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Explore all post offices or pincodes of 24 PARAGANAS NORTH, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abadkuliadanga BOBranch Office743456
Abdalpur SOPost Office700155
Adampur BOBranch Office743425
Adhata BOBranch Office743221
Adikashimpur BOBranch Office743248
Agarhati BOBranch Office743329
Agarpara SOPost Office700109
Aharampur BOBranch Office700131
Akaipur BOBranch Office743710
Akandakeshari BOBranch Office700135
Akrampur BOBranch Office743263
Alambazar SOPost Office700035
Amankandi BOBranch Office743249
Amberia BOBranch Office743435
Ambikapur Mamudpur BOBranch Office743251
Amdobe BOBranch Office743251
Amodpur BOBranch Office743456
Amta BOBranch Office743445
Amudia BOBranch Office743273
Anandamath SOPost Office743144
Anandapuri SOPost Office700122
Andharmanik BOBranch Office743401
Angrail BOBranch Office743235
Arbelia BOBranch Office743437
Ariadaha SOPost Office700057
Arjunpur BOBranch Office700059
Arkhali Amdanga SOPost Office743221
Asharu BOBranch Office743251
Ashokegarh SOPost Office700108
Asoknagar Rs SOPost Office743222
Asoknagar SOPost Office743222
Aswini Nagar SOPost Office700159
Atapur BOBranch Office743446
Atghara BOBranch Office743438
Athpur SOPost Office743128
Atpukur BOBranch Office743425
Aturia BOBranch Office743427
Aziznagar BOBranch Office743425
Bachra Mohanpur BOBranch Office743456
Badartala BOBranch Office743292
Badu SO North 24 ParganasPost Office700128
Baduria SOPost Office743401
Bagangram BOBranch Office743251
Bagdah SOPost Office743232
Bagermore SOPost Office743145
Bagu BOBranch Office700135
Baguiati Super Market SOPost Office700059
Baidyapur BOBranch Office743423
Baikara BOBranch Office743245
Bairampur BOBranch Office743262
Bajitpur BOBranch Office743427
Baksha BOBranch Office743232
Baliadanga BOBranch Office743251
Balisa Chowmatha BOBranch Office743702
Ballavpur BOBranch Office743245
Balti BOBranch Office743273
Bamangachi BOBranch Office743248
Bamanpukur BOBranch Office743425
Bandipur BOBranch Office700119
Baneswarpur BOBranch Office743270
Bangaon Bazar SOPost Office743235
Bangaon RS SOPost Office743235
Bangaon SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743235
Banglani BOBranch Office743286
Bangodaya SOPost Office700114
Bangur Avenue SOPost Office700055
Banipur SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743233
Bankra BOBranch Office743435
Bankra Dabar BOBranch Office743435
Banshtala BOBranch Office743435
Barabankra BOBranch Office743427
Barajonepur BOBranch Office743145
Baranagar SOPost Office700036
Barasat Bazar SOPost Office700124
Barasat HOHead Office700124
Barghoria BOBranch Office743247
Barnaberia BOBranch Office743235
Barrackpore Bazar SOPost Office700120
Barrackpore GovtHousing SOPost Office700120
Barrackpore HOHead Office700120
Barrackpore RS SOPost Office700123
Barrackpore Sripally BOBranch Office743262
Barunhat BOBranch Office743426
Basirhat Bazar SOPost Office743411
Basirhat College SOPost Office743412
Basirhat HOHead Office743411
Basirhat RS BOBranch Office743412
Basudebpur BOBranch Office700083
Baunia Abad BOBranch Office743442
BDSopan SOPost Office700116
Beara BOBranch Office743251
Bediapara SOPost Office700077
Begampur BOBranch Office743437
Belgharia HOHead Office700056
Belgharia Mohini Mills SOPost Office700056
