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Explore all post offices or pincodes of ANANTAPUR, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A Narayanapuram BOBranch Office515004
Achampalle BOBranch Office515621
Adadakulapalli BOBranch Office515124
Agali SO AnanthapurPost Office515311
Agraharam BOBranch Office515281
Akuledu BOBranch Office515731
Aladahalli BOBranch Office515281
Alamuru BOBranch Office515002
Allapuram BOBranch Office515766
Aluru BOBranch Office515415
Amadagur SOPost Office515556
Amagondapalem BOBranch Office515144
Amarapuram SOPost Office515281
Amidalagondi BOBranch Office515301
Amidalakunta BOBranch Office515651
Amidyaya SOPost Office515822
Ammaladinne SOPost Office515445
Anantapur Collectorate SOPost Office515001
Anantapur Engg College SOPost Office515002
Anantapur HOHead Office515001
Ankampalli BOBranch Office515741
Anumpalli BOBranch Office515775
Appecharla BOBranch Office515455
Appilepalli BOBranch Office515766
Apprascheruvu BOBranch Office515661
Arakatavemula BOBranch Office515445
Araveedu BOBranch Office515465
Aravindanagar SOPost Office515001
Aswartharayaniroppam BOBranch Office515301
Atmakur BOBranch Office515631
AtmakurATP SOPost Office515751
Avuladatla BOBranch Office515867
Avulanna BOBranch Office515741
Aydukallu BOBranch Office515763
Ayyagarlapalli BOBranch Office515767
Ayyavaripalli BOBranch Office515775
Badannapalli BOBranch Office515672
Badavandlapalli BOBranch Office515501
Badenaikthanda BOBranch Office515134
Balasamudram BOBranch Office515571
Bandameedapalli BOBranch Office515722
Bandlapalli BOBranch Office515110
Basampalli BOBranch Office515651
Basapuram BOBranch Office515766
Basavanahalli BOBranch Office515305
Basinepalli BOBranch Office515402
Bathalapalli SOPost Office515661
Bavarampalli BOBranch Office515761
Beechaganipalli BOBranch Office515261
Beedupalli BOBranch Office515134
Belguppa SOPost Office515741
Belodu BOBranch Office515867
Bestharapalli BOBranch Office515766
Bethapalli BOBranch Office515402
Bevinahalli BOBranch Office515211
Bhadrapuram BOBranch Office515641
Bhanukota BOBranch Office515621
Bhattuvanipalli BOBranch Office515787
Bhogasamudram BOBranch Office515415
Bhogasamudram Project SOPost Office515413
Bhupasamudram BOBranch Office515341
Bhyrasamudram BOBranch Office515767
Birepalli BOBranch Office515212
Bisalamanepalli BOBranch Office515331
BIT College BOBranch Office515202
BNHalli BOBranch Office515867
Bollanaguddem BOBranch Office515870
Bommaganipalli SOPost Office515763
Bommagondanahalli BOBranch Office515271
Bommakkapalli BOBranch Office515867
Bommanahal BOBranch Office515871
Bommireddipalli BOBranch Office515591
Bondaladinne BOBranch Office515411
Bondalawada BOBranch Office515425
Bonthalapalle BOBranch Office515531
Brahma Samudram BOBranch Office515767
Brahmanapalle BOBranch Office515134
Brahmanapalli BOBranch Office515408
Brahmasamudram BOBranch Office515124
Bramhanayaleru BOBranch Office515002
BTProject BOBranch Office515863
Buchayyagaripalli BOBranch Office515144
Bucherla BOBranch Office515123
Budagavi BOBranch Office515812
Budanampalle BOBranch Office515511
Budidagaddapalli BOBranch Office515241
Budili SOPost Office515241
Budilisettipalli BOBranch Office515241
Budimepalli BOBranch Office515763
Bukkacherla BOBranch Office515002
Bukkapatnam SOPost Office515144
Bukkarayasamudram SOPost Office515701
Bullasamudram BOBranch Office515303
Bussaiahgaripalli BOBranch Office515241
Byagarlapalli BOBranch Office515301
Byrapuram BOBranch Office515110
C Bandameedapalli BOBranch Office515701
Chabala BOBranch Office515812
Chadam BOBranch Office515865
Chagaleru BOBranch Office515601
Chakarlapalli BOBranch Office515122
Chalakur BOBranch Office515122
Chalivemula BOBranch Office515414
Chalivendla BOBranch Office515331
Challapalli BOBranch Office515122
Challavaripalli BOBranch Office515411
Chamaluru BOBranch Office515425
Chandakacherla BOBranch Office515301
