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Explore all post offices or pincodes of AHMADABAD, GUJARAT

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abasana BOBranch Office382120
Adroda BOBranch Office382220
Adval BOBranch Office382460
Ahmedabad GPOHead Office380001
Akru BOBranch Office382250
Ambaliara BOBranch Office382225
Ambareli BOBranch Office382225
Ambli BOBranch Office380058
Amraiwadi SOPost Office380026
Anandnagar SO AhmedabadPost Office380007
Andej BOBranch Office382115
Aniali Bhimji BOBranch Office382460
Arnej BOBranch Office382230
Asalgam BOBranch Office382150
Asarwa Chakla SOPost Office380016
Asarwa Ext South SOPost Office380024
Ashoknagar BOBranch Office382140
Aslali SOPost Office382427
Azad Society SOPost Office380015
B D Cell Ahmedabad CityPost Office380009
Badarkha BOBranch Office382260
Bagodara BOBranch Office382230
Bajarda BOBranch Office382460
Bakrana BOBranch Office382170
Bakrol BOBranch Office382210
Baldana BOBranch Office382240
Balsasan BOBranch Office382145
Bamroli BOBranch Office382145
Bamsara BOBranch Office382240
Bapunagar SOPost Office380024
Bareja SO AhmedabadPost Office382425
Bavaliary BOBranch Office382455
Bavla Market Yard SOPost Office382220
Bavla SOPost Office382220
Behrampura SOPost Office380022
Bhadaj BOBranch Office382722
Bhadana BOBranch Office382140
Bhadiad SOPost Office382463
Bhairavnath Road SOPost Office380028
Bhangadh BOBranch Office382455
Bhankoda BOBranch Office382140
Bhat BOBranch Office382210
Bhat SOPost Office382428
Bhavda BOBranch Office382433
Bhayla BOBranch Office382220
Bhojwa BOBranch Office382150
Bholad BOBranch Office382230
Bhoyani BOBranch Office382145
Bhurkhi BOBranch Office382230
Bhuvaldi BOBranch Office382430
Bilasia BOBranch Office382330
Bodakdev SOPost Office380054
Bol BOBranch Office382170
Bopal SOPost Office380058
Bordibazar Viramgam SOPost Office382150
Buranpur BOBranch Office382465
Calico Mills SOPost Office380022
Cantonment SOPost Office380004
Chaloda SOPost Office382260
Chamla BOBranch Office382433
Chandial BOBranch Office382433
Chandisar BOBranch Office382260
Chandkheda BOBranch Office382424
Chandkheda Society Area SOPost Office382424
Chandlodia SOPost Office382481
Chandranagar BOBranch Office382150
Changodar SOPost Office382213
Charel BOBranch Office382110
Chaulaj BOBranch Office382433
Chekhla BOBranch Office382115
Chhabasar BOBranch Office382220
Chhaniar BOBranch Office382140
Chharodi BOBranch Office382170
Chhasiana BOBranch Office382460
Chiada BOBranch Office382220
Chuval Dangarva BOBranch Office382145
Civil Hospital SOPost Office380016
Ctm Char Rasta SOPost Office380026
D Cabin SOPost Office380019
Dabhsar BOBranch Office382120
Dadhana BOBranch Office382120
Daduka BOBranch Office382110
Dadusar BOBranch Office382225
Dalod BOBranch Office382130
Daran BOBranch Office382220
Dariapur SO AhmedabadPost Office380001
Darpan Society SOPost Office380009
Daslana BOBranch Office382150
Daxini Society SOPost Office380008
Dehgamda BOBranch Office382220
Dekawada BOBranch Office382120
Delhi Gate SO AhmedabadPost Office380004
Deo Dholera BOBranch Office382240
Detroj SOPost Office382120
Devpura BOBranch Office382140
Devtimoti BOBranch Office382213
Dhakdi BOBranch Office382150
Dhamatvan BOBranch Office382435
Dhanala BOBranch Office382465
Dhandhuka SOPost Office382460
Dhanwada BOBranch Office382220
Dhedasana BOBranch Office382130
Dhingada BOBranch Office382230
Dholera SOPost Office382455
Dholi Bhal BOBranch Office363423
Dholi BOBranch Office382240
Dholka SOPost Office382225
Digvijaynagar SOPost Office382470
District Court SO AhmedabadPost Office380001
Dodar BOBranch Office382170
Dr Baou SOPost Office382481
Dudheshwar Tavdipura SOPost Office380004
Dumana BOBranch Office382150
Durgi BOBranch Office382230
