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Explore all post offices or pincodes of BALLARI, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adavihalli BOBranch Office583131
Agasanur BOBranch Office583114
Agrahara BOBranch Office583128
Agricultural Research Centre BOBranch Office583121
Alabur BOBranch Office583220
Aladahalli BOBranch Office583127
Alagilawada BOBranch Office583137
Allipur BOBranch Office583104
Alur Kudligi BOBranch Office583218
Amalapura BOBranch Office583135
Amaradevaragudda BOBranch Office583135
Amaravathi BOBranch Office583211
Ambli BOBranch Office583134
Anajigere BOBranch Office583125
Ananthashayanagudi BOBranch Office583201
Anekal BOBranch Office583212
Ankasamudra BOBranch Office583212
Anthapura BOBranch Office583152
Appayyanahalli BOBranch Office583130
Arasanahalu BOBranch Office583213
Arasikere SOPost Office583125
Arliganur BOBranch Office583121
Asundi BOBranch Office583103
B Belagal BOBranch Office583115
Bachigondanahalli BOBranch Office583212
Badanahatti BOBranch Office583116
Badeladuku BOBranch Office583135
Bagali BOBranch Office583131
Bagewadi BOBranch Office583121
Bailtumbaraguddi BOBranch Office583218
Balakundi BOBranch Office583122
Ballari Brucepettah SOPost Office583101
Ballari Cantonment SOPost Office583104
Ballari City SOPost Office583101
Ballari Cowl Bazar SOPost Office583102
Ballari District Court SOPost Office583101
Ballari Fort SOPost Office583102
Ballari Gandhinagar SOPost Office583103
Ballari Herialukadam SOPost Office583101
Ballari HOHead Office583101
Ballari Jnanasagara SOPost Office583105
Ballari M V Nagar SOPost Office583103
Ballari Parvathi Nagar SOPost Office583103
Ballari Patel Nagar SOPost Office583101
Ballari Satyanarayanapet SOPost Office583101
Ballari Thermal Power Station SOPost Office583152
Bandihatti BOBranch Office583102
Bandrahalu BOBranch Office583121
Bandri BOBranch Office583124
Bannigola BOBranch Office583224
Bannikallu BOBranch Office583214
Banvikal BOBranch Office583126
Basarahalli BOBranch Office583114
Basarakodu BOBranch Office583117
Beerabbi BOBranch Office583216
Beeravalli BOBranch Office583114
Belachinta BOBranch Office583117
Bellighatta BOBranch Office583130
Belugoduhal BOBranch Office583132
Bendigere BOBranch Office583137
Bennihalli BOBranch Office583127
Bennikallu BOBranch Office583117
Bevinamarada Sugur BOBranch Office583114
Bhairadevanahalli BOBranch Office583117
Bhairapura BOBranch Office583154
Bhujanganagar BOBranch Office583119
Bisalahalli BOBranch Office583103
Bommagatta BOBranch Office583128
Budanur BOBranch Office583217
Buduguppa BOBranch Office583154
Bukkasagara BOBranch Office583132
Byasidgeri BOBranch Office583224
Byloor BOBranch Office583120
Byluvaddigere BOBranch Office583223
Chaganur BOBranch Office583111
Chanahal BOBranch Office583155
Chanakanur BOBranch Office583121
Chandrashekharapura BOBranch Office583130
Channapatna BOBranch Office583113
Chapparada Halli BOBranch Office583134
Chatnihalli BOBranch Office583125
Chellakurki SOPost Office583111
Chickanthapura BOBranch Office583152
Chickbellary BOBranch Office583114
Chigatere SOPost Office583127
Chikkajayaganur BOBranch Office583129
Chikkajogihalli SOPost Office583126
Chilagodu BOBranch Office583224
Chilakanahatti BOBranch Office583222
Chintrapalli BOBranch Office583212
Chirastahalli BOBranch Office583137
Chiratagundu BOBranch Office583126
Chitwadgi SOPost Office583211
Choranur SOPost Office583128
Chowdapura BOBranch Office583135
D Kaggal BOBranch Office583155
D T Ship SOPost Office583118
Dammuru BOBranch Office583155
Dananayakanakere BOBranch Office583222
Danapura BOBranch Office583222
Darur BOBranch Office583154
Dasamapura BOBranch Office583212
Dasanahalli BOBranch Office583217
Dasarahalli BOBranch Office583219
Dasaranagenahalli BOBranch Office583117