Chandana BOBranch Office515455
Chapiri BOBranch Office515761
Chayapuram BOBranch Office515842
Cheekalagurki BOBranch Office515812
Cheekatimanipalli BOBranch Office515571
Cheemalavagupalli BOBranch Office515408
Cheepuleti BOBranch Office515303
Cheliminahalli BOBranch Office515767
Chennamanayani Kota BOBranch Office515641
Chennampalli BOBranch Office515621
Chennarajupalli BOBranch Office515110
Chennekothapalli SOPost Office515101
Cherlokodigepalli BOBranch Office515303
Cherlopalli BOBranch Office515414
Cherukuru BOBranch Office515124
Chigicherla BOBranch Office515672
Chikirevulapalli BOBranch Office515556
Chikkachoragiri BOBranch Office515271
Chikkepalli BOBranch Office515445
Chilamakuru BOBranch Office515465
Chilamathur SOPost Office515341
Chillakondayapalli BOBranch Office515631
Chillavaripalle BOBranch Office515631
Chinnachigullarevu BOBranch Office515631
Chinnaganapalle BOBranch Office515556
Chinnamanthur BOBranch Office515124
Chinnampalli BOBranch Office515761
Chinnamusturu BOBranch Office515812
Chinnapolamada BOBranch Office515411
Chinnaramannagaripalli BOBranch Office515571
Chinnarayanipalli BOBranch Office515501
Chinnavadugur BOBranch Office515405
Chintakayamanda BOBranch Office515465
Chintakunta BOBranch Office515414
Chintalacheruvu BOBranch Office515455
Chintalayalapalli BOBranch Office515408
Chintarlapalli BOBranch Office515767
Chippalamadugu BOBranch Office515541
Chitnaduku BOBranch Office515281
Chitrachedu BOBranch Office515611
Chittur BOBranch Office515611
Chiyyedu BOBranch Office515721
Cholasamudram BOBranch Office515331
Cholemarri BOBranch Office515124
Chowluru BOBranch Office515211
Chowtakuntapalli BOBranch Office515501
Chowtivaripalle BOBranch Office515551
Chukkalur SOPost Office515415
Clock Tower Kadiri SOPost Office515591
Dabburivaripalli BOBranch Office515531
Dadalur BOBranch Office515641
Dadithota BOBranch Office515631
Dampetla BOBranch Office515672
Danduvaripalli BOBranch Office515701
Darga Kondaopuram BOBranch Office515865
Darsimala BOBranch Office515672
Dasampalli BOBranch Office515765
Dasappapalyam BOBranch Office515291
DCherlopalli BOBranch Office515672
Demakethapalli BOBranch Office515331
Devagiri BOBranch Office515871
Devarapalli BOBranch Office515775
Dhaniyancheruvu BOBranch Office515521
Dharmapuri BOBranch Office515812
Dharmavaram Bazar SOPost Office515671
Dharmavaram HOHead Office515671
Dharmavaram RS SOPost Office515672
Diguvapalli BOBranch Office515414
Diguvathotlipalli BOBranch Office515571
Dimmagudi BOBranch Office515405
Dodagatta BOBranch Office515761
Dodaghatta BOBranch Office515123
Dodderi BOBranch Office515321
Dokkalahalli BOBranch Office515321
Donekal BOBranch Office515842
Donnikota BOBranch Office515531
Dorigallu BOBranch Office515511
Dosaludiki BOBranch Office515803
Duddebanda BOBranch Office515164
Duddekunta BOBranch Office515741
Duggumarri BOBranch Office515425
Durdakunta BOBranch Office515787
East Nadimpalle BOBranch Office515581
Eddulapalli BOBranch Office515775
Eddulavaripalli BOBranch Office515531
Edulaballapuram BOBranch Office515122
Edurur BOBranch Office515405
Eguvagangireddipalli BOBranch Office515531
Elakuntla BOBranch Office515641
Elukuntla BOBranch Office515159
Enumulavaripalli BOBranch Office515501
Erradoddi BOBranch Office515541
Errakuntapalle BOBranch Office515571
Ethodu BOBranch Office515571
Gadehothur BOBranch Office515832
Gadekal BOBranch Office515842
Gajarampalli BOBranch Office515775
Galibipalli BOBranch Office515331
Gandhibazar SO AnanthapurPost Office515005
Gandhodivandlapalli BOBranch Office515571
Gandlaparthi BOBranch Office515722
Gandlapenta SOPost Office515521
Gandlavandlapalli BOBranch Office515511
Gangampalli BOBranch Office515231
Ganganapalli BOBranch Office515425
Gangavaram BOBranch Office515761
Ganginepalli BOBranch Office515144
Gangivaripalli BOBranch Office515581
Gangulavaipalem BOBranch Office515291
Ganigera BOBranch Office515871