Beliaghata Bridge BOBranch Office743423
Belpur BOBranch Office743423
Belta BOBranch Office743701
Bena BOBranch Office743401
Bengal Enamel SOPost Office743122
Bengal Immunity SOPost Office700036
Beraberi BOBranch Office743711
Beraberia BOBranch Office700121
Berbari BOBranch Office743270
Bergoom BOBranch Office743263
Bermajur BOBranch Office743442
Bhabanipur BOBranch Office743445
Bhabla SOPost Office743422
Bhaduria BOBranch Office743427
Bhagyamantapur BOBranch Office700128
Bhandarkhola BOBranch Office743701
Bhanderkhali BOBranch Office743439
Bhanga Tushkhali BOBranch Office743446
Bharatpur BOBranch Office743251
Bhasila BOBranch Office743423
Bhatpara SOPost Office743123
Bhebia SOPost Office743456
Bhojpara BOBranch Office743427
Bhurkunda BOBranch Office743426
Bidhan Nagar AE Market SOPost Office700064
Bidhan Nagar CK Market SOPost Office700091
Bidhan Nagar IB Market SOPost Office700106
Bidhan Nagar SOPost Office700064
Bidhannagr CC Block SOPost Office700064
Bijoypur SOPost Office700110
Binodnagar SOPost Office743145
Bira Ballavepara SOPost Office743234
Biramnagar BOBranch Office743422
Birati SOPost Office700051
Bishalakshi Ghat SOPost Office700119
Bisharpara SOPost Office700158
Bishpur BOBranch Office743435
Bithari BOBranch Office743286
Boaldah BOBranch Office743235
Bodai BOBranch Office700126
Bohara BOBranch Office743294
Bonhooghly SOPost Office700108
Bowthakurani BOBranch Office743446
Boyermari BOBranch Office743442
Boyra BOBranch Office743232
Bramhasthan SOPost Office700119
Buruj BOBranch Office743401
Chaita BOBranch Office743445
Chaital BOBranch Office743456
Chakla BOBranch Office743424
Chakpanchuria BOBranch Office700156
Chakpatli BOBranch Office743426
Champaberia SOPost Office743235
Champapukur SOPost Office743291
Chand Para Bazar SOPost Office743245
Chandanpur BOBranch Office743439
Chandipur BOBranch Office743247
Chandmari Road SOPost Office743145
Chandpur BOBranch Office743232
Chandpur Leningarh BOBranch Office700110
Chandua BOBranch Office743145
Charghat BOBranch Office743247
Chhekathi BOBranch Office743245
Chhoto Jagulia SOPost Office743294
Chhoygharia BOBranch Office743405
Chikanpara BOBranch Office743287
Chimtakachari BOBranch Office743456
Choto Sahebkhali BOBranch Office743439
Choto Sehara BOBranch Office743442
Chowberia BOBranch Office743290
Chowhata BOBranch Office743425
Chowrashi BOBranch Office743424
Colony Ramchandra Pur BOBranch Office743287
Colony Simulia BOBranch Office743249
D P Nagar BOBranch Office700083
Dakshin Akhratala BOBranch Office743442
Dakshin Bagundi BOBranch Office743429
Dakshin Bhebia BOBranch Office743456
Dakshin Chatra SOPost Office743247
Dakshin Hatgachha BOBranch Office743439
Dakshin Korakati BOBranch Office743446
Dakshin Panchpota BOBranch Office743251
Dakshineswar SOPost Office700076
Dandirhat BOBranch Office743412
Dariapur BOBranch Office743711
Dattapara BOBranch Office743286
Daudpur Hatkhola BOBranch Office743611
Deara BOBranch Office743247
Debalaya SOPost Office743424
Deganga SOPost Office743423
Desh Bandhu Nagar SOPost Office700059
Deshbandhu Road SOPost Office700035
Deuli Pukuria BOBranch Office743439
Dhakuria kalibari BOBranch Office743245
Dhaltitha BOBranch Office743412
Dhanyakuria SOPost Office743437
Dharamberia BOBranch Office743435
Dharampukuria BOBranch Office743235
