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Explore all post offices or pincodes of 24 PARAGANAS SOUTH, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abdalpur BOBranch Office743368
Achhipur BOBranch Office700138
Achintanagar BOBranch Office743383
Akra Krishnanagar BOBranch Office700140
Akshoynagar BOBranch Office743347
Alida BOBranch Office743355
Amgachia BOBranch Office700104
Amira BOBranch Office743368
Amjharahat BOBranch Office743329
Amlamethi BOBranch Office743370
Amtala BOBranch Office743337
Amtali Bazar BOBranch Office743378
Amtali BOBranch Office743378
Anandabad BOBranch Office743312
Anatarampur BOBranch Office743504
Anchna BOBranch Office743336
Andharmanik BOBranch Office743503
Anwarpur BOBranch Office743336
Arampur BOBranch Office743370
Aryapara BOBranch Office743377
Ashuti BOBranch Office700141
Aswathtala BOBranch Office743374
Atharobanki BOBranch Office743329
Aushberia BOBranch Office743513
Baburchak BOBranch Office743349
Bagdanga BOBranch Office743357
Baharu BOBranch Office743372
Baharu Ramkrishnapur BOBranch Office743610
Bahirchak BOBranch Office743399
Bahirkunja BOBranch Office743318
Baidyahat BOBranch Office743336
Baikunthapur BOBranch Office743383
Bairagir Chak BOBranch Office743354
Baishata BOBranch Office743338
Bakrabad BOBranch Office743503
Bakrahat SOPost Office743377
Bakultala BOBranch Office743349
Bakultalahat BOBranch Office743338
Balakhali BOBranch Office743503
Balarampur BOBranch Office743354
Bali Hatkhola BOBranch Office743370
Baliara BOBranch Office743357
Bamanagar BOBranch Office743347
Bamangachi BOBranch Office700145
Bamankhali BOBranch Office743373
Bamna BOBranch Office743355
Bamunia BOBranch Office743502
Banashyamnagar BOBranch Office743371
Banasundaria BOBranch Office743372
Banerjee Chak BOBranch Office743337
Baneswarpur BOBranch Office743375
Banganagar BOBranch Office743513
Bangla BOBranch Office700140
Bansra SOPost Office743363
Bantra BOBranch Office743337
Bara Mollakhali BOBranch Office743378
Baradapur BOBranch Office743371
Barakaipukur BOBranch Office743336
Barandari Bagaria BOBranch Office743332
Barashi BOBranch Office743349
Bardrone BOBranch Office743332
Bargagan Gohalia BOBranch Office743503
Baribhanga Abad BOBranch Office743349
Baruipur Bazar BOBranch Office743387
Baruipur HOHead Office700144
Basanti SOPost Office743312
Basar BOBranch Office743374
Basuldanga BOBranch Office743368
Bat Tali BOBranch Office743611
Batakhali Chandipur BOBranch Office743611
Batanagar SOPost Office700140
Batiswar BOBranch Office743354
Bawali BOBranch Office700137
Bawali Chandipur BOBranch Office700137
Bazarberia BOBranch Office743395
Begampur BOBranch Office743387
Beguakhali BOBranch Office743373
Bele Durganagar BOBranch Office743337
Belegachi BOBranch Office743376
Belpukur BOBranch Office743348
Belsinga BOBranch Office743504
Beniabow BOBranch Office743613
Benipur BOBranch Office743355
Benjanharia BOBranch Office700138
Beonta BOBranch Office743502
Beramara BOBranch Office743609
Betberia BOBranch Office743503
Bhadura BOBranch Office743504
Bhagabanpur BOBranch Office743399
Bhagabatipur BOBranch Office743399
Bhagabatpur ProjectBranch Office743371
Bhajna Benepara BOBranch Office743399
Bhalleya BOBranch Office743376
Bhangankhali BOBranch Office743329
Bhangar Chaltaberia BOBranch Office743502
Bhangar Gobindapur BOBranch Office743502
