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Explore all post offices or pincodes of AHMEDNAGAR, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adhalgaon BOBranch Office413701
Agadgaon BOBranch Office414002
Agasti SSK BOBranch Office422601
Ahmednagar Camp SOPost Office414002
Ahmednagar City SOPost Office414001
Ahmednagar HOHead Office414001
Ahmednagar RS SOPost Office414005
Ajnuj BOBranch Office414701
Akhatwade BOBranch Office414502
Akhegaon Titarfa BOBranch Office414102
Aklapur BOBranch Office422620
Akola BOBranch Office414102
Akole SOPost Office422601
Akolner BOBranch Office414005
Alhanwadi BOBranch Office414102
Alkuti SOPost Office414305
Alsunde BOBranch Office414402
Amarapur BOBranch Office414505
Ambhol BOBranch Office422610
Ambhore BOBranch Office422605
Ambi BOBranch Office413715
Ambi Jalgaon BOBranch Office414402
Anandibazar SOPost Office414001
Apdhup BOBranch Office414301
Aradgaon BOBranch Office413705
Arangaon BOBranch Office413201
Arangaon Dumala BOBranch Office413702
Ashvi BK SOPost Office413714
Ashvi Kd SOPost Office413738
Astagaon BOBranch Office414005
Astgaon BOBranch Office423107
Avane BK BOBranch Office414505
Babhleshwar SOPost Office413737
Babhulgaon Khalsa BOBranch Office414401
Babhurdi BOBranch Office413703
Babulwade BOBranch Office414302
Baburdi Ghumat BOBranch Office414006
Badgi BOBranch Office422602
Bahirobawadi BOBranch Office414402
Balamtakali SOPost Office414504
Baradgaon Sudrik BOBranch Office414403
Baragaon Nandur BOBranch Office413705
Bari BOBranch Office422604
Bavi BOBranch Office413205
Belapur Badgi BOBranch Office422602
Belapur Kd BOBranch Office413715
Belapur SOPost Office413715
Belpimpalgaon BOBranch Office413725
Belwandi SF BOBranch Office413702
Belwandi SOPost Office413702
Benwadi BOBranch Office414402
Bhalgaon BOBranch Office414603
BHALWANI BOBranch Office414103
Bhamathan BOBranch Office413739
Bhambora BOBranch Office414403
Bhanashivara SOPost Office414609
Bhandardara BOBranch Office422604
Bhandgaon BOBranch Office414103
Bhangaon BOBranch Office413728
Bhatkudgaon BOBranch Office414502
Bhatodi BOBranch Office414201
Bhavinimgaon BOBranch Office414502
Bhende SK SOPost Office414605
Bherdapur BOBranch Office413721
Bhingar SOPost Office414002
Bhingar Wes SOPost Office414002
Bhojade BOBranch Office413708
Bhojdari BOBranch Office422602
Bhokar BOBranch Office413739
Bhorwadi BOBranch Office414005
Bhoyare Gangarda BOBranch Office413703
Bhoyare Pathar BOBranch Office414005
Bhutetakali BOBranch Office414113
Bitkewadi BOBranch Office414402
Bodhegaon SOPost Office414503
Bota SOPost Office422602
Brahmni BOBranch Office414105
Bramhangaon BOBranch Office423601
Bramhanwada BOBranch Office422610
Burhan Nagar BOBranch Office414002
Chamburdi BOBranch Office413703
Chanda SOPost Office414606
Chandanapuri BOBranch Office422605
Chande BK BOBranch Office414401
Chandekasare BOBranch Office423601
Chandgaon BOBranch Office413701
Changdeonagar SOPost Office413723
Chapadgaon BOBranch Office414503
Chas BOBranch Office414005
Chasnali SOPost Office423604
Chichondi Patil SOPost Office414201
Chichondi Shiral BOBranch Office414106
Chichpur Pangul BOBranch Office414102
Chikalthan BOBranch Office413706
Chikani BOBranch Office422605
Chikhali BOBranch Office422605
Chilwadi BOBranch Office414403
Chimbhale BOBranch Office414701
Chinchale BOBranch Office413705
Chinchavane BOBranch Office422604
Chincholi Bk BOBranch Office413710
Chincholi BOBranch Office414302
Chincholi Gurav BOBranch Office422611
Chincholi Kaldat BOBranch Office414402