Gantimarri BOBranch Office515101
Garimakulapalli BOBranch Office515621
Garisalapalli BOBranch Office515631
Garladinne SOPost Office515731
Garudachedu BOBranch Office515871
Garuguchintalapallo BOBranch Office515414
Gasikavaripalli BOBranch Office515154
Georgepet SOPost Office515004
Ghntapuram BOBranch Office515661
GKottala BOBranch Office515775
Godasalapalli BOBranch Office515871
Goddumarri BOBranch Office515465
Golla BOBranch Office515761
Gollaladoddi BOBranch Office515401
Gollapalli BOBranch Office515865
Gollapuram BOBranch Office515211
Gonabhavi BOBranch Office515863
Gonchireddypalli BOBranch Office515763
Gondireddypalli BOBranch Office515722
Gonehal BOBranch Office515871
Gonimekalapalli BOBranch Office515123
Gonipeta BOBranch Office515110
Gooty Bazaar SOPost Office515401
Gooty RS SOPost Office515402
Gooty SOPost Office515401
Gootyanantapur BOBranch Office515401
Gopepalli BOBranch Office515501
Gorantla SOPost Office515231
Goridindla BOBranch Office515751
Gotkuru BOBranch Office515711
Gotluru BOBranch Office515672
Govindapuram BOBranch Office515291
Govindawada BOBranch Office515812
Gowdanahalli BOBranch Office515301
Gowkanapalle BOBranch Office515581
Gownipalli BOBranch Office515561
Gownivaripalli BOBranch Office515231
Gowrajupalle BOBranch Office515123
Gowrapuram BOBranch Office515561
Gramadatla BOBranch Office515865
Gubanapalli BOBranch Office515763
Guddadahalli BOBranch Office515271
Guddalapalli BOBranch Office515731
Guddampalle BOBranch Office515291
Gudduguriki BOBranch Office515291
Gudibanda SO AnanthapurPost Office515271
Gudipadu BOBranch Office515408
Gudipalli BOBranch Office515122
Gugudu BOBranch Office515425
Gulapalyam BOBranch Office515842
Gummaghatta SOPost Office515863
Gummaiahgaripalli BOBranch Office515231
Gundiganipalli BOBranch Office515863
Gunemorubagal BOBranch Office515286
Gunipalli BOBranch Office515154
Gunjepalli BOBranch Office515159
Guntakal HOHead Office515801
Guntakal Market SOPost Office515801
Gurrambailu BOBranch Office515571
Gurrapukonda BOBranch Office515305
Gutibailu BOBranch Office515521
Guttur SOPost Office515164
Guvvalaguttapalli BOBranch Office515231
H Sodanapalli BOBranch Office515425
Halkur BOBranch Office515281
Hallikera BOBranch Office515311
Hallikera Devarahalli BOBranch Office515311
Haludi BOBranch Office515311
Hampapuram BOBranch Office515722
Hanakanahal BOBranch Office515741
Hanchanahal BOBranch Office515842
Handepalli BOBranch Office515765
Hanumesh Nagar SOPost Office515801
Hanumpalli B OBranch Office515110
Haresamudram BOBranch Office515301
Havaligi BOBranch Office515870
Hemavathi SOPost Office515286
Herial SOPost Office515872
Hindupur Extns SOPost Office515201
Hindupur Fort BOBranch Office515202
Hindupur HOHead Office515201
Hindupur Sevamandir SOPost Office515212
Hirethurpi BOBranch Office515305
Honnampalli BOBranch Office515261
Honnur BOBranch Office515812
Hottebetta BOBranch Office515291
Hottethimmanahalli BOBranch Office515271
Hulikunta BOBranch Office515321
Igaduru BOBranch Office515415
Illuru BOBranch Office515611
Inagalur BOBranch Office515311
Inagaluru BOBranch Office515591
Ipperu BOBranch Office515711
Isurallapalli BOBranch Office515401
Jagarajupalli BOBranch Office515133
Jakkalacheruvu BOBranch Office515401
Jakkasamudram BOBranch Office515231
Jallipalli BOBranch Office515711
Jambalabanda BOBranch Office515305
Jambugumpala BOBranch Office515766
Jambuladinne BOBranch Office515731
Janardhanapalli BOBranch Office515812
Jangampalli BOBranch Office515465
Janthaluru BOBranch Office515701
Javukulakothapalle BOBranch Office515561
Jayalakshmipuram SO AnanthapurPost Office515722
Jeenulakunta BOBranch Office515521
Jonnalakothapalli BOBranch Office515159
Julakalva BOBranch Office515425
Junjurampalli BOBranch Office515867
Juturu BOBranch Office515411
K Garudapuram BOBranch Office515761
Kadadarabenchi BOBranch Office515842
Kadadarakunta BOBranch Office515711
Kadalur BOBranch Office515865