Bhangar Narayanpur BOBranch Office743502
Bhangar Raghunathpur BOBranch Office743502
Bhangar SOPost Office743502
Bharatgarh BOBranch Office743312
Bhataria BOBranch Office743503
Bhatia BOBranch Office743399
Bhojerhat BOBranch Office743502
Bhubaneswari Bazar BOBranch Office743383
Bhubankhali BOBranch Office743349
Bhubannagar BOBranch Office743347
Bidyadharpur BOBranch Office743336
Bijannagar BOBranch Office743347
Bijoyganj Bazar SOPost Office743345
Bijoynagar BOBranch Office743370
Binodpur Ambikanagar BOBranch Office743383
Bireswarpur BOBranch Office743336
Birlapur SOPost Office743318
Bishalakshmipur BOBranch Office743347
Bishnupur SO South 24 ParganasPost Office743503
Bishra BOBranch Office743504
Biswanathpur BOBranch Office743349
Bodra BOBranch Office743502
Boga Noapara BOBranch Office700141
Bohalberia BOBranch Office743399
Boinchbati BOBranch Office743338
Boinchberia BOBranch Office743375
Bonhooghly BOBranch Office700103
Boral SOPost Office700154
Boria BOBranch Office743329
Borijpur BOBranch Office743375
Boyergodi BOBranch Office743349
Brahmapur SOPost Office700096
Brajaballav Pur BOBranch Office743371
Brindakhali BOBranch Office743387
Budge Budge Natun Bazar SOPost Office700137
Budge Budge SO Hsgii SOPost Office700137
Budhakhali BOBranch Office743347
Buinta BOBranch Office700137
Buraburirtat BOBranch Office743371
Burul BOBranch Office743318
Canning Town Ferry Ghat SOPost Office743329
Canning Town SOPost Office743329
Chaberia BOBranch Office743504
Chaitanyapur BOBranch Office743395
Chak Alampur BOBranch Office743318
Chak Enayetnagar BOBranch Office743503
Chak Haturia BOBranch Office743503
Chak Kashipur BOBranch Office743318
Chakborali BOBranch Office743502
Chakfuldubi BOBranch Office743373
Chakjot Shibrampur BOBranch Office700141
Chakparan Kantakhali BOBranch Office743610
Chaltaberia BOBranch Office743337
Chaluary BOBranch Office743513
Champahati SOPost Office743330
Chandandaha BOBranch Office743503
Chandaneswar BOBranch Office743330
Chandanpiri BOBranch Office743357
Chandi BOBranch Office743503
Chandibari BOBranch Office743502
Chandipur BOBranch Office743399
Chandkhali BOBranch Office743376
Chandnagar BOBranch Office743368
Chandpala BOBranch Office743503
Chandpur BOBranch Office743395
Chapla BOBranch Office743349
Charaghata BOBranch Office743337
Charashyamdas BOBranch Office743503
Charavidya BOBranch Office743329
Chargheri BOBranch Office743370
Chatakalikapur BOBranch Office700140
Chatra Maldari BOBranch Office743337
Chemaguri BOBranch Office743373
Chhayani BOBranch Office743376
Chhoto Mollakhali SOPost Office743378
Chhotrisher Hat BOBranch Office743338
Chimta BOBranch Office743378
Chitraganj BOBranch Office743337
Choto Banashyamnagar BOBranch Office743371
Chowhati BOBranch Office700149
Chowl Khola BOBranch Office743377
Chunakhali BOBranch Office743611
Chuprijhara BOBranch Office743349
Companir Char BOBranch Office743373
Dahakanda BOBranch Office743354
Daharani BOBranch Office743329
Dakshin Alipore BOBranch Office743503
Dakshin Bagi BOBranch Office743503
Dakshin Barasat SOPost Office743372
Dakshin Bijoynagar BOBranch Office743338
Dakshin Chandannagar BOBranch Office743357
Dakshin Chandipur BOBranch Office743374
Dakshin Durgapur BOBranch Office743349
Dakshin Gangadharpur BOBranch Office743399
Dakshin Gobindapur BOBranch Office700145