Dharampur BOBranch Office743249
Dheknamari BOBranch Office743442
Dhuturdah BOBranch Office743425
Digha BOBranch Office743245
Dighari BOBranch Office743290
Dinabandhunagar BOBranch Office743235
Dogachhia Monmohanpur BOBranch Office743245
Dogachia BOBranch Office743702
Dogachia SOPost Office743130
Duchnikhali BOBranch Office743446
Dulduli Mathbari BOBranch Office743439
Dum Dum Park SOPost Office700055
Duma BOBranch Office743245
Dumdum Road SOPost Office700074
Dumdum SOPost Office700028
Durgamandap BOBranch Office743446
Durganagar SOPost Office700065
Duttapukur SOPost Office743248
Dwarirjangal BOBranch Office743446
East Belghoria SOPost Office700083
East Bishnupur BOBranch Office743273
East Udayrajpur BOBranch Office700129
Elias Road SOPost Office700058
Eojnagar BOBranch Office743293
ESD M SOPost Office743124
Fazilpur BOBranch Office743423
Feeder Road SOPost Office743127
Fingapara SOPost Office743129
Fokirtakia Sarberiahat BOBranch Office743329
Fulbariabad BOBranch Office743456
Fultala BOBranch Office743263
Gabberia Daudpur BOBranch Office743611
Gachha BOBranch Office743292
Gadpukuria BOBranch Office743710
Gaighata SOPost Office743249
Gaipur BOBranch Office743252
Ganadipayan BOBranch Office743263
Gandharbapur BOBranch Office743427
Ganganagar SO North 24 ParganasPost Office700132
Ganrapota SOPost Office743251
Ganti BOBranch Office700132
Garakupi BOBranch Office743456
Garulia SOPost Office743133
Gazipur BOBranch Office743251
Ghatbaor BOBranch Office743235
Ghatpatila BOBranch Office743251
Ghola Bazar SOPost Office700111
Ghola BOBranch Office700111
Ghona BOBranch Office743445
Ghonja BOBranch Office743249
Ghosalbati BOBranch Office743426
Ghosh Para Road SOPost Office700120
Ghoshpara BOBranch Office743442
Ghoshpur BOBranch Office743502
Ghotihara BOBranch Office743442
Ghuni BOBranch Office700157
Goalbathan BOBranch Office743245
Goaldah BOBranch Office743427
Gobardanga Ichapur BOBranch Office743252
Gobardanga SOPost Office743252
Gobardhanpur BOBranch Office743423
Gobila BOBranch Office743424
Gobinda Pur BOBranch Office743273
Gobrapur BOBranch Office743251
Gokna BOBranch Office743293
Gokulpur BOBranch Office743286
Golabari Bazar BOBranch Office743423
Golghar SO WB CirclePost Office743125
Gopalnagar SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743262
Gopalpur SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743445
Goribpur SOPost Office743710
Gorifa SOPost Office743166
Gotra BOBranch Office743422
Gouranganagar SOPost Office700162
Gouribhoj BOBranch Office743445
Guma SOPost Office743704
Gunrajpur BOBranch Office743273
Gupter Bagan SOPost Office743125
Gurdah BOBranch Office743127
Gutri BOBranch Office743249
Habra Prafulla Nagar SOPost Office743268
Habra SOPost Office743263
Habra Srinagar BOBranch Office743263
Hadipur BOBranch Office743424
Hakimpur BOBranch Office743273
Halishahar SOPost Office743134
Haripur SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743223
Harishpur BOBranch Office743412
Haroa SOPost Office743425
Hasnabad Rampur BOBranch Office743439
Hasnabad SOPost Office743426
Hatgacha BOBranch Office700156
Hatgachha SOPost Office743439
Hatiara SOPost Office700157
Hatkurulia BOBranch Office743232
Hatthuba BOBranch Office743263
Hazinagar SOPost Office743135
Health Institute SOPost Office700065
Helencha Colony SOPost Office743270
