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Explore all post offices or pincodes of AZAMGARH, UTTAR PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abusaidpur BOBranch Office276205
Aharaula SOPost Office223221
Ahirauli BOBranch Office276301
Aira Bujurg BOBranch Office276126
Ajagara Masharki BOBranch Office276122
Ajaji Dewara Karkhia BOBranch Office276122
Ajamat Garh Estate SOPost Office276124
Ajampur BOBranch Office276125
Amari BOBranch Office276142
Ambari SOPost Office223222
Ambarpur BOBranch Office223227
Amilo BOBranch Office276404
Amuwari BOBranch Office276138
Anjam Shhid BOBranch Office276125
Araji Amani BOBranch Office276139
Ashona BOBranch Office276406
Ashwania BOBranch Office276301
Ataraith BOBranch Office276142
Ataraulia SOPost Office223223
Azamgarh City SOPost Office276001
Azamgarh HOHead Office276001
Azamgarh RS SOPost Office276001
Babu Ki Basti BOBranch Office276305
Babu Ki Khajuri BOBranch Office276204
Bachhawal BOBranch Office276204
Badagaon BOBranch Office223227
Badaharia BOBranch Office223227
Badasara Aima BOBranch Office276141
Badasara Khalsa BOBranch Office276141
Badaura BOBranch Office276128
Badaya BOBranch Office223223
Baddo Pur BOBranch Office276125
Bahadur Pur BOBranch Office276201
Bahauddinpur BOBranch Office276288
Baijabari BOBranch Office276122
Bairampur BOBranch Office276206
Bakhara BOBranch Office223226
Baksh Pur BOBranch Office276303
Balaipur BOBranch Office276143
Bamhaur BOBranch Office276406
Ban Kat Jagdeesh BOBranch Office276142
Banbirpur BOBranch Office276304
Bangaon BOBranch Office276123
Bankat SOPost Office276125
Bankatia BOBranch Office276136
Bansgaon BOBranch Office223223
Bansgaon SO AzamgarhPost Office276126
Baraipur BOBranch Office223221
Barauna BOBranch Office276301
Bardah SOPost Office276301
Bardiha BOBranch Office276136
Bargahan BOBranch Office276301
Barikhas BOBranch Office276206
Barohi Fetahpur BOBranch Office276121
Basahia BOBranch Office223223
Base Pur Dandava BOBranch Office223223
Basgit BOBranch Office276128
Bazar Gosain SOPost Office276127
Beenapara BOBranch Office276305
Bela Klichpur BOBranch Office276203
Belaon BOBranch Office276302
Benupur BOBranch Office276204
Beohara BOBranch Office276202
Berama BOBranch Office276138
Bhadaon BOBranch Office223224
Bhagat Pur BOBranch Office223223
Bhaisha BOBranch Office276139
Bhangaha BOBranch Office276128
Bhani Pur BOBranch Office276288
Bharathipur BOBranch Office276123
Bharauli BOBranch Office276142
Bhavar Nath BOBranch Office276135
Bhawarpur BOBranch Office276123
Bhedaura BOBranch Office276141
Bheera BOBranch Office276301
Bhilampur Chhapra BOBranch Office276142
Bhimal Patti BOBranch Office223221
Bhimbar BOBranch Office276121
Bhopalpur BOBranch Office276202
Bhormau BOBranch Office276304
Bhuidharpur BOBranch Office276208
Bhujahi BOBranch Office276131
Bhuvana Bujurga BOBranch Office276405
Bibipur BOBranch Office276135
Bilari BOBranch Office223221
Bilaria Ganj SOPost Office276121
Bind Mathia BOBranch Office276404
Bindawal BOBranch Office276121
Bindra Bazar BOBranch Office276205
Bisham BOBranch Office276205
Bisunpura BOBranch Office276405
Bithuwa BOBranch Office276202
Bunda BOBranch Office223226
Buxpur Mejawa BOBranch Office276304
Chak Inami BOBranch Office276206
Chaklal Chand BOBranch Office276140
Chan Patti BOBranch Office276122
Chandabhari BOBranch Office276206
