office722140
Arrah BOBranch Office722137
Asurali BOBranch Office722154
Aswinkota BOBranch Office722141
Ayma BOBranch Office722138
Bagdiha BOBranch Office722136
Baidyalokhesole BOBranch Office722139
Baidyanathpur BOBranch Office722140
Baital BOBranch Office722138
Bakulia BOBranch Office722143
Baliara BOBranch Office722144
Balitha BOBranch Office722141
Balsi BOBranch Office722206
Bamira BOBranch Office722206
Bamuntore BOBranch Office722153
Banasuria BOBranch Office722133
Banjora BOBranch Office722142
Bankadaha SOPost Office722164
Bankata BOBranch Office722121
Bankisole BOBranch Office722206
Bankura DSB SOPost Office722101
Bankura HOHead Office722101
Bansichandipur BOBranch Office722154
Bansidih BOBranch Office722121
Barachingra BOBranch Office722136
Baragarrah BOBranch Office722150
Barbendya BOBranch Office722203
Baricha BOBranch Office722151
Barikul BOBranch Office722162
Barjora SOPost Office722202
Barkona BOBranch Office722133
Barkura BOBranch Office722203
Basantimela BOBranch Office722122
Basubati BOBranch Office722154
Basudebpur BOBranch Office722134
Bauridihi BOBranch Office722121
Behar BOBranch Office722205
Beliadangarpara BOBranch Office722122
Beliatore SOPost Office722203
Belsulia BOBranch Office722138
Belut BOBranch Office722206
Benabaid BOBranch Office722143
Besora BOBranch Office722137
Bethuala BOBranch Office722135
Betur BOBranch Office722206
Bhadul BOBranch Office722155
Bhagabandh BOBranch Office722146
Bhagaldighi BOBranch Office722154
Bhagalpur BOBranch Office722141
Bhalaidiha BOBranch Office722139
Bhalukbasa BOBranch Office722121
Bhalukgenjar BOBranch Office722136
Bhara BOBranch Office722157
Bharakalibari BOBranch Office722143
Bhatra BOBranch Office722136
Bhattapara BOBranch Office722203
Bhedua BOBranch Office722151
Bheduasole SOPost Office722121
Bhikurdihi BOBranch Office722146
Bhojda BOBranch Office722121
Bhuakana BOBranch Office722140
Bhutsahar BOBranch Office722156
Biborda BOBranch Office722152
Biharjuria BOBranch Office722155
Bijpur BOBranch Office713142
Bikrampur BOBranch Office722151
Birkham BOBranch Office722148
Birsinghpur BOBranch Office722207
Bishjore BOBranch Office722158
Bishnupur SO BankuraPost Office722122
Bishnupur Stn Rd SOPost Office722122
Bisinda BOBranch Office722133
Biur BOBranch Office722205
Boga BOBranch Office722136
Bon Sarenga BOBranch Office722160
Bonbirsingha BOBranch Office722207
Bondubrajpur BOBranch Office722151
Bonkati BOBranch Office722102
Bonradhanagar SOPost Office722157
Brahmandiha BOBranch Office722173
Brajarajpur BOBranch Office722121
Brindabanpur Barsal BOBranch Office722142
Brindabanpur BOBranch Office722203
Budhanpur BOBranch Office722137
Chaka BOBranch Office722140
Chakaltore BOBranch Office722136
Chakdaha BOBranch Office722122
Chakshyampur BOBranch Office722152
Chamtagora BOBranch Office722137
Chandga Palashi BOBranch Office722205
Chandra BOBranch Office722132
Charigram BOBranch Office722205
Cheliama Sunukpahari BOBranch Office722136
Chhagulia BOBranch Office722152
Chhandar BOBranch Office722203
Chhatarkanali BOBranch Office722155
Chhatna SOPost Office722132
Chingani BOBranch Office722152
Chingra BOBranch Office722150
Chourabaid BOBranch Office722136
Chousal BOBranch Office722142
Choutar BOBranch Office722150
Chumosina BOBranch Office722157
Dabri BOBranch Office722135
Dadhimukha BOBranch Office722203
Dahala BOBranch Office722160
Damodarbati BOBranch Office722144
Danga Barabendya BOBranch Office722173
Dangmejhia BOBranch Office722143
Darapur BOBranch Office722141
Darsole BOBranch Office722140
Dashere BOBranch Office722141
Dehuapara BOBranch Office722141
Deshra BOBranch Office722141
Deuli BOBranch Office722148
Dhaban BOBranch Office722137
Dhabani BOBranch Office722203
Dhadanga BOBranch Office722140
Dhagara BOBranch Office722135