Kadarampalli BOBranch Office515766
Kadavakallu BOBranch Office515445
Kadiri Chowk SOPost Office515591
Kadiri Kuntlapalli BOBranch Office515541
Kadiri SOPost Office515591
Kadiridevarapalli BOBranch Office515765
Kadiripulikunta BOBranch Office515551
Kaganapalli BOBranch Office515241
Kaggallu BOBranch Office515202
Kaki BOBranch Office515321
Kakkalapalli Colony BOBranch Office515004
Kakkalpalli BOBranch Office515002
Kalagalla BOBranch Office515711
Kalapuram BOBranch Office515775
Kalasamudram BOBranch Office515501
Kalekurthy BOBranch Office515871
Kalipi BOBranch Office515124
Kallagiri BOBranch Office515241
Kallumadi BOBranch Office515611
Kallumarri SOPost Office515303
Kallur RS SOPost Office515774
Kalluru BOBranch Office515331
Kalugodu BOBranch Office515863
Kalvapalli BOBranch Office515761
Kalyam BOBranch Office515865
Kalyandurg Bazar SOPost Office515761
Kalyandurg SOPost Office515761
Kamalapadu BOBranch Office515832
Kamarupalli BOBranch Office515751
Kamatampalle BOBranch Office515521
Kambadur SOPost Office515765
Kammavaripalli BOBranch Office515231
Kammuru BOBranch Office515711
Kanaganapalli SOPost Office515641
Kanakuru BOBranch Office515767
Kanampalli BOBranch Office515731
Kancharavandlapalli BOBranch Office515556
Kanchisamudram BOBranch Office515331
Kandukur SOPost Office515721
Kanekal SOPost Office515871
Kanisettipalli BOBranch Office515341
Kannepalli BOBranch Office515763
Kanumukkala BOBranch Office515651
Kappalabanda BOBranch Office515133
Karakamukkala BOBranch Office515870
Karavulapalli BOBranch Office515231
Karidasanahalli BOBranch Office515311
Karidikonda BOBranch Office515402
Karikera BOBranch Office515305
Karthanaparthi BOBranch Office515787
Karutlapalli BOBranch Office515711
Kasapuram BOBranch Office515803
Kassamudram BOBranch Office515556
Katakamvaripalli BOBranch Office515521
Katakindapalli BOBranch Office515832
Katarupalle BOBranch Office515521
Katrimala BOBranch Office515775
Kaverisamudram BOBranch Office515415
KBrahmanapalli BOBranch Office515591
Kenchanapalli BOBranch Office515867
Kenkara BOBranch Office515286
Kesapuram BOBranch Office515144
Kesavapuram BOBranch Office515774
Kesepalli BOBranch Office515425
Khaderpeta BOBranch Office515775
Khairevu BOBranch Office515767
Kirikera SOPost Office515211
KKAgraharam BOBranch Office515701
KMallireddipalle BOBranch Office515571
Kodapaganipalli BOBranch Office515144
Kodavandlapalle BOBranch Office515511
Kodihalli BOBranch Office515311
Kodihalli West BOBranch Office515863
Kodikonda SOPost Office515601
Kodipalli East BOBranch Office515787
Kodur BOBranch Office515601
Kogira BOBranch Office515123
Kojjepalli BOBranch Office515401
Kokkanti BOBranch Office515571
Kolaganahalli BOBranch Office515871
Komatikuntla BOBranch Office515414
Konakondla SOPost Office515842
Konapuram BOBranch Office515110
Konauppalapadu BOBranch Office515408
Kondaguttapalli BOBranch Office515541
Kondakamarla SOPost Office515531
Kondamanayanipalem BOBranch Office515541
Kondapuram BOBranch Office515231
Kondavenukapalli BOBranch Office515571
Kondur BOBranch Office515331
Konetinayanipalem BOBranch Office515621
Konganapalli BOBranch Office515401
Konkallu BOBranch Office515271
Koppalakonda BOBranch Office515774
Korrakodu BOBranch Office515711
Korrapadu BOBranch Office515701
Korthikota BOBranch Office515571
Kotanka BOBranch Office515731
Kotapalli BOBranch Office515571
Kothacheruvu SOPost Office515133
Kothagundumala BOBranch Office515291
Kothakota BOBranch Office515154
Kothapalli BOBranch Office515751
KothapetaGooty BOBranch Office515401
Kotipi BOBranch Office515211
Kotlapalli BOBranch Office515110
Kotnur BOBranch Office515212
Kottala BOBranch Office515803
Kottalapalli BOBranch Office515870
Kovvurivandlapalle BOBranch Office515581
Kowlepalli BOBranch Office515591
Krishnapuram SO AnanthapurPost Office515159
Krishtipadu BOBranch Office515455
Kuchivaripalli BOBranch Office515465
