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Explore all post offices or pincodes of AJMER, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adarsh Nagar Ajmer SOPost Office305002
Aditya Mills SOPost Office305801
Ajai Nagra SOPost Office305003
Ajaiser BOBranch Office305005
Ajgara BOBranch Office305404
Ajmer HOHead Office305001
Akodia BOBranch Office305813
Alipura BOBranch Office305207
Aloli BOBranch Office305405
Alwar Gate Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Amarpura BOBranch Office305819
Amba Masina BOBranch Office305206
Anakar BOBranch Office305922
Andheri Deori BOBranch Office305901
Arain SOPost Office305813
Ararka BOBranch Office305811
Arjunpura BOBranch Office305203
Arwar BOBranch Office305601
Asan BOBranch Office305926
Asha Pura BOBranch Office305601
Ashok Marg Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Atitmand BOBranch Office305925
Babaicha BOBranch Office305811
Badi BOBranch Office305624
Badliya BOBranch Office305025
Baghera SOPost Office305415
Baghsuri BOBranch Office305401
Bajata BOBranch Office305407
Balad BOBranch Office305901
Bamanheda BOBranch Office305926
Bandanwara SOPost Office305621
Bandar Sindari BOBranch Office305801
Banewara BOBranch Office305401
Banjari BOBranch Office305926
Bar Kochara BOBranch Office305922
Barakhan BOBranch Office305926
Barakhera SOPost Office305926
Baral BOBranch Office305624
Barala BOBranch Office305628
Barali BOBranch Office305624
Barna BOBranch Office305801
Barol BOBranch Office305412
Bayala BOBranch Office305901
Beawar Khas BOBranch Office305901
Beawar RS SOPost Office305901
Beawar [Raj] HOHead Office305901
Beer BOBranch Office305025
Begliawas BOBranch Office305630
Bhadoon BOBranch Office305814
Bhadsuri BOBranch Office305207
Bhagawant Pura BOBranch Office305601
Bhagwan Pura BOBranch Office305022
Bhajan Ganj Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Bhamolao BOBranch Office305813
Bhaonta BOBranch Office305206
Bharai BOBranch Office305404
Bhatiyani BOBranch Office305601
Bhimpura BOBranch Office305203
Bhimrawas BOBranch Office305405
Bhinai SOPost Office305622
Bhogadeet BOBranch Office305813
Bhudol BOBranch Office305023
Bhwani Khera SOPost Office305401
Bidla BOBranch Office305412
Bijainagar SOPost Office305624
Bisundri BOBranch Office305407
Bithur BOBranch Office305205
BKKaul Nagar SOPost Office305004
Bogla BOBranch Office305408
Boobaniya BOBranch Office305401
Borada BOBranch Office305412
Brickchiawas BOBranch Office305203
Bubani BOBranch Office305023
Bubkiya BOBranch Office305622
Budhwara BOBranch Office305204
Buharu BOBranch Office305812
Central University of Rajasthan SOPost Office305817
Chachiwas BOBranch Office305023
Champaneri SOPost Office305629
Chanderverdai Nagar SOPost Office305003
Chandra Colony SOPost Office305801
Chhachhundra BOBranch Office305621
Chhota Naraina BOBranch Office305812
Chitakhera BOBranch Office305811
Chitiawas BOBranch Office305407
Chorsiawas BOBranch Office305004
Crpf Ajmer SOPost Office305005
Dabrella BOBranch Office305412
Dadia BOBranch Office305813
Dang BOBranch Office305813
Danta BOBranch Office305025
Dantra BOBranch Office305207
Dargha Shareef Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Dedpura BOBranch Office305631
Delwara BOBranch Office305901
Deo Khera BOBranch Office305925
Deo Nagar BOBranch Office305022
Deo Puri BOBranch Office305801
Deogaon BOBranch Office305415
Deolia Kalan BOBranch Office305629
Deomali BOBranch Office305623
Derathu BOBranch Office305601
Dewas BOBranch Office305631
Dewata BOBranch Office305922
Dhal BOBranch Office305601
Dhan Mandi Kishan Garh SOPost Office305802
Dhan Mandi Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Dhasook BOBranch Office305801
Dhatol BOBranch Office305622
Dholadanta BOBranch Office305623
Dhundhari BOBranch Office305408
Dilwara BOBranch Office305601
Dindwara BOBranch Office305801
Dodiana BOBranch Office305207
Dorai BOBranch Office305003
Doulatpura BOBranch Office305624
Dumara BOBranch Office305206
Durgawas BOBranch Office305927
Ekal Singha BOBranch Office305624
Farkia BOBranch Office305025
Fathegarh SOPost Office305412
Fathepura BOBranch Office305204
Gagunda BOBranch Office305813
Gagwana SOPost Office305023
Ganahera BOBranch Office305022
Gandhi Nagar Madanganj SOPost Office305801
Ganj Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Gc Road Ajmer SOPost Office305007
Gegal Akhari BOBranch Office305023