Dakshin Gopalnagar BOBranch Office743347
Dakshin Gouripur BOBranch Office743503
Dakshin Haradhanpur BOBranch Office743373
Dakshin Hazi Pur SOPost Office743331
Dakshin Jagadishpur BOBranch Office743399
Dakshin Jagatdal SOPost Office700151
Dakshin Kashinagar BOBranch Office743383
Dakshin Khasiabad BOBranch Office743347
Dakshin Mokamberia BOBranch Office743312
Dakshin Radhanagar BOBranch Office743378
Dakshin Raipur BOBranch Office743318
Dakshin Raipur No 3 BOBranch Office743349
Dakshin Rajarampur BOBranch Office743348
Dakshin Rajnagar BOBranch Office743374
Dakshin Shibpur BOBranch Office743349
Damkal BOBranch Office743383
Dara BOBranch Office743337
Daria BOBranch Office743332
Darikrishna Nagar BOBranch Office743368
Daspur BOBranch Office743371
Daulatpur BOBranch Office700139
Dayapur BOBranch Office743370
Debipur BOBranch Office743383
Debisabad BOBranch Office743376
Debnagar BOBranch Office743357
Debnibas BOBranch Office743357
Deulbari BOBranch Office743349
Deuli BOBranch Office743502
Dewanchak BOBranch Office743337
Dhablat Shibpur BOBranch Office743373
Dhalirbati BOBranch Office743376
Dhalua BOBranch Office700152
Dhamua BOBranch Office743610
Dhanpota BOBranch Office743355
Dhanurhat BOBranch Office743336
Dhanyaghata BOBranch Office743355
Dhapdhapi BOBranch Office743387
Dharmatala Panchuria BOBranch Office743502
Dholahat SOPost Office743399
Dhopahat Krishnapur BOBranch Office743336
Dhosa BOBranch Office743337
Diamond Harbour CC SOPost Office743331
Diamond Harbour HOHead Office743331
Diamond Harbour New Town SOPost Office743331
Diamond Harbour RS SOPost Office743331
Digambarpur BOBranch Office743349
Digberia BOBranch Office743395
Dighirpar Bazar BOBranch Office743503
Dihimathurapur Gobindapur BOBranch Office743373
Dingelpota BOBranch Office700151
Dodalia BOBranch Office743609
Doltalaghola BOBranch Office743376
Domdoma BOBranch Office743503
Dongajora BOBranch Office743329
Dongaria BOBranch Office743318
Dosatina BOBranch Office743503
Dostipur BOBranch Office743504
Doulatabad BOBranch Office743503
Dulalpur BOBranch Office743336
Dulki BOBranch Office743370
Durba Chati BOBranch Office743347
Durganagar BOBranch Office743399
Durgapur Baruipur BOBranch Office743610
Durgapur Tekarbazar BOBranch Office743357
Dwariknagar BOBranch Office743357
Enayetpur BOBranch Office743351
Fakir Chand College SOPost Office743331
Falta SOPost Office743504
Fatehpur SO South 24 ParganasPost Office743513
Fatickpur BOBranch Office743347
Freser Ganj BOBranch Office743357
Futigoda BOBranch Office743337
Gabberia BOBranch Office743336
Gandhabaduli BOBranch Office743503
Ganeshnagar BOBranch Office743357
Ganeshpur 1st Gheri BOBranch Office743347
Ganeshpur 4th Gheri BOBranch Office743347
Ganeshpur Baikunthapur BOBranch Office743347
Gangadharganj BOBranch Office743347
Gangasagar BOBranch Office743373
Gangrai BOBranch Office700145
Garia Garden SOPost Office700084
Garia SO South 24 ParganasPost Office700084
Gazipur BOBranch Office743336
Gazirmahal Chitamari BOBranch Office743374
Ghanashyambati BOBranch Office700137
Ghatakpur BOBranch Office743332
Ghateswar SOPost Office743336
Gheri Keorakhali BOBranch Office743349
Gheri Raipur BOBranch Office743349
Ghoradah BOBranch Office743354
Ghorahata Mukundapur BOBranch Office743503
Ghoramara Mandirtala BOBranch Office743356