Dawlatpur BOBranch Office583119
Deogiri SOPost Office583112
Desanur BOBranch Office583121
Devagondanahalli BOBranch Office583219
Devalapura SOBallariPost Office583129
Devara Mallapura BOBranch Office583128
Devasamudra BOBranch Office583129
Devinagara BOBranch Office583122
Dharmasagara BOBranch Office583223
Doopadahalli BOBranch Office583134
Duggavati BOBranch Office583137
Emmiganur SOPost Office583113
Enigi Basapura BOBranch Office583214
Enigi BOBranch Office583224
Eriangalgi BOBranch Office583115
Erragudi BOBranch Office583117
G Kodihalli BOBranch Office583214
G Nagalapura BOBranch Office583222
Gaddikere BOBranch Office583214
Gadiganur BOBranch Office583223
Gandabommanahalli BOBranch Office583130
Gangammanahalli BOBranch Office583134
Garbhagudi BOBranch Office583213
Geddalagatta BOBranch Office583135
Genikihal BOBranch Office583116
Gollalingammanahalli BOBranch Office583112
Gotur BOBranch Office583117
Goverahalli BOBranch Office583131
Gudekota SOPost Office583130
Gududur BOBranch Office583103
Gunda BOBranch Office583222
Gundagatti BOBranch Office583137
Gundumunugu BOBranch Office583126
H B Halli Town SOPost Office583212
H Hosahalli BOBranch Office583154
H Veerapura BOBranch Office583113
Hagaranur BOBranch Office583216
Hagari Gajapura BOBranch Office583134
Hagaribommanahalli SOPost Office583212
Hagarigudihalli BOBranch Office583127
Hakkandi BOBranch Office583214
Halagapura BOBranch Office583222
Halakundi BOBranch Office583102
Halavagalu SOPost Office583213
Halekota BOBranch Office583122
Halli Kere BOBranch Office583125
Hampa Patna BOBranch Office583222
Hampadevanahalli BOBranch Office583129
Hampasagara SOPost Office583214
Hampi Power House SOPost Office583215
Hampi SOPost Office583239
Handihal Gududur BOBranch Office583103
Hansi BOBranch Office583135
Haraginadoni BOBranch Office583115
Harakabhavi BOBranch Office583126
Harakanahalu BOBranch Office583136
Haralu BOBranch Office583134
Harapanahalli Joshi Street SOPost Office583131
Harapanahalli SOPost Office583131
Harapanahalli Town SOPost Office583131
Harvi BOBranch Office583217
Hatcholi SOPost Office583114
Havinal BOBranch Office583120
Herkal BOBranch Office583122
Hirebannimatti BOBranch Office583216
Hirehadagali SOPost Office583216
Hirehadligi BOBranch Office583117
Hireheggadahal BOBranch Office583135
Hirekeriginalli BOBranch Office583124
Hirekolachi BOBranch Office583216
Hirekumblagunta BOBranch Office583218
Hiremagalagere BOBranch Office583125
Hiremallanakere BOBranch Office583214
Holagundi BOBranch Office583219
Holalu SOPost Office583217
Hosahalli SOPost Office583218
Hosakote BOBranch Office583125
Hosapete HOHead Office583201
Hosapete J P Nagar SOPost Office583201
Hosapete N C C SOPost Office583203
Hosapete Patel Nagar SOPost Office583201
Hosapete Ranipet SOPost Office583201
Hudem BOBranch Office583218
Hulikatti BOBranch Office583131
Hulikere BOBranch Office583218
Hulikunta BOBranch Office583130
Huralihal BOBranch Office583126
Huvinahadagali Bazar BOBranch Office583219
Huvinahadagali SOPost Office583219
Hyalya BOBranch Office583134
Hyarada BOBranch Office583217
Ibrahimpura BOBranch Office583102
Imdapura BOBranch Office583218
Ittigi Muddapura BOBranch Office583113
Ittigi SOPost Office583220
Ittigihal BOBranch Office583114
Ittigudi BOBranch Office583213
Jalibenchi BOBranch Office583103
Jalihal BOBranch Office583117
Janekunta BOBranch Office583115
Jarimale BOBranch Office583135
Jiginihalli BOBranch Office583128
Jolada Kudligi BOBranch Office583134
Joladarashi BOBranch Office583111
Jummobanahalli BOBranch Office583126
K Ayyanahalli BOBranch Office583134
K Gajapura BOBranch Office583134
K U Campus SOPost Office583276
K Veerapura BOBranch Office583111
Kadabagere BOBranch Office583125
Kadathi BOBranch Office583137
