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Explore all post offices or pincodes of BANAS KANTHA, GUJARAT

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Aganwada BOBranch Office385555
Agthala BOBranch Office385535
Akoli BOBranch Office385566
Alwada BOBranch Office385545
Ambaji SOPost Office385110
Anapur Chhota BOBranch Office385545
Antroli BOBranch Office385010
Arkhi BOBranch Office385545
Asara BOBranch Office385575
Asarda BOBranch Office385535
Asodar BOBranch Office385565
Badargadh BOBranch Office385410
Badarpura BOBranch Office385520
Baiwada BOBranch Office385535
Baiyak BOBranch Office385575
Balodhan BOBranch Office385320
Balodhar BOBranch Office385530
Balundra BOBranch Office385135
Baluntri BOBranch Office385575
Bamnoj BOBranch Office385110
Bapla BOBranch Office385545
Barvala BOBranch Office385320
Basu BOBranch Office385520
Bavalchudi BOBranch Office385210
Benap BOBranch Office385570
Bevta BOBranch Office385565
Bhabhar SOPost Office385320
Bhachali BOBranch Office385575
Bhachalva BOBranch Office385535
Bhadath BOBranch Office385535
Bhadli Jhat BOBranch Office385545
Bhadlikotha BOBranch Office385505
Bhadramali BOBranch Office385535
Bhadrewadi BOBranch Office385560
Bhagal J BOBranch Office385001
Bhagal P BOBranch Office385001
Bhakhar moti BOBranch Office385510
Bhakhari BOBranch Office385120
Bhakodar BOBranch Office385505
Bhalgam BOBranch Office385421
Bhandotra BOBranch Office385545
Bhanjana BOBranch Office385310
Bharadva BOBranch Office385570
Bhatamalmoti BOBranch Office385010
Bhatib BOBranch Office385310
Bhatram BOBranch Office385545
Bhatvar BOBranch Office385575
Bhesana BOBranch Office385330
Bhilachal BOBranch Office385505
Bhildi SOPost Office385530
Bhordu BOBranch Office385565
Bhorol BOBranch Office385566
Bhoyan BOBranch Office385535
Bhutedi BOBranch Office385010
Bukna BOBranch Office385575
Bukoli BOBranch Office385550
Chadotar BOBranch Office385001
Chala BOBranch Office385570
Chalva BOBranch Office385330
Chandisar SOPost Office385510
Changa BOBranch Office385520
Changda BOBranch Office385565
Changwada BOBranch Office385520
Charda BOBranch Office385565
Chatra BOBranch Office385320
Chekhla BOBranch Office385550
Chekra BOBranch Office385535
Chembuva BOBranch Office385320
Chhaniyana BOBranch Office385410
Chhapi SOPost Office385210
Chhatrala BOBranch Office385530
Chibhada BOBranch Office385330
Chitrasani SOPost Office385010
CHODUNGARI BOBranch Office385505
Chudmer BOBranch Office385565
Chuva BOBranch Office385566
Dabhela BOBranch Office385130
Daiyap BOBranch Office385566
Dalpura BOBranch Office385120
Dalwada BOBranch Office385515
Dalwana BOBranch Office385421
Dangia BOBranch Office385510
Danta Bhavangadh SOPost Office385120
Dantiwada BOBranch Office385505
Dantiwada Colony SOPost Office385505
Dendava BOBranch Office385575
Deodar SOPost Office385330
Dethli BOBranch Office385575
Dhagadia BOBranch Office385110
Dhakha BOBranch Office385310
Dhanakwada BOBranch Office385330
Dhanali BOBranch Office385120
Dhandha BOBranch Office385001
Dhanera SOPost Office385310
Dhaniawada BOBranch Office385545
Dhanpura BOBranch Office385001
Dharadhara BOBranch Office385575
Dharnodhar BOBranch Office385310
Dhima SOPost Office385566
Dholia BOBranch Office385135
Dhota BOBranch Office385421
Dhrechana BOBranch Office385320
DHUNSOL BOBranch Office385535
Dhuva BOBranch Office385540
Disa Bazar SOPost Office385535
Disa Mukhya Dak Ghar SOPost Office385535
Disa MY Pedal BOBranch Office385535
Dodgam BOBranch Office385565
Duchakwada BOBranch Office385330
Dudhva BOBranch Office385565
Dugdol BOBranch Office385310
Dungrasan BOBranch Office385550
Duva BOBranch Office385310
Edrana BOBranch Office385210
Eta BOBranch Office385320
Forna BOBranch Office385330
Gadh SOPost Office385515
Gadsisar BOBranch Office385566
Gangva BOBranch Office385120
Garambadi BOBranch Office385320
Gathaman BOBranch Office385001
Ghada BOBranch Office385535
Ghana BOBranch Office385310
Ghodasar BOBranch Office385310
Ghodiyal BOBranch Office385421
Gidasan BOBranch Office385421
Gola BOBranch Office385410
Golgam BOBranch Office385575
Golvi BOBranch Office385330
Gorad BOBranch Office385120
Gundri BOBranch Office385545
Hadad BOBranch Office385110