Kuderu SO AnanthapurPost Office515711
Kudlur BOBranch Office515871
Kumbaranagenahalli BOBranch Office515305
Kummanamala BOBranch Office515414
Kundurpi SOPost Office515766
Kuntimaddi BOBranch Office515101
Kunukuntla BOBranch Office515631
Kunuthuru BOBranch Office515672
Kurabanahalli BOBranch Office515761
Kuraganipalli BOBranch Office515425
Kurakulapalli BOBranch Office515621
Kurlyreddivaripalli BOBranch Office515581
Kurubavandlapalli BOBranch Office515164
Kurugunta BOBranch Office515751
Kurumala BOBranch Office515531
Kurumamidi BOBranch Office515521
Kuruvalli BOBranch Office515871
Kutagulla SOPost Office515541
Kutalacheruvupalli BOBranch Office515501
Lachumpalli BOBranch Office515405
Lakkasamudram BOBranch Office515541
Lakshmampalli BOBranch Office515766
Lakshmi Bazar BOBranch Office515865
Lakshumpalli BOBranch Office515455
Lalepalli BOBranch Office515341
Lathavaram BOBranch Office515812
Lepakshi SOPost Office515331
Lingareddipalli BOBranch Office515465
Locherla BOBranch Office515133
Madakasira Bazaar BOBranch Office515301
Madakasira SOPost Office515301
Maddalacheruvu BOBranch Office515621
Maddanakunta BOBranch Office515281
Maddipalli BOBranch Office515414
Madhudi BOBranch Office515311
Madigubba BOBranch Office515751
Madugupalli BOBranch Office515425
Malakavemula BOBranch Office515501
Malamidipalli BOBranch Office515521
Malayanuru BOBranch Office515766
Mallakalva BOBranch Office515672
Mallapuram BOBranch Office515812
Mallenipalli BOBranch Office515405
Mallepalli BOBranch Office515241
Malugur BOBranch Office515212
Malyam BOBranch Office515871
Malyavantham BOBranch Office515661
Mamadur BOBranch Office515405
Mamaduru BOBranch Office515767
Mamidimakulapalli BOBranch Office515331
Mandalahalli BOBranch Office515271
Mandalapalle BOBranch Office515231
Mandli BOBranch Office515124
Manepalli BOBranch Office515331
Manesamudram BOBranch Office515212
Mangalamadaka BOBranch Office515154
Manirevu BOBranch Office515751
Mannila BOBranch Office515721
Manur BOBranch Office515303
Marakuntapalli BOBranch Office515133
Marala BOBranch Office515159
Maravapalli Agraharam BOBranch Office515631
Marrikommadinne BOBranch Office515521
Marrimakulapalle BOBranch Office515631
Marrimakulapalli BOBranch Office515765
Marthadu BOBranch Office515511
Maruru BOBranch Office515641
Marutla BOBranch Office515711
Mavatur BOBranch Office515124
Medapuram SOPost Office515651
Medikurthi BOBranch Office515465
Mekalacheruvu BOBranch Office515521
Melavoy BOBranch Office515301
Miduthur BOBranch Office515405
Mirjapuram BOBranch Office515133
Moda BOBranch Office515212
Modinabad SOPost Office515801
Modugulakunta BOBranch Office515631
Mohammadabad BOBranch Office515561
Mopidi BOBranch Office515812
Morampalle BOBranch Office515601
Morasalapalli BOBranch Office515601
Morubagalu BOBranch Office515286
Motilal Street SOPost Office515004
Motorchintalapalle BOBranch Office515621
MPRSite BOBranch Office515731
MRayapuram BOBranch Office515271
Muchukota BOBranch Office515445
Muddalapuram BOBranch Office515711
Muddinayanipalli BOBranch Office515787
Muddireddypalli SOPost Office515202
Mudigal BOBranch Office515761
Mudigubba SOPost Office515511
Mukthapuram BOBranch Office515641
Mulakalacheruvu BOBranch Office515123
Mulakaledu BOBranch Office515767
Mulakanur BOBranch Office515765
Mundlavaripalli BOBranch Office515571
Mundy Bazaar BOBranch Office515591
Munimadugu BOBranch Office515164
Muntimadugu BOBranch Office515774
Muppalakunta BOBranch Office515763
Muradi BOBranch Office515865
Muradi Hanumapuram BOBranch Office515865
Mustikovela BOBranch Office515101
Musturu BOBranch Office515661
Muthyalacheruvu BOBranch Office515591
Muttala BOBranch Office515751
Mutukuru BOBranch Office515271
Mydugolam BOBranch Office515331
Mylasamudram BOBranch Office515144
Nachenahalli BOBranch Office515286
Nadimidoddi BOBranch Office515425
Nadimpalli BOBranch Office515122
Nagalapuram BOBranch Office515871
Nagalur BOBranch Office515124