Chandai BOBranch Office276207
CHANDESARPost Office276128
Chewar Pachhim BOBranch Office276201
Chewata BOBranch Office276141
Chhaon BOBranch Office276302
Chhapra Sultanpur BOBranch Office276124
Chhattarpur Khushahal BOBranch Office276125
Chhihi BOBranch Office276121
Chhitauna BOBranch Office223221
Chhittepur BOBranch Office223226
Chirkihit BOBranch Office276202
Chitara Mahamud Pur BOBranch Office223224
Dama BOBranch Office276204
Dandwal BOBranch Office276203
Daniyalpur BOBranch Office223221
Dayalpur BOBranch Office276302
Deeha BOBranch Office276128
DEOGAON SOPost Office276201
Deora Patti BOBranch Office223223
Dev Kali Tas BOBranch Office276403
Dewait BOBranch Office276204
Dewara Jadid I BOBranch Office276137
Dewara Jadid II BOBranch Office276137
Dewara Khas Raja BOBranch Office276122
Dewara Naubrar BOBranch Office276137
Dharmdaspur Newada BOBranch Office276304
Dharwara BOBranch Office276131
DIDARGANJ SOPost Office223224
Dighwania Kaji BOBranch Office276136
Dighwania Majhuwa BOBranch Office276124
Diriapur Newada BOBranch Office276203
Dubara BOBranch Office276301
Durbasa BOBranch Office276304
Edilpur BOBranch Office223221
Emalipur BOBranch Office276121
Esmail Pir BOBranch Office276122
Faridpur BOBranch Office223225
Fariha BOBranch Office223227
Firuddin Pur BOBranch Office223227
Fulesh BOBranch Office223224
Gaddopur BOBranch Office276121
Gahaji BOBranch Office223221
Gajendra Patti Bhidaura BOBranch Office223223
Galib Pur BOBranch Office276288
Gambhir Ban BOBranch Office276128
GAMBHIRPUR SOPost Office276302
Gandhuai BOBranch Office223227
Garerua BOBranch Office276136
Gaura BOBranch Office276142
Gauri BOBranch Office223221
Gauri Narayanpur BOBranch Office276135
Godhana BOBranch Office223222
Gomadih BOBranch Office276202
Gopal Pur Sadar BOBranch Office276128
Gopalpur BOBranch Office276204
Gopalpur Sethuli BOBranch Office276201
Govind Pur BOBranch Office223223
Gujar Par BOBranch Office276404
Guwai BOBranch Office223224
Hafiz Pur BOBranch Office276125
Haidarabad BOBranch Office276122
Haji Pur BOBranch Office276122
Haraia BOBranch Office276127
Haraura BOBranch Office276126
Hardaspur BOBranch Office276204
Harkhpura Khas BOBranch Office276139
Harra Ki Chungi BOBranch Office276125
Hira Patti BOBranch Office276135
Hubbi Ganj BOBranch Office223224
Huse Pur BOBranch Office276137
Irani BOBranch Office276303
Ishapur BOBranch Office223226
Jagdishpur BOBranch Office276124
JAHANAGANJ SOPost Office276131
Jairajpur BOBranch Office276121
Jaitipur BOBranch Office276202
Jamal Pur BOBranch Office276128
Jamalpur BOBranch Office276205
Jameel Pur BOBranch Office276139
Jameen Bilari BOBranch Office276124
Jameen Harkhori BOBranch Office276140
Jameen Rasulpur BOBranch Office276127
Jamuawan BOBranch Office276303
Jeoli BOBranch Office276301
JIYANPUR SOPost Office276140
Jokhara BOBranch Office276136
Jolhapur BOBranch Office276135
Jurarampur BOBranch Office276139
Kabiruddin Pur BOBranch Office276142
Kakarahatta BOBranch Office276125
Kakarahi BOBranch Office276142
Kalafatpur BOBranch Office276143
Kalanderpur BOBranch Office276302
Kalicha Bad BOBranch Office276201
Kamahariya BOBranch Office276123
Kammar Pur BOBranch Office276303
Kanaila BOBranch Office276128
KANDHARAPUR SOPost Office276135
Kanjahit BOBranch Office276201
Karauti BOBranch Office276204
Karisath BOBranch Office276131
Kariya Gopal Pur BOBranch Office276201
