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Explore all post offices or pincodes of ALWAR, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adoli BOBranch Office301035
Agar BOBranch Office301027
AGDadhiya BOBranch Office301401
Ajabgarh BOBranch Office301027
Ajabpura BOBranch Office301024
Ajerka SOPost Office301401
Akbarpur BOBranch Office301001
Aklimpur BOBranch Office301703
ALAMDIKA BOBranch Office301405
Alanpur BOBranch Office301412
Alaora BOBranch Office301026
Alwar Bus Stand SOPost Office301001
Alwar HOHead Office301001
Anantpura BOBranch Office301713
Arwa BOBranch Office321605
Aryanagar Alwar SOPost Office301001
Babari BOBranch Office301412
Babaria BOBranch Office301412
Bagarrajput BOBranch Office301001
Bagheri kala BOBranch Office301403
Baghora BOBranch Office301405
Bahadurpur SOPost Office301028
Bahala BOBranch Office301030
Bahali BOBranch Office301414
Bahroj BOBranch Office301404
Bahror HOHead Office301701
Bahror Jat SOPost Office301714
Bahtookalan BOBranch Office321605
Balata BOBranch Office301406
Baldeogarh BOBranch Office301410
Ballupura BOBranch Office301408
Balluwas BOBranch Office301407
Bamanwas BOBranch Office301412
Bamanwas Kankar BOBranch Office301024
Bamboli BOBranch Office301001
Bambora BOBranch Office301405
Bandra BOBranch Office301411
Bansur SOPost Office301402
Barer BOBranch Office301408
Barkhera BOBranch Office301406
Barkokhurd BOBranch Office301413
Barodakan BOBranch Office321607
Barodameo SOPost Office301021
Barrod SOPost Office301020
Basai BOBranch Office301709
Basai Kalan BOBranch Office301404
Basaijogian BOBranch Office301024
Baseth BOBranch Office321605
Baskripal Nagar BOBranch Office301405
Basmenpur BOBranch Office301407
Basni BOBranch Office301401
Beda BOBranch Office301021
Bedar BOBranch Office321633
Beejwa BOBranch Office301025
Beejwar BOBranch Office301406
Beejwar Chauhan BOBranch Office301401
Beelaheri BOBranch Office301702
Beleta BOBranch Office301414
Berla BOBranch Office321633
Bhagana BOBranch Office301702
Bhageet BOBranch Office301030
Bhagukawas BOBranch Office301412
Bhajera BOBranch Office301028
Bhandodi BOBranch Office301414
Bhandrol BOBranch Office301022
Bhangroli BOBranch Office301022
Bhanokhar BOBranch Office301035
Bhanot BOBranch Office301401
Bhanwar BOBranch Office301035
Bharkol BOBranch Office321633
Bhikhaheri BOBranch Office301413
Bhindoosi BOBranch Office301405
Bhiwari Ind Area Alwar SOPost Office301019
Bhoggore BOBranch Office301001
Bhonker BOBranch Office301707
Bhuda BOBranch Office301409
Bhungra Ahir BOBranch Office301427
Bhupsera BOBranch Office301402
Bichgaon BOBranch Office321607
Bichhala BOBranch Office301411
Bighota BOBranch Office301415
Bilali BOBranch Office301024
Bilaspur BOBranch Office301411
Binjari BOBranch Office301408
Birampur BOBranch Office301411
Budhi Bawal BOBranch Office301707
Budhwal BOBranch Office301709
Bulari BOBranch Office301409
Buntoli BOBranch Office301021
Burja BOBranch Office301001
Buteri BOBranch Office301402
Butiyana BOBranch Office301021
Chandoli BOBranch Office301023
Chandpur BOBranch Office301407
CHANDPURI BOBranch Office301024
Chandupura BOBranch Office301414
Chatarpura BOBranch Office301024
Chaubara BOBranch Office301706
Chauharpur BOBranch Office301707
Cheerwa BOBranch Office301025
Chhilori BOBranch Office321633
Chikani BOBranch Office301028
Chimrauli Gaur BOBranch Office321633
Chomu BOBranch Office301026
Choola BOBranch Office301402
Chorotipahar BOBranch Office301028
Dabarwas BOBranch Office301704
Dantia BOBranch Office321606
Dariba Project BOBranch Office301410
Daroda BOBranch Office321606
Deenar BOBranch Office301021
Delhi Gate Alwar SOPost Office301001
Dera Bamanwas BOBranch Office301022
Dera BOBranch Office301409