Ghoserpole BOBranch Office743354
Gilarchat BOBranch Office743354
Goalara BOBranch Office743383
Goanara Gobindapur BOBranch Office743368
Gobindapur Abad BOBranch Office743371
Gobindarampur BOBranch Office743347
Gocharan BOBranch Office743372
Gokarnee BOBranch Office743355
Golabari BOBranch Office743329
Gonipur BOBranch Office700141
Gopalganj Hat BOBranch Office743338
Gopalkata BOBranch Office743611
Gopalpurhat BOBranch Office743504
Gorerhat BOBranch Office743372
Gosaba SOPost Office743370
Gotalahat Krishnapur BOBranch Office743503
Gourdaha BOBranch Office743363
Gumukberia BOBranch Office743332
Gurudaspur BOBranch Office743349
Hadia BOBranch Office700150
Hansuri SOPost Office743609
Haradhan Pur BOBranch Office743373
Haranandapur BOBranch Office743503
Harbhangi BOBranch Office743329
Harendranagar BOBranch Office743347
Harinavi SOPost Office700148
Harinbari BOBranch Office743373
Harindanga BOBranch Office743399
Harinkhola BOBranch Office743399
Haripur BOBranch Office743355
Harishpur Ramnagar BOBranch Office743370
Hasimnagar BOBranch Office743513
Hatisala BOBranch Office700135
Hatuganj SOPost Office743332
Hentalkhali BOBranch Office700137
Heramba Gopalpur BOBranch Office743383
Herobhanga BOBranch Office743329
Hironmoypur BOBranch Office743312
Hotor BOBranch Office743610
IIM Joka SOPost Office700104
Imamuddipur BOBranch Office743399
Indrapala BOBranch Office743610
Indrapur BOBranch Office743371
Iswaripur BOBranch Office743502
Iyarpur BOBranch Office743513
Jadabpurhat BOBranch Office743336
Jafarpur BOBranch Office743513
Jagannathnagar BOBranch Office700140
Jahar Colony BOBranch Office743370
Jaharpur BOBranch Office743347
Jalaberia BOBranch Office743338
Jalghara BOBranch Office743609
Jalkhura BOBranch Office700141
Jamespur BOBranch Office743370
Jamira BOBranch Office743504
Jamtala BOBranch Office743348
Japtala BOBranch Office743338
Jata BOBranch Office743383
Jata Jogendrapur BOBranch Office743383
Jeliabati BOBranch Office743336
Jharkhali Bazar BOBranch Office743312
Jhowkhali BOBranch Office743611
Jibantala BOBranch Office743373
Jibantala Sarangabad BOBranch Office743376
Jogendranagar BOBranch Office743329
Jogindrapur BOBranch Office743371
Joka SOPost Office700104
Joygopalpur Natunhat BOBranch Office743312
Joynagar Majilpur SOPost Office743337
Joypur BOBranch Office743502
Joyramkhali BOBranch Office743329
Jugdia BOBranch Office743355
Jumainaskar BOBranch Office743399
Jyotishpur BOBranch Office743312
Kachiamara BOBranch Office743329
Kachuberia BOBranch Office743373
Kachukhali Ramnagar Bazar BOBranch Office743370
Kachukhali BOBranch Office743370
Kadipukur BOBranch Office743355
Kaikhali Ashram BOBranch Office743338
Kaikhali Boinchbati BOBranch Office743503
Kailashnagar BOBranch Office743329
Kailaspur BOBranch Office743349
Kakdwip Kalinagar BOBranch Office743347
Kakdwip SOPost Office743347
Kalahazra BOBranch Office743312
Kalaria BOBranch Office743363
Kalash BOBranch Office743609
Kalatalahat BOBranch Office743504
Kalibari Temple SOPost Office700070
Kalidaspur BOBranch Office743378
Kalikapota BOBranch Office743355
Kalikapur BOBranch Office743330
Kalikatala BOBranch Office743329
Kalinagar BOBranch Office743610
Kalitala Daspur BOBranch Office743373
Kalsa BOBranch Office743503
Kamakshyapur BOBranch Office743611
Kamalpur BOBranch Office743373
Kamaria BOBranch Office743337