Ellisbridge SOPost Office380006
Endla BOBranch Office382130
Fangadi BOBranch Office382110
Fatepur BOBranch Office382465
Fatewadi BOBranch Office382210
Fedra SOPost Office382465
Foreign Post Office AhmedabadPost Office380004
Galsana BOBranch Office382245
Gamanpura BOBranch Office382120
Gamdi BOBranch Office382435
Gamph BOBranch Office382465
Gandhi Ashram SO AhmedabadPost Office380027
Gandhi Road SO AhmedabadPost Office380001
Gangad BOBranch Office382240
Ganol BOBranch Office382265
Garodia BOBranch Office382115
Gatrad BOBranch Office382449
Geratpur BOBranch Office382435
Ghatisana BOBranch Office382140
Ghatlodia SOPost Office380061
Gheekanta Road SOPost Office380001
Ghoda BOBranch Office382150
Ghodasar SO AhmedabadPost Office380050
Ghuma BOBranch Office380058
Ghuma SOPost Office380058
Girdharnagar SOPost Office380004
Girmatha BOBranch Office382425
Gita Mandir Road SOPost Office380022
Godhavi SOPost Office382115
Gogla BOBranch Office382463
Gomtipur SOPost Office380021
Goraiya BOBranch Office382150
Goraj BOBranch Office382110
Gorasu BOBranch Office382463
Gota BOBranch Office382481
Gujarat University SOPost Office380009
Gujrat High Court SOPost Office380060
Gundi Sarvodaya Ashram BOBranch Office382230
Gunjala BOBranch Office382120
Gunjar BOBranch Office382460
Gyaspur BOBranch Office382405
Hadalbhal BOBranch Office363423
Hansalpur BOBranch Office382150
Harniav BOBranch Office382435
Hathijan BOBranch Office382308
Hebatpur BOBranch Office382455
Hirapur BOBranch Office382435
Hirapura BOBranch Office382150
I E Bapunagar SOPost Office380024
I I M SOPost Office380015
Iawa Vasna BOBranch Office382170
Ingoli BOBranch Office382265
Isanpur SOPost Office382443
Jagatpur BOBranch Office382470
Jakhada BOBranch Office382230
Jakwada BOBranch Office382150
Jalalpur Vajifa BOBranch Office382225
Jalampur BOBranch Office382150
Jalisana BOBranch Office382120
Jaliya BOBranch Office382460
Jamalpur SO AhmedabadPost Office380001
Jamp BOBranch Office382110
Jantanagar SOPost Office382449
Jawahar Chowk SOPost Office380008
Jawaraj BOBranch Office382230
Jeska BOBranch Office382250
Jetalpur BOBranch Office382427
Jholapur BOBranch Office382170
Jivraj Park SOPost Office380051
Jodhpur Char Rasta SOPost Office380015
Joshipura BOBranch Office382150
Juhapura SOPost Office380055
Junapadhar BOBranch Office382150
Kabir Chowk SOPost Office380005
Kadipur BOBranch Office382463
Kadvasan BOBranch Office382130
Kalana BOBranch Office382170
Kali BOBranch Office382470
Kalyangadh BOBranch Office382240
Kamiala BOBranch Office382465
Kamijala BOBranch Office382150
Kanbha BOBranch Office382430
Kaneti BOBranch Office382110
Kaniyel BOBranch Office382433
Kankravadi BOBranch Office382150
Kanz BOBranch Office382140
Karakthal BOBranch Office382150
Kasindra BOBranch Office382210
Kathwada BOBranch Office382430
Kathwada GIDC SOPost Office382430
Kathwada Maize Product SOPost Office382430
Katosan Road SOPost Office382145
Kauka SOPost Office382265
Kavitha BOBranch Office382260
Kelia Vasna BOBranch Office382225
Kerala BOBranch Office382220
Kesardi BOBranch Office382240
Khadia SOPost Office380001
Khadol BOBranch Office382460
Khambhada BOBranch Office382450
Khamidana BOBranch Office382450
Khanpur SO AhmedabadPost Office380001
Kharad BOBranch Office382460
Khasta BOBranch Office382460
Khoda BOBranch Office382170
Khodiyar BOBranch Office382421
Khodiyarnagar SOPost Office382350
Khokhara Mehmadabad SOPost Office380008
Khorajnanoda BOBranch Office382170
Khudad BOBranch Office382150
Khun BOBranch Office382455
Kocharia BOBranch Office382220
Kointia BOBranch Office382140
Kokta BOBranch Office382150
Kolat BOBranch Office382210
Koth SOPost Office382240
Kothadia BOBranch Office382460
Krishnanagar SO AhmedabadPost Office382345
Kubadthal BOBranch Office382430