Nagarur BOBranch Office515455
Nagasamudram BOBranch Office515101
Naginayanicheruvu Thanda BOBranch Office515122
Nagireddipalli BOBranch Office515133
Nakkalapalli BOBranch Office515741
Nakkanadoddi BOBranch Office515803
Nallaboyanapalle BOBranch Office515672
Nallacherlopalli BOBranch Office515159
Nallacheruvu SOPost Office515551
Nallaguttapalli BOBranch Office515561
Nallamada BOBranch Office515501
Nallur BOBranch Office515124
Naranagepalli BOBranch Office515123
Narapla SOPost Office515425
Narasambudi BOBranch Office515311
Narasampalli BOBranch Office515641
Narasanenikunta BOBranch Office515004
Narasapuram BOBranch Office515408
Narasapuram East BOBranch Office515435
Narasapuram West BOBranch Office515435
Narasimpalli BOBranch Office515661
Narasimpalli Thanda BOBranch Office515144
Narayanapuram BOBranch Office515761
Narepalli BOBranch Office515144
Narinjagundlapalli BOBranch Office515741
Nasanakota BOBranch Office515672
Nawabkota BOBranch Office515531
Neelakantapuram SOPost Office515291
Neerukuntapalle BOBranch Office515541
Nelagonda BOBranch Office515842
Nelakota BOBranch Office515159
Nemakallu BOBranch Office515871
Nesevandlapalli BOBranch Office515601
Netrapalli BOBranch Office515867
NHanumapuram BOBranch Office515822
Nidigallu BOBranch Office515661
Nidimamidi BOBranch Office515110
Nidraghatta BOBranch Office515286
Niluvarathipalli BOBranch Office515561
Nimbagallu BOBranch Office515822
Nitturu BOBranch Office515408
NizavaLli BOBranch Office515766
NMadapuram BOBranch Office515672
NNarsapuram BOBranch Office515803
NPKunta BOBranch Office515521
NThimmapuram BOBranch Office515842
Nuthanakalva BOBranch Office515581
Nuthimadugu SOPost Office515787
Nyamaddala BOBranch Office515101
Obula Devara Cheruvu SOPost Office515561
Obulapuram BOBranch Office515865
Obulareddipalli BOBranch Office515581
Oddupalli BOBranch Office515751
Odulapalli BOBranch Office515581
Old Guntakal SOPost Office515803
Old Town SO AnanthapurPost Office515005
Ontimiddi BOBranch Office515761
P Narayana Puram BOBranch Office515751
P Siddarampuram BOBranch Office515751
P Yaleru BOBranch Office515751
Pabr Sam Site BOBranch Office515711
Palacherla BOBranch Office515722
Palasamudram BOBranch Office515241
Palavoyi BOBranch Office515761
Pallepalli BOBranch Office515865
Palluru BOBranch Office515765
Palthur BOBranch Office515870
Palyam BOBranch Office515775
Pamidi SOPost Office515775
Pamudurthi SOPost Office515154
Pandikunta BOBranch Office515832
Pandiparthi BOBranch Office515122
Pandulakunta BOBranch Office515541
Papampalli BOBranch Office515761
Pappuru BOBranch Office515425
Parigi SOPost Office515261
Parlachedu BOBranch Office515767
Parsannayapalli BOBranch Office515002
Pasalur BOBranch Office515408
Patel Road SOPost Office515001
Pathakothacheruvu BOBranch Office515401
Pathapalle BOBranch Office516464
Pathikuntapalli BOBranch Office515241
Patnam SOPost Office515501
PByadagere BOBranch Office515311
PCPeapully BOBranch Office515832
Pedaballi BOBranch Office515571
Pedda Kowkuntla BOBranch Office515822
Pedda Vadagur SOPost Office515405
Peddachigullarevu BOBranch Office515631
Peddakadapalavaripalli BOBranch Office515571
Peddakotla BOBranch Office515631
Peddamanthur SOPost Office515124
Peddannavaripalli BOBranch Office515581
Peddapappuru BOBranch Office515445
Peddapolamada BOBranch Office515411
Peddayakkalur BOBranch Office515408
Peddayellampalli BOBranch Office515551
Pedoddi BOBranch Office515401
Pemanakuntapalli Thanda BOBranch Office515501
Penakacherla BOBranch Office515731
Penukonda Fort SOPost Office515110
Penukonda SOPost Office515110
Peravali BOBranch Office515701
Perur SO AnanthapurPost Office515621
Phalaram BOBranch Office515271
Pillalapalli BOBranch Office515763
Pinnadhari BOBranch Office515631
Pitchireddikottala BOBranch Office515621
PKothapalli BOBranch Office515521
Podaralla BOBranch Office515731
Podarallapalli BOBranch Office515154