Chinchpur BK BOBranch Office413736
Chinchpur Ijde BOBranch Office414102
Chitali BOBranch Office413723
Chitalvedhe BOBranch Office422604
CHOBHEWADIBranch Office413205
Chombhut BOBranch Office414305
Chondi BOBranch Office413205
Dadh BK BOBranch Office413714
Dahigaon BOBranch Office414502
Dahigaon Bolka BOBranch Office423603
Daithane Gunjal BOBranch Office414103
Darewadi BOBranch Office414002
Darodi BOBranch Office414305
Dedgaon BOBranch Office414604
Dehere BOBranch Office414111
Deodaithan BOBranch Office413702
Deogaon BOBranch Office414604
Deolali Pravara SOPost Office413716
Deotakli BOBranch Office414502
Deothan BOBranch Office422601
Derde Korhale BOBranch Office423601
Deulgaon BOBranch Office413728
Deulgaon Sidhhi BOBranch Office414006
Devi Bhoyare BOBranch Office414306
Devrai BOBranch Office414106
Dhamangaon Awari BOBranch Office422601
Dhamanvan BOBranch Office422604
Dhamngaon Pat BOBranch Office422610
Dhamori BOBranch Office413704
Dhamori SOPost Office423607
Dhandharphal SOPost Office422603
Dharangaon BOBranch Office423601
Dhavalgaon BOBranch Office413702
Dhawalpuri BOBranch Office414103
Dhokari BOBranch Office422601
Dhondpargaon BOBranch Office413205
Dhorjalgaon BOBranch Office414501
Dhorje BOBranch Office413728
Dhotre BK BOBranch Office414304
Dhotre BOBranch Office413708
Dighi BOBranch Office414401
Dighol BOBranch Office413204
Diksal BOBranch Office414401
Dolasane BOBranch Office422620
Dongargaon BOBranch Office422605
Durgaon BOBranch Office414402
Ekdara BOBranch Office422601
Ekrukhe BOBranch Office413719
Erandoli BOBranch Office413703
Fakrabad BOBranch Office413205
Fatyabad BOBranch Office413710
Gaikwad Jalgaon BOBranch Office414504
Galnimb BOBranch Office413710
Ganeshnagar SO SangamnerPost Office422605
Ganjibhoyare BOBranch Office414302
Ganore BOBranch Office422605
Gardani BOBranch Office422601
Gargundi BOBranch Office414303
Georai BOBranch Office414604
Ghargaon BOBranch Office413728
Ghargaon SOPost Office422620
Ghatghar BOBranch Office422604
Ghatshiras BOBranch Office414106
Ghodegaon BOBranch Office413205
Ghodegaon SO Ahmed NagarPost Office414607
Ghogargaon BOBranch Office414401
Ghospuri BOBranch Office414005
Ghotan BOBranch Office414502
Ghotvi BOBranch Office413728
Godhegaon BOBranch Office423603
Gogalgaon BOBranch Office413736
Golegaon BOBranch Office414502
Gondegaon BOBranch Office413723
Gondhavani SOPost Office413709
Goregaon BOBranch Office414103
Guha BOBranch Office413706
Gundegaon BOBranch Office414101
Gunore BOBranch Office414306
Gunwadi BOBranch Office414002
Guravpimpri BOBranch Office414401
Halgaon BOBranch Office413205
Hanga BOBranch Office414301
Hangewadi BOBranch Office414701
Harigaon SOPost Office413718
Hasanapur BOBranch Office413736
Hasnapur BOBranch Office414502
Hatgaon BOBranch Office414503
Hingangaon BOBranch Office414103
Hiradgaon BOBranch Office413701
Hivare Zare BOBranch Office414006
Hivargaon Pathar BOBranch Office422622
Hiware Korda BOBranch Office414103
Hiwargaon Pawasa BOBranch Office422605
Jalalpur BOBranch Office414403
Jalgaon BOBranch Office413723
Jalke Kd BOBranch Office414603
Jambhali BOBranch Office413705
Jambut BOBranch Office422622
Jamgaon SOPost Office414103
Jamkhed SOPost Office413201
Jatdeola BOBranch Office414102
Jategaon BOBranch Office414301
Javala BOBranch Office413201
Jawala BOBranch Office414306
Jawale Baleshwar BOBranch Office422620
Jawale Kadlag BOBranch Office422605
Jawalke BOBranch Office423605
Jawkhede Khalsa BOBranch Office414505
Jeur BOBranch Office414604