Ghatiyali BOBranch Office305407
Gohana BOBranch Office305925
Gola BOBranch Office305202
Googhra BOBranch Office305023
Gordha BOBranch Office305407
Gothiana BOBranch Office305813
Govind Garh SOPost Office305201
Goyla BOBranch Office305601
Gudha Khurd BOBranch Office305629
Gujar Dharti Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Gulgaon BOBranch Office305407
Hanutia BOBranch Office305625
Harmara SOPost Office305812
Harpura BOBranch Office305406
Harrajpura BOBranch Office305623
Hatikhera BOBranch Office305005
Hatundi BOBranch Office305012
Hingonia BOBranch Office305406
Hmt Ajmer Dtso SOPost Office305003
Ie Makhu Pura Ajmer SOPost Office305002
Jadana BOBranch Office305403
Jajota BOBranch Office305814
Jalia II SOPost Office305625
Jalia i BOBranch Office305901
Jamola SOPost Office305630
Jawaja SOPost Office305922
Jeewana BOBranch Office305631
Jethana SOPost Office305207
Jetpura BOBranch Office305404
Jhadol BOBranch Office305402
Jhak BOBranch Office305901
Jharwasa BOBranch Office305621
Jheerota BOBranch Office305801
Jhipian BOBranch Office305630
Jilawara BOBranch Office305025
Jln Hospital Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Jones Ganj Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Jotayan BOBranch Office305627
Junia SOPost Office305406
Kabra SOPost Office305927
Kadera SOPost Office305405
Kaiser Ganj Ajmer SOPost Office305001
KAKALWARA BOBranch Office305813
Kaklana BOBranch Office305205
Kalanada BOBranch Office305813
Kalesara BOBranch Office305204
Kalinjer BOBranch Office305925
Kana Kheri BOBranch Office305025
Kanai Kalan BOBranch Office305628
Kanai Khurd BOBranch Office305628
Kanakhera BOBranch Office305202
Kanas BOBranch Office305022
Kanpura BOBranch Office305025
Kanwalai BOBranch Office305021
Karanti BOBranch Office305621
Karel SOPost Office305021
Karkeri SOPost Office305819
Karnos BOBranch Office305204
Karonj BOBranch Office305415
Kaseer BOBranch Office305412
Katsura BOBranch Office305801
KAYAMPURA BOBranch Office305811
Kayar BOBranch Office305023
Kebania BOBranch Office305627
Kekri SOPost Office305404
Kerot BOBranch Office305404
Kesarpura BOBranch Office305206
Khandach BOBranch Office305801
Kharkheri BOBranch Office305005
Kharwa SOPost Office305202
Khatoli BOBranch Office305815
Khawas BOBranch Office305405
Khayda BOBranch Office305622
Kheempura BOBranch Office305623
Khiriya BOBranch Office305403
Khodmal BOBranch Office305926
Khori BOBranch Office305021
Kirap BOBranch Office305623
Kishangarh City SOPost Office305802
Kishanpura BOBranch Office305022
Kitap BOBranch Office305627
KKGOPAL BOBranch Office305408
Kohda BOBranch Office305408
Kotaj BOBranch Office305205
Kotdi BOBranch Office305814
Kotra BOBranch Office305927
Kuchil SOPost Office305811
Kumharia BOBranch Office305621
Kunwar Ji Ka Kalera BOBranch Office305407
Kurthal BOBranch Office305628
Kushayata BOBranch Office305407
Kutchery SO AjmerPost Office305001
Ladpura BOBranch Office305023
Lalai BOBranch Office305406
Lamagra BOBranch Office305629
Lamana BOBranch Office305202
Lamba BOBranch Office305813
Lamba Kund Ka BOBranch Office305630
Lasadia BOBranch Office305406
Lawera BOBranch Office305601
Leeri BOBranch Office305203
Leswa BOBranch Office305201
Loco Work Shop Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Lodiyana BOBranch Office305625
Loharwara BOBranch Office305601
Lotiyana SOPost Office305923
Lulwa BOBranch Office305623
Madanganj Kishangarh HOHead Office305801
Maday SOPost Office305024
Magara BOBranch Office305811
Magri BOBranch Office305811
Makarwali BOBranch Office305004
Makhupura BOBranch Office305002
Makrera BOBranch Office305206
Malpura BOBranch Office305901
Malto Ki Ber BOBranch Office305924
Mandawaria BOBranch Office305402
Mangliawas SOPost Office305203
Manoharpura BOBranch Office305412
Manpura BOBranch Office305623
Marble Ind Area Kishangarh SOPost Office305801
Masuda SOPost Office305623
Mawasia BOBranch Office305402
Maya Pur BOBranch Office305205
Mayala BOBranch Office305623
Mayo SOPost Office305007
Mds University Ajmer SOPost Office305009
Mehru Kalan BOBranch Office305405
Mevada Kalan BOBranch Office305404
MEWADAKHURD BOBranch Office305404
Mewaria BOBranch Office305204
Mohami BOBranch Office305023
Molkiya BOBranch Office305408
Morajhari BOBranch Office305402
Motipura BOBranch Office305601
Moyana BOBranch Office305623
Mss Hatundi SOPost Office305012
Mundolao BOBranch Office305025