Polepalli BOBranch Office515101
Poliki BOBranch Office515842
Pothulakunta BOBranch Office515133
Pothulanagepalli BOBranch Office515651
Potlamarri BOBranch Office515661
Pottipadu BOBranch Office515832
Prasanthigram SOPost Office515134
Prasanthinilayam SOPost Office515134
PSadlapalli BOBranch Office515202
Pulagampalli BOBranch Office515591
Pulakunta B OBranch Office515202
Pulakunta BOBranch Office515865
Pulakurthy BOBranch Office515865
Puleru BOBranch Office515231
Puletipalli BOBranch Office515101
Pulicherla BOBranch Office515865
Pulikintapalli BOBranch Office515556
Pulukunta BOBranch Office515721
Puppala BOBranch Office515455
Putlur SOPost Office515414
Puttaparthi BOBranch Office515134
Puttaparthy Main Bazar NDTSOPost Office515134
Pyadindi BOBranch Office515651
Rachanapalli BOBranch Office515004
Rachavaraipalli BOBranch Office515110
Rachepalli BOBranch Office515611
Rachuru BOBranch Office515123
Ragalinganahalli BOBranch Office515311
Ragulapadu BOBranch Office515832
Railway Colony SO AnanthapurPost Office515801
Rajaji Street BOBranch Office515005
Rajapuram BOBranch Office515401
Rajendra Nagar SO AnanthapurPost Office515801
Rajiv Colony BOBranch Office515004
Raketla BOBranch Office515822
Ralla Anantapuram BOBranch Office515621
Rallahalli SOPost Office515305
Ramachandra Nagar SOPost Office515001
Ramagiri BOBranch Office515672
Ramapuram BOBranch Office515787
Ramarajupalli BOBranch Office515405
Ramasagaram BOBranch Office515741
Ramnagar SO AnanthapurPost Office515004
RAnantapuram BOBranch Office515303
Rangachedu BOBranch Office515867
Rangepalli BOBranch Office515122
Raptadu BOBranch Office515722
Rathnagiri BOBranch Office515321
Ravulacheruvu BOBranch Office515672
Ravuludiki BOBranch Office515455
Rayadurg Bazar SOPost Office515865
Rayadurg Fort BOBranch Office515865
Rayadurg SOPost Office515865
Rayalacheruvu SOPost Office515455
Rayalappadoddi BOBranch Office515763
Rayampalli BOBranch Office515812
RBVanka BOBranch Office515865
Reddicheruvupalli BOBranch Office515241
Reddipalli BOBranch Office515701
Reddivaripalem SOPost Office515411
Regatipalli BOBranch Office515672
Renimakulapalli BOBranch Office515812
RKothapalli BOBranch Office515865
RLocherla BOBranch Office515123
Roddam SOPost Office515123
Rolla SOPost Office515321
Rotarypuram BOBranch Office515701
Rudrampeta BOBranch Office515004
Sainagar SOPost Office515001
Sajjaladinne BOBranch Office515415
Salakamcheruvu BOBranch Office515435
Sanapa BOBranch Office515751
Sandrascherla BOBranch Office515641
Sangala BOBranch Office515672
Sanipalli BOBranch Office515124
Sanjeevapuram BOBranch Office515661
Sankarakallu BOBranch Office515305
Sankepalle BOBranch Office515511
Santhebidanur BOBranch Office515211
Sasanakota BOBranch Office515212
Satyanandanagar SOPost Office515001
Seeripi BOBranch Office515741
Senagalaguduru BOBranch Office515411
Settipalli BOBranch Office515110
Shaikshanipalli BOBranch Office515812
Shettur SOPost Office515767
Siddarampuram BOBranch Office515154
Singanahalli BOBranch Office515871
Singanamala SOPost Office515435
Singavaram BOBranch Office515465
Sirekolam BOBranch Office515261
Sirivaram BOBranch Office515331
Sivaram BOBranch Office515286
Sollapuram BOBranch Office515822
Somaghatta BOBranch Office515601
Somaladoddi BOBranch Office515004
Somalapuram BOBranch Office515865
Somalavandlapalle BOBranch Office515581
Somandepalli SOPost Office515122
SRayapuram BOBranch Office515291
Sreedharghatta BOBranch Office515871
Sri Venkateswara Puram SOPost Office515003
Srirangapuram BOBranch Office515741
Srirangarajupalli BOBranch Office515212
SSadlapalli BOBranch Office515211
Subbaraopeta BOBranch Office515672
Suddakuntapalli BOBranch Office515122
Sunnampalle BOBranch Office515561
Tadimarri SOPost Office515631
Tadpatri Bazar SOPost Office515411
Tadpatri Bus Stand SOPost Office515411
Tadpatri Extension SOPost Office515411
Tadpatri SOPost Office515411
Takkalapalli BOBranch Office515414