Kamarpole BOBranch Office743368
Kamda Hari SOPost Office700084
Kamdebpur BOBranch Office743371
Kamra BOBranch Office743318
Kamrabad BOBranch Office700150
Kanganberia BOBranch Office743503
Kankandighi BOBranch Office743383
Kantatala BOBranch Office743502
Kanthalberia BOBranch Office743329
Kanyanagar BOBranch Office743503
Karaiberia BOBranch Office743504
Karanjali SOPost Office743348
Kashimpur BOBranch Office743372
Kashinagar SO South 24 ParganasPost Office743349
Kashipur BOBranch Office743345
Katamari BOBranch Office743349
Kautala BOBranch Office743349
Kayalerchak BOBranch Office743354
Kecharkur Gopalnagar BOBranch Office743395
Kedarpur BOBranch Office743383
Kensilly BOBranch Office743375
Keorakhali BOBranch Office743338
Keoratala BOBranch Office743348
Keyatala BOBranch Office743372
Khagramuri BOBranch Office700140
Khaizamara BOBranch Office743337
Khakurdaha BOBranch Office743372
Khalisakhali BOBranch Office743329
Khansahebabad BOBranch Office743373
Khari BOBranch Office743349
Khaskumrakhali BOBranch Office743376
Khasmahal BOBranch Office743373
Khasramkarchak BOBranch Office743373
Khayada BOBranch Office700150
Khetramohan Pur BOBranch Office743371
Khojkhidir BOBranch Office743354
Kholakhali BOBranch Office743368
Kholakhali Hat BOBranch Office743338
Khonkarbazar BOBranch Office743355
Kirtankhali BOBranch Office743373
Kishorimohanpur BOBranch Office743383
Koabati BOBranch Office743338
Kodalia Shibpur BOBranch Office743368
Kodalia SOPost Office700146
Konchfal BOBranch Office743399
Kripakhali BOBranch Office743337
Krishnachandrapur BOBranch Office743354
Krishnadaspur BOBranch Office743371
Krishnamati BOBranch Office743502
Krishnanagar BOBranch Office743345
Kuemuri BOBranch Office743383
Kulberia BOBranch Office743502
Kuldia BOBranch Office743609
Kuleswar BOBranch Office743375
Kulpi SOPost Office743351
Kultali BOBranch Office743338
Kumarhat BOBranch Office743387
Kumarpur BOBranch Office743349
Kumirmari BOBranch Office743378
Kumirmari Narendrapur BOBranch Office743378
Kumrakhali BOBranch Office743329
Kumrapara BOBranch Office743383
Kundarali BOBranch Office743610
Kustia BOBranch Office743330
Kusumtala BOBranch Office743357
Lahiri Pur BOBranch Office743370
Lakshmi Janardanpur BOBranch Office743383
Lakshmikantapur BOBranch Office743355
Lakshmipur Pabartak BOBranch Office743357
Lalpur BOBranch Office743354
Laskar Pur SOPost Office700153
Luxbagan BOBranch Office743370
Machibhanga BOBranch Office700135
Madanganj BOBranch Office743357
Madarat SOPost Office743610
Madhabnagar BOBranch Office743374
Madhabnagar Durgagobindapur BOBranch Office743371
Madhabpur BOBranch Office743349
Madhukhali BOBranch Office743329
Madhusudanchak BOBranch Office743349
Madhya Gurguria BOBranch Office743349
Madhya Monirtat BOBranch Office743349
Madhya Shibpur BOBranch Office743372
Magrahat Shyamnagar BOBranch Office743355
Magrahat Shyampur BOBranch Office743355
Magrahat SOPost Office743355
Maharajganj BOBranch Office743357
Mahendraganj BOBranch Office743373
Maheshdari BOBranch Office743609
Maheshpur BOBranch Office743355
Maheshtala Gobindapur BOBranch Office700141
Maheshwara BOBranch Office743609
Mahestala SOPost Office700141
Maheswara BOBranch Office743368
Mahishamuri BOBranch Office743332
Maitala BOBranch Office743355
Maitirhat BOBranch Office743355
Makhna BOBranch Office743503