Mundoti BOBranch Office305801
Nagelao BOBranch Office305207
Nagola SOPost Office305628
Nagra Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Nai Kalan BOBranch Office305927
Naka Madar Ajmer SOPost Office305007
Nalu BOBranch Office305816
Nand BOBranch Office305022
Nandla BOBranch Office305401
Nandsi BOBranch Office305628
Nandwara BOBranch Office305623
Napa Khera BOBranch Office305407
Narbad Khera BOBranch Office305901
Nareli BOBranch Office305024
Narwar BOBranch Office305811
Nasirabad HOHead Office305601
Nawa BOBranch Office305814
Naya Bazar SO AjmerPost Office305001
Nehru Nagar Beawar SOPost Office305901
Nimera BOBranch Office305624
Nitooti BOBranch Office305814
Niyara BOBranch Office305621
Noondri Maldev BOBranch Office305901
Noondri Mendratan BOBranch Office305901
Nooriawas BOBranch Office305206
Nosal BOBranch Office305814
Nosar BOBranch Office305004
Padlia BOBranch Office305628
Pagaran BOBranch Office305204
Pal Beesla Ajmer SOPost Office305007
Palran BOBranch Office305025
Palri BOBranch Office305926
Panchsheel Nagar SOPost Office305004
Paner BOBranch Office305814
PARA SOPost Office305408
Paranga BOBranch Office305621
Patan BOBranch Office305816
Pharkia BOBranch Office305404
Picholia BOBranch Office305022
Pinglod BOBranch Office305815
Piplaj BOBranch Office305202
Pisangan SOPost Office305204
Pranhera BOBranch Office305404
Pushkar Bazar SOPost Office305022
Pushkar SOPost Office305022
Raghunath Pura BOBranch Office305814
Raitakhera BOBranch Office305925
Raj Edu Board Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Raj Garh Ajmer SOPost Office305205
Rajiawas SOPost Office305925
Rajosi BOBranch Office305401
Ralaota BOBranch Office305801
Ram Ganj Ajmer SOPost Office305003
RAMGARH SOPost Office305631
Rammalia BOBranch Office305627
Rampali BOBranch Office305404
Rampura Dabla BOBranch Office305204
Ramsar SO AjmerPost Office305402
Rasoolpura BOBranch Office305024
Ratakot BOBranch Office305624
Rawatmal BOBranch Office305923
Regional College Ajmer SOPost Office305004
Roop Nagar Arnali BOBranch Office305926
Roopnagar BOBranch Office305901
Roopnagar SOPost Office305814
RPSC Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Rudlai BOBranch Office305202
Sadara BOBranch Office305407
Salari BOBranch Office305408
Salemabad SOPost Office305815
Samproda BOBranch Office305402
Sandolia BOBranch Office305813
Sankariya BOBranch Office305405
Sanod BOBranch Office305601
Sanpla BOBranch Office305404
Sanwatsar BOBranch Office305801
Saradhana SOPost Office305206
Sarana BOBranch Office305601
Sardar Singh Ki Dhani BOBranch Office305801
Sargoan BOBranch Office305802
Sarmalia BOBranch Office305901
Sarsari BOBranch Office305404
Sarvena BOBranch Office305925
Sarwar SOPost Office305403
Satawaria BOBranch Office305630
Sathana BOBranch Office305624
Satolav BOBranch Office305403
Sawar SOPost Office305407
Sedaria BOBranch Office305901
Sendaria BOBranch Office305002
Sendra Road Beawar SOPost Office305901
Session Court Ajmer SOPost Office305001
Shahpura BOBranch Office305925
Shahpura Mohalla Beawar SOPost Office305901
Shastri Nagar SO AjmerPost Office305001
Sher Garh BOBranch Office305412
Shergarh BOBranch Office305623
Shikhrani BOBranch Office305624
Shivaji Nagar SO AjmerPost Office305801
Shivpura Ghata BOBranch Office305631
Shokalia BOBranch Office305601
Shyamgarh BOBranch Office305623
Silora BOBranch Office305802
Singara BOBranch Office305815
Singhawal BOBranch Office305624
Sinodia BOBranch Office305814
Sironj BOBranch Office305813
Siyar BOBranch Office305412
Sobri BOBranch Office305622
Somalpur BOBranch Office305003
Soniana BOBranch Office305923
Srinagar SO AjmerPost Office305025
Suhawa BOBranch Office305901
Sunpa BOBranch Office305404
Surdiya BOBranch Office305925
Surkhand BOBranch Office305628
Sursara BOBranch Office305801
Tabiji BOBranch Office305206
Tankawas BOBranch Office305407
Tantoti SOPost Office305627
Taragarh Dadoli BOBranch Office305923
Taswaria BOBranch Office305408
Thal BOBranch Office305801
Tihari BOBranch Office305025
Tikawara BOBranch Office305802
Tilana BOBranch Office305402
Tiloniya SOPost Office305816
Tilora BOBranch Office305022
Tityari BOBranch Office305815
Todgarh SOPost Office305924
Tyod BOBranch Office305814
Udaipur Kalan BOBranch Office305802
Untra BOBranch Office305023
Vaishali Nagar Ajmer SOPost Office305004

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service