Talamarla BOBranch Office515133
Tallakera BOBranch Office515863
Tallikera BOBranch Office515271
Tallimadugu BOBranch Office515672
Talupula SOPost Office515581
Talupuru BOBranch Office515751
Tammadehalli BOBranch Office515281
Tanakallu SOPost Office515571
Tangedikunta BOBranch Office515561
Tapovanagar BOBranch Office515004
Tarimala SOPost Office515611
Taticherla BOBranch Office515731
Tatrakallu BOBranch Office515832
Tavalamarri BOBranch Office515551
Tekulodu BOBranch Office515341
Teliki BOBranch Office515405
Tenagal BOBranch Office515765
Thabjula BOBranch Office515445
Thagguparthi BOBranch Office515741
Theetakallu BOBranch Office515763
Therannapalli BOBranch Office515414
Thimmampalli BOBranch Office515465
Thimmampeta BOBranch Office515731
Thimmapuram BOBranch Office515803
Thimmasamudram BOBranch Office515787
Thippanapalli BOBranch Office515767
Thippepalle BOBranch Office515561
Thirumaladevarapalli BOBranch Office515271
Thogarakunta BOBranch Office515641
Thondapadu BOBranch Office515401
Thopudurthi BOBranch Office515722
Thummala BOBranch Office515672
Thummalakunta BOBranch Office515341
Thummalakuntapalli BOBranch Office515561
Thumucherla BOBranch Office515641
Thumukunta BOBranch Office515766
Thumukunta Industrial Estate BOBranch Office515211
Thungodu BOBranch Office515241
Thurukalapatnam BOBranch Office515123
Thutrallapalli BOBranch Office515455
Timmanacharla SOPost Office515801
Tummala BOBranch Office515556
TVeerapuram BOBranch Office515865
Ubicherla BOBranch Office515551
Uddihal BOBranch Office515871
Udegolam SOPost Office515867
Udiripikonda BOBranch Office515711
Ullikallu BOBranch Office515611
Undabanda BOBranch Office515812
Unthakallu BOBranch Office515871
Uppalapadu BOBranch Office515511
Upparapalli BOBranch Office515002
Uppidipalli BOBranch Office515303
Uravakonda Bus Stand BOBranch Office515812
Uravakonda SOPost Office515812
Urichintala BOBranch Office515415
Uruvoi Mallireddypalli BOBranch Office515551
Utukuru BOBranch Office515261
Vaddepalem BOBranch Office515766
Vadiampeta BOBranch Office515731
Vadigepalli BOBranch Office515241
Vajrakarur SOPost Office515832
Valasa BOBranch Office515281
Vanavolu BOBranch Office515231
Vanganuru BOBranch Office515411
Vankapalle BOBranch Office515571
Vankarajukalva BOBranch Office515775
Vankarakunta BOBranch Office515501
Veerapuram BOBranch Office515865
Vekigonda BOBranch Office515812
Velamakur BOBranch Office515415
Veldurthi BOBranch Office515651
Velichelamala BOBranch Office515581
Vellamaddi BOBranch Office515501
Velpumadugu BOBranch Office515870
Vemulapadu BOBranch Office515408
Vengalammacheruvu BOBranch Office515144
Venkatagaripalli BOBranch Office515133
Venkatagiripalem BOBranch Office515164
Venkatampalli BOBranch Office515101
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office515701
Venkatareddipalli BOBranch Office515110
Vennupusalapalli BOBranch Office515465
Vepakunta BOBranch Office515621
Vepalaparthy BOBranch Office515863
Vepamanipeta BOBranch Office515581
Veparalla BOBranch Office515867
Vidapanakal SOPost Office515870
Virupapalli BOBranch Office515761
Vitlampalli BOBranch Office515763
Vittapalli BOBranch Office515261
Vontareddipalli BOBranch Office515765
Y Rama Puram BOBranch Office515741
Yadiki SOPost Office515408
Yatakal BOBranch Office515761
Yelagalavanka BOBranch Office515763
Yellanur SOPost Office515465
Yelloti BOBranch Office515303
Yellutla BOBranch Office515425
Yenumulachennampalli BOBranch Office515787
Yenumuladoddi BOBranch Office515765
Yenumulapalli BOBranch Office515134
Yerrabommanahalli BOBranch Office515301
Yerragudi BOBranch Office515741
Yerragunta BOBranch Office515871
Yerraguntapalle BOBranch Office515631
Yerraguntapalli BOBranch Office515411
Yerraguntla BOBranch Office515731
Yerrampalli BOBranch Office515761
YTCheruvu BOBranch Office515401
Zilladakunta BOBranch Office515301

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service