Malancha Mahinagar SOPost Office700145
Malaya BOBranch Office743399
Mallick Pratap BOBranch Office743355
Mallickpore BOBranch Office700145
Mallikati BOBranch Office743502
Mandir Bazar BOBranch Office743395
Mandirtala BOBranch Office743373
Manicknagar BOBranch Office743374
Manirtat BOBranch Office743349
Manmathanagar M BOBranch Office743370
Manmathapur BOBranch Office743347
Manoharpur BOBranch Office743332
Mansadwip BOBranch Office743373
Masat BOBranch Office743375
Masjidbati BOBranch Office743312
Matgaran BOBranch Office743312
Matherdighi BOBranch Office743329
Mathur BOBranch Office743368
Mathura Pur SOPost Office743354
Mathurapur RS SOPost Office743354
Mayahauri BOBranch Office743337
Mayapur BOBranch Office743318
Maydah BOBranch Office743337
Meherpur BOBranch Office743349
Memanpur Chandannagar BOBranch Office700139
Meraganj BOBranch Office743329
Mestakhali BOBranch Office743503
Mirpur Daulatpur BOBranch Office743610
Mohirampur BOBranch Office743504
Mokamberia BOBranch Office743312
Monipur Banstala BOBranch Office743337
Morapai BOBranch Office743355
Morigachi BOBranch Office743368
Moukhali BOBranch Office743610
Mrinalnagar BOBranch Office743347
Mrityunjoynagar BOBranch Office743373
Muchikata Baikunthapur BOBranch Office743347
Muchisa BOBranch Office743377
Mud Point SOPost Office743356
Mukundapur BOBranch Office743368
Multi BOBranch Office743610
Mundapara Kashiabad BOBranch Office743347
Muri Ganga BOBranch Office743373
Nabagram BOBranch Office743372
Nafarganj BOBranch Office743312
Nagartala BOBranch Office743376
Nagenabad BOBranch Office743383
Nagendraganj BOBranch Office743373
Nagendrapur BOBranch Office743383
Nahazari BOBranch Office700104
Nainan BOBranch Office743504
Nalua BOBranch Office743354
Nam Khana SOPost Office743357
Namkhana Radhanagar BOBranch Office743357
Nandakumarpur BOBranch Office743349
Narabunia BOBranch Office743425
Narayanibad BOBranch Office743373
Narayanipur BOBranch Office743383
Narayanpur BOBranch Office743363
Narayanpur Gouripur BOBranch Office743332
Narayantala BOBranch Office743329
Narendrapur SOPost Office700103
Naria BOBranch Office743609
Naskarpara Jalaberia BOBranch Office743338
Natendrapur BOBranch Office743373
Nathpara BOBranch Office743378
Nawasa BOBranch Office743368
Nayabad BOBranch Office700150
Nayabad Rajpur BOBranch Office743354
Nazra BOBranch Office743375
Nepalganj BOBranch Office700103
Netra BOBranch Office743368
Nikarighata BOBranch Office743329
Nilambarpur BOBranch Office743336
Nimpith Ashram SOPost Office743338
Nishchinta Pur SOPost Office743374
Nodakhali BOBranch Office743318
Noorpur BOBranch Office743368
Noridana BOBranch Office743330
Nungi BOBranch Office700140
Paikan BOBranch Office700135
Pailanhat BOBranch Office700104
Pairachali BOBranch Office743503
Pakhiralaya BOBranch Office743370
Pakka Polarhat BOBranch Office700135
Pakurtala BOBranch Office743349
Panapukur BOBranch Office743354
Panarhat BOBranch Office743504
Panchagram Singhberia BOBranch Office743368
Panchnan BOBranch Office743336
Panchpota SOPost Office700152
Par Bangla BOBranch Office700140
Parash Moni BOBranch Office743370
Paschim Chamni BOBranch Office743503
Paschim Dighirpar BOBranch Office743329
Paschim Gopalnagar BOBranch Office743351
Paschim Jata BOBranch Office743383
Paschim Kultali BOBranch Office743354