Desula BOBranch Office301030
Devli BOBranch Office321633
Devti BOBranch Office301415
Dhakpuri BOBranch Office301406
Dhamred BOBranch Office301408
Dhanwari BOBranch Office301025
Dhigawara SOPost Office301414
Diwakari BOBranch Office301001
Dongri BOBranch Office301604
Dooghera BOBranch Office301020
Doomroli BOBranch Office301703
Doroli BOBranch Office321606
Dosod BOBranch Office301703
Dubbi BOBranch Office301408
Duhar Chogan BOBranch Office301022
Dwarapur BOBranch Office301022
Fetehpur BOBranch Office301402
gadoj BOBranch Office301701
Gaduwas BOBranch Office301401
Gahankar BOBranch Office301405
Gandala SOPost Office301709
Gandura BOBranch Office301021
Garh Basai BOBranch Office301022
Garhi BOBranch Office301024
Garhi Sawai Ram SOPost Office301413
Garu BOBranch Office321606
Ghasoli BOBranch Office301405
Ghat BOBranch Office301001
Ghatla BOBranch Office301404
Gheelot BOBranch Office301705
Ghewar BOBranch Office301410
Giglana BOBranch Office301704
Girudi BOBranch Office301402
Golakabas BOBranch Office301410
Gopipura BOBranch Office301407
Gordhanpura BOBranch Office301410
Gothra BOBranch Office301413
Gotoli BOBranch Office301411
Govind Garh Alwar SOPost Office301604
Gudhachurani BOBranch Office301022
Gugalkota BOBranch Office301706
Gunta BOBranch Office301402
Gunti BOBranch Office301701
Guwana BOBranch Office301713
Gwalda BOBranch Office301707
Gyanpura BOBranch Office301024
Haldeena BOBranch Office301406
Hameerka BOBranch Office301411
Hamidpur BOBranch Office301701
Hamirpur BOBranch Office301402
Harsana BOBranch Office321607
Harsauli SOPost Office301403
Harsora SOPost Office301412
Hasanpur BOBranch Office321607
Hatoondi BOBranch Office301427
Hazipur BOBranch Office301402
HBColony Alwar SOPost Office301001
Hingwahera BOBranch Office301411
Hnuman circle AlwarPost Office301001
Holawas BOBranch Office301402
Huria Kalan BOBranch Office301704
Ikrotia BOBranch Office301702
Indpura BOBranch Office301026
Intoli BOBranch Office301409
Ismailpur BOBranch Office301404
Isroda BOBranch Office301411
Isrota BOBranch Office321605
Itera BOBranch Office301021
Jadla BOBranch Office321607
Jaguwas BOBranch Office301701
Jainpurwas BOBranch Office301701
Jakhrana SOPost Office301713
Jalawas BOBranch Office301714
Jamalpur BOBranch Office301406
Jamdoli BOBranch Office301409
Jaoli BOBranch Office321607
Jasai BOBranch Office301427
Jatiyana BOBranch Office301023
Jatpur BOBranch Office301030
Jatwara BOBranch Office301035
Jeroli BOBranch Office301411
Jhalatala BOBranch Office301413
Jhiri BOBranch Office301027
Jhiwana BOBranch Office301707
Jindoli BOBranch Office301404
Jodia BOBranch Office301702
Jonal BOBranch Office301401
Jonicha Khurd BOBranch Office301706
Jonichakalan BOBranch Office301706
Joria BOBranch Office301707
Kakrali Meo BOBranch Office301028
Kalgaon BOBranch Office301405
Kalsara BOBranch Office301406
Kalwari BOBranch Office321606
Kanethi BOBranch Office301413
Kanhawas BOBranch Office301703
Kankardopa BOBranch Office301701
KARANA BOBranch Office301024
Karanpura BOBranch Office301409
Karni Kot SOPost Office301427
Karoda BOBranch Office301020
Karoli BOBranch Office301028
Karoth BOBranch Office301408
Kathoowas BOBranch Office301704
Kathumar SOPost Office321605
Kayasa BOBranch Office301703
Keelpurkhera BOBranch Office301409
Kerwawal BOBranch Office301406
Khairthal SOPost Office301404
Khanpur Ahir BOBranch Office301403
Khanpur BOBranch Office301702
Khanpur Jat BOBranch Office301030
Khanpur Mewan BOBranch Office301405
Khareda BOBranch Office301406
Khatankhera BOBranch Office301701
Khazuri Bass SOPost Office301018
Kheda Kalyanpur BOBranch Office301035
Khera BOBranch Office301402
Khera Mahmood BOBranch Office301604
Kherajahar BOBranch Office301028