Kubernagar B A SOPost Office382340
Kubernagar SOPost Office382340
Kuha SOPost Office382433
Kujad BOBranch Office382430
Kukvav BOBranch Office382120
Kumarkhan BOBranch Office382150
Kundal BOBranch Office382110
Kunpur BOBranch Office382130
Kunvar BOBranch Office382110
L G Hospital SOPost Office380008
Lal Darwaja SOPost Office380001
Lambha BOBranch Office382405
Lapkaman BOBranch Office380060
Loliya BOBranch Office382465
Lothal Bhurkhi RS SOPost Office382230
M D Marg SOPost Office380022
Madhupura Market SOPost Office380004
Madrisana BOBranch Office382145
Mahijada BOBranch Office382425
Makhiav BOBranch Office382110
Mandal SO AhmedabadPost Office382130
Manek Chowk SOPost Office380001
Manekbag SOPost Office380015
Maninagar SOPost Office380008
Manipur BOBranch Office382150
Mankol BOBranch Office382110
Marusana BOBranch Office382120
Matoda BOBranch Office382213
Meghaningar SOPost Office380016
Melaj BOBranch Office382150
Memnagar SOPost Office380052
Mingalpur BOBranch Office382455
Miroli BOBranch Office382425
Mithapur BOBranch Office382230
Modasar BOBranch Office382220
Moraiya BOBranch Office382213
Mota Tradia BOBranch Office382460
Motera SOPost Office380005
Moti Kishol BOBranch Office382110
Moti Boru BOBranch Office382230
Moti Rantai BOBranch Office382145
Muktipur BOBranch Office382425
Municipal Corporation SOPost Office380001
N C Market SOPost Office380002
N C Mills SOPost Office382345
Nadishala BOBranch Office382120
Nana Ubhada BOBranch Office382130
Nandej SOPost Office382435
Nani Boru BOBranch Office382230
Nani Devti BOBranch Office382220
Nanodara BOBranch Office382220
Naranpura Vistar SOPost Office380013
Narayannagar SOPost Office380007
Naroda I E SOPost Office382330
Naroda Road SOPost Office382345
Naroda S A SOPost Office382330
Naroda SOPost Office382330
Narol SOPost Office382405
Nava Vadaj SOPost Office380013
Navagam BOBranch Office382130
Navapura BOBranch Office382210
Navda BOBranch Office382450
Navjivan SOPost Office380014
Navrangpura HOHead Office380009
Nayakpur BOBranch Office382130
Nedharad BOBranch Office382115
Nesda BOBranch Office382225
Nikol SOPost Office380049
Nirnaynagar SOPost Office382481
Noblenagar SOPost Office382340
O N G C SOPost Office380005
Ode BOBranch Office382427
Odhav BOBranch Office382120
Odhav Industrial Estate SOPost Office382415
Odhav SOPost Office382415
Ogan BOBranch Office382150
Ognaj BOBranch Office380060
Otaria BOBranch Office382463
Otaria Sarvodaya Ashram BOBranch Office382463
Padana BOBranch Office382460
Paldi Kankaj BOBranch Office382425
Paldi SO AhmedabadPost Office380007
Panar BOBranch Office382140
Panchham BOBranch Office382465
Panchhi BOBranch Office382455
Pandharpura BOBranch Office382140
Parabadi BOBranch Office382250
Pardhol BOBranch Office382330
Pasunj BOBranch Office382430
Pimpan BOBranch Office382110
Pipli BOBranch Office382465
Pirana BOBranch Office382425
Pisawada BOBranch Office382265
Polytechnic SO AhmedabadPost Office380015
Public Office SO AhmedabadPost Office380016
Rahemalpur BOBranch Office382150
Raikhad SOPost Office380001
Railway Colony SO AhmedabadPost Office380019
Railwaypura SOPost Office380002
Raipur SO AhmedabadPost Office380001
Rajoda BOBranch Office382220
Rajpur Gomtipur SOPost Office380021
Rakhial Udyog Vistar SOPost Office380023
Rakhiana BOBranch Office382130
Ramol BOBranch Office382449
Rampur BOBranch Office382225
Rampura BOBranch Office382450
Rampura SO AhmedabadPost Office382140
Ranesar BOBranch Office382220
Rangpur BOBranch Office382150
Ranip SOPost Office382480
Ranoda BOBranch Office382225
Ranodra BOBranch Office382433
Rasam BOBranch Office382220
Rayka BOBranch Office382460
Rethal BOBranch Office382110
Revdibazar HOHead Office380002
Ribadi BOBranch Office382130
Rohika BOBranch Office382230
Rojid BOBranch Office382450
