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Explore all post offices or pincodes of BALESHWAR, ODISHA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achutipur BOBranch Office756047
Ada SOPost Office756134
Adangapantei BOBranch Office756038
Aghirapada BOBranch Office756049
Alalbindha BOBranch Office756036
Alalpur BOBranch Office756087
Alasuan BOBranch Office756043
Alda BOBranch Office757082
Aliha BOBranch Office756182
Alumeda BOBranch Office756027
Amarda Road SOPost Office756030
Ambadiha BOBranch Office756034
Ambapunja BOBranch Office756027
Ambliatha BOBranch Office756087
Anandapur BOBranch Office756126
Anantapur SO BaleswarPost Office756046
Angula BOBranch Office756045
Anko BOBranch Office756028
Antara BOBranch Office756134
Arabandha BOBranch Office756058
Arakhpur BOBranch Office756182
Arjunpur BOBranch Office756048
Armala BOBranch Office756019
Aruhabad BOBranch Office756044
Aruhabruti BOBranch Office756079
Ashabandha BOBranch Office756033
Asti BOBranch Office756026
Asuria BOBranch Office756047
Attapur BOBranch Office756045
Ausha BOBranch Office756037
Avana SOPost Office756051
Azimabad SOPost Office756001
Badakuruda BOBranch Office756024
Badanuagaon BOBranch Office756115
Badapal BOBranch Office756019
Badapokhari BOBranch Office756047
Badas BOBranch Office756083
Badasimulia BOBranch Office756026
Badasindhia BOBranch Office756003
Badhan BOBranch Office756080
Badhapal BOBranch Office756026
Bagada BOBranch Office756083
Baghua BOBranch Office756182
Bahabalpur BOBranch Office756027
Bahala BOBranch Office756060
Bahanaga SOPost Office756042
Baharda Bazar BOBranch Office756029
Baharda BOBranch Office756035
Baiganabadia BOBranch Office756079
Bainanda Mangarajpur BOBranch Office756045
Baitpur BOBranch Office756036
Bajitpur BOBranch Office756085
Balanga BOBranch Office756046
Balaramgadi BOBranch Office756025
Balarampur BOBranch Office756024
Balasore Court SOPost Office756001
Balasore HOHead Office756001
Balasore RS SOPost Office756001
Balia Farm BOBranch Office756056
Baliapal Katisahi BOBranch Office756023
Baliapal Narayanpur BOBranch Office756083
Baliapal SOPost Office756026
Baliapati BOBranch Office756081
Balikhanda SOPost Office756166
Balim BOBranch Office756035
Bana Bishnupur BOBranch Office756047
Bankeswar BOBranch Office756021
Barabati SOPost Office756003
Barada BOBranch Office756022
Baradiha BOBranch Office756033
Barbatia Bazar BOBranch Office756039
Barbatia BOBranch Office756079
Bardhanpur BOBranch Office756021
Bari BOBranch Office756126
Bariha BOBranch Office756126
Bartana BOBranch Office756038
Barun Singh BOBranch Office756060
Barunagadia BOBranch Office756029
BASANTAPUR BOBranch Office756056
Basta SOPost Office756029
Batagramghat BOBranch Office756036
Bati BOBranch Office756126
Baunsadiha BOBranch Office756035
Begunia BOBranch Office756020
Beladandia BOBranch Office756023
Belda BOBranch Office756035
Belli BOBranch Office756023
Betagadia BOBranch Office756083
Bhandarikuli BOBranch Office756033
Bhimpur BOBranch Office756021
Bhimpura BOBranch Office756003
Bhograi SOPost Office756038
Bhounriabad BOBranch Office756020
Bichitrapur BOBranch Office756037
Bidubazar BOBranch Office756042
Bidyadharpur BOBranch Office756029
Bishnupur BOBranch Office756026
Boita BOBranch Office756043
Bolang BOBranch Office756024
Buanl BOBranch Office756027
Budhakusumi BOBranch Office756034
Chakabarahapur SOPost Office756055
Chakaisab BOBranch Office756035
Chakajagannathpur BOBranch Office756043
Chakrada BOBranch Office756022
Chaksartha BOBranch Office756027
Chalanti BOBranch Office756086
Chalunigaon BOBranch Office756168
Chamara Gaon BOBranch Office756087
Chandakusumi BOBranch Office756035
Chandamani BOBranch Office756083
Chandaneswar SOPost Office756085
Chandarpada BOBranch Office756134
Chandipur SOPost Office756025
Chasakhand BOBranch Office756003
Chasipada BOBranch Office756030
Chaumukh BOBranch Office756083
Chhamouza BOBranch Office756086
Chhanapur BOBranch Office756056