Jeur Kumbhari BOBranch Office423601
Jeur SO Ahmed NagarPost Office414601
Joharapur BOBranch Office414502
Jorve BOBranch Office422605
Jssk BOBranch Office414403
Kalas Bk BOBranch Office422603
Kalas BOBranch Office414305
Kamalpur BOBranch Office413725
Kamargaon BOBranch Office414005
Kambi BOBranch Office414503
Kanadgaon BOBranch Office413706
Kangar BOBranch Office413706
Kangoni BOBranch Office414607
Kanhegaon BOBranch Office413708
Kanhur SOPost Office414303
Kanoli BOBranch Office422605
Kapurwadi BOBranch Office414002
Karajgaon BOBranch Office414105
Karandi BOBranch Office422610
Karanji Bk BOBranch Office423603
Karanji BOBranch Office414106
Karegaon BOBranch Office413717
Karegaon Factory SOPost Office413717
Karjat SO Ahmed NagarPost Office414402
Karjule Hariya BOBranch Office414304
Karjune Khare BOBranch Office414111
Karwadi BOBranch Office423604
Kasar Pimpalgaon BOBranch Office414505
Kashti SOPost Office414701
Katalapur BOBranch Office422604
Katrad BOBranch Office413704
Kaudgaon BOBranch Office414002
Kaundane BOBranch Office414401
Kauthe BOBranch Office414606
Kawathe Kamaleshwar BOBranch Office422611
Keli Kotul BOBranch Office422610
Keli Rumhanwadi BOBranch Office422601
Kelwad BOBranch Office423107
Kendal BK BOBranch Office414105
Khadakwadi BOBranch Office414304
Khadamba BOBranch Office413704
Khampimpri BOBranch Office414503
Khanapur BO BOBranch Office414502
Khandala BOBranch Office414006
Khandala Nandur BOBranch Office413720
Khandgaon BOBranch Office422605
Khandgaon Lohsar BOBranch Office414106
Khandvi BOBranch Office414401
Kharadgaon BOBranch Office414502
Kharda SOPost Office413204
Kharshinde BOBranch Office413738
Kharwandi BOBranch Office414602
Kharwandi Kasar SOPost Office414113
Khedle Kajali BOBranch Office414603
Khedle Permananda BOBranch Office414105
Khednagar BOBranch Office414403
Khirdi BOBranch Office413725
Khirvire BOBranch Office422601
Khokar BOBranch Office413739
Khospuri BOBranch Office414501
Kinhi BOBranch Office414303
Kohane BOBranch Office422610
Kokamthan BOBranch Office423601
Kokangaon BOBranch Office413714
Kolewadi BOBranch Office413706
Kolgaon SOPost Office413728
Kolgaon Thadi BOBranch Office423602
Kolhar BOBranch Office414106
Kolhar Kd BOBranch Office413710
Kolhar SO Ahmed NagarPost Office413710
Kolhewadi BOBranch Office422605
Kolpewadi SOPost Office423602
Kombhalane BOBranch Office422601
Kombli BOBranch Office414401
Kondhwad BOBranch Office413705
Kopargaon Bet BOBranch Office423601
Kopargaon SOPost Office423601
Koradgaon BOBranch Office414102
Koregoan BOBranch Office414402
Korhale BOBranch Office423107
Kothe BK BOBranch Office422620
Kotul BOBranch Office413728
Kotul SOPost Office422610
Kukana SOPost Office414604
Kuldharan BOBranch Office414402
Kumbhari BOBranch Office423602
Kumbhephal BOBranch Office422601
Kuran BOBranch Office422605
Kusadgaon BOBranch Office413201
Kuthe Malkapur BOBranch Office422622
Ladjalgaon BOBranch Office414502
Lakh BOBranch Office413721
Lavhali Otur BOBranch Office422604
Laxmiwadi BOBranch Office423109
Limpangaon BOBranch Office413726
Lingdeo BOBranch Office422610
Lohare Mirpur BOBranch Office413736
Lohgaon BOBranch Office414607
Loni Bk SOPost Office413736
Loni Haveli BOBranch Office414302
Loni Kd SOPost Office413713
Loni Masadpur BOBranch Office414402
Loni Mavala BOBranch Office414305
Loni Vyanknath BOBranch Office413702
Lonkarwasti BOBranch Office423603
Madhe Wadgaon BOBranch Office413726
Madhi BK BOBranch Office423601
Mahalaxmi Hiware BOBranch Office414501
Mahegaon Deshmukh BOBranch Office423602