Rojka BOBranch Office382460
Rudatal BOBranch Office382120
Rupal BOBranch Office382220
Rupgadh BOBranch Office382240
S A C SOPost Office380015
S A Mills SOPost Office380008
Sabarmati SOPost Office380005
Sachana BOBranch Office382150
Sadatpura BOBranch Office382120
Sahij BOBranch Office382225
Saijpur BOBranch Office382405
Saijpur Bogha SOPost Office382345
Salajada BOBranch Office382220
Salangpur Hanuman BOBranch Office382450
Salasar BOBranch Office382460
Sanand SOPost Office382110
Sanathal BOBranch Office382210
Sandhida BOBranch Office382455
Sangasar BOBranch Office382463
Sangpura BOBranch Office382120
Sankod BOBranch Office382220
Sarandi BOBranch Office382225
Saraspur SOPost Office380018
Sardarnagar SOPost Office382475
Sargwala BOBranch Office382230
Sari BOBranch Office382220
Sarkhej Road SOPost Office380007
Sarkhej SOPost Office382210
Saroda BOBranch Office382260
Sarsavadi BOBranch Office382150
Sathal BOBranch Office382225
Shah Alam Roza SOPost Office380028
Shahibag SOPost Office380004
Shahpur BOBranch Office382150
Shahpur SO AhmedabadPost Office380004
Shahwadi BOBranch Office382405
Shardanagar SOPost Office380007
Shastrinagar SO AhmedabadPost Office380013
Shela BOBranch Office380058
Sher BOBranch Office382130
Sherpura BOBranch Office382225
Shilaj BOBranch Office380059
Shivpura BOBranch Office382140
Shiyal BOBranch Office382230
Siawada BOBranch Office382225
Sihor BOBranch Office382140
Simej BOBranch Office382265
Sinaj BOBranch Office382120
Sindharej BOBranch Office382225
Sitapur BOBranch Office382130
Sobhasan BOBranch Office382145
Sodhi BOBranch Office382463
Sola H B C SOPost Office380063
Sola SOPost Office380060
Solgam BOBranch Office382130
Stadium Marg SOPost Office380013
Sukhrampura SOPost Office380023
Sunvala BOBranch Office382145
T B Nagar SOPost Office382350
Tagadi BOBranch Office382250
Telav BOBranch Office382210
Telavi BOBranch Office382145
Thaltej Road SOPost Office380054
Thaltej SOPost Office380059
Thori Mubarak BOBranch Office382150
Thori Thumbha BOBranch Office382150
Thuleta BOBranch Office382150
Timba BOBranch Office382425
Tragad BOBranch Office382470
Transad BOBranch Office382225
Trent BOBranch Office382150
Ughroj BOBranch Office382120
Ukardi BOBranch Office382140
Ukhlod BOBranch Office382150
Unchadi BOBranch Office382250
Undrel BOBranch Office382433
Upardal BOBranch Office382110
Utelia BOBranch Office382230
Vadaj SOPost Office380013
Vadgas BOBranch Office382150
Vadhela BOBranch Office382450
Vadod BOBranch Office382433
Vagad BOBranch Office382245
Valdhera BOBranch Office382225
Valinda BOBranch Office382463
Vanch BOBranch Office382449
Vani BOBranch Office382150
Vanpardi BOBranch Office382130
Vansva BOBranch Office382150
Vanthal BOBranch Office382150
Varmor BOBranch Office382130
Varna BOBranch Office382265
Vasai BOBranch Office382425
Vasisthnagar SOPost Office380008
Vasna Chacharvadi BOBranch Office382213
Vasna Iawa BOBranch Office382170
Vasna BOBranch Office382460
Vastral SOPost Office382418
Vataman BOBranch Office382265
Vatva Industrial Estate SOPost Office382445
Vatva SOPost Office382445
Vautha BOBranch Office382225
Vehlal BOBranch Office382330
Vejalka BOBranch Office382230
Vekaria BOBranch Office382110
Vinchhan BOBranch Office382120
Vinchhiya BOBranch Office382110
Vinzol BOBranch Office382445
Vinzuvada BOBranch Office382130
Viramgam SOPost Office382150
Virdi BOBranch Office382265
Virochannagar SOPost Office382170
Vishalpur BOBranch Office382210
Vithlpura BOBranch Office382120
Vivekanandnagar BOBranch Office382445
Zanu BOBranch Office382430
Zanzarka BOBranch Office382460
Zanzarva BOBranch Office382120
Zezra BOBranch Office382150
Zinzar BOBranch Office382250
Zundal BOBranch Office382421

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service