Chhanua BOBranch Office756027
Chhatrapur BOBranch Office756058
Chormara SOPost Office756088
Chudamanipur BOBranch Office756033
Dagarpada BOBranch Office756047
Dagra BOBranch Office756083
Dahamunda SOPost Office756079
Dahapada BOBranch Office756003
Dahisada BOBranch Office756045
Dahunda BOBranch Office756035
Dakhinanadbani BOBranch Office756035
Dalanga BOBranch Office756047
Dalua BOBranch Office756026
Damodarpur BOBranch Office756182
Dandika BOBranch Office756029
Dangapita BOBranch Office756083
Darada SOPost Office756022
Darkholi BOBranch Office756049
Debhog BOBranch Office756023
Dehurda SOPost Office756036
Demuria BOBranch Office756034
Deulahat BOBranch Office756036
Dhansimulia SOPost Office756084
Dharaganj BOBranch Office756020
Dhitpura BOBranch Office756030
Dhobachakurai BOBranch Office756029
Dhobasila BOBranch Office756040
Digdha BOBranch Office756027
Dublagadi BOBranch Office756027
Dubsahi BOBranch Office756035
Dundukut BOBranch Office756081
Dungura SOPost Office756182
Durgadevi BOBranch Office756020
Durpal BOBranch Office756035
Dwarika BOBranch Office756044
Fakirmohan College SOPost Office756001
Fatehpur BOBranch Office756048
Fulbani SOPost Office756037
Fulwar kaswa BOBranch Office756003
Gadasahi Baliapal BOBranch Office756023
Gandasthapur BOBranch Office756042
Gandibed BOBranch Office756047
Garadihi BOBranch Office756041
Garasang BOBranch Office756134
Genguti BOBranch Office756056
Ghantiary BOBranch Office756026
Ghantua BOBranch Office756023
Ghasua BOBranch Office756055
Ghodapada BOBranch Office756003
Gilajodi BOBranch Office756081
Gobindpur BOBranch Office756019
Gop BOBranch Office756087
Gopalpur BOBranch Office756041
Gopalpur SO BalasorePost Office756044
Gopinathpur BOBranch Office756030
Gourgadi BOBranch Office756111
Govindapur BOBranch Office756126
Guapal BOBranch Office756059
Gud BOBranch Office756046
Gudikhal BOBranch Office756030
Gududapatna BOBranch Office756019
Gudupai BOBranch Office756025
Guneibasan BOBranch Office756036
Haladiapada BOBranch Office756029
Haldipada SOPost Office756027
Haridaspur BOBranch Office756036
Haripur BOBranch Office756003
Hatiadiha BOBranch Office756028
Hatigarh SO BaleswarPost Office756033
Hatikhulia BOBranch Office756045
Hatsahi BOBranch Office756040
Hidigaon BOBranch Office756025
Ikida BOBranch Office756034
Inchudi BOBranch Office756021
Irda SOPost Office756080
Issannagar SOPost Office756001
Iswarpur BOBranch Office756038
Jadibali BOBranch Office756041
Jagai BOBranch Office756083
Jagannathpur BOBranch Office756044
Jageswarpada BOBranch Office756044
Jalanga Gandibed BOBranch Office756134
Jaleswar HOHead Office756032
Jaleswar Railway Station SOPost Office756086
Jaleswarpur BOBranch Office756036
Jamalpur BOBranch Office756029
Jamatkula BOBranch Office756083
Jambhirai BOBranch Office756024
Jamjhadi BOBranch Office756126
Jamkunda BOBranch Office756026
Jamsuli SOPost Office756081
Jamudiha BOBranch Office756041
Jamuna BOBranch Office756058
Janhia BOBranch Office756045
Januganj BOBranch Office756019
Jathia BOBranch Office756023
Jayarampur BOBranch Office756038
Jaydev Kasba BOBranch Office756021
Jharapimpal BOBranch Office756026
Jhinkiria BOBranch Office756027
Jirtal BOBranch Office756043
Kabataghati BOBranch Office756033
Kachuadi BOBranch Office756035
Kahalia BOBranch Office756040
Kainagari BOBranch Office756080
Kaithagadia BOBranch Office756059
Kakhra SOPost Office756039
Kalakad BOBranch Office756041
Kalama BOBranch Office756033
Kalaspur BOBranch Office756166
Kalyani BOBranch Office756044
Kamarda SOPost Office756035
Kamarsalia BOBranch Office756034
Kanchpada BOBranch Office756166
Kandagaridi BOBranch Office756042
Kanheibindha BOBranch Office756168
Kankei BOBranch Office756033
Kanrali BOBranch Office756019
Kans BOBranch Office756020
Karanja BOBranch Office756083
Karanjabindha BOBranch Office756044
Karihanda BOBranch Office756035
Kasba Jaipur BOBranch Office756043
Kashafal BOBranch Office756024
Kashimpur BOBranch Office756019