Mahijalgaon BOBranch Office414401
Majle Chincholi BOBranch Office414106
Maka BOBranch Office414501
Malangi BOBranch Office414402
Maldad BOBranch Office422608
Malegaon BOBranch Office422604
Malegaon Thadi BOBranch Office423602
Malewadi BOBranch Office413718
Mali Chinchore BOBranch Office414602
Malkup BOBranch Office414103
Malunja BK BOBranch Office413721
Malunja BOBranch Office422605
Malunja Kd BOBranch Office413721
Malvadgaon BOBranch Office413739
Mamdapur BOBranch Office413737
Mandavgan SOPost Office414101
Mandve Bk BOBranch Office422622
Mandve BOBranch Office414106
Mandve Kd BOBranch Office422622
Manhere BOBranch Office422604
Manikdaundi BOBranch Office414102
Manjari BOBranch Office413705
Manjur BOBranch Office423604
Manori BOBranch Office413705
Matapur BOBranch Office413717
Math Pimpari BOBranch Office413726
Maveshi BOBranch Office422604
Maygaon Devi BOBranch Office423607
Mehekari BOBranch Office414002
Meherabad BOBranch Office414006
MGUdyan SOPost Office414001
Mhaisgaon BOBranch Office413706
Mhasane BOBranch Office414302
Mhase BOBranch Office413702
MIDC ANR SOPost Office414111
Midsangavi BOBranch Office414113
Mirajgaon SOPost Office414401
MIRC SOPost Office414110
Miri SOPost Office414501
Moha BOBranch Office413201
Mohoj BK BOBranch Office414501
Mohojdeoda BOBranch Office414102
Mohote BOBranch Office414102
Mukindpur BOBranch Office414603
Mulanagar BOBranch Office413722
Mungi BOBranch Office414503
Munguswade BOBranch Office414113
Murme Deogad BOBranch Office414603
Murshatpur BOBranch Office423601
Musalwadi BOBranch Office413716
Muthalane BOBranch Office422601
Muthkhel BOBranch Office422604
Nagardeola BOBranch Office414002
Naigaon BOBranch Office413201
Nanaj Dumala BOBranch Office422611
Nanaj SO Ahmed NagarPost Office413205
Nandur Khandarmal BOBranch Office422620
Nandur Nimba Daitya BOBranch Office414113
Nandur Pathar BOBranch Office414304
Nanduri Dumala BOBranch Office422603
Narayan Doho BOBranch Office414201
Narayan Gavan BOBranch Office414301
Narsali BOBranch Office413715
Naur BOBranch Office413707
Nepti BOBranch Office414005
Nevasa Bk BOBranch Office414603
Nevasa SOPost Office414603
Nibavi BOBranch Office413703
Nighoj SOPost Office414306
Nilwande BOBranch Office422605
Nimaj BOBranch Office422605
Nimbe Nandur BOBranch Office414501
Nimbhere BOBranch Office413711
Nimblak BOBranch Office414111
Nimbodi BOBranch Office414002
Nimgaon Bhojapur BOBranch Office422605
Nimgaon Bk BOBranch Office422603
Nimgaon Daku BOBranch Office414401
Nimgaon Gangarda BOBranch Office414401
Nimgaon Jali BOBranch Office413714
Nimgaon Khairi BOBranch Office413723
Nimgaon Khalu BOBranch Office414701
Nimgaon Tembhi BOBranch Office422605
Nimgaon Wagha BOBranch Office414005
Nimon BOBranch Office422611
Nipani Jalgaon BOBranch Office414102
Nipani Vadgaon BOBranch Office413739
Nivdunga BOBranch Office414106
Pachegaon BOBranch Office413725
Padalane BOBranch Office422604
Padali Ale BOBranch Office414305
Padali BOBranch Office414505
Padali Darya BOBranch Office414302
Padali Ranjangaon BOBranch Office413702
Padhegaon BOBranch Office423603
Padhegaon SOPost Office413721
Padoshi BOBranch Office422601
Pagori Pimpalgaon BOBranch Office414102
Palashi BOBranch Office414304
Palaspur BOBranch Office414304
Palsunde BOBranch Office422610
Palve BK BOBranch Office414301
Pangari BOBranch Office422610
Panodi BOBranch Office413738
Panoli BOBranch Office414302
Paregaon BK BOBranch Office422611
Pargaon Sudrik BOBranch Office413702
Parner SOPost Office414302