Paschim Radhaballavpur BOBranch Office743349
Paschim Radhanagar BOBranch Office743378
Paschim Rameswarpur BOBranch Office700140
Paschim Sripatinagar BOBranch Office743383
Paschim Surendranagar BOBranch Office743347
Pathan Khali SOPost Office743611
Pathar Pratima SOPost Office743371
Patharberia BOBranch Office743377
Patibunia BOBranch Office743357
Patra BOBranch Office743368
Paulpur BOBranch Office743611
Phulmalancha BOBranch Office743329
Pikhira BOBranch Office743513
Pithapukuria BOBranch Office700135
Piyali Town SOPost Office743387
Poali BOBranch Office743318
Polarhat BOBranch Office700135
Pranballavpur BOBranch Office743395
Prasad Pur BOBranch Office743373
Pratapnagar BOBranch Office743330
Puinjali BOBranch Office743378
Pujali SOPost Office700138
Pukurberia BOBranch Office743347
Punpua BOBranch Office743372
Purandarpur BOBranch Office743349
Purandarpur Math BOBranch Office743610
Puratan Ramgarh BOBranch Office743504
Purba Boyarsingh BOBranch Office743611
Purba Chandpur BOBranch Office743336
Purba Dwarikapur BOBranch Office743383
Purba Gopalnagar BOBranch Office743395
Purba Nischintapur BOBranch Office700138
Purba Putiary SOPost Office700093
Purba Radhanagar BOBranch Office743378
Purba Ramnathpur BOBranch Office743355
Purba Ranaghata BOBranch Office743338
Purba Sonatikari BOBranch Office743349
Purba Sridharpur BOBranch Office743383
Purkaitpara BOBranch Office743354
Purnachandrapur BOBranch Office743349
Radhaballavpur BOBranch Office743349
Radhakantapur BOBranch Office743354
Radhakrishnapur BOBranch Office743373
Radhanagar BOBranch Office743332
Raghudebpur BOBranch Office743399
Raghunathpur BOBranch Office743374
Raidighi SOPost Office743383
Raipur BOBranch Office700141
Rajapur Karabeg BOBranch Office743337
Rajarampur BOBranch Office743504
Rajnagar Biswambhar BOBranch Office743357
Rajnagar BOBranch Office743347
Rajpur Bazar SOPost Office700149
Rajpur SO South 24 ParganasPost Office700149
Rakhal Pur BOBranch Office743371
Rakshashkhali BOBranch Office743371
Ramakantanagar BOBranch Office743395
Ramanandapur BOBranch Office743332
Ramchandranagar BOBranch Office743503
Ramchandrapur BOBranch Office743399
Ramchandrapur Chak Thakurani BOBranch Office700104
Ramdebpur BOBranch Office743399
Ramganga BOBranch Office743371
Ramgopalpur BOBranch Office743387
RAMKRISHNA PALLY BOBranch Office700150
Ramkrishnapur BOBranch Office743351
Ramlochanpur BOBranch Office743336
Ramnagar Shibpur BOBranch Office743374
Ramnagarabad BOBranch Office743349
Ramratanpur BOBranch Office743374
Ramtanunagar BOBranch Office743374
Rangabelia BOBranch Office743370
Rangilabad BOBranch Office743609
Rania BOBranch Office700154
Rania Gobindapur BOBranch Office743318
Rasa Dogacha BOBranch Office743375
Rasapunja BOBranch Office700104
Raskhali BOBranch Office743610
Roypur Dayarampur BOBranch Office743336
Rudra Nagar SOPost Office743373
Sadhu Pur BOBranch Office743370
Sadhurhat BOBranch Office743504
Sagar Bag Bazar BOBranch Office743373
Sagar Barabari BOBranch Office743373
Sagar Bishnupur BOBranch Office743373
Sagar Chandipur BOBranch Office743373
Sagar Fulbari BOBranch Office743373
Sagar Krishna Nagar BOBranch Office743373
Sagar Shibpur BOBranch Office743373
Sahararhat BOBranch Office743504
Sambhunagar BOBranch Office743611
Sangrampur Hat BOBranch Office743355
Sankarpur BOBranch Office743610