Hemnagar BOBranch Office743439
Hijalpukuria SOPost Office743271
Hingalganj SOPost Office743435
Hingli BOBranch Office743290
Hishabi BOBranch Office743221
Hridaypur SOPost Office700127
Ichapur Nawabganj SOPost Office743144
Ichapur Rifle Factory SOPost Office743144
Ichapur SOPost Office743144
Ichhapur Abad BOBranch Office743426
ISI PO SOPost Office700108
Iswarigacha BOBranch Office743222
Italghacha SOPost Office700079
Itinda SOPost Office743292
Jadurhati SOPost Office743293
Jaffarpur SOPost Office700122
Jagadishpur BOBranch Office743251
Jagannathpur BOBranch Office700126
Jagatdal SOPost Office743125
Jaleswar BOBranch Office743249
Janaphul BOBranch Office743263
Jangalpur BOBranch Office743438
Jasaikati BOBranch Office743401
Jawpore SOPost Office700074
Jeliakhali Paschimkhanda BOBranch Office743329
Jeliapara SOPost Office700117
Jessore Road SOPost Office700080
Jesur Jeoldanga BOBranch Office743233
Jetia BOBranch Office743135
Jhikra BOBranch Office743245
Jhowdanga BOBranch Office743245
Jhupkhali BOBranch Office743442
Jirakpur BOBranch Office743422
Jogeshganj BOBranch Office743439
Joygopalpur BOBranch Office743446
Joygopalpur Korakati Milanbazar BOBranch Office743446
Joygram BOBranch Office743425
Joypul BOBranch Office743234
Jugberia BOBranch Office700110
Jugipara Satganchi SOPost Office700028
Jyangra BOBranch Office700159
Kachua BOBranch Office743424
Kachua Swarupnagar BOBranch Office743293
Kadambagachi BOBranch Office700125
Kadampukur BOBranch Office700135
Kahankia BOBranch Office743245
Kaijuri BOBranch Office743427
Kaipukuria BOBranch Office743245
Kaliani BOBranch Office743423
Kalinagar Hat BOBranch Office743442
Kalindi Housing Estate SOPost Office700089
Kalitala BOBranch Office743439
Kalupur BOBranch Office743235
Kalyangarh SOPost Office743272
Kalyannagar Cooperative Colony BOBranch Office700112
Kamalapur SOPost Office700028
Kamarganti BOBranch Office743502
Kamarhati SOPost Office700058
Kamdevkati BOBranch Office743438
Kamdevpur BOBranch Office700125
Kamduni BOBranch Office700135
Kampa SOPost Office743193
Kanaikati BOBranch Office743439
Kanchanpur BOBranch Office743435
Kanchdaha BOBranch Office743247
Kanchiara BOBranch Office743711
Kanchrapara Loco Shop SOPost Office743145
Kanchrapara SOPost Office743145
Kaniara BOBranch Office743251
Kankinara SOPost Office743126
Kankpul BOBranch Office743272
Kanmari BOBranch Office743442
Kantabagan BOBranch Office743286
Kantadhar SOPost Office743144
Kapileswarpur BOBranch Office743247
Karanga BOBranch Office743251
Karnalkora BOBranch Office743412
Karnamadhabpur BOBranch Office700113
Karua Chandpur BOBranch Office743423
Kashinathpur BOBranch Office700135
Kathur BOBranch Office743422
Katiahat SOPost Office743427
Kazipara BOBranch Office700125
Kelabagan SOPost Office743194
Kendriya Vihar SOPost Office700052
Keotia BOBranch Office743126
Khalisadi BOBranch Office743425
Khalitpur BOBranch Office743405
Khantura SOPost Office743273
Kharampur BOBranch Office743456
Khardah SOPost Office700117
Khariahatabad BOBranch Office743442
Kharua Rajapur BOBranch Office743245
Kharupala BOBranch Office743425
Khasbalanda BOBranch Office743425
Khilkapur BOBranch Office700125
Kholapota SOPost Office743428
Khorgachi BOBranch Office743427
Khulna BOBranch Office743446
Kirtipur BOBranch Office700128
Kishor Nagar Jalalpur BOBranch Office743429