Karkhia Rutam Sarai BOBranch Office276122
Karsara BOBranch Office276202
Karui BOBranch Office223224
Katauli Kala BOBranch Office276202
Kaudia BOBranch Office276141
Kaura Gahani BOBranch Office223224
Kerama BOBranch Office276406
Keshav Pur BOBranch Office276142
Khairuddinpur BOBranch Office276288
Khajuri BOBranch Office223221
Khaliasemari BOBranch Office276206
Khalifatpur BOBranch Office276208
Khalispur BOBranch Office276138
Khan Pur Bhagatpatti BOBranch Office276139
Khandaura BOBranch Office276143
Khaniara BOBranch Office276202
Khanjahan Pur BOBranch Office223222
Khargpur BOBranch Office276126
Kharihani BOBranch Office276204
Khoulukhor BOBranch Office276131
Khurasan BOBranch Office276304
Khutauli BOBranch Office276304
Khutia BOBranch Office276208
Kisun Pur BOBranch Office276128
Kisundaspur BOBranch Office276208
Kohanda BOBranch Office276288
Koilari BOBranch Office276131
KOILSA SOPost Office276142
Kote BOBranch Office276125
Kothwa Jalal Pur BOBranch Office276142
Kotila BOBranch Office276207
Kubakhas BOBranch Office276203
Kujiyari BOBranch Office223227
Kushmahara BOBranch Office223221
Lahar Par BOBranch Office276141
Lahuwan BOBranch Office276202
LALGANJ SOPost Office276202
Lapsipur BOBranch Office276131
Lasara Khurd BOBranch Office276303
LATGHAT SOPost Office276136
Lilapatti Bankatia BOBranch Office276124
Lohara BOBranch Office223223
Loniadeeh BOBranch Office276304
Luchui BOBranch Office276136
Madharsia BOBranch Office276208
Madia Par BOBranch Office223223
Mahagu Pur BOBranch Office223223
Maharaj Pur BOBranch Office276135
MAHARAJGANJ SOPost Office276137
Mahesh Pur BOBranch Office276137
Maholi BOBranch Office276123
Mahuja Newada BOBranch Office276301
MAHUL SOPost Office223225
Mahula BOBranch Office275303
Mahulia Bojhia BOBranch Office276138
Mahuyamurarpur BOBranch Office276131
Malgaon BOBranch Office223222
Maltari BOBranch Office276138
Mandanpur BOBranch Office276124
Mangit Pur BOBranch Office276142
Mangrawa BOBranch Office276205
Maniyar Pur BOBranch Office276141
Martin Ganj BOBranch Office223224
Mataulipur BOBranch Office276206
Matia BOBranch Office276122
Maukutubpur BOBranch Office276127
Meh Mauni BOBranch Office276141
MEHNAGAR SOPost Office276204
MEHNAJPUR SOPost Office276203
Mir Ahmedpur Sahjada BOBranch Office223224
Mir Pur BOBranch Office223223
Mirja Pur BOBranch Office276305
MITTOOPURPost Office276143
Mittupur BOBranch Office276131
Mohamdalla BOBranch Office276128
Mohammad Pur Dharang BOBranch Office276202
MOHAMMADPUR SOPost Office276205
Mohanath BOBranch Office276206
Mohmmadpur BOBranch Office276138
Mokhalish Pur BOBranch Office276141
Molana Pur BOBranch Office276137
MUBARAKPUR SOPost Office276404
Mujaffarpur BOBranch Office276302
Mundiyar BOBranch Office276304
Mundwar BOBranch Office276304
Murhar BOBranch Office276303
Mutkallipur BOBranch Office276288
Muzaffarpur BOBranch Office276208
Naharpur BOBranch Office223225
Nai BOBranch Office276204
Nandana BOBranch Office223223
Nandaon BOBranch Office276305
Naraipur BOBranch Office276136
Nardah BOBranch Office276305
Narhankhas BOBranch Office276124
Narsingh Pur BOBranch Office276202
Nasiruddinpur BOBranch Office276208
Nauhara BOBranch Office223222
Naurasia BOBranch Office276123
Nehula BOBranch Office276203
Newada BOBranch Office276141
Niauj BOBranch Office276305
NIZAMBAD SOPost Office276206