Kasida BOBranch Office756034
Kedarpur BOBranch Office756045
Kesharipur BOBranch Office756045
Keshpura BOBranch Office756086
Khadikapada BOBranch Office756029
Khaira SO BaleswarPost Office756048
Khairagobindapur BOBranch Office756049
Khairda BOBranch Office756035
Khalabadia BOBranch Office756038
Khalamuhani BOBranch Office756023
Khalina BOBranch Office756034
Khan Nagar BOBranch Office756060
Khanabad BOBranch Office756033
Khantapada SOPost Office756043
Kharadiha BOBranch Office756041
Kharsahapur BOBranch Office756046
Khirachora Gopinath BOBranch Office756019
Khirkona BOBranch Office756168
Khuard BOBranch Office756033
Khuluda BOBranch Office756034
Kishorchandrapur BOBranch Office756058
Kochiakoili BOBranch Office756042
Kothapada BOBranch Office756022
Kothia BOBranch Office756022
Kotisahi BOBranch Office756035
Kuanrpur BOBranch Office756021
Kudei Nadigaon BOBranch Office756045
Kuldiha BOBranch Office756030
Kuligaon BOBranch Office756043
Kumarjalina BOBranch Office756036
Kumarmuli BOBranch Office756036
Kumbhari BOBranch Office756023
Kupari SOPost Office756059
Kuruda SOPost Office756056
Kuruda soro BOBranch Office756046
Kurunta BOBranch Office756047
Kushadiha A BOBranch Office756029
Kushadiha Bchurch BOBranch Office756029
Kusuda BOBranch Office756035
Lachman Khunta BOBranch Office756028
Lakhananath Road BOBranch Office756087
Lakhananath SOPost Office756087
Machhada BOBranch Office756080
Machhadiha BOBranch Office756029
Machharanka Simulia BOBranch Office756023
Machhua BOBranch Office756020
Madhupura BOBranch Office756035
Mahagab BOBranch Office756035
Maharudrapur BOBranch Office756044
Mahatipur BOBranch Office756048
Mahispata BOBranch Office756020
Mahu Muhana BOBranch Office756045
Mahuduma BOBranch Office756033
Maitapur BOBranch Office756111
Makalpur SOPost Office756003
Makhanpur BOBranch Office756047
Malaruan BOBranch Office756038
Malipal BOBranch Office756087
Mandhatabazar BOBranch Office756024
Mandrukula BOBranch Office756029
Mangalapur BOBranch Office756045
Manikula BOBranch Office756002
Manipur BOBranch Office756047
Mankidia BOBranch Office756033
Mankunda BOBranch Office756036
Markona BOBranch Office756126
Masanbaria BOBranch Office756034
Mathani BOBranch Office756029
Mathuranath BOBranch Office756087
Matiali BOBranch Office756041
Mirigini BOBranch Office756040
Mirjapur BOBranch Office756134
Mitrapur SOPost Office756020
Mituani BOBranch Office756048
Mobarakpur SOPost Office756045
Mohammad Nagar BOBranch Office756030
Mohammad Nagarpatna BOBranch Office756086
Mohammadpur BOBranch Office756126
Motiganj SO BaleswarPost Office756003
Mukulisi BOBranch Office756022
Mulisingh BOBranch Office756045
Munutunia BOBranch Office756033
Nabra BOBranch Office756081
Nachhipur BOBranch Office756048
Nachinda BOBranch Office756035
Nachinta BOBranch Office756043
Nadbani BOBranch Office756024
Nafrai BOBranch Office756037
Nagram BOBranch Office756027
Nahanga BOBranch Office756059
Naikudi BOBranch Office756081
Nalabahar BOBranch Office756028
Nampo SOPost Office756034
Nangaleswar SOPost Office756024
Naraharipur BOBranch Office756019
Naranmohantypadia BOBranch Office756037
Narasingpur BOBranch Office756020
Narayanapur BOBranch Office756041
Narayanpur BOBranch Office756036
Naskarpur BOBranch Office756085
Nayabazar Balasore SOPost Office756001
Nayabazar Jaleswar SOPost Office756032
Nayapalli BOBranch Office756079
Nepura BOBranch Office756023
Netua BOBranch Office756084
Nijampur BOBranch Office756003
Nikhira BOBranch Office756023
Nilgiri College SOPost Office756040
Nilpura BOBranch Office756079
Nimatpur BOBranch Office756036
Nimpada BOBranch Office756080
Nimpal BOBranch Office756020
Nishanpur BOBranch Office756036
Nuagaon BOBranch Office756028
Odangi BOBranch Office756027
Olipur BOBranch Office756027
Olmara BOBranch Office756033
Oupada SOPost Office756049
Padagaon BOBranch Office756043
Paiksida BOBranch Office756086
Pakhar BOBranch Office756046
Panasha BOBranch Office756080