Dhansimla BOBranch Office722207
Dhara BOBranch Office722138
Dheko BOBranch Office721504
Dighalgram BOBranch Office722201
Dighi BOBranch Office722121
Digpar BOBranch Office722122
Dipara BOBranch Office722207
Doldere BOBranch Office722160
Douni BOBranch Office722149
Dubarajpur BOBranch Office722136
Dudhya BOBranch Office722162
Dumurtore BOBranch Office722150
Dundar BOBranch Office722140
Durlavpur BOBranch Office722133
Dwarika BOBranch Office722122
Feder Road SOPost Office722101
Fulkusma Khattagram BOBranch Office722173
Fulkusma SOPost Office722162
Fulmati BOBranch Office722152
Fulsusunia BOBranch Office722162
Gangajalghati SOPost Office722133
Gangarampur Bamnia BOBranch Office722201
Gangnala BOBranch Office722150
Garh Kotalpur BOBranch Office722144
Garhdubrajpur BOBranch Office722132
Garhgaria BOBranch Office722150
Garhraipur SOPost Office722134
Gelia SOPost Office722154
Ghagra Haludkanali BOBranch Office722148
Gholgoria BOBranch Office722136
Gholkunda BOBranch Office722152
Ghoradanga BOBranch Office722206
Ghutgoria BOBranch Office722202
Gobarda BOBranch Office722140
Gobindadham BOBranch Office722133
Godardihi BOBranch Office722203
Gogra BOBranch Office722137
Gokulnagar BOBranch Office722122
Gopalnagar BOBranch Office722122
Gopalpur BOBranch Office722136
Gopikantapur BOBranch Office722207
Gopinathpur BOBranch Office722161
Gorabari SOPost Office722135
Gorasole BOBranch Office722144
Gossainjanara BOBranch Office722121
Gossainpur BOBranch Office722122
Gossindihi BOBranch Office722158
Gourbazar BOBranch Office722121
Gouripur BOBranch Office722132
Guniada BOBranch Office722136
Gunnath BOBranch Office722121
Gunpura BOBranch Office722135
Hadal Narayanpur BOBranch Office722207
Haludkanali BOBranch Office722140
Hamirhati BOBranch Office722207
Hamirpur BOBranch Office722206
Harialgara BOBranch Office722155
Harinarayanpur Dharampur BOBranch Office721504
Harmasra BOBranch Office722152
Hatagram BOBranch Office722136
Hatasuria SOPost Office722204
Hatirampur BOBranch Office722121
Hatkrishnanagar BOBranch Office722206
Helna Susunia BOBranch Office722146
Hetia BOBranch Office722138
Hetiasole BOBranch Office722140
Hetyagora BOBranch Office722151
Hijaldiha BOBranch Office722138
Hijlitilabani BOBranch Office722135
Hirapur BOBranch Office722152
Hirbandh BOBranch Office722121
Ichharia BOBranch Office722157
Indas SOPost Office722205
Indpur SOPost Office722136
Jagadalla BOBranch Office722146
Jagannathpur BOBranch Office722203
Jalahari BOBranch Office722132
Jambedia BOBranch Office722139
Jamboni BOBranch Office722150
Jamda BOBranch Office722140
Jamjuri BOBranch Office722144
Jamkuri BOBranch Office722206
Jamtora BOBranch Office722137
Janta BOBranch Office722122
Japamali BOBranch Office722143
Jayrambati SOPost Office722161
Jhantipahari SOPost Office722137
Jhariakocha BOBranch Office722136
Jhilimili BOBranch Office722135
Jiabandi BOBranch Office722164
Jiorda BOBranch Office722121
Jirabaid BOBranch Office722151
Jorda SOPost Office722173
Jorehira BOBranch Office722137
Jote Joyrampur Mirjapur BOBranch Office722154
Joykrinhspur BOBranch Office722122
Joypur SOPost Office722138
Jujur BOBranch Office722138
Junbedia BOBranch Office722155
Kabirchak BOBranch Office722206
Kadma BOBranch Office722151
Kadmagarh BOBranch Office722148
Kakatia BOBranch Office722206
Kalpathar BOBranch Office722146
Kamalpur BOBranch Office722137
Kamo BOBranch Office722135
Kanchanpur BOBranch Office722155
Kankatabati BOBranch Office722141
Kankradara BOBranch Office722140
Kansara BOBranch Office722143
Kantabari BOBranch Office722122
Kantapahari BOBranch Office722136
Kanuri BOBranch Office722158
Kapista BOBranch Office722133
Karakberia BOBranch Office722141
Karakberia Sadhuadal BOBranch Office722154
Karisunda BOBranch Office722205