Parner SSK BOBranch Office414306
Pategaon BOBranch Office414401
Patewadi BOBranch Office414401
Pathardi SOPost Office414102
Pathare Kd BOBranch Office413721
Pathre Bk BOBranch Office413711
Patoda BOBranch Office413201
Pedgaon BOBranch Office413701
Pemgiri BOBranch Office422603
Pimpalgaon Depa BOBranch Office422622
Pimpalgaon Kauda BOBranch Office414005
Pimpalgaon Khad BOBranch Office422610
Pimpalgaon Malvi BOBranch Office414601
Pimpalgaon Matha BOBranch Office422605
Pimpalgaon Nakvinda BOBranch Office422604
Pimpalgaon Nipani BOBranch Office422605
Pimpalgaon Pisa BOBranch Office413703
Pimpalgaon Rotha BOBranch Office414303
Pimpalgaon Ujjani BOBranch Office414601
Pimpalgaontappa BOBranch Office414102
Pimpalner BOBranch Office414302
Pimparane BOBranch Office422605
Pimparkane BOBranch Office422604
Pimparkhed BOBranch Office413205
Pimplwadi BOBranch Office423109
Pimpri Kolandar BOBranch Office413702
Pimpri Lauki BOBranch Office413738
Pimpri Nirmal BOBranch Office423107
Pimprijalsen BOBranch Office414302
Pisorekhand BOBranch Office414101
Pohegaon SOPost Office423605
Pokhari Kanher BOBranch Office414304
Pravaranagar SOPost Office413712
Punewadi BOBranch Office414302
Puntamba SOPost Office413707
Rahata SOPost Office423107
Rahuri Factory SOPost Office413706
Rahuri MPKV SOPost Office413722
Rahuri SOPost Office413705
Rahuri Town SOPost Office413705
Rajapur BOBranch Office413702
Rajur SOPost Office422604
Rajuri BOBranch Office413737
Rakshi BOBranch Office414502
Ralegan BOBranch Office414101
Ralegan Siddhi BOBranch Office414302
Ralegan Therpal BOBranch Office414306
Ramdoh BOBranch Office414603
Rampur BOBranch Office413710
Ranad Bk BOBranch Office422604
Ranegaon BOBranch Office414502
Ranjangaon BOBranch Office413703
Ranjangaon Deshmukh BOBranch Office423605
Ranjangaon Kd SOPost Office413719
Ranjangaondevi BOBranch Office414602
Rashin SOPost Office414403
Rastapur BOBranch Office414606
Ravande BOBranch Office423601
Rehekuri BOBranch Office414402
Rui BOBranch Office423109
Rui Chhatrapati BOBranch Office413703
Ruichattisi BOBranch Office414002
Rumbhodi BOBranch Office422601
Sade BOBranch Office413704
Sakarwadi SOPost Office413708
Sakat BOBranch Office413201
Sakegaon BOBranch Office414102
Sakirwadi BOBranch Office422604
Sakur SOPost Office422622
Sakuri BOBranch Office423107
Salabatpur BOBranch Office414603
Samangaon BOBranch Office414502
Samnapur BOBranch Office422605
Samsherpur BOBranch Office422601
Samsud Erandgaon BOBranch Office414502
Samvatsar BOBranch Office423603
Sandve BOBranch Office414201
Sangamner SK SOPost Office422608
Sangamner SOPost Office422605
Sangvi Bhusar BOBranch Office423602
Sangvi BOBranch Office422601
Sarjepura SOPost Office414001
Sarola Kasar BOBranch Office414005
Sarolabadhi BOBranch Office414201
Sarolasomvanshi BOBranch Office413703
Sarole Pathar BOBranch Office422620
Satewadi BOBranch Office422610
Savali Vihir BK BOBranch Office423109
Savali Vihir Farm BOBranch Office423109
Savargaon BOBranch Office414304
Savargaon Ghule BOBranch Office422620
Savargaon Pat BOBranch Office422601
Savargaon Tal BOBranch Office422605
Savedi Road SOPost Office414003
Shahar Takali BOBranch Office414502
Shani Shinganapur BOBranch Office414105
Shedgaon BOBranch Office413738
Shekte BOBranch Office414504
Shendi BOBranch Office414601
Shenit BOBranch Office422604
Shevgaon SOPost Office414502
Shinde BOBranch Office414402
Shinganapur SOPost Office423603
Shingave BOBranch Office413708
Shingave Keshav BOBranch Office414501
Shingave Naik BOBranch Office414111