Kaddi Rampura BOBranch Office583239
Kadekola BOBranch Office583126
Kadlebalu BOBranch Office583212
Kakarlathota BOBranch Office583102
Kakkabevinahalli BOBranch Office583103
Kakkuppi BOBranch Office583135
Kakubal BOBranch Office583223
Kalapura BOBranch Office583136
Kalingere BOBranch Office583128
Kallahalli BOBranch Office583213
Kallukamba BOBranch Office583113
Kalvi BOBranch Office583214
Kamalapura SOPost Office583221
Kammarchedu BOBranch Office583102
Kammathahalli BOBranch Office583125
Kampli Bazar SOPost Office583132
Kampli Fort BOBranch Office583132
Kampli SOPost Office583132
Kampli Sugar Factory BOBranch Office583132
Kanamadugu BOBranch Office583218
Kanchagar Belagal BOBranch Office583121
Kanchikere BOBranch Office583125
Kanvi Thimmalapura BOBranch Office583132
Kanvihalli BOBranch Office583131
Karadi Ayyanahalli BOBranch Office583216
Karekallu BOBranch Office583111
Karichedu BOBranch Office583117
Kariganur BOBranch Office583223
Karur SOPost Office583154
Katriki Halli BOBranch Office583218
Kattebennur BOBranch Office583216
Kenchamallanahalli BOBranch Office583218
Kenchanagudda BOBranch Office583121
Kittanur BOBranch Office583224
Kogali BOBranch Office583220
Kolagallu BOBranch Office583104
Kolur SOPost Office583155
Kombli BOBranch Office583219
Konchigere BOBranch Office583120
Kondanayakanahalli BOBranch Office583239
Korlagundi BOBranch Office583103
Kotehal Sugur BOBranch Office583121
Kottal BOBranch Office583113
Kottalachinta BOBranch Office583114
Kottur Bazar SOPost Office583134
Kottur SOBallariPost Office583134
KRayapura BOBranch Office583130
Krishna Nagar BOBranch Office583119
Kudadarahal BOBranch Office583121
Kudathini SOPost Office583115
Kudligi SOPost Office583135
Kulahalli BOBranch Office583131
Kumati BOBranch Office583126
Kunchur BOBranch Office583213
Kuppinakere BOBranch Office583135
Kurekuppa BOBranch Office583123
Kurugodu SOPost Office583116
Kuruvalli BOBranch Office583121
Kuruvathi BOBranch Office583217
Kyarakatte BOBranch Office583125
Lakshmipura Sandur SOPost Office583119
Laxmipura BOBranch Office583113
Lokikere BOBranch Office583218
M B Ayyanahalli BOBranch Office583126
M S Kota BOBranch Office583102
Machihalli BOBranch Office583137
Madihalli BOBranch Office583125
Madlagere BOBranch Office583131
Magala BOBranch Office583216
Mahadevapura BOBranch Office583130
Mahajanadahalli BOBranch Office583220
Makanadaku BOBranch Office583126
Makarabbi BOBranch Office583216
Malpanagudi BOBranch Office583239
Malvi BOBranch Office583212
Mangapura BOBranch Office583136
Mannur Masalawada BOBranch Office583216
Mannur Sugur BOBranch Office583120
Marebbihal BOBranch Office583212
Mariammanahalli SOPost Office583222
Mattihalli BOBranch Office583127
Meenakere BOBranch Office583126
Metri BOBranch Office583129
Metriki BOBranch Office583152
Moka Gonehal BOBranch Office583117
Moka SOPost Office583117
Moraba BOBranch Office583135
Morigere BOBranch Office583220
Motalakunta BOBranch Office583112
Muddapura BOBranch Office583132
Muddatanur BOBranch Office583120
Mudenur BOBranch Office583219
Mustagatta BOBranch Office583116
Musuvinalli Kalahalli BOBranch Office583220
Muthukuru BOBranch Office583224
Mydur BOBranch Office583127
Mylar BOBranch Office583217
Nadanga BOBranch Office583114
Nadavi BOBranch Office583122
Nagalapura BOBranch Office583121
Nagarahal BOBranch Office583114
Nagarakatte BOBranch Office583136
Nagatibasapura BOBranch Office583219
Nagenahalli BOBranch Office583211
Nandi Halli BOBranch Office583219
Nandibanda BOBranch Office583222
Nandibevoor BOBranch Office583131
Nandihalli BOBranch Office583119
Nanyapura BOBranch Office583212
Navali BOBranch Office583219
Neelagunda BOBranch Office583213
Nelkudri BOBranch Office583220
Nelludi BOBranch Office583113
New Daroji BOBranch Office583129
Nichapura BOBranch Office583127