Karrah BOBranch Office722132
Kashipur BOBranch Office722140
Kayabaid BOBranch Office722121
Keliapathar BOBranch Office722136
Kenduadihi SOPost Office722102
Kenety BOBranch Office722206
Kenjakura SOPost Office722139
Keshbandi BOBranch Office722136
Kesia BOBranch Office722140
Kesiakole SOPost Office722155
Kesiara BOBranch Office722133
Khalagram BOBranch Office722152
Kharbona BOBranch Office722137
Kharidungri BOBranch Office722140
Kharigeria BOBranch Office722134
Kharrah BOBranch Office722205
Khatra SOPost Office722140
Khichka BOBranch Office722151
Khorsee BOBranch Office722201
Khulyamuri BOBranch Office722152
Kochdihi BOBranch Office722207
Kostia BOBranch Office722144
Kotalpur SOPost Office722141
Krishnanagar BOBranch Office722202
Kuchiakole BOBranch Office722138
Kukhrajhore BOBranch Office722133
Kultuka BOBranch Office722133
Kumidya BOBranch Office722146
Kundapuskarani BOBranch Office722207
Kushadwip BOBranch Office722207
Kusmuri BOBranch Office722205
Kusthalia BOBranch Office722133
Lachhmanpur BOBranch Office722133
Ladda Brahmandiha BOBranch Office722152
Lakshmisagar SOPost Office722160
Lalbandh SOPost Office722122
Lalbazar SO BankuraPost Office722101
Latbeliara BOBranch Office722157
Laugram BOBranch Office722141
Layekbandh BOBranch Office722157
Layekpara BOBranch Office722151
Lego BOBranch Office722141
Lodna BOBranch Office722144
Lokepur SOPost Office722102
Lokhesole BOBranch Office722157
Louda BOBranch Office722136
Lurka BOBranch Office721504
Machatora BOBranch Office722151
Machdoba BOBranch Office722207
Madhanmohanpur BOBranch Office722141
Magura BOBranch Office722138
Majdiha BOBranch Office722144
Majirdanga BOBranch Office722207
Majurdanga BOBranch Office722206
Makorkole BOBranch Office722144
Maliara SOPost Office722142
Mamra BOBranch Office722149
Mandalgram BOBranch Office722156
Mandalkesra BOBranch Office722139
Mandalkuli BOBranch Office722134
Mandarboni BOBranch Office722152
Mandra BOBranch Office722201
Mangalpur BOBranch Office722205
Manikbazar BOBranch Office722207
Mankanali BOBranch Office722132
Mankhamar BOBranch Office722144
Manohar BOBranch Office722142
Mantumra BOBranch Office722137
Masanjhar BOBranch Office722121
MAYAKANANBranch Office722155
Medinipurgram BOBranch Office722144
Mejhia SOPost Office722143
Mejia Th Power Station SOPost Office722183
Melera BOBranch Office722162
Metali BOBranch Office722142
Methana BOBranch Office722149
Mitha Am BOBranch Office722148
Moidhara BOBranch Office722160
Molian BOBranch Office722136
Morar BOBranch Office722164
Mosiara BOBranch Office722121
Motgoda BOBranch Office722134
Motukbani BOBranch Office722158
Moukura BOBranch Office722150
Moulasole BOBranch Office722162
Moynapur BOBranch Office722138
Muchikata BOBranch Office722135
Muktatore BOBranch Office722202
Mukundapur BOBranch Office722151
Muninagar BOBranch Office722122
Muragram BOBranch Office722140
Murakata BOBranch Office722144
Murakati Saltora BOBranch Office722149
Muramouli BOBranch Office721504
Murlu BOBranch Office722158
Nabachiada BOBranch Office722135
Nabadeulvera BOBranch Office722136
Nabajibanpur BOBranch Office722144
Nabasan BOBranch Office722207
Nachna BOBranch Office722152
Nagri BOBranch Office722140
Nakaijuri BOBranch Office722144
Narrah BOBranch Office722155
Natherdanga BOBranch Office722173
Natungram BOBranch Office722152
Nayada BOBranch Office722121
Nemaipur BOBranch Office722151
Nikunjapur BOBranch Office722144
Nischintapur BOBranch Office722136
Nityanandapur BOBranch Office722142
Nutanbalarampur BOBranch Office722207
Nutanchati SOPost Office722101
Nutangarh BOBranch Office722134
Onda SOPost Office722144
Pabra BOBranch Office722143
Pachhandapur BOBranch Office722153
Paharpur BOBranch Office722205
Pairaguri BOBranch Office722140
Pairasole BOBranch Office722143