Hasanpur BOBranch Office385001
Hathidra BOBranch Office385001
Hoda BOBranch Office385001
Idhata BOBranch Office385566
Iqbalgadh SOPost Office385135
Isarva BOBranch Office385555
Jada BOBranch Office385330
Jadi BOBranch Office385310
Jadia BOBranch Office385310
Jadiali BOBranch Office385310
Jagana BOBranch Office385001
Jakhel BOBranch Office385555
Jalodha BOBranch Office385330
Jalotra BOBranch Office385001
JALOYA BOBranch Office385570
Jamda BOBranch Office385565
Jamru BOBranch Office385110
Jasali BOBranch Office385330
Jasanwada BOBranch Office385320
Jasleni BOBranch Office385410
Jaswant Gadh BOBranch Office385120
Jegol BOBranch Office385505
Jelana BOBranch Office385575
Jetda BOBranch Office385535
Jethi BOBranch Office385135
Jhabadia BOBranch Office385540
Jhat BOBranch Office385545
Jherda BOBranch Office385535
Jitpur BOBranch Office385120
Jiwana BOBranch Office385310
Jodhsar BOBranch Office385110
Junadisa SOPost Office385540
Kakar BOBranch Office385550
Kaleda BOBranch Office385421
Kamali BOBranch Office385565
Kamboi BOBranch Office385550
Kanodar SOPost Office385520
Kansari BOBranch Office385535
Kapasia BOBranch Office385135
Kapramota BOBranch Office385535
Karbun BOBranch Office385566
Karjoda BOBranch Office385001
Kasara BOBranch Office385555
Katarva BOBranch Office385535
Katav BOBranch Office385320
Khardosan BOBranch Office385540
Kharia BOBranch Office385555
Khengarpura BOBranch Office385565
Khentva BOBranch Office385530
Kherola BOBranch Office385310
Khimana BOBranch Office385550
Khimat SOPost Office385545
Khoda BOBranch Office385550
Khodla BOBranch Office385510
Kidotar BOBranch Office385130
Kodram BOBranch Office385421
Kotarwada BOBranch Office385330
Kotda BOBranch Office385535
Koteshwar BOBranch Office385110
Kuchawada BOBranch Office385545
Kuda BOBranch Office385535
Kukadi BOBranch Office385120
Kumar BOBranch Office385545
Kumbhalmer BOBranch Office385510
Kumbharkha BOBranch Office385570
Kumbhasan BOBranch Office385515
Kundaliya BOBranch Office385575
Kundel BOBranch Office385120
Kunvarva BOBranch Office385550
Kushkal BOBranch Office385510
Kuvala BOBranch Office385320
Kuvarla BOBranch Office385310
Kuvarshi BOBranch Office385120
Lakhani BOBranch Office385535
Lalawada BOBranch Office385001
Lalpur BOBranch Office385565
Lavana BOBranch Office385330
Lavara BOBranch Office385310
Laxmipura BOBranch Office385550
Limbuni BOBranch Office385570
Lodrani BOBranch Office385575
Lorwada BOBranch Office385530
Ludra BOBranch Office385330
Lunpur BOBranch Office385540
Lunva BOBranch Office385001
Luvana BOBranch Office385565
Madal BOBranch Office385565
Madana BOBranch Office385515
Madana Dangia BOBranch Office385510
Madhpura BOBranch Office385320
Madka BOBranch Office385575
Magarwada BOBranch Office385410
Mahadevia BOBranch Office385535
Mahi BOBranch Office385210
Majadar BOBranch Office385210
Malan BOBranch Office385001
Malana BOBranch Office385001
Malgadh BOBranch Office385535
MALOSANA BOBranch Office385210
Malotra BOBranch Office385310
Malupur BOBranch Office385565
Mamana BOBranch Office385570
Mandal BOBranch Office385545
Mandla BOBranch Office385560
Mankadi BOBranch Office385120
Manpur BOBranch Office385550
Manpura BOBranch Office385210
Manpuria BOBranch Office385135
Mavsari BOBranch Office385566
Memadpur SOPost Office385421
Meta BOBranch Office385520
Mitha BOBranch Office385320
Moria P BOBranch Office385001
Moria N BOBranch Office385120
Morikha BOBranch Office385575
Morthal BOBranch Office385310
Morvada BOBranch Office385320
Mota BOBranch Office385510
Mota Mesra BOBranch Office385565
Motajampur BOBranch Office385555
Motasada BOBranch Office385120
Moti Pavad BOBranch Office385565
Motimahudi BOBranch Office385545
Mudetha BOBranch Office385530
Mumanvas BOBranch Office385120
Nagfana BOBranch Office385535
Nandla BOBranch Office385310
Nandotra BOBranch Office385421
Nani BOBranch Office385310
Naroli BOBranch Office385566
Nathpura BOBranch Office385555
Navi Sendhani BOBranch Office385421
Navisana BOBranch Office385421
Navovas BOBranch Office385120
Nenava BOBranch Office385310
Nesdajuna BOBranch Office385530
Nokha BOBranch Office385330
Odhava BOBranch Office385505
Odhava D BOBranch Office385535