Kheramangal Singh BOBranch Office301413
Kherameda BOBranch Office321605
KHERI BOBranch Office301026
kherkheri Kalan BOBranch Office301024
Kherli SOPost Office321606
Kherli Syed BOBranch Office301030
khilora BOBranch Office301026
Khoh BOBranch Office301035
Khohar BOBranch Office301709
Khohrana BOBranch Office301713
Khohri BOBranch Office301713
Khonkhar BOBranch Office301035
Khoondrot BOBranch Office301704
Khoramalawali BOBranch Office321633
Khori BOBranch Office301402
Khudiana BOBranch Office321607
Khutabpura BOBranch Office301702
Khuteta Kalan BOBranch Office301001
Kishan Garh Bass SOPost Office301405
Kishori BOBranch Office301022
Kithoor BOBranch Office301028
Kkoh BOBranch Office301026
Kolahera BOBranch Office301024
Kolila BOBranch Office301020
Koondla BOBranch Office301415
Kotkassim SOPost Office301702
Kutina SOPost Office301708
Ladpur BOBranch Office301702
Lakkakanagal BOBranch Office301402
Lalpura BOBranch Office301027
Langerwas BOBranch Office301405
Laxman Garh SOPost Office321607
Leeli BOBranch Office301406
Lekri BOBranch Office301402
Machari BOBranch Office301001
MACHHROLI BOBranch Office301405
Madhogarh BOBranch Office301001
Mahanpur BOBranch Office301402
Maharajawas BOBranch Office301713
Mahond BOBranch Office301405
Mahuakhurd BOBranch Office301001
Majari Kalan SOPost Office301703
Majrikanhawas BOBranch Office301703
Malakhera Gate Alwar SOPost Office301001
Malakhera SOPost Office301406
Malpur BOBranch Office301026
Malutana BOBranch Office301022
Mancha BOBranch Office301405
Manchal BOBranch Office301701
Mandawar SO AlwarPost Office301407
Mandha BOBranch Office301405
Mandhan SOPost Office301704
Manka BOBranch Office301401
Masari BOBranch Office321605
Maseet BOBranch Office301707
Matalwas BOBranch Office301702
Matasya Ind Area SOPost Office301030
Mathuraheda BOBranch Office321605
Mator BOBranch Office301404
Mauj Pur SOPost Office321633
Mehesra BOBranch Office301707
Mehtawas BOBranch Office301704
Methna BOBranch Office321605
Milakpur BOBranch Office301026
Milakpur Turk BOBranch Office301707
Mirjapur BOBranch Office301403
Mohammedpur BOBranch Office301701
Molia BOBranch Office301021
Moonpur BOBranch Office301408
Moosakhera BOBranch Office301405
Mothuka BOBranch Office301405
MOTIDOONGRI SOPost Office301002
Motiwara BOBranch Office301415
Mubarikpur BOBranch Office301025
Mundana BOBranch Office301411
Mundanwara Kalan BOBranch Office301427
Mundawar BOBranch Office301024
Mundia BOBranch Office301409
Naghori BOBranch Office301705
Nagli BOBranch Office301708
Nanagwas BOBranch Office301704
Nangal Khoria BOBranch Office301701
Nangal Salia BOBranch Office301403
Nangalbani BOBranch Office301027
Nangalkhanjadi BOBranch Office321607
Nangli Megha BOBranch Office301001
Narainpur SO AlwarPost Office301024
Naswari BOBranch Office301026
Nathalwara BOBranch Office301415
Natoj BOBranch Office321606
Nawalpura BOBranch Office301414
Nayabas BOBranch Office301024
Neekuch BOBranch Office301025
Neemla BOBranch Office301415
Neemrana SOPost Office301705
Neemuchana BOBranch Office301024
New Jahadu BOBranch Office301035
Nibhera BOBranch Office301021
Nithari BOBranch Office301406
Nizamnagar BOBranch Office301021
Nogaon SOPost Office301025
Noor Nagar BOBranch Office301404
Noorpurganjpur BOBranch Office321607
Pada BOBranch Office301408
Padakchapli BOBranch Office301027
Padmara Khurd BOBranch Office301427
Pahari BOBranch Office301701
Pahel BOBranch Office301404
Pala BOBranch Office301406
Palpur BOBranch Office301411
Palwa BOBranch Office301414
Parbeni BOBranch Office301409
Parisal BOBranch Office301023
Partapur BOBranch Office301704
Pata BOBranch Office301025
Patalia BOBranch Office301403
Patan BOBranch Office301414
Patan Mewan BOBranch Office301404