Pakhanna SOPost Office722208
Paksara BOBranch Office722140
Palashboni BOBranch Office722152
Palashdanga BOBranch Office722208
Pali BOBranch Office722134
Panchal BOBranch Office722157
Panchmura SOPost Office722156
Pandua BOBranch Office722206
Panua BOBranch Office722141
Papurdihi BOBranch Office722132
Parardanga BOBranch Office722152
Parkura Anara BOBranch Office722134
Parsola BOBranch Office722160
Parulia BOBranch Office722206
Pathardoba BOBranch Office722151
Patit BOBranch Office722206
Patpur BOBranch Office722147
Patrasayer SOPost Office722206
Pearberia BOBranch Office722208
Peardoba BOBranch Office722149
Penchakola BOBranch Office722150
Penchara Deuli BOBranch Office722150
Pilgrim Road SOPost Office722101
Pirraboni BOBranch Office722203
Pratappur BOBranch Office722152
Puara BOBranch Office722136
Puddi BOBranch Office722135
Puipal BOBranch Office722151
Pukhuria BOBranch Office722160
Punisole BOBranch Office722152
Purandapur BOBranch Office722155
Puranpani BOBranch Office722148
Purusottampur BOBranch Office722136
Putiadaha BOBranch Office722151
Radhakantapur BOBranch Office722208
Radhamohanpur BOBranch Office722207
Rahagram BOBranch Office722122
Raibaghini BOBranch Office722122
Raidihi BOBranch Office722140
Rajagram SOPost Office722146
Rajkhamar BOBranch Office722205
Ramharipur BOBranch Office722203
Rampur BOBranch Office722121
Ramsagar SOPost Office722147
Ranga BOBranch Office722136
Ranibandh SOPost Office722148
Ranikhamar BOBranch Office722144
Ranipur BOBranch Office722133
Ranpur BOBranch Office722207
Rapatganj BOBranch Office722207
Rasikganj SOPost Office722122
Rasulpur BOBranch Office722205
Ratanpur BOBranch Office722152
Ratra BOBranch Office722201
Rol BOBranch Office722205
Routara BOBranch Office722135
Routhkhanda BOBranch Office722138
Rudra BOBranch Office722135
Sabrakone SOPost Office722149
Sadhana Rangamati BOBranch Office722143
Salbedia BOBranch Office722203
Salda BOBranch Office722122
Saldiha BOBranch Office722173
Saldiha Pithabaid BOBranch Office722139
Salma BOBranch Office722143
Salna BOBranch Office722206
Salroha BOBranch Office722133
Saltora SOPost Office722158
Saluipahari BOBranch Office722136
Samantakhanda BOBranch Office722141
Sanbandha BOBranch Office722155
Saralia BOBranch Office722152
Sarenga SOPost Office722150
Sashpur BOBranch Office722205
Satmouli BOBranch Office722149
Satpatta BOBranch Office722134
Satyayatan BOBranch Office722139
Sehas BOBranch Office722141
Sendra BOBranch Office722155
Shitla BOBranch Office722202
Shyambazar BOBranch Office722140
Shyamnagar BOBranch Office722138
Shyampur BOBranch Office722158
Shyamsundarpur BOBranch Office722134
Sihar BOBranch Office722161
Sihika BOBranch Office722137
Silpajambedia BOBranch Office722121
Simlabandh BOBranch Office722121
Simlapal SOPost Office722151
Sindri Am BOBranch Office722148
Siromonipur BOBranch Office722134
Sirsara BOBranch Office722155
Somsar BOBranch Office713142
Sonagara BOBranch Office722140
Sonamukhi Rath Tala SOPost Office722207
Sonamukhi SO BankuraPost Office722207
Sonardanga BOBranch Office722173
Sripatpurnia BOBranch Office722143
Sukhadali BOBranch Office722150
Sunrichitra BOBranch Office722136
Supur BOBranch Office722121
Susunia BOBranch Office722132
Tajpur Purakona BOBranch Office722208
Tajpurgram BOBranch Office722161
Taldangra SOPost Office722152
Tapta Damdi BOBranch Office722134
Teleberia BOBranch Office722144
Thakurbari Ramchandrapur BOBranch Office722143
Tilabani BOBranch Office722160
Tiluri SOPost Office722153
Tiring BOBranch Office722140
Trisalan BOBranch Office722201
Tungcharar BOBranch Office722148
Ukhradihi BOBranch Office722133
Uliara BOBranch Office722122
Unara Jambedia BOBranch Office722202
Westsanabandh BOBranch Office722132

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service