Kodalia Agapur BOBranch Office700131
Kolkata Airport Po SOPost Office700052
Kolkata Airport SOPost Office700052
Kolsur SOPost Office743438
Korachandigarh BOBranch Office700130
KORAKATI BOBranch Office743446
Korarbagan SOPost Office743235
Kothabari BOBranch Office743435
Kowgachi SOPost Office743127
Krishnachandapur BOBranch Office743251
Krishnapur SO North 24 ParganasPost Office700102
Kulia BOBranch Office743270
Kuliagarh BOBranch Office743166
Kulti Lock Gate BOBranch Office743502
Kumarjole BOBranch Office743425
Kumarkhola BOBranch Office743270
Kumarpara SOPost Office700028
Kumra Kashipur BOBranch Office743271
Kushdanga BOBranch Office743126
Kuthighat Road SOPost Office700036
Labony Estate SOPost Office700064
Lake Town SO North 24 ParganasPost Office700089
Lalkuthi SOPost Office743135
Lauhati BOBranch Office700135
Laxmipul BOBranch Office743234
Lebukhali BOBranch Office743439
Madanpur Krishnapur BOBranch Office700128
Madarpur BOBranch Office743166
Madhabkati BOBranch Office743439
Madhyamgram Bazar SOPost Office700130
Madhyamgram SOPost Office700129
Madral BOBranch Office743126
Mahananda Para BOBranch Office743251
Mahishbathan BOBranch Office700156
Majhipara BOBranch Office743145
Majlishpur BOBranch Office743423
Makhalgachha BOBranch Office743422
Malancha BOBranch Office743135
Malekangumti BOBranch Office743439
Malidah BOBranch Office743232
Malikapur BOBranch Office700126
Mall Road SOPost Office700080
Mallickgheri BOBranch Office743456
Mamabhagina BOBranch Office743232
Mamudpur BOBranch Office743166
Mandra BOBranch Office743438
Manicktala BOBranch Office743263
Manipur BOBranch Office743446
Mashyampur BOBranch Office743232
Maslandapur SOPost Office743289
Masunda BOBranch Office743711
Mathbari Abad BOBranch Office743442
Matia BOBranch Office743437
Matiagachha BOBranch Office700135
Media BOBranch Office743273
Mediahat BOBranch Office743262
Merudandi BOBranch Office743292
Metal Steel Factory SOPost Office743144
Michealnagar SOPost Office700133
Minakhan BOBranch Office743425
Mirhati BOBranch Office700125
Model Belghoria BOBranch Office743427
Mominpur BOBranch Office743291
Mondalpara BOBranch Office743127
Mongalganj BOBranch Office743297
Monirampore SOPost Office700120
Mothuadham Mondalpara BOBranch Office743245
Motiganj SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743235
Motijheel SOPost Office700074
Mudiahat BOBranch Office700128
Muktarpur SOPost Office743123
Mulajore SOPost Office743127
Murarisaha BOBranch Office743456
Murighata BOBranch Office743251
Nabadiganta IT SOPost Office700091
Nabanagar SOPost Office743136
Nabapally SOPost Office700126
Nagerbazar SOPost Office700028
Nahata SOPost Office743290
Naihati Anandabazar SOPost Office743165
Naihati SOPost Office743165
Nakpul BOBranch Office743235
Nakpul Kuchlia BOBranch Office743252
Naksha BOBranch Office743294
Naldugri BOBranch Office743297
Nalkora BOBranch Office743442
Nandan Nagar SOPost Office700083
Narayanpur BOBranch Office743126
Nataberia BOBranch Office743297
Natagarh SOPost Office700113
Natagram BOBranch Office743249
Natungram BOBranch Office743235
Nayabastia BOBranch Office743401
Nayapally SOPost Office700120
Nazat Hatkhola SOPost Office743442
Nehalpur BOBranch Office743437
Netaji Colony SOPost Office700090
New Town Action Area I SOPost Office700163