Shingori BOBranch Office414502
Shiradhon BOBranch Office414002
Shiral BOBranch Office414106
Shirapur BOBranch Office414106
Shirasgaon BOBranch Office413739
Shirdi SOPost Office423109
Shrigonda SOPost Office413701
Shrigonda SSK SOPost Office413726
Shrirampur HOHead Office413709
Singave Tukai BOBranch Office414607
Sonai SO Ahmed NagarPost Office414105
Sonegaon BOBranch Office413204
Sonewadi BOBranch Office423605
Songaon SOPost Office413711
Subhashwadi BOBranch Office413720
Sukewadi BOBranch Office422605
Sultanpur BK BOBranch Office414502
Sultanpur KHD BOBranch Office414505
Supa SO Ahmed NagarPost Office414301
Suregaon BOBranch Office414603
Susare BOBranch Office414505
Tahakari BOBranch Office422601
Taharabad BOBranch Office413706
Tajnapur BOBranch Office414502
Takali BOBranch Office423601
Takali Dhokeshwar SOPost Office414304
Takali Kadewalit BOBranch Office413701
Takali Kazi BOBranch Office414201
Takali Khandeshwari BOBranch Office414402
Takali Khatgaon BOBranch Office414103
Takali Lonar BOBranch Office413701
Takali Manur BOBranch Office414102
Takalibhan SOPost Office413725
Taklimiya BOBranch Office413716
Talegaon Dighe SOPost Office422611
Tamaswadi BOBranch Office414602
Tambhere BOBranch Office413706
Tambhol BOBranch Office422601
Tandali Dumala BOBranch Office413701
Tandulwadi BOBranch Office413705
Tarwadi BOBranch Office414604
Telanghashi BOBranch Office413204
Telkudgaon BOBranch Office414604
Thakur Pimpalgaon BOBranch Office414503
Thergaon BOBranch Office414401
Thugaon BK BOBranch Office422601
Tilaknagar SO Ahmed NagarPost Office413720
Tirdhe BOBranch Office422601
Tisgaon BOBranch Office413712
Tisgaon SOPost Office414106
Toka BOBranch Office414603
Tondoli BOBranch Office414102
Udadawane BOBranch Office422604
Ukkadgaon BOBranch Office413702
Ukkalgaon BOBranch Office413715
Ukkhalgaon BOBranch Office413703
Umbargaon BOBranch Office413715
Umbra BOBranch Office414105
Undirgaon BOBranch Office413718
Usthal Dumala BOBranch Office414609
Vadala Mahadeo SOPost Office413739
Vadalamission SOPost Office414602
Vadegavan BOBranch Office414302
Vadgaon Gupta BOBranch Office414111
Vadgaon Landaga BOBranch Office422603
Vadgaon Pan BOBranch Office422605
Vadgaon Tandali BOBranch Office414006
Vadner BK BOBranch Office414306
Vadner Haveli BOBranch Office414302
Vadule BK BOBranch Office414502
Vadzire BOBranch Office414302
Vagholi BOBranch Office414501
Vaghunde KH BOBranch Office414301
Vahannagar SOPost Office414006
Vaiju Babhulgaon BOBranch Office414106
Valan BOBranch Office413705
Valvane BOBranch Office414301
Vambori SOPost Office413704
Vangdari BOBranch Office413726
Vankute BOBranch Office414304
Varkhed BOBranch Office414603
Varshinde BOBranch Office413706
Varudi Pathar BOBranch Office422620
Varur BK BOBranch Office414502
Vasunde BOBranch Office414304
Vavrath BOBranch Office413705
Velapur BOBranch Office423602
Vilad BOBranch Office414111
Virgaon BOBranch Office422605
Visapur SO Ahmed NagarPost Office413703
Vithe BOBranch Office422604
Vridheshwar SSK SOPost Office414505
Wadali BOBranch Office413728
Wadgaon BOBranch Office414102
Waghapur BOBranch Office422610
Wakadi BOBranch Office413719
Waki BOBranch Office422604
Walki BOBranch Office414006
Waranghushi BOBranch Office422604
Wari BOBranch Office413708
Warwandi BOBranch Office413738
Watephal BOBranch Office414002
Yelapane BOBranch Office414701
Yeli BOBranch Office414113
Yesgaon BOBranch Office423601
Zarekathi BOBranch Office413714

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service