Panchupada BOBranch Office756027
Panchupalli BOBranch Office756024
Panchurukhi BOBranch Office756026
Pandasuni BOBranch Office756044
Pandurangi BOBranch Office756029
Pani Chhatra BOBranch Office756059
Panjibag BOBranch Office756002
Panpana BOBranch Office756043
Parbatipur BOBranch Office756166
Parkhi BOBranch Office756025
Pasarbindha BOBranch Office756036
Paschima Bad BOBranch Office756026
Patna BOBranch Office756020
Paunsakuli BOBranch Office756081
Pithahat BOBranch Office756058
Pithapur BOBranch Office756038
Podasul BOBranch Office756040
Pratapada BOBranch Office756043
Pratappur SO BaleswarPost Office756083
Pundala BOBranch Office756020
Puruna Balasore BOBranch Office756002
Purusottampur BOBranch Office754223
Putina BOBranch Office756035
Putura BOBranch Office756081
Radhaballavpur BOBranch Office756045
Rahaniaganj BOBranch Office756044
Raibania BOBranch Office756033
Rairamchandrapur BOBranch Office756048
Raj Berhampur SOPost Office756058
Raj Nilgiri SOPost Office756040
Rajpur BOBranch Office756086
Ramakrishnapur BOBranch Office756166
Ranasahi BOBranch Office756002
Rasalpur BOBranch Office756038
Rasalpur SOPost Office756021
Rasaslpur BOBranch Office756020
Ratina BOBranch Office756115
Rella BOBranch Office756026
Remu BOBranch Office756081
Remuna SOPost Office756019
Reserve Police Line BOBranch Office756003
Routpada BOBranch Office756028
Rudhunga BOBranch Office756126
Rupkhand BOBranch Office756051
Rupsa SOPost Office756028
Sabira RS BOBranch Office756045
Sadanandapur BOBranch Office756029
Sahada BOBranch Office756002
Sahadevkhunta SOPost Office756001
Sahaspura BOBranch Office756046
Sahid Park SOPost Office756003
Sahigaon BOBranch Office756126
Sahupada BOBranch Office756003
Sajanagarh SOPost Office756041
Sajanpur BOBranch Office756045
Salikotha BOBranch Office756086
Sampei BOBranch Office756047
Sankhapodadiha BOBranch Office756046
Sankhari BOBranch Office756037
Santhapada BOBranch Office756055
Santragadia Bazar BOBranch Office756042
Sardhapur BOBranch Office756037
Sargaon BOBranch Office756002
Sarkana BOBranch Office756048
Sarsankha BOBranch Office756045
Sarsatia BOBranch Office756043
Sartha BOBranch Office756027
Sarugaon BOBranch Office756049
Sathilabalbalia BOBranch Office756020
Saud BOBranch Office756042
Saudi BOBranch Office756024
Saundia BOBranch Office756047
Sergarh SOPost Office756060
Shyamsundarpur BOBranch Office756040
Siadimal BOBranch Office756040
Sikharpur BOBranch Office756087
Simulia Bazar SOPost Office756126
Simulia BOBranch Office756045
Simulia SOPost Office756126
Sindhia BOBranch Office756003
Singa Khunta BOBranch Office756045
Singiri BOBranch Office756020
Singla SOPost Office756023
Sirapur BOBranch Office756055
Soharia BOBranch Office756036
Solpata BOBranch Office756027
Somnathpur BOBranch Office756019
Soro Bazar SOPost Office756045
Soro College SOPost Office756045
Soro RS SOPost Office756045
Soro SOPost Office756045
Sovarampur SOPost Office756001
Srijang BOBranch Office756044
Srikanthapur SOPost Office756001
Srikona BOBranch Office756025
Srimantapur BOBranch Office756166
Srirampur BOBranch Office756049
Srirampur Road BOBranch Office756023
Sugo BOBranch Office756084
Sukhsandhapatna BOBranch Office756036
Sultanpur BOBranch Office756036
Sundarpur BOBranch Office756059
Sunhat SOPost Office756002
Tadada BOBranch Office756081
Talakurunia BOBranch Office756044
Tarapur BOBranch Office756036
Telipal BOBranch Office756041
Tenda BOBranch Office756041
Tentei BOBranch Office756046
Tentulia BOBranch Office756058
Thalasada BOBranch Office756042
Tikirapal BOBranch Office756020
Tukurihazira BOBranch Office756037
Turigaria SOPost Office756047
Udambar BOBranch Office756019
Udayganjapatna BOBranch Office756039
Uitikiri BOBranch Office756029
Upla Hat BOBranch Office756035
Uppardiha BOBranch Office756058
Vellora BOBranch Office756030
VYASAVIHAR SOPost Office756089
Wada BOBranch Office756045

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service