New Town Action Area II SOPost Office700161
New Town Action Area IIIPost Office700160
New Town SOPost Office700156
Newbarrackpur SOPost Office700131
Nilachal SOPost Office700134
Nilganj Bazaar SOPost Office700121
Nimdaria BOBranch Office743294
Nimichi BOBranch Office743456
Nimta SOPost Office700049
Nirman BOBranch Office743286
Nityaberia BOBranch Office743442
Nityanandakati BOBranch Office743273
Noapara Madhavpur BOBranch Office700125
Noapara SOPost Office700090
Noapara SO North 24 ParganasPost Office700125
Nonachandanpukur SOPost Office700122
Nowbhanga SOPost Office700105
Nowdapara SOPost Office700057
Nurpur BOBranch Office743456
Orderly Bazar SOPost Office700120
Ordnance Factory SOPost Office700028
Padmalavpur BOBranch Office743126
Paikparahat BOBranch Office743422
Palashi BOBranch Office743145
Palla SOPost Office743701
Paltapara BOBranch Office743127
Panchanantala BOBranch Office700113
Panchberia BOBranch Office743710
Panchita BOBranch Office743235
Panchpota BOBranch Office743273
Panihati SOPost Office700114
Panitor BOBranch Office743292
Panpara SO North 24 ParganasPost Office700123
Pansila SOPost Office700112
Parghumti BOBranch Office743439
Parpatna BOBranch Office743438
Parulia BOBranch Office743423
Paschim Madhyampur BOBranch Office743429
Paschim Malikberia BOBranch Office743702
Paschim Monipur BOBranch Office743446
Paschim Palta BOBranch Office743427
Paschim Parghumti BOBranch Office743439
Paschim Sridharkati BOBranch Office743439
Patghara BOBranch Office743439
Patharghata BOBranch Office700135
Pathsimulia BOBranch Office743251
Patipukur SOPost Office700048
Patulia BOBranch Office700119
Petrapole SOPost Office743405
Pifa BOBranch Office743422
Pinkal SOPost Office743133
Prafulla Kanan SOPost Office700101
Prithiba BOBranch Office743704
PSBureau SOPost Office743144
Punra BOBranch Office743427
Puranandapally BOBranch Office743165
Purandarpur BOBranch Office743273
Puratan Bongaon BOBranch Office743235
Purba Khejurberia BOBranch Office743435
Purba Atapur BOBranch Office743446
Purba Deuli BOBranch Office743439
Purba Sankardaha BOBranch Office743442
Purba Sinthee SOPost Office700030
Purbabidyadharpur BOBranch Office743127
Purbachal SOPost Office700097
Putia BOBranch Office743263
Rabindra Nagar SOPost Office700065
Raghunathpur BOBranch Office700059
Rahara SOPost Office700118
Raikhan BOBranch Office743425
Rajabagan SOPost Office700028
Rajarhat Bishnupur BOBranch Office700135
Rajarhat Deara BOBranch Office700135
Rajarhat Gopalpur SOPost Office700136
Rajarhat SOPost Office700135
Rajballavpur BOBranch Office743289
Rajbari Colony SOPost Office700081
Rajendrapur BOBranch Office743291
Rajibpur SOPost Office743702
Ram Nagar Road SOPost Office743235
Ram Shankarpur BOBranch Office743290
Ramchandra Pur SOPost Office700110
Ramchandrapur Khaspur BOBranch Office743247
Rameswarpur BOBranch Office743426
Ramghat SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743166
Ramlakshi Busti Lane SOPost Office743194
Ramnagar BOBranch Office743273
Ramnathpur BOBranch Office743423
Rampur Bhatpara BOBranch Office743249
Rampur BOBranch Office743329
Rani Park SOPost Office700056
Ranihati BOBranch Office743251
Rathtala SOPost Office700056
Rohanda BOBranch Office700135
Rowtara BOBranch Office743234
Rudrapur BOBranch Office743401
Rupmari BOBranch Office743435