Padan BOBranch Office385575
Padar BOBranch Office385560
Padardi BOBranch Office385550
Palanpur Delhigate SOPost Office385001
Palanpur Ganjbazar SOPost Office385001
Palanpur HOHead Office385001
Palanpur Kamalpura SOPost Office385001
Palanpur Kirtistambh SOPost Office385001
Paldi BOBranch Office385330
Panchada BOBranch Office385421
Panchha BOBranch Office385110
Panthawada BOBranch Office385545
Pasvadal BOBranch Office385210
Patosan BOBranch Office385515
Pechhadal BOBranch Office385310
Peplu BOBranch Office385530
Pepol BOBranch Office385421
Pethapur BOBranch Office385120
Pilucha BOBranch Office385421
Piluda BOBranch Office385565
Pirojpura BOBranch Office385210
Punjpur BOBranch Office385120
Radka BOBranch Office385320
Radosan BOBranch Office385570
Rah BOBranch Office385310
Raiya BOBranch Office385330
Rajpur Disa BOBranch Office385535
Rampura BOBranch Office385566
Rampura Disa BOBranch Office385535
Ramsan BOBranch Office385310
Ranavas BOBranch Office385010
Raner BOBranch Office385550
Rangpur BOBranch Office385120
Ranpur BOBranch Office385110
Ranpur Vvas BOBranch Office385535
Rantila BOBranch Office385330
Rasana Mota BOBranch Office385535
Ratanpur Lokniketan BOBranch Office385001
Ravel BOBranch Office385330
Raviya BOBranch Office385310
Raviyana BOBranch Office385550
Robas Moti BOBranch Office385535
Runi BOBranch Office385545
Rupal BOBranch Office385421
Ruvel BOBranch Office385320
Sadarpur BOBranch Office385001
Saghankshetra BOBranch Office385010
Sagrosana BOBranch Office385001
Salla BOBranch Office385515
Samarvada BOBranch Office385310
Samau BOBranch Office385535
Samdhi BOBranch Office385515
Sanali BOBranch Office385110
Sanavia BOBranch Office385565
Sandhosi BOBranch Office385120
Sanesada BOBranch Office385320
Sangra BOBranch Office385001
Sanval BOBranch Office385566
Sapreda BOBranch Office385566
Saral BOBranch Office385310
Sardar Krishinagar SOPost Office385506
Sarotra BOBranch Office385135
Sasam BOBranch Office385515
Savapura BOBranch Office385566
Saviyana BOBranch Office385535
Sembalpani BOBranch Office385110
Semodra BOBranch Office385410
Sendhani BOBranch Office385421
Sherau BOBranch Office385566
Shri Amirgadh SOPost Office385130
Sia BOBranch Office385310
Sihori SOPost Office385550
Sisrana BOBranch Office385421
Siya BOBranch Office385560
Soneth BOBranch Office385320
Soni BOBranch Office385330
Suigam SOPost Office385570
Surana BOBranch Office385330
Suthar Nesdi BOBranch Office385320
Tadav BOBranch Office385566
Takarwada BOBranch Office385520
Tanvad BOBranch Office385320
Tatiyana BOBranch Office385560
Teniwada BOBranch Office385210
Tervada BOBranch Office385320
Thara SOPost Office385555
Tharad SOPost Office385565
Thavar BOBranch Office385310
Thervada BOBranch Office385535
Timbachudi BOBranch Office385210
Tintoda BOBranch Office385535
Tithgam BOBranch Office385575
Totana BOBranch Office385560
Uchosan BOBranch Office385320
Ujanwada BOBranch Office385320
Umbari BOBranch Office385550
Un SO BanaskanthaPost Office385560
Undai BOBranch Office385320
Undrana BOBranch Office385565
Vachhadal BOBranch Office385545
Vachhol BOBranch Office385545
Vada BOBranch Office385555
Vadgam SOPost Office385410
Vadgamda BOBranch Office385565
Vadhana BOBranch Office385001
Vagda BOBranch Office385001
Vaghasan BOBranch Office385566
Vaghrol BOBranch Office385510
Vajapur Juna BOBranch Office385320
Vakha BOBranch Office385330
Valadar BOBranch Office385565
Valer BOBranch Office385310
Valpura BOBranch Office385560
Vami BOBranch Office385565
Vansol BOBranch Office385421
Varasada BOBranch Office385320
Varnoda BOBranch Office385535
Vasan BOBranch Office385001
Vasana Vatam BOBranch Office385535
Vasarda BOBranch Office385575
Vasi BOBranch Office385120
Vasna BOBranch Office385540
Vatamjuna BOBranch Office385330
Vav SOPost Office385575
Vavdi BOBranch Office385575
Vedancha BOBranch Office385510
Velavapura BOBranch Office385535
Vesa BOBranch Office385421
Vijlasan BOBranch Office385120
Vinchhivadi BOBranch Office385310
Virampur BOBranch Office385001
Viruna BOBranch Office385545
Vithodar BOBranch Office385535
Zalmor BOBranch Office385550
Zenal BOBranch Office385310

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service