Nurvey BOBranch Office276303
Ora BOBranch Office276208
Oril BOBranch Office223222
Pach Khaura BOBranch Office276141
Pahi BOBranch Office276404
Pakar Deeha BOBranch Office223223
Pakari BOBranch Office276123
Palhana BOBranch Office276202
Palhani BOBranch Office276128
Palia Maphi BOBranch Office223222
Palthi BOBranch Office223224
Pandaha BOBranch Office276202
Patila Gaosh Pur BOBranch Office276121
Patkhauli BOBranch Office276125
Patwadh Kautuk BOBranch Office276121
PAWAI SOPost Office276288
Pawani Kala BOBranch Office276204
PHOOLPUR SOPost Office276304
PHOOLPUR TOWN SOPost Office276304
Phulaieh Khajura BOBranch Office276126
Pichari BOBranch Office276403
Pichhaura BOBranch Office276301
Pihar BOBranch Office276136
Pipari BOBranch Office276142
Pithaupur Rasti BOBranch Office276126
Punapar BOBranch Office276124
Punargi BOBranch Office276131
PUSPNAGAR SOPost Office223226
Raida BOBranch Office223225
Rajapur Sikaraur BOBranch Office276305
Ram Pur Katharawa BOBranch Office276201
Rama Pur BOBranch Office223225
Ramgarh BOBranch Office276127
Rangdih BOBranch Office276305
RANI KI SARAI SOPost Office276207
Ranipur Razamo BOBranch Office276302
Rasoolpur BOBranch Office276204
Rasul Pur Pasi Pur BOBranch Office276141
Rasulpur Nandalal BOBranch Office276139
RAUNAPAR SOPost Office276122
Raut Mau BOBranch Office276406
Renda BOBranch Office276204
Rithia BOBranch Office276142
Safipur BOBranch Office276202
SAGRI SOPost Office276138
Salempur BOBranch Office276202
Samaida BOBranch Office276128
Samsabad BOBranch Office223221
Sanjar Pur SOPost Office223227
Sarai Mohan BOBranch Office276303
Sarai Paltu BOBranch Office276302
Saraimeer SOPost Office276305
Sarain BOBranch Office223221
Sarawan BOBranch Office276202
Sardaha SOPost Office276139
Sathion SOPost Office276406
Sema BOBranch Office276131
Sen Pur BOBranch Office223223
Sewata BOBranch Office276128
Shahgarh BOBranch Office276406
Shbili BOBranch Office276135
Shekhupur BOBranch Office276121
Shethawal BOBranch Office276207
Shivpur BOBranch Office276137
Shiwali BOBranch Office276206
Sidhari BOBranch Office276128
Sidhauna BOBranch Office276203
Sihuka Abhirpur BOBranch Office276203
Sikaraur Sahabari BOBranch Office223226
Sikraur BOBranch Office276201
Singhpur BOBranch Office276126
Singhwara BOBranch Office276139
Sirahi BOBranch Office276127
Sirsal BOBranch Office276207
Sodhari BOBranch Office276206
Sohauli BOBranch Office276301
Sonhara BOBranch Office276301
Sri Kant Pur BOBranch Office276201
Sukhi Pur BOBranch Office223221
Sumhadeeh BOBranch Office276288
Surahan BOBranch Office223224
Tahar Wajid Pur BOBranch Office276141
Tahir Pur BOBranch Office276122
Tamauli BOBranch Office276207
Tandadeeh BOBranch Office276123
Tandawa BOBranch Office276123
Tarauka BOBranch Office276136
Tarawa SOPost Office276123
Tegar Pur BOBranch Office276207
Terahi SOPost Office276141
Thekma SOPost Office276303
Tika Pur SOPost Office276208
Tilkhara Pura Dani BOBranch Office276203
Towa BOBranch Office276305
Ubarpur BOBranch Office276202
Uchagaon BOBranch Office276128
Uchahuwan BOBranch Office276126
Udiawan BOBranch Office276301
Urdiha BOBranch Office276122
Vijayapar BOBranch Office276121
Vinoa Puri BOBranch Office223221
Youdhisthirpatti BOBranch Office223221
Zafarpur BOBranch Office276128
Zamin Katghar BOBranch Office276206

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service