Sabdalpur BOBranch Office743222
Sadarpur Behala BOBranch Office743445
Sadhana Ausudhalaya Road SOPost Office700048
Sadhanpur Uludanga BOBranch Office743221
Safirabad SC Ghosh Rd BOBranch Office743427
Saguna BOBranch Office743273
Sahebkhali BOBranch Office743439
Sajirhat BOBranch Office700131
Sakdah Jadabpur BOBranch Office743273
Saliadaha BOBranch Office743145
Salua BOBranch Office743247
Salua Govt Colony BOBranch Office743263
Samsernagar BOBranch Office743439
Samudrapur BOBranch Office743272
Sandalia BOBranch Office743423
Sandeler Bil BOBranch Office743435
Sandeshkhali SOPost Office743446
Sangrampur BOBranch Office743422
Sanrapul BOBranch Office743286
Sarkarpara Kuthipara BOBranch Office743252
Sasan BOBranch Office743423
Sashadanga BOBranch Office743245
Satashi BOBranch Office743290
Satberia BOBranch Office743262
Sayestanagar BOBranch Office743427
Sech Bhawan SOPost Office700091
Secondranagar BOBranch Office743424
Sendanga BOBranch Office743272
Sethbagan SOPost Office700030
Sethpukur SOPost Office700124
Sethpur BOBranch Office743234
Sewli Telinipara BOBranch Office700121
Shibhati BOBranch Office743292
Shimulia BOBranch Office743262
Shyam Nagar Dum Dum SOPost Office700055
Shyamnagar SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743127
Sikharpur BOBranch Office700135
Sikrakulingram BOBranch Office743428
Simulia Durgapur BOBranch Office743401
Simulia Kalibari BOBranch Office743426
Simulpur BOBranch Office743289
Sindrani SOPost Office743297
Sithalia BOBranch Office743446
Sodepur GHE SOPost Office700110
Sodepur SOPost Office700110
Sohai Kumarpur BOBranch Office743423
Soladana BOBranch Office743429
Sonakenia BOBranch Office743271
Sonapukur BOBranch Office743502
Sonekpur BOBranch Office743701
South Belgharia SOPost Office700056
South Charalkhali BOBranch Office743439
South Sikarigheri BOBranch Office743442
Sreebhumi SOPost Office700048
Sridharkati BOBranch Office743439
Srikrishnapur BOBranch Office743711
Srinagar BOBranch Office743428
Subhas Nagar SOPost Office700065
Subhashnagar SO North 24 ParganasPost Office743235
Sukchar SO North 24 ParganasPost Office700115
Sukduani BOBranch Office743446
Sulka Durgapur BOBranch Office743701
Sulkuniabad BOBranch Office743426
Sultanpur BOBranch Office700051
Sundarpur BOBranch Office743251
Suria SOPost Office743711
Surya Sen Nagar SOPost Office700117
Suryapur BOBranch Office700121
Sutia Barasat BOBranch Office743273
Swarupnagar SOPost Office743286
Taki Market SOPost Office743429
Taki SOPost Office743429
Takimamudpur BOBranch Office743435
Takipur BOBranch Office743429
Taldharia Kapasia BOBranch Office700130
Talpukur SOPost Office700123
Talsa BOBranch Office743234
Tangra Colony BOBranch Office743251
Taragunia BOBranch Office743401
Taranipur BOBranch Office743290
Tentulberia BOBranch Office743245
Tentulia BOBranch Office743286
Texmaco SOPost Office700056
Thakurnagar SOPost Office743287
Thoara BOBranch Office743297
Tirtha Bharati SOPost Office700110
Titagarh SOPost Office700119
Tushkhali BOBranch Office743446
Uchildah BOBranch Office743425
Udaipur SOPost Office700049
Udayrajpur BOBranch Office700129
Uludanga BOBranch Office743289
Uttar Malikanghumti BOBranch Office743439
Vivekananda Math SOPost Office700120
Zafarpur BOBranch Office743428

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service