Nichavvanahalli BOBranch Office583125
Nidugurthi BOBranch Office583124
Nimbalgere BOBranch Office583136
Nittur BOBranch Office583122
Old Daroji BOBranch Office583129
Oojein SOPost Office583136
Oruvai BOBranch Office583113
P D Halli BOBranch Office583111
Papinayakanahalli SOPost Office583223
Park Road BOBranch Office583102
Pinjaraheggadehal BOBranch Office583212
Poojarahalli BOBranch Office583218
Pothalakatta BOBranch Office583125
Punabhagatta BOBranch Office583125
Ragimasalawada BOBranch Office583137
Rajapura BOBranch Office583152
Ramadurga BOBranch Office583130
Ramagatta BOBranch Office583125
Ramasagara BOBranch Office583132
Rampura BOBranch Office583134
Raravi BOBranch Office583121
Ravihal BOBranch Office583114
Rupangudi BOBranch Office583102
Sanapura BOBranch Office583132
Sanavasapura BOBranch Office583120
Sandur SOPost Office583119
Sanganakal BOBranch Office583103
Sanjay Gandhi Nagar SOPost Office583104
Sasvihalli BOBranch Office583127
Sattur BOBranch Office583125
Shaliyappanahalli BOBranch Office583128
Shankar Hill Town Colony SOPost Office583153
Shankarabanda BOBranch Office583102
Shastri Nagar BOBranch Office583103
Shidigallu BOBranch Office583130
Shivapura BOBranch Office583135
Siddammanahalli BOBranch Office583115
Siddapura BOBranch Office583126
Sidiginamola BOBranch Office583111
Sindhavalam BOBranch Office583117
Sindhigere BOBranch Office583120
Singrihalli BOBranch Office583137
Siriganahalli BOBranch Office583137
Sirigere SOBallariPost Office583120
Siriwara Kappagal BOBranch Office583103
Siruguppa Sadashivanagar SOPost Office583121
Siruguppa SOPost Office583121
Sogi BOBranch Office583219
Somalapura BOBranch Office583113
Somasamudra BOBranch Office583155
Sonna BOBranch Office583220
Sovenahalli BOBranch Office583128
Sreedharagadda BOBranch Office583103
Srikanthapura BOBranch Office583130
Srirama Rangapura BOBranch Office583129
Subbarayanahalli BOBranch Office583112
Suggenahalli BOBranch Office583129
Suladahalli BOBranch Office583126
Sushilanagar BOBranch Office583119
Swamihalli BOBranch Office583112
T B Dam SOPost Office583225
Talavagalu BOBranch Office583137
Talur BOBranch Office583103
Tamalapura BOBranch Office583216
Taranagar BOBranch Office583119
Tasalakudlur BOBranch Office583114
Tavadur BOBranch Office583125
Tavaragundi BOBranch Office583213
Tayanakanahalli BOBranch Office583218
Tekkalakota SOPost Office583122
Teligi SOPost Office583137
Telugoli BOBranch Office583224
Thambrahalli SOPost Office583224
Thimmalapura BOBranch Office583222
Thimmanahalli BOBranch Office583130
Thippapura BOBranch Office583219
Togarikatti BOBranch Office583131
Toolahalli BOBranch Office583136
Toranagallu SOPost Office583123
Tumbaraguddi BOBranch Office583128
Tyagadahal BOBranch Office583128
Uchangidurga BOBranch Office583125
Udegolam BOBranch Office583122
Uluvathi BOBranch Office583212
Uppanayakanahalli BOBranch Office583219
Uppara Hosahalli BOBranch Office583122
Upparagatta BOBranch Office583212
Upparagere BOBranch Office583131
Uramma Temple BOBranch Office583135
Uttangi BOBranch Office583219
Uttanur BOBranch Office583154
Vaddatti BOBranch Office583116
Vaddu BOBranch Office583123
Varakanahalli BOBranch Office583219
Varlahalli BOBranch Office583212
Vattamuruvani BOBranch Office583114
Veniveerapura BOBranch Office583115
Venkatapura BOBranch Office583221
Vidyanagar SOBallariPost Office583275
Vittalapura BOBranch Office583152
Vyasanakere BOBranch Office583222
Yalpi BOBranch Office583111
Yarabalu BOBranch Office583137
Yaradammanahalli BOBranch Office583112
Yedihalli BOBranch Office583137
Yelubenchi BOBranch Office583115
Yeshwantnagar SOBallariPost Office583124
Yettinabudihal BOBranch Office583102
YKaggallu BOBranch Office583111

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service