Santi Gachi BOBranch Office743370
Santosh Pur Maheshtalaso SOPost Office700142
Sapkhali BOBranch Office743373
Sarachi BOBranch Office743375
Saratnagar BOBranch Office743354
Saratpally BOBranch Office743349
Sarberia BOBranch Office743372
Sarengabad BOBranch Office700137
Sarisha SOPost Office743368
Sarkarpool SOPost Office700143
Sastitala BOBranch Office743337
Satbhaya BOBranch Office700135
Satghara Debipur BOBranch Office743395
Satjelia BOBranch Office743370
Satyanarayanpur BOBranch Office743370
Seorahati BOBranch Office743504
Seoratala BOBranch Office743348
Serakole BOBranch Office743513
Shankshar BOBranch Office743502
Shanpukur BOBranch Office743502
Sherpur BOBranch Office743513
Shibganj BOBranch Office743312
Shibgobindapur BOBranch Office743371
Shibkalinagar BOBranch Office743374
Shibnagar Abad BOBranch Office743357
Shibnagar BOBranch Office743399
Shibrampur BOBranch Office743357
Shyambasurchak BOBranch Office743351
Shyamnagar BOBranch Office700135
Shyamnagar Gobindapur BOBranch Office743337
Shyampur BOBranch Office700137
Siddheswarpur BOBranch Office743336
Siddhiberia BOBranch Office743399
Sikharbali BOBranch Office743387
Sitakundu BOBranch Office743387
Sitalatala Rajarampur BOBranch Office743513
Sitarampur BOBranch Office743351
Sonakhali BOBranch Office743312
Sonaria Naiya BOBranch Office743377
Sonarpur SOPost Office700150
Sonatikary BOBranch Office743349
Sonepur BOBranch Office700135
South Bishnupur SOPost Office743395
South Garia SOPost Office743613
South Mohanpur BOBranch Office743610
South Ramnagar BOBranch Office743387
Sridharnagar BOBranch Office743371
Sridurgapur BOBranch Office743349
Srikrishnanagar BOBranch Office743372
Srinagar Makarpara BOBranch Office743374
Srinarayanpur BOBranch Office743399
Subhas Gram SOPost Office700147
Sukdebpur BOBranch Office743503
Sultanpur BOBranch Office743332
Sumatinagar BOBranch Office743373
Surajapurhat BOBranch Office743372
Surjanagar BOBranch Office743374
Suta Becha BOBranch Office743395
Tajpur BOBranch Office743354
Takipurabad BOBranch Office743347
Taldi SOPost Office743376
Taltala BOBranch Office743338
Tangrabichi BOBranch Office743338
Taranagar BOBranch Office743378
Tarda Kapasati BOBranch Office743330
Tasarala BOBranch Office743372
Tekpanja BOBranch Office743355
Tengrakhali BOBranch Office743329
Tengrarchar BOBranch Office743348
Tentulia BOBranch Office743610
Tepakhali BOBranch Office743374
Thakuraniberia BOBranch Office743376
Thakurchak BOBranch Office743338
Tilpi BOBranch Office743337
Titkumar BOBranch Office743329
Uchhepota BOBranch Office700150
Urel Chandpur BOBranch Office743355
Usthi SOPost Office743375
Uttar Ballavpur BOBranch Office743336
Uttar Birampur BOBranch Office743399
Uttar Gopalnagar BOBranch Office743347
Uttar Kankandighi BOBranch Office743383
Uttar Kashipur BOBranch Office700135
Uttar Kasthamahal BOBranch Office743503
Uttar Kusum BOBranch Office743375
Uttar Lakshminarayanpur BOBranch Office743354
Uttar Madhabpur BOBranch Office743502
Uttar Moukhali BOBranch Office743329
Uttar Mukundapur BOBranch Office743332
Uttar Raipur BOBranch Office700137
Uttar Rajarampur BOBranch Office743332
Uttardanga BOBranch Office743370
Uttarsitaram Pur BOBranch Office743371
Vivekananda Pally SOPost Office700139
Vivekanandapur BOBranch Office700141

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service