Peepli BOBranch Office301709
Peproli BOBranch Office301026
Phari BOBranch Office301604
Pholadpur BOBranch Office301706
Phullawas BOBranch Office301411
Pinan BOBranch Office301413
Piplai BOBranch Office301027
Poonkher BOBranch Office301414
Pragpura BOBranch Office301409
Pratap Garh SO AlwarPost Office301027
Pratapsinghpura BOBranch Office301705
Prithvipura BOBranch Office301406
Pur BOBranch Office301702
Rabhana BOBranch Office301411
Raghunathgarh BOBranch Office301025
Raibka BOBranch Office301028
Railway Station Alwar SOPost Office301001
Raisarana BOBranch Office301708
Raisis BOBranch Office301001
Rajgarh Alwar SOPost Office301408
Rajpur SO AlwarPost Office301415
Rajwara BOBranch Office301427
Rambas BOBranch Office301604
Ramgarh SO AlwarPost Office301026
Ramji ka Guwada BOBranch Office301027
Ramnagar BOBranch Office321607
Rampur SO AlwarPost Office301416
Ranoth BOBranch Office301404
Rasgan BOBranch Office301404
Rasgaon BOBranch Office301025
Rata Khurd BOBranch Office301023
Ratanpura BOBranch Office301402
Reni SOPost Office301409
Reta BOBranch Office321605
Rewali BOBranch Office301701
RHB Bhiwari SOPost Office301019
Rodwal BOBranch Office301705
Ronijathan SOPost Office301035
Sadhka BOBranch Office301021
Sahari BOBranch Office301035
Sainthli BOBranch Office301026
Sakat BOBranch Office301415
Sakatpura Bawad BOBranch Office301706
Saleta BOBranch Office301022
Saloli BOBranch Office301409
Salpur BOBranch Office301030
Salwari BOBranch Office301035
Samra BOBranch Office301027
Samuchi BOBranch Office321606
Sanoli BOBranch Office301714
Santhalpur BOBranch Office301402
Santo BOBranch Office301708
Saraikalan BOBranch Office301401
Sarheta BOBranch Office301411
Sariska Palace BOBranch Office301022
Sectt Alwar SOPost Office301001
Sedampur BOBranch Office301604
Seelgaon BOBranch Office301401
Seelibaori BOBranch Office301022
Sehra BOBranch Office301413
Semla Khurd BOBranch Office301604
Shahbad BOBranch Office301411
Shahdod BOBranch Office301019
Shahdoli BOBranch Office301028
Shahjahanpur SOPost Office301706
Shahpur BOBranch Office301023
Shamda BOBranch Office301412
Sheetal BOBranch Office301018
Sheopur BOBranch Office301407
Sherpur BOBranch Office301701
Shivajee Park Alwar SOPost Office301001
Shyampura BOBranch Office301402
Sihalikalan BOBranch Office301401
Silarpur BOBranch Office301018
Siliserh BOBranch Office301001
Sirmor BOBranch Office301026
Siryani BOBranch Office301708
Sodawas BOBranch Office301427
Sonkh BOBranch Office321605
Sonkher BOBranch Office321606
Sonkheri BOBranch Office321606
Sorai BOBranch Office321607
Sorkha Kalan BOBranch Office301404
Srichandpura BOBranch Office301408
Sudiana BOBranch Office321605
Suratgarh BOBranch Office301022
Surer BOBranch Office301408
Syaluta BOBranch Office301410
Talab BOBranch Office301410
Talwana BOBranch Office301703
Tapukara SOPost Office301707
Tarwala BOBranch Office301405
Tasai BOBranch Office321605
Tasing BOBranch Office301701
Tatarpur BOBranch Office301404
Tehla SOPost Office301410
Tehnoli BOBranch Office301405
Tehtra BOBranch Office301409
Thana BOBranch Office301408
Thanagazi SOPost Office301022
Thons BOBranch Office301405
Tikri BOBranch Office321605
Tilwar BOBranch Office301410
Titarka BOBranch Office301411
Titpuri BOBranch Office321605
Tizara SOPost Office301411
Toda BOBranch Office321607
Todanagar BOBranch Office301413
Toolera BOBranch Office301001
Tripoliya Alwar SOPost Office301001
Ujoli BOBranch Office301702
Umren BOBranch Office301001
Untwal BOBranch Office301028
Vabeli BOBranch Office301408
Vallabhgram BOBranch Office301404
Veersingh Pur BOBranch Office301405
Vijay Mandir SOPost Office301023
Vijayapura BOBranch Office301024

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service